Being overweight is temporary. Experience Living Thin's transforming
power for lifelong health and wellbeing so your thin self is permanent.

Naturally thin people have different beliefs and behaviors around food, sleep, and movement. There are no feelings of war, antagonism, judgment.

The deep cellular clearings, alignments, and high vibration activations within the packages below will align you with feeling, living, and choosing the life of a thin person.

You will find the triggers that are causing you to gain weight or hold onto the weight and clear them.

“I feel happy and I lost 19 pounds”

Tatyana Before & After IMG_4759 (1)"Thank you so much Denise for the Living Thin clearings and energy work. I felt so much shift around judgement. I went for groceries after listening to the audios and my neighbor asked me, “Why you are so happy today?”

I've noticed that I wanted to compliment everyone I've met on my way. People seemed to me so beautiful and nice!

I am so happy that I've taken this program. After the first call I started eating healthy foods and I am not hungry at all. I lost 7 pounds. I celebrated it and danced around the scale. After your second call I became really unstoppable, that’s how I feel. It’s incredible how it works from inside. Interesting that I don’t feel I am missing anything and I am never hungry anymore. You supported me over the emails and helped me during the calls.

Follow up: I lost 19 pounds since the start of the program. Woohoo! I love it!

And it really worked when you supported me with protection from my relatives who criticize me. They try to pick on me and I just replied,” I love you guys, just accept me the way I am.” And they give up-:) Thank you again. Every time when I listen to your meditation or the calls, I get so much energy!"

~ Tatyana Lusher, NY

“Lost 12 pounds even on a cruise”

"I bought your package and your healing work has helped me tremendously! The 3 sessions I had with you were so powerful and life changing for me!!! Thanks for all of your healing help. When I went to the doctor I had lost 12 lbs since last time I was there!! I even lost weight on a cruise! Not only have I lost weight and inches off my body, I have found my eating habits have changed and I'm very motivated to eat healthy food!!! I am so grateful for all of your help!!!"

~ Kerry, NJ

“Lost 13 pounds after 5 straight years of gaining”

"I have had my first 4 pound loss. This is very exciting, as it seems for the past 5 years all I have done is gain. I am listening to the visualization almost daily.  I am using a food journal, daily. I have started to exercise again, and am enjoying it.

What is fascinating is my aches and pains tend not to bother me when I am exercising! Anyhow, I wanted you to know I am seeing results.” Follow up: “I lost more than 13 pounds. In Britain, people are weighed in stones, so 14 pounds makes 1 stone."

~ Cynthia, Great Britain

Expert Reviews

“Denise helped me clear a long standing pizza obsession!”

“Denise helped me clear a long-standing pizza cravings/obsession! Anybody who knows me knows how much I love pizza. I used to pretty much always want pizza, if I could I would eat it every day (and sometimes did). A day without pizza was a day wasted! But finally I was ready to release the addiction and in just one session with Denise, I lost the daily cravings. I can find that weeks have gone by and I haven't had pizza, or even thought about it, this seemed impossible before. And that was 9 months ago, so I know she was able to get to the very root. Denise is good about not wanting to make any food forbidden, and I love that pizza is still delicious and enjoyable, I just no longer think about it, which is the perfect result. Thanks Denise. ”

~ Aimee Serafini,

“Her abilities are revolutionary, she truly is
on the forefront of spiritual awareness”

Sherry-Phillips-Swatek“I worked for decades on my deepest issues including extreme physical abuse and trauma, that I could not completely transmute. I tried everything including therapy, body modalities, energetic modalities, plus hours a day in my own healing. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on myself.  Denise's gift of finding these toxic energies in me and helping me transmute them is unparalleled. Her abilities are revolutionary, she truly is on the forefront of physical, emotional and spiritual awareness. She is a rare find and I recommend her without question to friends and clients.   I don't know anyone living today, who can go to the deepest and darkest spots within and let buried trauma go faster, more efficiently and with more empowered love. Do not settle for someone identifying or categorizing your pain, get someone who will assist you to be free of it. You could finally have what I found with Denise's help, your best life ever.”

~ Sherry Phillips Swatek

“Lost over 25 pounds, ADD improved significantly and she feels empowered”

eramsaeed“Denise helped my daughter lose weight and one of the best side effects is that her ADD has improved quite significantly! When the doctors wanted to put her on ADD meds, I was determined to find a better solution and Denise helped immensely. My daughter is showing CLEAR signs of better focus and improvement in her organization skills. She feels empowered and capable and her "spaciness" has a marked improvement too! This is life changing for her. Here are her weight loss results:

June - “Natasha lost 8 pounds in two weeks which was great progress. She really liked working with you.”

July update -“She has since lost more than 20 pounds and is totally committed to losing 50 pounds!”

August update: "The improvement continues! She's almost at 27 pounds and is still enthusiastic and on track...even though she went to a wedding and got off track for a while, she is still making remarkable progress. This is an amazing program and Denise has no match in this! Thank you so much Denise!!”

