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Healing through Pure Love Infusion

Experience the miracle of healing through Pure Love Infusion. Fill up and overflow with love, and attract more love into your life! You will feel lighter, freer and more joyful as you create the life of your dreams! Listen to these powerful tracks and make dramatic shifts in your life in just minutes a day!

Here’s what people have said after their session with Denise

Two new client projects after release

“Shortly after Denise helped me remove some real nasty energy, I had a major breakthrough in my career. Today I have 2 new client projects, and possibly a third client, all totaling about $18,000. Now that's a first in my career and it couldn't come at a more welcomed time! All of my manifesting practices had not produced any notable result for such a long time. No wonder with this kind of stuck energy that is now completely gone. Forever grateful to you Denise!

P.A., MA

Miracles on a daily basis – the gift of me has set me free

“I can be myself for the very fist time in my life, I feel unconditional love. I don’t need to reject myself any longer. I can be fully present in my body. So many miraculous things are happening to me on a daily basis now. I am so grateful and feel so rich and blessed and the most amazing thing is, this is me, this is who I really am. Not in my wildest fantasy have I expected this. It is time to shine brightly and be the bright star that I am. Woo-hoo! Yippie!

~Joy, Norway

The most powerful session – I experienced Divine Love

“I am so thankful to Denise for the most powerful, spiritual, loving session I have ever had. I experienced Divine Love, showering me with iridescent light containing abundance, blessings, and life essence. Now I have been feeling confident and strong to deal with the ending of my 39 year marriage. Denise also cleared a huge blockage in my throat. This helped me to feel a great release and in my power. I felt so safe, I really appreciate Denise's high integrity and deep caring. Thank you Denise for co-creating this life changing experience.

~Joyce, HI


Total Package Value $1038
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99


Total Package Value $1337 From Heartache to Joy “Introductory” offer $197


Healing through Pure Love Infusion

Experience the miracle of healing through Pure Love Infusion. Fill up and overflow with love, and attract more love into your life! You will feel lighter, freer and more joyful as you create the life of your dreams! Listen to these powerful tracks and make dramatic shifts in your life in just minutes a day!

Item 1 - 21 Day Remote Healing

Live Clearing

Value: $444.00

Experience life like you never thought possible! Through this 21 day healing, you be able to create a magnificent life!

You will deep release at the cellular level to get rewired to attract joy, happiness, and pure love into your life. The beauty of 21 days is the releasing is done in layers. Today you might be ready to release something that happened 2 years ago, but you are not ready to release something that happened when you were 2 years old. It’s just too deep, but you might be ready after 7 days.

We will be healing and releasing every day. We will be working with the Divine Light which knows exactly what needs to be released. Energy balls will be created for the group each day to align their energy with their goals and desires. When this energy ball comes back down, after all the connections have been made, I wrap my aura around each person. For 21 days, momentum builds as you receive this energy each consecutive day. This is high frequency energy that you are going to receive every day.

For the 21 days of healing you can invite your friends and family to join for free.

Join a private Facebook group and interact with me and the other members of the healing group!

Item 2 - Pure Love Infusion Releasing Trauma and Upset at the Cellular Level

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $66.00

Take charge of your life and your emotions! Listen to this audio when you are feeling down, off, angry or any of the lower vibrations Pure Love Infusion will help you transform any situation. Bad meeting with the boss? Grumpy co workers? Nasty confrontation with a family member? If something comes up, do the releasing process. Let go and let love in the moment.

"Last night I didn’t need sleeping meds and I felt much better. I did the releasing process and I could feel a peaceful energy and felt relaxed, and I simply fell asleep. This worked for me!"

~ Carrie

Item 3 - Geyser of Love – Connecting with the Ever Presence of Love

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $66.00

This guided journey releases through the chakras and opens you up to experience the life force energy flowing through you. The focus is on opening you to receive the love that you are and the love that is all around you so you can create the life of your dreams! Deep releasing and clearing as you receive this gift of Pure Love Infusion. Connect to that love and you will never feel lonely again because we are not alone.

"My body just started to shake, jerk, heave, sob and move in ways that were completely foreign to me.Then came this experience of expansive openness, sense of love and peace and all the pain was replaced by a calmness. All the tough stuff from my childhood seemed relieved, and replaced with this open, spacious light feeling. A sense of love really. I am so much more at peace, no longer limited by my experiences but thriving in my new awareness of how wonderful, loving and magnificent I really am! To really feel it in every part of me! I can call up and experience my own self-love at any time - - and feel it! Thank you Denise! What a blessing you are!"

