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3 - 1 hour Private Sessions with Dipal Shah

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Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $900 only!

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If you are longing to overcome the following health issues that are holding you back this is the deal just for you!

You don’t have to live with any of the following:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Chronic illness
  • Chronic pain
  • Relationship Issues
  • Trauma

It’s time to end the needless suffering and release what’s been burdening you once and for all. You deserve this and there is finally someone here that can facilitate this crucial transformation.

This is what Dipal’s Clients have experienced:

  • Best Sleep
  • Better Health
  • Increased Memory
  • Better Relationships
  • Increased Energy
  • Weight loss
  • Released Past Trauma
  • Immediate Pain Relief
  • Cleared all Heart Walls
  • More Compassion and Love in their life

Others have experienced results like:

  • “Relief From Stress and Attracting Calming Energies”
  • “Decreased Pain, Increased Energy, and better Focus and Clarity!!”
  • “Heart is Great! Everything is Normal!”
  • “No more Pain medicine for me”
  • “It seems that when Dipal touches your life, you are never the same...her sharing,caring, her presence are gifts to cherish! I am so grateful”
  • “Extremely knowledgeable and I trust her…”
  • “My body went through such a transformation and felt so many things clearing up for me”

My Husband Stopped Snoring!!! Yay!

"Just to let u know Dipal that slept very well last night and woke up feeling bright and light. Thank God,my husband said I did not snore all night. I had turned your mp3 on and looped it. I am so happy and hope this will stay with me as it will be a major turning point in my life especially my relationship. Thank u"

~ Nenna

Arthritis is so much better..I can walk again

"My mom has had bad arthritis and at her doctors visit she found out that she has a kidney stone. Sometimes she is in excruciating pain. She was not walking much. 

I called Dipal and she worked on my mother remotely. Within 24 hours my mom started walking and she has been walking every morning since. She is feeling better each day. Thank you so much Dipal for helping my mom get back to herself."

~ Vishaka

" Dipal is an amazing energy worker! I’ve experienced other types of clearing energy, but none this potent. I could clearly feel where she was manipulating energy in my body and felt waves of delight travel through me. Dipal explained clearly what would happen during the call and started by helping me ground and I really felt that I sunk into a relaxing space.

I felt guided and supported the whole time. My questions were answered in a knowledgeable way and the concepts were well explained. I started the call with pain in my right wrist, the left of my neck, and a numb big toe. I had a burning pain and inflamed sensation in my wrist for a week with no relief. Not even halfway into the call, my pain had subsided by 90%! My neck also felt pain-free and expansive and no longer made a crunchy painful sound when I rotated my head. I felt this also opened up flow to my big toe so that it no longer felt numb.

Dipal picked up on themes and past family patterns which have stifled my life and kept me living small. As our call progressed, I felt more and more expansiveness as my energy vibration lifted and Dipal cleared out what no longer serves me. In this space I feel empowered to be visible and bring my creations into the world.

I really like how, besides indicating certain areas of pain in my body, Dipal offered an overall clearing of all body and cellular functions and fueled me energetically to be set up for continuing healing.

She’s just a bright presence anyway, and it’s such an amazing gift she offers. For anyone reading this now and sensing there’s some pain keeping them from their whole self – I recommend you Treat Yourself and book a call with Dipal!"

~ Zarah, Chief Heart Officer & Clarity Coach

Bleeding Gone/Libido Issue Resolved

"The session was beautiful for many reasons mainly because you created a safe place, you are incredibly accurate, spot on with your readings and honed in on issues that ‎I didn't even know existed. During the session I felt tangible shifts. I felt extremely loved and supported. I really appreciated your, empathy, sympathy and kind words of advice and encouragement which I have implemented to my benefit. 

After the clearing I told my beloved about the incident of molestation when I was 8, after that it brought us closer and we connected not only emotionally but physically as well. I am no longer scared and ashamed ‎of him touching me. And I get great pleasure from our intimate interactions and look forward to our beautiful relationship improving in all aspects. I really enjoy our intimacy and am not afraid of expressing my sensual side. He met my parents and we want to progress to marriage. I thought that I had resolved this issue as I had done clearings on this. You handled it with such compassion and kindness and I look forward to a new life devoid of all this heaviness. 

Regarding my irregular prolonged period, usually after my period I have some intermittent spotting. This time there was no such bleeding only one afternoon where there was a light brown discharge with some minor pain. But it was a once off. 

After the session over the days I could still feel the energy moving. I feel much more in my body and so happy albeit the temporary chaos regarding my future career path. This I would attribute to the session. 

I am also inspired to not be so harsh on my body and myself and give it the necessary love and care to optimum health, fitness and vibrancy. 

I am exceedingly grateful for the glorious session and subsequent results as a consequence of your gift. You are truly gifted and may you continue to be blessed with an abundance of health, joy and love. 

I am so grateful. "

~ Anonymous

Depression Cured! I Found Reason to Live!

"I was dealing with depression and anxiety for years. I have had multiple episodes where I just laid in bed and didn't get out of the house for as long as I could. I didn't enjoy social gatherings, and my relationship with my wife was also heading to disaster. I just didn't enjoy life anymore.

Dipal, you have helped me not only to overcome my feelings of anxiety and depression, but you helped me understand the underlying cause of them. This information was an Ah-ha moment for me because I never related my current feeling to my past trauma. I have taken steps that you recommended and continue to get out of the house more and find myself more present with myself and my spouse. I am enjoying life more than I ever have and have found a reason to live!!! Thank you for such a great gift."

~ Tim

No More Consuming Prostate Pain!

"I have had issues with prostate for a long time to where I get blockages and inflammation. The doctors keep prescribing antibiotics and don't really know what the issue is. They say it is prostatitis. It is so painful and my mornings are consumed in the pain everyday. Dipal has helped me so much and my prostate is doing better. I no longer feel the pain I use to feel in the mornings and I am able to go to the bathroom without any problems. Thank you so much Dipal for all your help"

~ Carlos

3 - 1 hour Private Sessions with Dipal Shah

Regular Price is $1,275

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $900 only!

A Whopping 29% off!

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