~ Eram, FHTJ


21 Audios + 3 "as if live" Classes + 2 (45 minute) Live Q & A Calls + 4 months energetic support by email

Discount: 92% Off
Total Package Value $1,826
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147

Sold Out


21 Audios + 3 "as if live" Classes + 2 (45 minute) Live Q & A Calls + 4 months energetic support by email + 30 minute Private Energy Transformation Session with Denise

Discount: 89% Off
Total Package Value $2,125
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $227

Sold Out

Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A

Drop the weight of the past and lighten your body.

Energetically align with the thin you and lose the resistance, struggle and body fat.

Increase happiness and joy in your life and your body responds to your thin requests with ease and grace.

Use excess weight as the key to unlock your Divine Essence.

“The pounds just came off, it’s silly but it felt like magic.”

“I’ve always struggled with my weight, not a huge amount but the last 3 – 7 pounds that has been elusive. I’ve spent the majority of my life very rigid and strict about eating and extremely intense exercise but I could never get to those pounds. It always ended in failure, defeat, sadness and self-loathing. I worked out so hard that I had put myself in the hospital for 4 days. Since doing the Living Thin program, I noticed that I stopped trying so hard. I started, for the first time, allowing myself to be. Allowing myself to hear my body and allowing myself to feel my body. There has been a sense of peace. I continued to eat healthfully, as I have my whole life. I exercise because I love it, but it’s without punishment. The pounds just came off. I can’t explain it, they’ve been off for 2 months and stayed off. I feel so much calmer. It’s silly, but it felt like magic…and freedom and peace. I found the freedom I’ve been looking for my whole life.”

~ Erin


What, Where, Why and When Intro to Living Thin

Format: MP3

Length: 13:56

item1Many people skip this critical step and without it weight loss is almost impossible. Set yourself up for success. This simple step can save you years of frustration. You will gain clarity and begin to align with your thin self.

“Less inflammation and released 13 pounds”

“I’ve been struggling over 40 years. Sugar was my primary food source, and I knew I was out of control. And it was really affecting my health with bloating, with fluid retention in my legs, pain in my knees. I avoided the doctor because I didn’t want to find out what else. I was desperate.

I’ve tried so many things over the years. And I knew myself well enough that if I joined other ‘diet’ programs I would gain weight. Because I have a really strong rebel, a force in me that did not want me to have what I wanted and I really needed help with that.

A piece that I really enjoyed was just learning more how to stay connected to myself. And when you said you can have all the energy work you want, but if you’re not in your body, it’s not going to stick, that was a huge wake up. Because I don’t, I haven’t for decades, stayed in my body for any length of time. That was key for me.

I’ve known this for years but I am seeing it on a new level, that if I was managing what I was eating then I would resort to compulsive spending with credit cards. I’ve been watching that as I am changing to healthier eating.

The other reason I bought the package to work with Denise was her understanding of how this pattern can be deeply entrenched and it can take time to change and her offer of 4 months of emails demonstrated her commitment to helping us make that change. It has meant a lot to me.

I feel more comfortable in my clothes. I actually feel relieved, to be eating better. I knew for the last few years I wasn’t really getting any satisfaction out of the sweet foods, I couldn’t stop.

I have less inflammation, less fluid in my legs, my clothes are more comfortable. I dropped 13 pounds so far.”

~ Judy


Clearing your physical environment of your ‘Fat’ energy

Format: MP3

Length: 7:18

item2Your fat energy gets embedded in your surroundings, including your mattress, furniture, clothes and all of your belongings. This audio is a type of space clearing to purify your environment of your past fat energy and judgments. Eliminate the energy that is weighing down your physical environment. Set up an environment that supports your thin life.

“First time I feel worthy of vibrant health”

“I feel so much lighter and let go of so many things. I literally feel like space has been created in my body for new experiences. 

I have since found a new sense of respect for myself. For the first time ever I feel that I am worthy of vibrant health. I always thought that I wasn't deserving of health and that it was my punishment to be sickly! Thank you for allowing me to become best friends with my body and enabling me to listen and tune into what it requires. 

I started a new exercise regime which caters to my exact needs. 

Thank you for allowing me to live in my body and in the present. I'm less anxious and more grounded. I am on my path to complete self love and acceptance. It's probably the hugest gift of all.”

~ Naz, South Africa


Cycles of Thin

Format: MP3

Length: 14:54

item3Everyone who has lost weight knows the feeling of being afraid they will put it back on. Interrupt the cycle of fear having to do with gaining weight. Losing, maintaining, ebbs and flow are part of the natural cycle of healthy weight. This audio will help you eliminate the fear of gaining that pops up as soon as you shed the pounds.

The following three short visualizations will support you staying connected to your thin self. These are powerful tools for anchoring your thin energy into your reality. Do one of the following vibrational shifting visualizations once a day.

“Lost 12 pounds and it was easy”

“I am eating smaller portions and I eat more slowly. I have lost 12 pounds and I feel the weight coming off in an easy way. I’m not struggling. My relationship with my mother has shifted, there is a great deal of gratitude expressed between us and I don’t dread her comments about my figure. Part of that has to do with the energy emails we receive every couple days. They are amazing reminders, they keep me focused. I go back and read them over and over again.”