~ Pat, MA

Item 4 - Healing Weight Issues – Powerful Process to Drop 5 Pounds

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $66.00

Your secret tool to releasing those last few unwanted pounds in a hurry for a special occasion. Release limiting beliefs, guilt, and feelings of unworthiness. Release fear and let go of using weight to feel safe. The real reason 85% or more of people put weight they’ve lost back on is in their energy. You’ve got to align your energy with living a joyful life at your ideal weight! Weight release activation aligns you with being 5 pounds lighter. Repeat this process over and over for best results.

"This is what your Drop 5 pounds did for me(photos). I lost 15 pounds."

~ Navi

"It’s only been a week and I am down three pounds. I had a lot of family parties and thought for sure my weight would be up. What a pleasant surprise that it was down."

~ Kelly

Item 5 - Receiving Support and Love

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $66.00

Let go of anywhere you feel unworthy, underserving, unloved, and unsupported. You have support coming to you from people you don’t know yet, from guides and others. Are you aware of the opportunities? Are you open to receiving support? Do this daily practice and see what opportunities show up for you!

"Thank you so much for the clearing, amazing, Denise. I have been looking for an apartment and nothing was working out. About an hour after Receiving Support, an opportunity I’ve been asking for showed up from an unexpected acquaintance from a group I belonged to years ago."

~ Kate

Item 6 - Gaining Clarity over Purpose

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $66.00

Remove doubts and fears, while stopping self-sabotage and dissolving old limiting patterns and judgments. Learn how to reclaim your power so you can open possibilities and align with your greatness to confidently step into your best life.

Item 7 - Lavish Abundance

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $66.00

Do you want to be a magnet for abundance? The secret to becoming a powerful attractor of abundance lies in having a pristine energy field. Clear out all the old programming and beliefs systems that are blocking your unlimited abundance! Release blocks and align with opulent, lavish abundance.

You Also get these Short and Powerful Bonuses!

This bonus program is designed to give you faster, bigger shifts in how you feel and what you attract into your life! They are quick and easy ways to control your chaotic energy to experience peace, joy and love in your daily life! These make up your daily practice, and tracks are interchangeable.

"This beautiful loving Pure Love Infusion 21 days took me to places within my being that had given up on being recognized and loved, pain I had learned to live with. The sacred space of the group was safe and gentle as each of us moved into sometimes scary and painful places. While in the beginning, I had little expectation, as I had done so much work on myself, many of those places came up for higher transformation. I found myself more confident, grounded and trusting in the midst of such profound, fast shifts. Her process allows for deep access but then her healing energy is so swift you are not lingering in the old wounds, simply sharply feeling them and the transformation. The program is a perfect mix of transmission and you helping yourself with tools and activations. Denise's program is grace in motion. As this grace moves through you, the very nature of how you see love and your life transform."

Sherry, CA

"Just to thank you one more time, I have suffered with headaches for years and since you helped me in November I now rarely have a headache. I have tried a lot of headache remedies and energy clearing and nothing worked until you helped me. I am truly grateful for my healing and for all your healing gifts your share with others." 

Lynne, UK

"My experience was beyond words to describe. The energy is still here and it is awe~some! It is all about LOVE. All day today I am breathing Love! Unbelievable experience! Feeling joyful again! Thank you so much Denise McNab and all the group."

Natalia, CA

Experiences from the 21 Day Program:

"I feel a deep connection to Mother Earth. I then asked my higher self to come in and it was like my body was a suction cup that pulled her right in and locked her down. Talk about feeling grounded andpresent! I let and am still letting the pure love in like a smooth liquid lava. What a sense of being loved, safe, protected and peaceful just to be! Warm, peaceful and such loving kindness within and exuding all around me!

Denise, this has been the best program, clearing and infusion I’ve ever experienced! "


"I did this session a couple hours ago. This was amazing!!!I love, love, love the prayer. I’m copying it, saving it and using it again. This is literally the first time I had no negative self talk or anything come to me. I just felt flooded with love and happiness and joy. I cried that hard cry again, but it was because I don’t know if I ever felt this feeling before. It was as close to one of the best feelings I have ever felt! I just wanted to thank you so much Denise for all the incredible healing that I’ve received!" 


