Certified Quantum Energy Transformation Coach and Channel of Divine Love,
Denise McNab's Special Offer

Are you playing Hide and Seek with your life? It is your time now to relish being the Star in Your Life.
Own it! Be it! Do it!

Do you have stars in your eyes? Are those stars you? If not, you must sign-up now for Denise’s revolutionary new program otherwise known as the “must-be-there” event of the year!

This game-changer 6-month program gives you Individual and Group Sessions with Denise McNab, plus you get a dynamic and life altering live 2-day event (on East Coast, US.) Meet Denise in person and welcome in the new **Star** of your New Life! You! Say hello new Star of My Life! Yes!

  • Have you been living your life playing small, and don’t even realize it?
  • Hiding behind your kids, your marriage, your divorce, you name it.
  • Trying to fit in, so tired of being tired of the mistreatment like you don’t even count? So you sit on the sidelines, worried about appearances.
  • Waiting for approval from others, hiding in a corner shutting yourself up from even speaking up.
  • Acting like everything is okay when everything in your body says “No Way.” But you smile on and continue on, giving to others and not even realizing that no one is giving to you!
  • Silently you judge yourself for how you think your life should look AND you are sick of it!!
  • Sound like you? Then this is the program your very soul has craved for!

This amazing program is a life changing experience to help you unlearn and unravel your most perfectly concocted story that now holds you back in the shadows, and you don’t even realize.

When you are the star in your own life, the lies and distortions simply melt away and you naturally revel in your true essence that was there all along.

You realize that who you really are, is not who you thought you were.

And, who you are is more amazing than anything you can imagine!

You are an expression of the divine. You are so loved. You are worthy beyond measure.You are brilliant and magnificent. You are unique and you have amazing gifts that are ready to be discovered and expressed in the world. You are Love itself!

You can not think your way to becoming your extraordinary divine self. You do not need more information, you do not need to give more, practice more, study more or for goodness sake forsake yourself a moment longer. You need a direct experience of who you are.

So how do you get there you might ask, being so mired in the day-to-day and encumbered by all the “stories” that seem like second nature?

The novel insight and unique talent that Denise McNab brings is that the secret is in your body. Yes your physical body. Your physical body must be brought into resonance with your brilliant, most magnificent divine self.

Denise’s program is revolutionary because her techniques are revolutionary, as she channels and spins energy at the deepest level to bring rapid recovery and resolution to even the most dire of life experiences.

Denise offers you an experiential 6-month program that will blast out the seemingly unrelenting negative energy held in your body, and restore your body’s natural resonance to your truest, most divine state. She energetically goes in quickly and deeply so that you can have a most life altering, life enhancing experience that allows you to shed the old stuff and resonate truly with who you really are, at your highest best!

BodyResonance, get it now with Denise’s revolutionary new techniques and tools.

  • Become irresistibly magnetic to your desires and dreams.
  • Transform yourself from the inside out.
  • Beyond barriers, see struggles and conflicts melt away.
  • Resonate fully with transformative new beliefs about yourself.
  • Live in the fullest of your natural magnificence.
  • Fall madly, deeply in love with beautiful you, and a beautiful life.

Get Starry Eyed About You Now.
Wouldn’t You Agree It’s About Time?

If you are waiting to some day start living your life, your someday is here now. This program is a revolutionary life changing experience where Denise works deep within the energy system of your body. This course will stretch you beyond anything you thought was ever possible. You will be taking inspired action towards your dreams.

Experience the ultimate in powerful and effective support that dispels any triggered fears that come up. Deep fears will come up in this program because you will be moving beyond your comfort zone each week.

You will create the body resonance to align fully in creating a life of freedom, joy, and abiding gratitude.

This 6-month program is about taking action, expanding and growing, and experiencing yourself as the Star in your life. Choices now look much different. You see higher choices that support your freedom and fulfillment, choices that were not on your radar before.

You will learn to work with your body and enjoy a new higher resonance with your most magnificent self. No matter how much suffering you’ve endured, the pain will be transformed and you can live a joyful life. It’s a matter of returning your body to resonance with a new exciting life.

The world is waiting for you. You can do this!

Life gets better and better when you step into your starring role in your life.

Will you be the star in your starry eyes?

The adventure begins 11/11.