~ Mary

“Feel confident and relaxed”

“With the clearing from today I received a deep calming fulfillment and feel very confident and relaxed right now.”

~ Ursula


A Stretch of the Imagination

Format: MP3

Length: 7:48

item4This activation will take you beyond your limited mind and open you up to new possibilities. This powerful activation will expand your imagination and increase your sensory awareness.

Your imagination connects you to your desired outcome. Your imagination is one of your most powerful tools to help you create your ideal body. To get your ideal body you have to see it as a possibility.

“My clothes fit better, I’m not hiding and skin is clearer”

“I feel better. I have a new way of grounding myself daily. I built a conversation with my body and I hear what she needs. I made lifestyle changes. My clothes fit better. I’m not hiding myself as I was before. For 17 years, I haven’t worn sleeveless shirts and now I do. I went to New York and it was hot, I took off the jacket and walked around in a sleeveless top. Also, my skin improved. I suffered from acne and now my skin is much clearer.”

~ Colby Lan

“Opening to receive was over the top”

“I’m getting married in 6 weeks. It has been stressful and overwhelming. I was feeling so much pressure planning a wedding while running a business. It’s supposed to be fun but I was angry. We worked on dissolving my anger and resentment. I was resenting that my friends and family wouldn’t be able to come to the wedding. I felt uncomfortable asking people to take a whole weekend, and get on a plane and stay in a hotel just to celebrate this event. The unworthiness to receive surfaced. Denise helped me to open my heart to receive. We opened to the joy and beauty of what is happening and I finally got to feel joy for the first time since we set the date. It felt really good to open up those pathways. It was incredible, the session ended at 11:15 and by 2:00 o’clock I found out that two of my cousins who live in the south, had decided to come to the wedding. My fiance stepped up and found a string quartet for us and he found a travel agent to book the honeymoon. I really knew the receiving had opened when a client of mine figured out that I was engaged and asked me where I was registered. It was so lovely. That was over the top! Thank you, Denise for your brilliant work.”

~ Paige


Erasing Trouble Spots

Format: MP3

Length: 6:44

item5This process will guide you to make slight adjustments to your trouble spots, muffin top, saddle bags, back flab and more.

“I lost 7 pounds”

“Your audio really works wonders. Within 3 weeks I lost 7 pounds. Thank you!”

~ Andrea, Switzerland


Activating and Releasing Fat Cells

Format: MP3

Length: 6:08

item6Powerful activation to energetically release the excess fat your body is storing. Communicate with your cells and direct them to release stored fat.

“Pleasant surprise my weight went down”

“It’s only been a week and I am down three pounds. I had a lot of family parties and thought for sure my weight would be up. What a pleasant surprise that it was down.”

~ Kelly


Sleep Yourself Thin

Format: MP3

Length: 15:40

item7Rejuvenate your mind and renew your body. Sleep is vital to living as the thin you. Sleep is necessary to restore metabolism and helps all of the systems of your body to function optimally. Listening to this sleep audio at bedtime will help you to relax your body, sleep better and wake up refreshed.

“I have suffered from long term insomnia but I have enjoyed the deepest and most prolonged and restful sleep of my life since the program - it is truly miraculous to be able to sleep for between 8 and 10 hours without waking"


Nourished by the Light

Format: MP3

Length: 6:27

item8Connecting with the light in food for nourishment. Food is energy and energy contains light. Allow the light in the foods you eat to nourish your body and release the rest. Powerful process before you eat.

“Your work continually makes a huge difference for me.
*I feel much more balanced - female and male aspects - I am able to take action in areas I couldn´t before and much more effectively and from a more balanced, centered place.
* I could connect fully and wholeheartedly with wholeness...”

~ Ursula


Codes of Connection

Format: MP3

Length: 17:24

  • Have been energetically hard wire-wired towards loneliness, unfulfilling relations or no relationships?
  • You find yourself surrounded by family and loved ones and yet you still feel disconnected and lonely to the core
  • You attract negative experiences and people into your life.
  • You find yourself in relationships that continually serve the other person more than you.
  • If you answered yes to any of the above, you have been hardwired towards loneliness.
  • This powerful process will help you change your energy code to one of connection, friendship and joy.

“Felt love for the first time”

“YAEEEEH FINALLY IT'S HAPPENED!!! For the first time in my life I have started feeling love in my heart, yes I know, how absolutely AWESOME!!! And Crazy is this?

This is a person who would never feel anything at all.

One thing I always wished I could experience was feeling love in my heart, as when you have never been loved or experienced it, how would you know how exactly it feels. It is ALL its cracked out to be and much more.

I am smiling at everyone I meet. I am enjoying doing random acts of kindness for absolute strangers. Love over marks everything and it's like taking a magic potion that has turned me into Superwoman.

That victim mentality has melted away. I could actually write a book on all Denise has taught me.”

