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Download David and Eram Interview

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Package A

Reset Reboot

Contains 2 Hours And 22 Minutues Of
Reset, Rebalance And Reboot Sonics.

Highly Therapeutic Sonic Self- Discovery.


FIVE Sound Therapy Frequency Tracks Specifically Targeted To Vaporize

  • Physical/emotional stresses
  • Anxiety about the future
  • Past trauma that is being repressed
  • Resentments
  • Heartbreak and grief

This is a series of high fidelity .wav files that include:

  • Sonic Sage/Clearing
  • Grounding
  • High Heart Healing
  • Rebalancing Thyroid, Adrenals, Candida and Pancreas
  • Releasing Anxiety, Frustration, and Worry

These Therapeutic Soundfields are much more the just nice music. These are energetic attunements created from use of the VAH system.

They contain embedded frequencies that bypass the conscious mind and affect the bioenergetics system at a deep level. This is Transformational Sound Design

They are also created in sacred space with deep healing intention. Constance Demby put it best …

Please download and carefully read the instructions for use of these powerful tracks.

Please do not play while operating a motor vehicle under any conditions. 

These sound therapy formulas are based on thousands of voiceprints that correlate to

Please download the directions for using these tracks:

Download PDF

TRACK 1: Sonic Sage/Clearing

This track will clear a room, a space, and your personal energy field.

Intended to play at moderate to high volume.

Repeat as neccesary.

This track has been effectively used in ceremonies through out north america

Download Audio

TRACK 2: Gaia/Earth/Body

A journey through your “inner planet”.

Embedded schumann response frequencies of the earths resonant electromagetics.

Designed for expanded embodiment and connection to the living being of our mother earth.

Download Audio

TRACK 3: High Heart Healing

Healing of trauma and heatbreak connects you to “high heart” space for expanding cosmic consciousness and recaliming your identity as sovereign entity free from the earthly drama.

You are a soul in wonder

Download Audio

TRACK 4: Rebalancing Thyroid, Adrenals, Candida and Pancreas

Tacp stands for thyroid, adrenals, candida and pancreas this is the one most common voiceprint pattern seen in tens of thosands on voiceprints.

It shows the weakest frequencies in ones voice correlated to conditions of energetic imbalance in these physical bodily systems. This soundfield will energeticall y noursh these areas of imbalance.

Play at low to moderate level into your living/healing space on a loop for long periods of exposure to these energies.

No active listening required.

Download Audio

TRACK 5: Releasing Anxiety, Frustration, and Worry

This sound field is specifically designed to assist re-balance emotional aspects of depression anxiety and worry.

It is key in addressing issues of the parasympathetic nervous system.

And helping to balance nuerotransmitters bioenergetically.

This is a very special soundscape with great healing potential. play at low to moderate level into your living/healing space on a loop for long periods of exposure to these energies.

No active listening required.

Download Audio

Package B

Deep Dive

  • All in Package A
  • Voiceprint Analysis and Interpretation


Voiceprint Analysis and Interpretation

Your voiceprint analyzed. A detailed comprehensive report on your current energetic health.

A remedial soundtrack and detailed instructions for use of these sounds will be provided.

Options for optimizing this sound energy balancing will be included.

Once you sign up you will receive instructions for creating and submitting your sound file
for analysis.

You will have opened the door to a whole new way of healing on all levels, from the body level up to the astral.

The voiceprint is a holographic representation of life force energy and will be addressed in such a way that healing can take place on all levels simultaneously.

Please download the directions to record and send your voice to David

Download PDF


Sensory Healing

The voiceprint is a holographic representation of life force energy and will be addressed in such a way that healing can take place on all levels simultaneously. The weakest frequencies in your voiceprint are akin to a vitamin/nutritional deficiency.

The more sensory channels that are accessed and utilized in correcting energetic imbalances, the better.

In this package, you will receive a recommendation for Color therapy practice to nourish the visual cortex for the corresponding color frequency.

You will also receive a recommendation for corresponding essential oil to access the olfactory channel, that as we know through research has deep imprinting to memory and unique energetic properties.

The sensory healing recommendation will be sent to you after receiving your voice for analysis

Package C

Total Transformation

  • All in Package A & Package B
  • Personalized Home Note Frequency Track
  • A One Month Personalized Sound Therapy Program with THREE voiceprints, updates and coaching will optimize the efficacy of our sound therapy work.

For Item 4 & 5 in Package C

Please contact David directly to set up the initial consultation for Voiceprints, Home Note Frequency Soundtrack, and customized Sonic Therapy Treatments for the month-long Program.

The weekly consultations during the month will be by Zoom meetings, phone, and email.


Your Home/Soul Note

It is so beautiful to know where Home is, and tbe able to return to it whenever you so desire!!

It has been shown in controlled research that when you resonate your frequency more consistently, every organ and system in your body falls into alignment.

We will find your Home Note and find your frequency. I will then send you a Soul Frequency Soundtrack in your key. The leading scholars and researchers in the field of sound healing believe that we have a particular frequency that entrains us into optimum health. 

Some see it as a central processing frequency, some see it as your Soul frequency. When you are with your HOME NOTE, all of your physical/energetic systems come into balance.

Your whole system functions in HARMONY. You are more centered, grounded and present.

Your HOME NOTE Frequency

This frequency is known to you when you are centered and grounded. There are many chaotic frequencies that distract us from our own. 

Often these are the sounds our own emotions, and the emotions of others.
Often the “loudest” sound is that of your own internal dialogue.

Therefore, it is easy to lose touch with our own frequency. Music that has a consistent HOME NOTE of the key of a song will be more conducive to resonating your frequency. 

The underlying power of sound is that it gets your own frequency resonating.

This image is of water being resonated with sound
Our bodies are 70% water
Your HOME NOTE is YOUR Harmony

Home Note Session

First, you email me your birthdate month and year and place of birth.

Based on this information I will then find your Soul/Home Note frequency.
I will then send you a soundtrack in that key for you to use to “get back Home” whenever you’d like!


One MONTH Personalized Sound Therapy Program

Your one month personalized sonic therapy program will include three voiceprints. (one every ten days). We will carefully track your progress through the VAH system, and optimize your sonic remedy and lifestyle recommendations with Deep Listening techniques from my training in the field of Human Software Engineering.

This additional Awareness training will greatly enhance the efficacy of our work together, allowing for significant shifts in awareness and improvements in all aspects of health and wellbeing. This month long program is guaranteed to produce results!

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