Expert Reviews

I don't know anyone living today, who can go to the deepest and darkest spots within and let buried trauma go faster

Sherry-Phillips“I worked for decades on my deepest issues including extreme physical abuse and trauma, that I could not completely transmute. I tried everything including therapy, body modalities, energetic modalities, plus hours a day in my own healing. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on myself. Denise's gift of finding these toxic energies in me and helping me transmute them is unparalleled. Her abilities are revolutionary, she truly is on the forefront of physical, emotional and spiritual awareness. She is a rare find and I recommend her without question to friends and clients. I don't know anyone living today, who can go to the deepest and darkest spots within and let buried trauma go faster, more efficiently and with more empowered love. Do not settle for someone identifying or categorizing your pain, get someone who will assist you to be free of it. You could finally have what I found with Denise's help, your best life ever.”

~ Sherry Phillips Swatek


Discount: 66% Off
Total Package Value $8,798
From Heartache to Joy
Introductory Offer $3000


Payment Plan Available at Checkout


Discount: 70% Off
Total Package Value $11,788
From Heartache to Joy
Introductory Offer $3500


Payment Plan Available at Checkout

Package A

Live Group Calls with Denise

Denise has the unique ability to tap into and blast away unwanted energies stored in the cells of your body. Working at the cellular level of your body is necessary to clear gut wrenching, painful memories and experiences. You will learn to train your body to hold more light, to resonate with more light. You will experience energy alignments, frequency upgrades and processes. Meditations to relax your mind and body will help you gracefully integrate these frequencies into your body.

You will find your body resonates at a higher frequency.

6 modules

The Truth of who you really are

  • You are an amazing unlimited divine being of light.
  • Blast away old conditioned patterns, beliefs and stories that no longer serve you.
  • Bring into harmony your heart’s desire with your body’s resonance.

Feeling comfortable and confident expressing your feelings and emotions

  • Honor all feelings and emotions.
  • Staying calm and speak your truth.
  • Stop struggling and trying to get other people to change.

Power Up

  • Claim your power from the pain you have suffered.
  • True power comes from knowing you are 100% responsible for all of your circumstances.
  • No longer placing your power outside of yourself.
  • Learn how to get your power back.

Priming the Body to Resonate as the Divine

  • Learn why your core is so important to holding more light and to resonate with the divine.
  • Learn how to get acquainted with your divine guidance.
  • Learn how to play with divine guidance in your life like a mesmerizing new dance.

Supreme levels of worthiness

  • There is no upper limit to worthiness and we will raise your worthiness factor each week.
  • You are worthy beyond measure.
  • Every experience in your life is an opportunity to love yourself more.
  • The quality of your choices determine the quality of our life.

Sparkle and Shine in Your Life

  • Now you can see what you couldn’t see before, a life of opportunity and possibility.
  • Tuning your radar to infinite possibilities.
  • Learn how focus manifests your dreams
  • Totally go for the life of your dreams, no holding back.

Includes a Live in person 2 Day event on the
United States East Coast.

Are you ready to discover powerful tools to transform your life?

Are you ready to experience a massive positive shift in your life? Are you ready to start living the life you came here to live?

Join me if you are ready to shine brightly in your life.

Package A:  6-month program includes 6 modules, one private one-hour kick off session and 12 Q & A calls plus live 2 day event where we will meet on the US East coast.

Energy from your past gets trapped in your body, and unbeknownst to you, hinders all your efforts and spiritual practices. Denise’s deep energy clearing sessions blast away cellular memories and unhealthy energy that has been stored in your body and energy field. You need to clean out this dense energy or you will always be stuck creating your life like a never ending broken record of suffering upon suffering in spite of your best efforts. In one session, you will experience dramatic shifts in your body resonance. Clients often experience changes that have been elusive for years.

Here are some of the results clients have reported:

  • Released trauma from the body
  • Cleared sexual abuse issues from childhood
  • Relieved headaches and neck pain
  • Increased emotional wellbeing
  • Received complete clarity and direction for business
  • Opened to seeing angels and receiving guidance
  • Cleared issues of loss and grief
  • Cleared trauma from past relationships
  • Overcame agoraphobia

Each 4 week module you will receive:
Class Module Call with PDF transcript
2 Q & A calls for extra support per module
1 week of integration with daily remote energy support
Handouts for exercises in each module.