"Just wanted to say how Impressive it is to be with a group where it feels safe to share and express the gritty details and the good ones. So nice and so rare in the fb and energy work world."


"I am having the MOST fantastic day. I started meditating on the Geyser of Love. I had a young client for treatment.

We had a wonderful session and as I was giving him energy work, a beacon of light came through my right hand to where he was experiencing discomfort! I love feeling that I am leveling my pain and hurt behind, but this new power and confidence boost is just AWESOME!!!"


"Thank you Denise! I really felt connected to my higher self today, and I felt loved and supported, especially from my higher self. The mirror exercise is powerful for bringing up "stuff." I had no idea how hard it could be to simply tell myself I accept you, I trust you, I love you. There's a me inside of me, that's always loved me, always accepted me, and trusts me. And forgives me, although there is nothing really to forgive. It is liberating."


"When we did the first clearings around money, along with self worth and deserving, it became so clear that the reason why I could not go through with launching this project and to truly dive deep into it was all about me. 
It was about me that I felt undeserving and unworthy to bring this out. And this was my core reason why I was not moving on with this project.When this began to lift with your clearings Denise I felt this project come back in energy very strong and now I do feel that I am finally ready, worthy and deserving to go to work with bringing out this program.
I really needed that deeper clearing from you to realize that it was all me that needed to feel worthy enough to be able to bring it forth but also me feeling worthy to allow the abundance in all forms too.So just wanting to say thank you Denise"


"I am having such a hard time staying off this wonderful energetic page with all of you. We all are indeed one powerful loving heart. I always felt held heard, treasured and held in loving sacred space"


"Thank you so much, Denise. I have been struggling with a recurring headache for 2 weeks. I listened to your recordings and it has lifted; I feel relaxed and surrounded by loving support."


"After the healing and receiving courage, I’m feeling much better. During the healing I felt like I was bathing in a warm pink pool and the angels were they’re holding me in their arms. It was the first time I could really feel safe and secure."



Total Package Value $1038

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99 Only!

**SAVE 90%**


Includes Everything in Package A Plus

30 minute Private Energy Transformation Session with Denise

Value $299

Denise (2)Energy from your past gets trapped in your body, and unbeknownst to you, hinders all your efforts and spiritual practices. My energy clearing sessions release cellular memories and unhealthy energy that has been stored in your body and energy field. You need to release this dense energy or you will always be stuck creating your life with the energy of the past. In one session, you will experience dramatic shifts in your energy and body. Clients often experience changes that have been elusive for years. Here are some of the results clients have reported:

  • Released trauma from the body
  • Cleared sexual abuse issues from childhood
  • Relieved headaches and neck pain
  • Improved self worth
  • Increased emotional wellbeing
  • Received complete clarity and direction for business
  • Opened to seeing angels and receiving guidance
  • Cleared issues of loss and grief
  • Cleared trauma from past relationships and patterns


Pure Love Transformation 3 Group Classes

Retail Price $77

top-imgdEach class is 1 hour and includes energy clearings, activations and energy transmissions to assist you in integrating the higher frequencies of Pure Love. Also includes Q & A. We will meet Wednesdays at 12 pm Eastern time starting April 22.

You will receive a recording of each call.

  • Class 1: Release resistance and open to love We will release the energy holding you back in life and align with love.
  • Class 2: Deep Trauma  Release  We will remove emotional childhood blocks.
  • Class 3: Living Your Magnificence  Discover and embody who you really are.

Note: This item will be sold for $44 from Monday, March 23rd.
But it's yours for free now with Package B


Total Package Value $1337

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $197 Only!

**SAVE 89%**

Here’s what people are saying about their session with Denise:

Most powerful and visceral energy work ever shifted my relationship with my mother

"Our session was the most powerful and visceral energy work I have ever experienced. We had done a lot of work peeling back the onion on many issues with my mom, specifically anger and resentment going all the way back to early childhood and the womb. Funny because I didn't have anything specific I wanted to work on when we started the call. Hah!

Towards the end of our session, I couldn’t stand on my feet and fell to my knees. I felt surrounded by love, bathed in love. I brought myself up to sit on my couch and couldn’t get up for 45 minutes! I didn’t know anything but love. I couldn’t tell where my physical body ended and love began…I was just one with love. During those 45 minutes (I could see a clock) I gradually started to feel my body more and more, all along feeling bliss and Love.