~ Isha

“Feeling grounded and present”

“I feel a deep connection to Mother Earth. I then asked my higher self to come in and it was like my body was a suction cup that pulled her right in and locked her down. Talk about feeling grounded and present! I let and am still letting the pure love in like a smooth liquid lava. What a sense of being loved, safe, protected and peaceful just to be! Warm, peaceful and such loving kindness within and exuding all around me!”

~ Kathy

ITEM 10:

Weight as your spiritual path

Format: MP3

Length: 14:24

item10What if you choose excess weight as an experiment for this lifetime? Allowing the excess weight to transform you from the inside out as you master your spiritual path. Reclaim your power and make your choice for your thin body. You’ve forgotten you can make the switch back to thin.

“New awareness of how loving and magnificent I really am”

“My body just started to shake, jerk, heave, sob and move in ways that were completely foreign to me. Then came this experience of expansive openness, sense of love and peace and all the pain was replaced by a calmness. All the tough stuff from my childhood seemed relieved, and replaced with this open, spacious light feeling. A sense of love really. I am so much more at peace, no longer limited by my experiences but thriving in my new awareness of how wonderful, loving and magnificent I really am! To really feel it in every part of me! I can call up and experience my own self-love at any time - - and feel it! Thank you Denise! What a blessing you are!”

~ Pat, MA

“Most spiritual and loving session I ever had”

“I am so thankful to Denise for the most powerful, spiritual, loving session I have ever had. I experienced Divine Love, showering me with iridescent light containing abundance, blessings, and life essence. Now I have been feeling confident and strong to deal with the ending of my 39 year marriage. Denise also cleared a huge blockage in my throat. This helped me to feel a great release and in my power. I felt so safe, I really appreciate Denise's high integrity and deep caring. Thank you Denise for co-creating this life changing experience. Aloha.”

~ Joyce, HI

Habit Busters powerful short audios to overcome
your cravings and not give in

ITEM 11:

Grazing During the Day and Night time Eating

Format: MP3

Length: 7:04

item11Picking all day, always asking what can I eat next. Is night time eating part of your daily evening routine? This audio will help you to break the habit.

“Cravings are gone”

“I have noticed that food cravings seem to be gone, allowing more healthy choices to be easier to choose and I have lost a couple of pounds without really trying”

~ Karen

ITEM 12:

Eating while cooking

Format: MP3

Length: 3:51

item12A sample here and a sample there and soon you’ve eaten a portion of a meal. Before you start to prepare the meal listen to this short 3 minute audio to stop the excess sampling.

ITEM 13:

Wanting dessert to finish off a meal

Format: MP3

Length: 4:15

item13Does your sweet tooth act up after dinner and you crave something sweet to complete your meal? This is a quick fix for when your sweet tooth is acting up after a meal. Best to listen before you eat your meal.

“Sugar cravings have decreased”

“My sugar cravings have decreased; or at least I have more power to ignore them! In the past week I've come close to buying donuts, muffins and ice cream but did not.”

~ Nancy

“Immediate change, I wanted living food”

“After working with Denise, I had an immediate change in my cravings with food. I wanted living food and I had no desire for fast food.”

~ JD, ID

ITEM 14:

Releasing the Weight of the Past

Format: MP3

Length: 31:04

item14All of us have traumatic events that contribute to being overweight. In this bonus, you will release the circumstances and events that contributed to your weight gain. Heal the places where you felt you weren’t enough. Release the need for extra weight to protect you and keep you safe. Discover what you are really hungry for. Be at peace with yourself in all of these times in your past.

“Felt a weight lifted”

“You are in safe hands with Denise… Denise has helped me work through grief, stress and many old emotional issues that had been harboring my future, afterwards I felt such a weight lifted and they simply just are not an issue now. Denise is 100% committed to helping you achieve your goal. Her great intuitive skills mean that she is with you every step of the way, guiding and supporting in a kind and gentle manner.”

~ Ulanda, ON, Canada

ITEM 15:

Meeting Your Thin Self

Format: MP3

Length: 21:28

item15smallRight now you are in alignment with your current overweight self, not your thin self. Let’s create the experience living as the thin you so that you can create that new alignment. Try on your thin body size so it feels so natural, safe and comfortable as the thinner you. Release blocks to joyfully living at your ideal weight. Process any objections you have to living as the thin you. Gather information from the thin you. Align your energetic blueprint with the Thin You – your body will be rewired and reprogrammed as the thin you.

“I feel happier about life”

“I feel much lighter and more excited to reach my goals! I think it made a huge difference to see a future slender me instead of a past me! I feel happier about life in general too.”

~ Jess

ITEM 16:

Releasing Past Lovers

Format: MP3

Length: 27:18

item16All of your encounters with past loves and crushes are stored in your cellular energy, and some of them are not pleasant! Let’s cleanse and purify your body of the energy of past lovers. Meet your past lovers, boyfriends and crushes in a powerful releasing ritual.

Heal the parts of you that shut down in relationship. Restore your power. Dissolve the relationships in love and free your heart.

“It felt like old times of being myself”

“Anyway something must have happened because after the call, I felt great! I was in such a good mood. I felt like old times as being myself. All the fog was gone. Didn't feel anything about the issue of my ex, just happy.”