1 hour private sessions value $598
6 month coaching group program value $5000
6 one week integration with daily remote energy value $1200
Live transformational event value $2000
Total value: $8,798

Package A $3000.00

Package A

Total Package Value $8,798

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $3000
*** 66% Saving ***


Package B

Package B:  6-month program includes 6modules, one private one-hour kickoff session plus 5 private one-hour sessions and 12 Q & A calls plus live 2 day event where we will meet on the US East coast.

6 hour private sessions value $3588
6 month coaching group program $5000
6 one-week integration with daily remote energy $1200
Live transformational event $2000
Total value: $11,788

Package B $3500.00

Package B

Total Package Value $11,788

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $3500
*** 70% Saving ***


Bonus audios

Bonus 1

Releasing past lovers

  • Meet your past lovers, boyfriends and crushes in a powerful releasing ritual
  • All of your encounters with past loves are stored in your cellular energy
  • Cleanse and purify your body of the energy of past lovers
  • Heal the parts of you that shut down in relationships
  • Restore your power
  • Dissolve the relationships in Love and free your heart

Bonus 2

Becoming Your own best friend

  • Stop being your own worst enemy and become your own best friend
  • Finding you again
  • Learning to like yourself
  • Cultivating love, trust and approval
  • Honoring your own desires
  • Appreciate and celebrate you

Bonus 3

No longer a victim and reclaiming your Power

  • Release the pattern of being a victim
  • Stop giving your power away
  • Detach from the abuser
  • Have your power restored
  • How your trauma has made you a stronger person
  • Experience freedom and independence

Bonus 4

Rage and revenge release

  • Release the pent up anger
  • A safe space to deal with your rage
  • Release regrets
  • Accept all of your emotions


Your work is phenomenal

"Your work is phenomenal, I literally feel like space has been created in my body for new experiences. Here are some of my major results.

I have found a new sense of respect for myself. For the first time ever I feel that I am worthy of vibrant health. I always thought that I wasn't deserving of health and that it was my punishment to be sickly! Thank you for allowing me to become best friends with my body and enabling me to listen and tune into what it requires.

A wonderful job opportunity was presented to me. I didn't even apply for it and the interviewer was basically selling the job to me. She is bending backwards to accommodate my demands as well.

I am meeting a potential suitor who is educated, looking for a serious relationship, good natured and good looking. My old pattern was attracting unsuitable men, but the unsuitable men vanished. I feel more worthy and deserving of a delicious relationship. I also discovered that I did not let go of an ex completely and managed to release that as well. I released all my past relationships as well using the MP3. Goodbye yucky relationships.

I finally managed to reorganize and de-clutter my room which I delayed for over a month. I am studying towards a certificate course and I started a new exercise regime.

Thank you for allowing me to live in my body and in the present. I'm less anxious and more grounded. So much has transpired, I am on my path to complete self love and acceptance. It's probably the hugest gift of all."

~ Naz, South Africa

Released trauma after 40 years

"I've been feeling this pain in my vagina for 23 years and have been holding on to everything related to the abuse for over 40 years. Since our session, the pain in the vagina kept on releasing. Two lumps in in the left breast feel softer, and one in the right breast seems to be gone.

Thank you again for yesterday's call. It was very powerful and very much needed. I knew about my resistances and my social isolation tendancies and I was in shock to realize how low my worthiness was. After you did the first clearing, it rated 2 on the scale from 1 to 10. It raised up at 7 after the second clearing and I continued after the call to bring it to a 10. I woke up at 2:30 am because my body felt like a volcano, energy was coming up my legs, my 1st, 2nd, 3rdand 4th chakras to leave my body.

Saturday night I started sobbing and opened to what was going on. And what came up is "I couldn't dance or celebrate myself because I wasn't allowed here". I cleared it and I'm happy to report that I have been dancing the entire duration of the third call. My body feels great and most of the energies we released today were in my throat and the back of my neck. I can't wait for the rest of my life and will remember this summer 2015 forever. Life feels so much brighter and more joyful. I have more energy and feel super confident about the future."

~ Sophie, France

Miracles on a daily basis

"I can be myself for the very fist time in my life, I feel unconditional love. I don’t need to reject myself any longer. I can be fully present in my body. So many miraculous things are happening to me on a daily basis now. I am so grateful and feel so rich and blessed and the most amazing thing is, this is me, this is who I really am. Not in my wildest fantasy have I expected this. It is time to shine brightly and be the bright star that I am. Woo-hoo! Yippie!"

