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*JUST ADDED* A 30 Min 1:1 Session with this Package

WARNING: This is only for those who are absolutely ready & willing to take their Life and Abundance beyond even their wildest imagination.

While Debra’s DEEP DESTINY TUNING & her Soul Analysis Sessions are Miraculously Life Altering, sometimes deep recurring stubborn patterns & unresolved issues need more in-depth attention and clearing!

You can take your results even further with Advanced Destiny Tuning!

With Debra's Advanced Destiny Tuning you will:

  • Clear the most stubborn blocks

  • Release deep recurring patterns

  • Understand what is your path to abundance

  • Be effectively able to walk on a career path that brings you fulfillment and wealth!


A private 1:1 30 Minute Soul Analysis Session with Debra!

If you are truly ready to ignite an Abundant Purpose Driven Life ...

You have the opportunity to add on a private 1:1 Powerful 30 minute Soul Analysis Session with Debra to Turbo Charge your already phenomenal results from the Deep Destiny Tuning.

This session will be an in-depth review of your Soul Profile and a discussion about the how you align or do not align with your current career based on who you are at a Soul Level and what your Soul wanted to learn/accomplish in this lifetime.

You will learn about Your Soul's Origination, Primary and Secondary Energy Centers, Soul Specializations, and the Primary and Secondary Lessons for this lifetime.

This powerful private session will result in the following amazing benefits:

  • Assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself.
  • Assists you in uncovering your gifts.
  • Helps you discover your purpose.
  • Helps you makes sense of your past actions.
  • Identify a Path for a more fulfilling future.


An additional Powerful 60 minute Group Energy Transmission Session to understand your SOUL RECORDS

The role of the Records in understanding oneself at a Soul level is critical.

It helps us understand what makes us special, what talents and skill sets we brought with us, and how to leverage the information in our Records to live our best life now. 

Included in this powerful offering is a Super Charged Activation to be open and receptive to the information that your Higher Self is revealing through your Records.

On this 60 Minute Group Energy Session you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the Soul Records.
  • Learn about the information contained in your Soul Records.
  • Discover ways to use the information in your Soul Records to enhance your life.
  • Receive an Activation that allows you to open up and be receptive to the learning experiences contained in your Records.


A Set Of 3 Life Changing Bonus MP3s to understand yourself at the Soul Level, To Learn to play the Game Of Life & to Take Control of your Life.

Whose Life is this Anyway - MP3

Whose Life is this Anyway will assist you:

  • To determine if you are living your life or someone else’s.
  • To understand how you express or suppress your Divinity.
  • To understand why we forget who we are at a Soul Level when we incarnate.

It All Makes Sense Now - MP3

It All Makes Sense Now will help to:

  • Find out why things in your life turn out the way that they do.
  • Understand how Life is not as random as it appears.
  • Learn how to Play the Game of Life.

Shifting In to Gear - MP3

Shifting In to Gear will help you understand:

  • Why having Free Will is important and what it means for your Soul.
  • Whether to change or Stay the same the choice is yours.
  • How to Take Control of your life.


A Practical Guidebook & Worksheet

Included with each group call are a Guide Book and a Worksheet to help you get the most out of the experience.

The Guide Book will include additional resource information for the topics discussed on the call.

While your Worksheet will provide you with a structure for taking notes during the call and assist you with integrating the exercises into your personal experience.


Access to the Facebook Support Group
for an additional 30 Days.

Access to – The Amazing Energy of the Private Facebook Support Group for 30 Days (Worth $ 150) COMPLETELY FREE!

The Private Facebook Group will allow you to communicate together & harness the power of group energies to transform faster by:

  • Asking questions and interacting with Debra and others
  • Sharing successes
  • Encouraging each other
  • Requesting for & giving support
  • Creating lasting friendships and nourishing connections
  • The Group will have Daily reminders on how the language of the Universe works and why that plays a role in the Manifestation process.
  • It will also be a place to access the guides and worksheets from the monthly call.

My Akashic reading with Deb was nothing short of life-changing!!! ~ Jamie B

“With the Akashic Record Reading and Clearing that Debra did for me I was able move on from a job that was slowly killing me, and find a new one better suited to me! ~ Kathy P

“The Akashic Records Reading and Clearing That Debra Did For Me Was Amazing & Immensely Helpful. She Also Cleared The Space At Our Business After We Had A Narcissist Employee Who Took Advantage Of Us! ~ Cathryn

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