~ Caroline

ITEM 17:

Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Format: MP3

  • Stop being your own worst enemy and become your own best friend
  • Finding you again
  • Learning to like yourself
  • Cultivating love, trust and approval
  • Honoring your own desires
  • Appreciate and celebrate you

ITEM 18:

Mama Trauma and Drama

Format: MP3

Length: 27:04

  • Releasing misguided loyalty to mom
  • It’s time to be loyal to you and what you want in life
  • Getting over the anger and frustration towards mom
  • Appreciation and respect for mom
  • Healing the mother/daughter relationship for future generations

“Ground breaking new awareness”

“I am taking your Living Thin program and I just wanted to let you know what happened for me this morning. A great new awareness!

Today, while listening to call one I became aware that if I lost the weight my parents would not have a reminder of how they failed me. I couldn't tolerate the vision of being thin around my parents like it would "let them off the hook."

This is really groundbreaking for me!

Update: I am 10 pounds lighter!”

~ Diane

ITEM 19:

Guilt Be Gone

Format: MP3

Length: 7:57

  • Release deep layers of guilt
  • Free yourself to move forward without punishment

ITEM 20:

I Am Worthy

Format: MP3

Length: 10:29

  • Stop basing your worthiness on what other people believe about you
  • Unplug from unworthiness
  • Align with knowing just how worthy you are of a most magnificent life

ITEM 21:

Womb Clearing

Format: MP3

Length: 10:00

  • Clear the energy of when you were in your mother’s womb
  • Wounds of our mother, fathers and our ancestors are passed down to us through our epigenetic DNA
  • We also inherit their beliefs, values and desires and these inherited beliefs may be blocking us from moving forward in life
  • Clear traumas from the womb and free yourself of limitations

ITEM 22:

Energy Currents Inspiration and energy source

4 months of email energetic support to get you current with your thin body.

item22Receive energetic support over the next several months. Denise has written short, supportive emails that carry Pure Love energy and healing vibrations to support you in achieving your ideal body. You will receive an email every other day for the next 120 days. Consistency is key to staying on track.

“Emails reminders helped me make better choices”

“I can tell you that your messages hit me square on and they have been very beneficial to remind me of my goals.  The energy of those emails I believe have helped me make better choices.  I have lost weight!"

This is really groundbreaking for me!”

~ Terese

“ Hit the nail on the head there Denise with the daily support email. Thank you kindly for your continued support - it means a lot xo”

~ Colby

“I know I'm repeating myself and I hope you don't mind. These notes of yours are really, really, really spot on for what I'm experiencing. I appreciate you and what you do,”

~ Sue

“I just want to tell you how glad I am with all your quotes and well wishing energy. The email of today made me very happy. It reminded me on a sentence Sathya Sai Baba once (1993) spoke to me: 'you are atma'. Thank you.”

~ Anne from Netherlands

ITEM 23:

3 "as if live" Calls with clearings, activations, integrations, recalibrations and alignments to bring you into harmony with your thin self

Format: MP3

Length: Each call is One hour

Call 1: Thin Consciousness
Date: September 27


  • You are powerful and you can uncreate the fat you. Something in your consciousness created the excess weight and you can undo it.
  • Giving up your weight story
  • Balancing your energy centers for your optimal weight
  • A new thin reality is created in your consciousness first

“Lost 11 pounds”

“I felt immediate results after I got off the call. Things continue to shift. I lost 11 pounds.”

~ Elana

Call 2: It’s a Judgment Call
Date: October 4


  • The Universe reflects back to you all of your judgments.
  • Unplugging from Media judgments
  • Take your power back from the role weight plays in your life.
  • Worth and weight
  • Disgust vs appreciation

Call 3: Choosing Thin
Date: October 11


  • Choice and Habits
  • Clearing habits of the fat and flabby
  • Dissolving cellular memories that created the habits that created the excess weight
  • Habits of the naturally thin and healthy

“Back to the gym after a year and a half”

“I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that since listening to your program I have went back to the gym in fact this is my second week.

I was giving myself a hard time because I was only doing ten minutes on the elliptical and ten minutes on the treadmill but that was all my body could handle right now...well long story short your last call on Tuesday helped me to change how I felt about that when you said hey if you can only do 5 minutes then do that and you know it changed my whole perspective on my workouts.  I was so worried about what other people must be thinking about the person coming into the gym who is only working out for 20 minutes but I decided it’s none of their business and none of mine what they think...thank you so much Denise for being who you are and holding us in this beautiful space giving us the strength to find that beautiful connection with our body at our own pace.”

~ Teresa

“I feel joy and playfulness in my heart”

“I feel so cared about by you!  I took your words to heart and stepped back from my panic.  I listened to your first group call last night and loved it.  I woke up this morning in a much different place.  There is a sense of joy and playfulness in my heart that hasn't been there in a very long time.  There is also a "knowing" that the weight will be released and I will be able to move beyond this lifelong struggle.  I feel so blessed to have found you.