~ Joy, Norway

I am already speaking up and out more

"Wow! I am still in such awe for all of the shifting and clearing you helped me with that I have been holding onto for years! I now have an incredible feeling of openness, space, a sense of peace, calm and love flowing and glowing from me. I noticed a difference in how people are interacting with me. They are more open and interested in what I am saying and are really taking to heart what I am communicating.

Your guidance is spectacular and the energy work with me went very deep. I am already speaking up and out more when I need to. I released so many wounds of not good enough, lack of nurturing, abuse, grief, shame and unworthiness. Thank you so much for your compassion, understanding, love and healing!"

~ Kathy, IL

"I just wanted to thank you, Denise so very much for the healing session
I had with you this morning. I have been wanting healing for my inner wounds/inner child all my life and then I met you--I am so very grateful for your help. 

Denise has given me back my SELF/my inner child. I have had 3 sessions with Denise. The 1st Session (May 6, 2015) we worked on releasing the trauma of childhood sexual abuse with my dad. The 2nd Session (May 20, 2015) we worked on healing the anger towards my mother for not listening & protecting me from my dad and his abuse. The 3rd Session (June 12, 2015) we worked on healing the residue with my dad, my mother and myself. 

Because of the abuse, I have felt that there was "no hope" for me and what was the use; but after this morning's session, my hope is restored and I now believe that I can have a "new beginning" of life! Denise helped me to see that I was hurting myself by holding onto the need to punish my mother for my childhood pain/wounds. In letting that go, I found my inner child and it also healed the issues I have had with money---I now see money flowing to me---raining upon me! 

Denise is truly a gifted healer who knows how to move the energy and help you to heal. There is hope for you! Be willing to heal and be determined that you will do the healing work. All things are possible! You can release the pain and live a new life! Go for it!"

~ Melanae, AZ

Lost weight even on a cruise

"Your healing work has helped me tremendously! The 3 sessions I had with you were so powerful and life changing for me!!!

Thanks for all of your healing help. When I went to the doctor I had lost 12 lbs since last time I was there!!I I even lost weight on a cruise! Not only have I lost weight and inches off my body, I have found my eating habits have changed and I'm very motivated to eat healthy food!!! I am so grateful for all of your help!!!"

~ Kerry, NJ

Swallowing with ease after 50 years

"Hello Denise, thank you for this program. Trauma from the cord around my throat twice while I was birthing, abuse as a child and adult domestic violence contributed to my throat closing. The feeling of chocking and not being able to swallow properly has left me for the first time in my life, I'm 50. It had got to the stage where sometimes food would lodge in my throat and I would have to dislodge it or it would stay and slowly move, a horrible thing that could take hours."

~ Lizy

Now have a great life inside and out

"My childhood was full of terror. I was afraid I would die at the hands of my parents many times. I was filled with the fear of preverbal experiences that kept me from feeling whole. I occasionally came home to find beloved kittens tortured and killed and a sibling beat to an unresponsive state. The baggage I carried was so strong and deep I was identified with it and could not find a way to let it go. It seemed like part of my personality. My life eventually came to a crossroads, where I had no choice but to go deep into the pain and through it. During my life, I tried everything, many modalities, many therapists and until I met Denise and experienced her pure love infusion. Rather than go deep into reliving the mental anguish, she kept me feeling the feelings. She offered a loving space to give me the freedom to completely acknowledge the feelings I kept hidden from myself and finally have a great life inside and out."

~ Anonymous

Discovered how wonderful, loving and magnificent I really am.

"My body just started to shake, jerk, heave, sob and move in ways that were completely foreign to me. Then came this experience of expansive openness, sense of love and peace and all the pain was replaced by a calmness. All the tough stuff from my childhood seemed relieved, and replaced with this open, spacious light feeling. A sense of love really. I am so much more at peace, no longer limited by my experiences but thriving in my new awareness of how wonderful, loving and magnificent I really am! To really feel it in every part of me! I can call up and experience my own self-love at any time - - and feel it! Thank you Denise! What a blessing you are!"

~ Pat, MA

My grief went away

"I wanted to let you know that my grief actually did go away after our session. I didn’t think it was possible, but it did. So now I am looking ahead to a better future. I also tried the FOX news fast for 3 days – and it feels good not to have all the stress of FOX News, etc., in my body. I went from hopeless to hopeful."

~ Sherri, IL

Money showed up out of nowhere

"Enjoying all the good luck that started yesterday and continued today.

