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  • Have you got a hot product or service? If so, we need to talk.

    I’ve got money, brains, marketing know-how plus national and international connections and I’m itching for something new and hot I can help sell like crazy.

  • I’ll help you scale your business

    without the overwhelm, frustration & failed marketing strategies to get you clients or consistent leads & sales – even if you think you’ve heard all this before!

  • PLUS I’ll show you how to live a healthier, financially free & better life

    helping your friends, family & customers in ways you can only imagine… Living your true life’s purpose… feeling more alive… having more freedom… being more productive & making money growing a business you love but aren’t a slave to!

  • IN FACT, If you follow THIS SYSTEM & THESE STEPS & do not increase your income by at least 10% I’ll personally give you $500 out of my own pocket!

Dear Friend,
Nice to meet you.

I’m Daryl Urbanski, the creator of Best Business Monthly. Can I be real with you right now?

1The truth is, owning your own business is a scary yet amazing adventure you have to face on your own.. Most entrepreneurs give up before the money starts to flow because they’re too overwhelmed, too overworked and too frustrated with no idea which levers to pull, knobs to turn & buttons to press to turn their business into a well oiled machine giving them the power to do what they want, when they want, where they want, with who they want or the freedom to walk away from a deal without feeling pressure or guilt.

40If you were like me a few years ago, you know your business could be doing better but aren’t 100% sure if you truly know what you’re doing or not... You have vague ideas of how to grow your business, but it’s hard to know for certain... The reality is you don’t know what you don’t know… Sometimes you feel like you’re doing all the right things but are frustrated you aren’t getting the results you expect or deserve… If any of this resonates with you, I've got good news:

You know with the proper support, training and know how, you could be better organized and performing at a much higher level.. But you’ve already got 101 issues to deal with and you’re so busy working IN your business you don’t have any time to work ON it.

This is a BIG PROBLEM because we both know, small improvements in your business can mean BIG results. If you could get yourself free from these little things holding you back you’d be able to REALLY get momentum in your business and your life.. In fact, let me show you something:

Do you realize:

A simple 15% improvement on lead flow
A simple 15% improvement on lead to sale conversions
A simple 15% First time buyer to repeat buyer conversion
A simple 15% Increase in referrals

IS NOT 15% + 15% + 15% + 15% or a 60% Improvement


15% x 15% x 15% x 15% = 50,625% BETTER!

Pay attention! This is HUGE!

What it means is exponential growth is waiting for anyone willing to go for it!

You don't need to be 100% better at everything, simple 5%-15% improvements in a few key skill sets will do! ANYONE CAN GET 5% BETTER AT A FEW THINGS - INCLUDING YOU!

You Might Have To Grow Your Business Yourself But You Don’t Have To Do It Alone!

3Let me explain, as a business owner, your friends & family don’t understand you, what you’re doing, and sadly often your significant other doesn’t get it either.. They all try to help but their advice is more like criticism.. Am I right?

You’re often left all alone to figure it out. Staff often can't wait to clock out, leaving the pressure to figure it out if things DO go wrong on your shoulders. Who else do you turn to??? You can’t call up your competitor to say “Hey, our revenues are down and things aren’t going like I want them to… You seem to be doing ok.. Can you tell me step by step everything you’re doing so I can copy it too?”

Even if you did talk to them you wouldn’t expect them to show you EVERYTHING, right?

Well my friends and I will. I promise.


Don’t make the fatal, expensive and extremely time consuming mistake of taking advice from people WHO HAVE NO EXPERIENCE OR TRACK RECORD BEING SUCCESSFUL IN BUSINESS OR DOING WHAT YOU DO AND GAMBLE EVERYTHING YOU’VE WORKED FOR ON THEIR OPINIONS.


Why is this a mistake?

Everyone has an opinion, but it doesn’t mean they’re valid facts you should bet your business on.

Let's do a quick “business skill acid test” right here, right now and see if the people I’ll introduce you to and I have anything we know would help your business improve:

What areas do you/your website/your business need the most work on?