~ Bonnie

ITEM 24:

Three Live (45 minute) Q&A Energetic Support Calls

Begins October 18

This is your opportunity to ask Denise questions that are most relevant to you and receive energetic support for what is coming up for you to live your thin life. Denise will be with you personally to guide you through the process of becoming the thin you.

Results clients have reported:

  • "I actually look forward to working out when before I dreaded it."
  • "After years of sleepless nights, I now sleep like a baby."
  • "My clothes are hanging off me."
  • "I can fit into my old wardrobe."
  • "The sick feeling held in my body for 50 years cleared."
  • "I made myself a priority in my life."
  • "I’m loving the daily pleasures, the sadness has lifted and I’m finding new ways to explore my pleasure."
  • "My craving for chocolate wasn’t there. It’s so strange not to crave it."
  • "The evening glass of wine lost its appeal."
  • "For the first time in years I actually wanted a salad for dinner."

Drop 5 Pounds Fast - MP3

Value $77

  • Powerful process to release 5 pounds of excess fat and addresses the energetic side of weight loss.
  • Release the energies holding onto the weight and be the version of you 5 pounds lighter!

Package A

Total Package Value $1,826

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 92% Saving ***

Sold Out

Package B

Includes Everything In Package A Plus

ITEM 25:

30 minute Private Energy Transformation
Session with Denise

Value: $299

Energy from your past gets trapped in your body, and unbeknownst to you, hinders all your efforts and spiritual practices. Denise’s energy clearing sessions release cellular memories and unhealthy energy that has been stored in your body and energy field. You need to release this dense energy or you will always be stuck creating your life with the energy of the past.

In one session, you will experience dramatic shifts in your energy and body. Clients often experience changes that have been elusive for years. Here are some of the results clients have reported:

  • Released trauma from the body
  • Cleared sexual abuse issues from childhood
  • Relieved headaches and neck pain
  • Improved self worth
  • Increased emotional wellbeing
  • Received complete clarity and direction for business
  • Opened to seeing angels and receiving guidance
  • Cleared issues of loss and grief
  • Cleared trauma from past relationships and patterns

Package B

Total Package Value $2,125

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $227
*** 89% Saving ***

Sold Out


“From restriction and denial to acceptance and choice”

“Thank you for the session it was totally awesome. It has been an interesting week to say the least. I have noticed several shifts are occurring:

  • listening to your downloads I am hearing things differently, best way to describe it is that my whole body is listening now with a form of acceptance
  • I have not been so consumed by thoughts about eating or my weight even when my food consumption has been all over map to real healthy eating to complete junk food eating. I have an awareness of choice and balance, not restriction and denial.
  • I noticed that the connection between me and body is really starting to be real
  • I increased my water consumption
  • being enough and having enough and I am enough is the voice I been hearing all week”

~ Carmen

“My relationship with my partner greatly improved”

“Thank you so much for all of the wonderful work. I have made SIGNIFICANT progress!!!! My relationship with my partner has greatly improved since my 1-on-1 session.  We even booked a vacation together that night.  I have been processing emotion with much greater joy and ease. I feel more at peace with myself, AND I have begun taking consistent action toward my body mass reduction goals.”

~ Kristen

“Weight reduced a few pounds”

“I am enjoying your program, my weight has reduced by a few pounds. May this continue. Thank you”

~ Jackie

“Realized fat represented the love I didn’t get”

“I couldn’t understand why I still felt uncomfortable about letting go of my extra fat, but I finally realized that the extra fat represented the love and attention I didn’t receive from my parents in my childhood and the love for my body I couldn’t give. My body has therefore tried to accumulate fat in place of love to surround myself. I released a lot of tears, as you told me to expect, and now I can finally give my body unconditional love that it deserves. I am certain that I will feel safe and protected without extra fat around me from now on.

I am so glad I signed up for your program. I have tried so many weight loss programs in the past. You were the first person my spirit guides told me to request help from. Thank you for your love and support for making this shift possible so I can move forward.”

~ Christine

“Feel like I got my health back in less than an hour”

“I got a bad case of the flu and was very sick. The first day I had the flu I felt I was on my death bed. I had a horrible sore throat, I was so weak and tired, it was difficult to get out of bed. I did all the routine things such as I went to see my medical doctor, was drinking lots of fluids, got plenty of rest and getting my vitamin C and D. On the 3rd day I had a session with Denise, I was still feeling very sick and I was barely able to talk since my sore throat was so bad. One of the things that came out and we cleared in the session was I had some blocks to loving myself. Within the time of our session, 90% of my flu symptoms were completely gone. It was truly amazing. I went from feeling extremely sick to feeling I got my health back in less than hour. Thanks Denise.  You are truly remarkable!”

~ Daniel Rosenstein

“I am full of confidence, optimism and so much happier”

“I experienced massive energy shifts and I now feel much clearer and back to my old self, more full of confidence and optimism.

I am amazed at how much hidden deep emotional stuff that Denise is able to dissipate in just one session. She finds it and releases it quickly. Denise’s work is very deep and thorough - she has found and removed a lot of the old patterns that have been keeping me stuck. It feels so good now.