I found a paycheque which I hadn't realized I did not cash, in a grocery bag which I was about to carelessly stuff in the garage. I've done this before and found the cheque too late to cash.

The bank currently holding my mortgage would NOT release it to my personal bank where I've arranged a new mortgage because PROOF OF ADMIN. to legally manage his affairs. The house/title/deed/ property is in my name and I told them that 2 weeks ago and as of last Fri. were still not releasing it. I sent them an email asking for all of this in writing so I could take it to my bank manager:) I CELEBRATED ME for standing up for myself for a change! I got a call from the bank for a RUSH appraisal of the house for 8 a.m. today and one sentence from the bank. There will be no more delays contact your bank to take over your mortgage.

I got an e-mail from the art director where I teach and she told me as a thank you for my donations of art supply and extra time that I could attend a 2 day portraiture workshop with a bonafide professional artist. I've always loved portrait and aspire to it.

I had run out of pet food and was dreading the big bill for my 6 furry friends. The young woman at the pet store GAVE me a bag of food for FREE that was due to expire, a bag of treats, and $10 off my dog food. She didn't have to do that, she actually went out of her way to get it for me. Very, very nice of her. My bill was $40 instead of $85.

Sorry this is so long but it was such a change to have some financial good luck and I'll take it even if it's 5 bucks"

~ Barb, Canada

We covered so much I was shocked

"I recently purchased Denise McNab’s programme and wanted to share with you how the healing session benefited me.

It was really powerful. After the one session, she healed something from my childhood which allowed me to feel free. I nearly contacted the person to tell them I had forgiven them and I kid you not I hated them before the session. But I cleared a great deal of anger.

What I enjoyed about Denise's healing session is that she does not waste time telling you that you have certain blocks she just clears them out so you make the most of the session. We covered so much I was shocked.

I realised I had deep self worth issues which Denise worked on, however on the surface I appear to be such a confident young woman. So I was surprised by this realisation.

Furthermore, I have been wanting to clean up my flat for the last six months but I could not bring myself to do it. Within 24 hours of the session, I spent 6 hours cleaning my flat. I felt such an urge to do it, although I was exhausted at the time I feel so much calmer in my flat, once I had cleaned up, I also found £30.00 underneath my bed!

Last but not least we worked on my issues about being good enough to go back into the legal world, since this session 3 opportunities have presented themselves to me after I attended various networking events in the space of two weeks!

I realised from this session when we clear our subconscious blocks we naturally attract into our life what we need.

Although I workout, I have been listening to weight loss mp3 as I would like to lose a few pounds. Yesterday I did something I never normally do and went onto McDonalds to buy an ice cream but the machine was not working. Then I went into Kentuky Fried Chicken next door and tried to buy an ice cream again the machine was not working. I realised I was being supported by the Universe (I had listened to the Receiving Support audio) and then went into Marks & Spencer and bought a plain yoghurt and fresh strawberries! The MP3s are powerful. "

~ Aysha, London

Three new clients showed up

"Shortly after Denise helped me remove some real nasty energy, I had a major breakthrough in my career. Today I have 3 new client projects, all totaling about $18,000. Now that's a first in my career and it couldn't come at a more welcomed time! All of my manifesting practices had not produced any notable result for such a long time. No wonder with this kind of stuck energy that is now completely gone. Forever grateful to you Denise!"

~ Pam., MA

Most powerful, spiritual, loving session I have ever had

"I am so thankful to Denise for the most powerful, spiritual, loving session I have ever had. I experienced Divine Love, showering me with iridescent light containing abundance, blessings, and life essence. Now I have been feeling confident and strong to deal with the ending of my 39 year marriage. Denise also cleared a huge blockage in my throat. This helped me to feel a great release and in my power. I felt so safe, I really appreciate Denise's high integrity and deep caring. Thank you Denise for co-creating this life changing experience. Aloha."

~ Joyce, HI

Felt nothing but love and healed relationship with his mother

"Our session was the most powerful and visceral energy work I had ever experienced. We had done a lot of work on many issues with my mom, specifically anger and resentment going all the way back to early childhood and the womb. Funny because I didn't have anything specific I wanted to work on when we started the call. Hah!