Rank EACH from 1-10

10 = "Needs most work on" to 1 = "Needs least work on”

  • _ Clarity Of Goals & Objectives

    _ Mindset & Confidence

    _ Time Management and/or Personal Productivity

    _ CRM Processes

    _ Sales Process

    _ Automation Dealing with Employees / Vendors / Outsourcing

    _ Raising Prices

    _ Customer Service Customer Retention and/or Reactivation

    _ Customer Referral Systems

    _ Lead Generation

    _ Dealing with Increased Competition

    _ Copywriting

  • _ Sales & Persuasion

    _ Behavioral Marketing / Automation

    _ Customer Value Maximization / Backend Offerings

    _ Product Development

    _ Product Creation

    _ Fulfillment

    _ E-mail Strategy / Follow-Up Marketing

    _ Direct Mail Strategy

    _ Traffic Strategies

    _ Tracking & Testing

    _ Affiliate & Joint Venture Marketing

    _ Other: _________________________

IF You Scored:

  • 50 points or Less: You are either a rockstar or you're blind to key areas your business can grow. My suggestion is you dive into my program and really pay attention to the “business diagnostic” lessons. You don't know what you don't know and if your business is doing less than $5 million per annum but you scored 25 or less, either you misread how to score or you’re missing something.
  • 50 - 100 points: Great job! You’re getting there. Keep your eyes on the prize and if you'd like some help in the areas you're weak on, it'd be an honour to include you in the community.
  • 100+ Points: You've got some work ahead of you but the good news is your income will improve as you do. My best advice is to plug into my program here or if you don't think this is a good fit - somewhere and keep chipping away at your goals. You can do it. I believe in you. Please consider my offer here. I sincerely have a goal to help create 200 new multi-millionaire business owners. It would be an honour to include you among them…

2These gaps in your skillset are NOT YOUR FAULT!

They don’t teach this in school and it’s not until you’re IN IT you realize YOU NEED IT.

Finding everything out for ourselves in business is time consuming, painful, expensive, and too frequently, impossible! So whenever the experience of others is available why not take advantage of it - add to it, subtract from it or modify it based on your situation and experience?

I’m willing to bet both you and your business aren’t reaching even half of your full potential... For many people reading this you don’t have a team yet, which is definitely holding you back..

Or, if you have a team, they’re a source of frustration and a lot of wasted $$$.

If you wanted to win a local competition for any sport, would you do better with 5 coaches who all won world championship medals or olympic medals or figuring it out for yourself alone in your home garage?

I’ve done business on almost every continent, in 6 different languages, as many or more different cultures, consulted plenty of high achievers and elite groups - from the top floor boardroom of big bank headquarter offices in Tokyo, Mayors & City Officials, an exclusive list of the rich and famous… I’ve been backstabbed, betrayed, fought lawsuits… I’ve been building businesses from scratch, worked inside established 6, 7 & 8 figure businesses side by side with the owners, managed millions of dollars in revenue and I’ve built automated 7 figure revenue channels with a team of 3 people and a $500 advertising budget..

I’ve grown businesses in 1st world, 2nd world & 3rd world countries.. Worked with United Nations UNHCR to spread awareness across countries, speak to crowds of hundreds of people at Universities and Embassies.. Put in 1,000’s of volunteer hours helping people solve practically every type of problem or situation a human can go through.

Now I’ve set a goal and become OBSESSED with the mission to help create 200 new multi-millionaire business owners because by helping them I can impact tens of thousands of lives around the world. How will I help? You’ll do better when you know better.

14I’ve trained with multiple time world champions, olympic medalists and top tier elite in business & politics. I can tell you there are things winners know that you don’t.. First of all - NONE of them made it without coaches and mentors.. No one has even won a world championship or goal medal or built a multi-million dollar business without the help of coaches and mentors. Second, there ARE things winners know that you don’t. There are mindset shifts, ways of looking at your priorities and the world which separate the winners from the losers.

There is an entire psychology of success and if you don’t get this information your chances of success aren’t good.

68This is why I’ve created Best Business Monthly - so every week of every month you get the exact tools, training, strategies & tactics you need to develop the skillset, mindset and get the hours invested in the areas of experience you need to truly master these business and life skills.