Over the next couple of days I was in a state of joy that couldn’t be changed. Nothing fazed me. Everything was wondrous. The absence of mind chatter and judgment was noticeable.

What’s fascinating is that in the days after our session, I spoke to my mother. It was a great opportunity for me to approach our relationship from my new perspective. Since then, I’m able to approach our conversations without a current of resentment. When she crosses my mind, I’m able to think of her as a person, not a burden, and I have a birds-eye view of situations from her perspective, not just my own. We can calmly discuss our feelings and she hears me in a way she never did before. I am no longer feeding the energy of anger or resentment, so it can't exist. Thank you so much for doing the work you do and sharing your gifts."

Adrian, IL

Moved forward with no fear or anxiety

"I had an issue with the belief that the world is an unfriendly place and that I was not safe and Denise was able to clear this at the cellular level. I felt the movement of energy in my sacral, throat and solar plexus chakras and throbbing in my throat as well and I cleared this belief right out of my body and it left my aura. She told me that it would take 36-48 hours for all the processing to take place and on 26th November I easily and comfortably joined an online program to promote and sell pet products and had no anxiety or fear. I even felt I can do this!

I truly feel what you did was so life changing and profound and I see the changes in how I behave and feel emotionally when taking a new risk. Thank you.

Rennee, Trinidad

I have never experienced this level of joy

"I wanted you to know that you have given me an amazing gift today. After our session, I felt extremely grateful, but I also felt genuinely happy, light and full of joy. I have not felt like this in a very long time, in fact, I don’t think I have ever experienced the level of joy that I am feeling right now. It keeps bubbling up and it feels so good that I can’t stop smiling." Dale, HI

Found joy in little things and feel it in my body

"I recently had a healing session with Denise, WOW!!! Denise is amazingly intuitive and really feels into the energies. After my session, this is what I experienced: you know when your heart opens and you find absolute joy in all the little things and you feel it deeply in the body, well that is what happened after my session. The glimpses I had were so profound for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart Denise. And to everyone else, All I can say is, "Do yourself a favor and have a session with this beautiful woman"

Cindy, South Africa

Third eye tingled for three days

"I loved our session together. My head tingled for three days! So did my third eye. What a special feeling. You opened my thinking to just how important loving me really is."

Linda, AZ

Accomplished more in one session that I have over the years

"You are truly an earth angel, your session with me was the best session I ever had. (I have tried countless sessions with other speakers/healers and many modalities). I actually felt a shift with you. I feel lighter and happier now. Your insight was remarkable and now I feel wonderful. The session was so healing and so soothing. You have accomplished more in one session than I have though the years."

Alexis, ON, Canada

Find your childhood wonder and awe

"Denise has innate intuition; her energy is very healing which makes an easy release of my old stuffed energies. After each session with her I feel that my world has become a much friendlier and happy place to live. If you are looking to repair your childhood damage, Denise is the person who will walk you to the light and love. You will learn how to play and you will find your childhood wonder and awe."

Galina NY

Grief and stress no longer an issue

"You are in safe hands with Denise… Denise has helped me work through grief, stress and many old emotional issues that had been harboring my future, afterwards I felt such a weight lifted and they simply just are not an issue now. Denise is 100% committed to helping you achieve your goal. Her great intuitive skills mean that she is with you every step of the way, guiding and supporting in a kind and gentle manner. I could feel her connected to me at all times and very in-tune with the energy movement in my own body and fully supporting the energy movement."

Ulanda Kay Coleman, Ottawa, Canada

"Denise knew exactly where the energy was blocked and guided me through a profound shift."

Lynda, SK, Canada


Total Package Value $1038
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99


Total Package Value $1337
From Heartache to Joy
“Introductory” offer $197

About Denise McNab

Denise (2)Denise is an energy worker and coach who helps her clients eliminate the underlying thoughts and beliefs that are sabotaging their efforts to move forward in their lives. She helps people shift back into the love that they are, aligning them with their highest potential to bring more joy and happiness into their lives.

After her divorce, Denise went from being stuck, heartbroken and angry to healing her broken heart and living her purpose. She has worked with her guides and angels to overcome the years of stress and emotional trauma from her 20-year marriage. She developed daily practices, studied many healing modalities, and combined her years of study to create Pure Love Infusion, a transformational energy process.

Denise holds certifications in Energy Transformation, Coaching, Fitness and Nutrition.

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