Denise has great understanding and integrity with a gift to be able to clear those very deep and dark spots that are troubling you and nothing phases her - I cannot recommend her work highly enough. I am so much happier and definitely more at peace now. I am now feeling good about my future and moving forwards.”

~ Jane, UK

“Best session ever”

“You are truly an earth angel, your session with me was the best session I ever had. (I have tried countless sessions with other speakers/healers and many modalities). I actually felt a shift with you. I feel lighter and happier now. Your insight was remarkable and now I feel wonderful. The session was so healing and so soothing. You have accomplished more in one session than I have though the years.

~ Alexis, ON, Canada

“We covered so much I was shocked!”

“I recently purchased Denise McNab’s programme and wanted to share with you how the healing session benefited me. It was really powerful. After the one session, she healed something from my childhood which allowed me to feel free. I nearly contacted the person to tell them I had forgiven them and I kid you not I hated them before the session. But I cleared a great deal of anger. We covered so much I was shocked.

I realised I had deep self worth issues which Denise worked on, however on the surface I appear to be such a confident young woman. So I was surprised by this realisation.

Furthermore, I have been wanting to clean up my flat for the last six months but I could not bring myself to do it. Within 24 hours of the session, I spent 6 hours cleaning my flat. I felt such an urge to do it, although I was exhausted at the time I feel so much calmer in my flat, once I had cleaned up, I also found £30.00 underneath my bed!

Although I workout, I have been listening to weight loss mp3s as I would like to lose a few pounds. Yesterday I did something I never normally do and went onto McDonalds to buy an ice cream but the machine was not working. Then I went into Kentucky Fried Chicken next door and tried to buy an ice cream again the machine was not working. I realised I was being supported by the Universe and then went into Marks & Spencer and bought a plain yoghurt and fresh strawberries!  The MP3s are powerful.

Last but not least we worked on my issues about being good enough to go back into the legal world, since this session 3 opportunities have presented themselves to me after I attended various networking events in the space of two weeks! ”

~ Aysha, London

“My grief actually went away”

“I wanted to let you know that my grief actually did go away after our session. I didn’t think it was possible, but it did. So now I am looking ahead to a better future. I also tried the FOX news fast for 3 days – and it feels good not to have all the stress of FOX News, etc., in my body. I went from hopeless to hopeful”

~ Sherri, IL

“So many miraculous things”

“I can be myself for the very first time in my life, I feel unconditional love. I don’t need to reject myself any longer. I can be fully present in my body. So many miraculous things are happening to me on a daily basis now. I am so grateful and feel so rich and blessed and the most amazing thing is, this is me, this is who I really am. Not in my wildest fantasy have I expected this. It is time to shine brightly and be the bright star that I am. Woo-hoo! Yippie!”

~ Joy, Norway

“I am speaking up and out more”

“Wow! I am still in such awe for all of the shifting and clearing you helped me with that I have been holding onto for years! I now have an incredible feeling of openness, space, a sense of peace, calm and love flowing and glowing from me. I noticed a difference in how people are interacting with me. They are more open and interested in what I am saying and are really taking to heart what I am communicating.

Your guidance is spectacular and the energy work with me went very deep. I am already speaking up and out more when I need to. I released so many wounds of not good enough, lack of nurturing, abuse, grief, shame and unworthiness. Thank you so much for your compassion, understanding, love and healing!”

~ Kathy, IL

“Most powerful and visceral energy work ever”

“Our session was the most powerful and visceral energy work I had ever experienced. We had done a lot of work on many issues with my mom, specifically anger and resentment going all the way back to early childhood and the womb. Funny because I didn't have anything specific I wanted to work on when we started the call. Hah!

Towards the end of our session, I couldn’t stand on my feet and fell to my knees. I felt surrounded by love, bathed in love. I brought myself up to sit on my couch and couldn’t get up for 45 minutes! I didn’t know anything but love. I couldn’t tell where my physical body ended and love began…I was just one with love. During those 45 minutes (I could see a clock) I gradually started to feel my body more and more, all along feeling bliss and Love.

Over the next couple of days I was in a state of joy that couldn’t be changed. Nothing fazed me. Everything was wondrous. The absence of mind chatter and judgment was noticeable.

What’s fascinating is that in the days after our session, I spoke to my mother. It was a great opportunity for me to approach our relationship from my new perspective. Since then, I’m able to approach our conversations without a current of resentment. When she crosses my mind, I’m able to think of her as a person, not a burden, and I have a bird's-eye view of situations from her perspective, not just my own. We can calmly discuss our feelings and she hears me in a way she never did before. I am no longer feeding the energy of anger or resentment, so it can't exist. Thank you so much for doing the work you do and sharing your gifts. ”

~ Adrian, IL

“Just to thank you one more time, I have suffered with headaches for years and since you helped me in November I now rarely have a headache. I have tried a lot of headache remedies and energy clearing and nothing worked until you helped me. I am truly grateful for my healing and for all your healing gifts your share with others. Sending my love to you. ”

~ Lynne, UK

“I don't think I ever experienced that level of joy”

“I wanted you to know that you have given me an amazing gift today. After our session, I felt extremely grateful, but I also felt genuinely happy, light and full of joy. I have not felt like this in a very long time, in fact, I don’t think I have ever experienced the level of joy that I am feeling right now. It keeps bubbling up and it feels so good that I can’t stop smiling.”