Towards the end of our session, I couldn’t stand on my feet and fell to my knees. I felt surrounded by love, bathed in love. I brought myself up to sit on my couch and couldn’t get up for 45 minutes! I didn’t know anything but love. I couldn’t tell where my physical body ended and love began…I was just one with love. During those 45 minutes (I could see a clock) I gradually started to feel my body more and more, all along feeling bliss and Love.

Over the next couple of days I was in a state of joy that couldn’t be changed. Nothing fazed me. Everything was wondrous. The absence of mind chatter and judgment was noticeable.

What’s fascinating is that in the days after our session, I spoke to my mother. It was a great opportunity for me to approach our relationship from my new perspective. Since then, I’m able to approach our conversations without a current of resentment. When she crosses my mind, I’m able to think of her as a person, not a burden, and I have a birds-eye view of situations from her perspective, not just my own. We can calmly discuss our feelings and she hears me in a way she never did before. I am no longer feeding the energy of anger or resentment, so it can't exist. Thank you so much for doing the work you do and sharing your gifts."

~ Adrian, IL

No more headaches

"Just to thank you one more time, I have suffered with headaches for years and since you helped me in November I now rarely have a headache. I have tried a lot of headache remedies and energy clearing and nothing worked until you helped me. I am truly grateful for my healing and for all your healing gifts your share with others. Sending my love to you."

~ Lynne, UK

Experienced Joy for the first time

"I wanted you to know that you have given me an amazing gift today. After our session, I felt extremely grateful, but I also felt genuinely happy, light and full of joy. I have not felt like this in a very long time, in fact, I don’t think I have ever experienced the level of joy that I am feeling right now. It keeps bubbling up and it feels so good that I can’t stop smiling."

~ Dale, HI

Best Session Ever

"You are truly an earth angel, your session with me was the best session I ever had. (I have tried countless sessions with other speakers/healers and many modalities). I actually felt a shift with you. I feel lighter and happier now. Your insight was remarkable and now I feel wonderful. The session was so healing and so soothing. You have accomplished more in one session than I have though the years."

~ Alexis, ON, Canada

Grief and Stress are no longer and issue

"You are in safe hands with Denise… Denise has helped me work through grief, stress and many old emotional issues that had been harboring my future, afterwards I felt such a weight lifted and they simply just are not an issue now. Denise is 100% committed to helping you achieve your goal. Her great intuitive skills mean that she is with you every step of the way, guiding and supporting in a kind and gentle manner."

~ Ulanda, ON, Canada

Discovered childhood wonder and awe

"Denise is an absolutely magical Quantum energy coach. She has innate intuition: her energy is very healing which makes for an easy release of my old stuffed energies. After each session with her I feel that my world has become a much friendlier and happy place to live. If you are looking to repair your childhood damage, Denise is the person who will walk you to the light. Denise incorporates many healing modalities in her practice. You will learn how to play and you will find your childhood wonder and awe."

~ Galina, NY

I finally feel ready, worthy and deserving

"When we did the first clearings around money, along with self worth and deserving, it became so clear that the reason why I could not go through with launching this project and to truly dive deep into it was all about me. 
It was about me that I felt undeserving and unworthy to bring this out. And this was my core reason why I was not moving on with this project. When this began to lift with your clearings Denise I felt this project come back in energy very strong and now I do feel that I am finally ready, worthy and deserving to go to work with bringing out this program.
I really needed that deeper clearing from you to realize that it was all me that needed to feel worthy enough to be able to bring it forth but also me feeling worthy to allow the abundance in all forms too. So just wanting to say thank you Denise"

~ Saphira

About Denise McNab:

Denise-2Denise is an energy worker and coach who helps her clients eliminate the underlying thoughts and beliefs that are sabotaging their efforts to move forward in their lives. She helps people shift back into the love that they are, aligning them with their highest potential to bring more joy and happiness into their lives.

After her divorce, Denise went from being stuck, heartbroken and angry to healing her broken heart and living her purpose. She has worked with her guides and angels to overcome the years of stress and emotional trauma from her 20-year marriage. She developed daily practices, studied many healing modalities, and combined her years of study to create Pure Love Infusion, a transformational energy process.

Denise holds certifications in Energy Transformation, Coaching, Fitness and Nutrition.


Discount: 66% Off
Total Package Value $8,798
From Heartache to Joy
Introductory Offer $3000


Payment Plan Available at Checkout


Discount: 70% Off
Total Package Value $11,788
From Heartache to Joy
Introductory Offer $3500


Payment Plan Available at Checkout

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