~ Dale, HI

“Life changing and profound”

“I had an issue with the belief that the world is an unfriendly place and that I was not safe and Denise was able to clear this at the cellular level. I I felt the movement of energy in my sacral, throat and solar plexus chakras and throbbing in my throat as well and I cleared this belief right out of my body and it left my aura. She told me that it would take 36-48 hours for all the processing to take place and on 26th November I easily and comfortably joined an online program to promote and sell pet products and had no anxiety or fear. I even felt I can do this!"

I truly feel what you did was so life changing and profound and I see the changes in how I behave and feel emotionally when taking a new risk. Thank you.”

~ Reenee

“Found absolute joy”

“I recently had a healing session with Denise, WOW!!! Denise is amazingly intuitive and really feels into the energies. After my session, this is what I experienced: you know when your heart opens and you find absolute joy in all the little things and you feel it deeply in the body, well that is what happened after my session. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

~ Cindy, South Africa

“Found childhood wonder and awe”

“Denise is an absolutely magical Quantum energy coach. She has innate intuition: her energy is very healing which makes for an easy release of my old stuffed energies. After each session with her I feel that my world has become a much friendlier and happy place to live. If you are looking to repair your childhood damage, Denise is the person who will walk you to the light. Denise incorporates many healing modalities in her practice. You will learn how to play and you will find your childhood wonder and awe.

~ Galina, NY

“Unbelievable experience”

“My experience was beyond words to describe. The energy is still here and it is awesome! It is all about LOVE. All day today I am breathing Love! Unbelievable experience! Feeling joyful again! Thank you so much Denise McNab.”

~ Natalia, Canada

“First time of no negative self talk”

“This is literally the first time I had no negative self talk or anything come to me. I just felt flooded with love and happiness and joy. I don’t know if I ever felt this feeling before. It was as close to one of the best feelings I have ever felt! I just wanted to thank you so much Denise for all the incredible healing that I’ve received!”

~ Judy

“Recurring headache gone”

“Thank you so much, Denise. I have been struggling with a recurring headache for 2 weeks. I listened to your recordings and it has lifted; I feel relaxed and surrounded by loving support.”

~ Barbara

“Grounded and in contact with inner self”

“I am loving the Living Thin program. I feel grounded and in contact with my inner self and Source. Your meditations are so effective. It really works! I am very satisfied.”

~ Rosália

“Huge traumatic experiences released”

“I had my personal session with you today and in all the years of therapy that I have done, I have never been that shaken. So huge, traumatic experiences came out that I deeply hope they are out forever!”

~ Jackie

“A lot less stress”

“Recently my job description has changed and opened up with additional roles & tasks. As part as my role I now have to answer phone calls from the public (one of my biggest fears), handle payments (scary) as well as other 'new' things. The first day I noticed that I had confidence and worked with grace and ease within these additional new roles/tasks. I acknowledged that I was learning and it was ok if I made any mistakes. I felt I worked through this first day with very little stress and a lot less stress than I would normally have!! (Happy dance!!) I feel it has been due to your work....Thank you.”

~ Leslie

“Energy was absolutely blissful”

“Just wanted to offer some feedback to let you know the energy was absolutely blissful for me. My body tingled every time I brought the energy in. Then I would feel a sense of extreme calm come over me. What a Blessing and a Gift!!! So grateful I found you. There are no mistakes”

~ Marcia

“the night sweats stopped”

“I wanted to let you know that since you did the adjustments to my 21 days, I haven't been having any night sweats or intense heart palpitations. I had been having night sweats in the days leading up to the 21 days but after you added the adjustment so that I could integrate the energy with greater ease and grace, the night sweats stopped- amazing I can really feel lots of emotional pain coming up to be cleared each day and I am so happy that I am free from this old pain. Thank you!!! ”

~ Patricia

About Denise McNab:

DeniseDenise is an energy worker and transformation coach who helps her clients eliminate the underlying thoughts and beliefs that are sabotaging their efforts to live their thin lives and love their body. After suffering years of emotional and verbal abuse and turning to food for comfort, she healed her own emotional eating and learned to love her body. Denise has helped 100’s of people transform their bodies and love themselves by coaching people through the inner and outer transformations to achieve their slender, ideal body. She matches divine love with your commitment to alchemically shift your body and emotions. Denise earned her black belt in Kenpo Karate. Her gift is holding sacred space for people to transform and heal the wounds of their past. She credits her training in focus, concentration and awareness with giving her a unique ability to hold people in their body with divine love as they transmute their most stubborn resistant and often hidden emotions. She also has certifications in Quantum Transformation Modalities, Behavior Change, Group Fitness, Nutrition and Coaching. She channels the most supercharged form of Divine Love and facilitates deep cellular clearings and healing.


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