7Best Business Monthly was created to help me with my mission to create 200 new multi-millionaire business owners. How? You’ll do better when you know better.

If you’ve never made a dollar online this might program not be a good fit for you.. But if you’re making money in your business, just not enough to live on.. Or if you earn a living right now but need help growing your business and maintaining control of it as you grow, this is definitely for you.

There are 5 stages you need to grow through on your journey to real mastery of the required skills:

  • 1

    Stage 1

    Living With Intent / Purpose Based Living

  • 2

    Stage 2

    Business Success Detective - Understanding How To Find & Focus ONLY On What Works

  • 3

    Stage 3

    Business Systems Strategist - How To Work ON A Business, Not IN It

  • 4

    Stage 4

    Leader, Follower, Mentor & Coach - How to accomplish your goals through others

  • 5

    Stage 5

    Business Owner & Investor - Dashboards, 17 Types Of Business Exits, Buying & Building A Portfolio

Module 1: Living With Intent

  • 15 min life exercise / Achieving Work Life Balance/ 3% vs 97% which side are you on?
  • Top Regrets of the Dying / How To Attract & Keep Your Life Full Of Loving, Caring & Supportive People Who Want To Help You Be Successful
  • The Game of Life Overview & Score Card
  • Overcoming Fitness, Diet & Addiction Challenges

Module 2: Business Success Detective

  • How To Do A Business Diagnostic
  • The 1 page business plan
  • Mandatory Marketing Homework
  • Finding & Focusing On What Drives Revenue
  • Business Optimization Tools
  • 4 lists Your Business Lives & Dies Based On / How To Building & Nurture Them / Tribal Marketing Done-For-You

Module 3: Becoming Business Systems Strategist

  • System Diagrams & Mind Mapping Business Models That Work, Million Dollar Automation Hacks & MindMaps
  • Automated Communications Sounding Not Automated
  • Marketing Strategy 101 & What Millionaires Do But You Don't
  • Best Business Ascension Model
  • How to automate your marketing for a year
  • Automated Sales / Case Study Of How I Built A $7,000,000.00 Automated Sales Machine
  • Case Study / Sweet Smells For $600,000 per month in Profits
  • Case Study / Over A BILLION Dollars In Sales With Ben
  • Case Study / Enough Energy For More Than $3,000,000.00 In Revenue With A Website & A Phone
  • Surveying Your Market For Success & Clients Who Love Your Product & You

Module 4: Being A Leader, Follower, Mentor & Coach

  • 3 Key Metrics Which Keep Your Teams Together, Focused & Achieving Goals
  • Team Project Management 101
  • Hiring A Player / HR Pitfalls To Avoid / Marketing Strategy For Your Companys’ HR Needs

Module 5: Being A Business Owner & Investor

  • Dashboards & KPIs That Get Results
  • Optimizing A Business & Extending Customer Lifetime Value Like Proctor & Gamble Does (from birth to death)
  • 3 Stats You Need To Hire A Team Specifically To Grow For You
  • 17 Types Of Business Exits
  • How To Find Goldmine Businesses For Pennies On The Dollar
  • Buying & Building A Business Portfolio

Who is This For?

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Regular People, and/or Beginners who want to learn PROVEN Systems & Strategies for Marketing, Automating Businesses & Exploding Revenues...

Someone Who...

  • Has an honest,open mind and progressive attitude.
  • Is extremely busy and needs a time-efficient way to learn and grow.
  • Is highly motivated to make improvements in marketing and sales methods.
  • Is eager to substantially increase their income.
  • Is willing to share ideas and experiences, and help other like-minded people in the group.
  • Values being part of a creative process.
  • A successful person always seeking improvement.
  • Believes you can make money, or you can make excuses, BUT you can't make both
  • Can be counted on to participate.

Who is This NOT For?

People Who...

  • Are set in their ways, stubborn, fearful of change and/or ignore truth.
  • Are satisfied with or married to their present advertising, marketing, and sales methods.
  • Have no need or desire for increase of income, wealth,or valuable Marketing & business automation strategies.
  • Are selfish, unappreciative and/or have poor integrity.
  • Have a lack of self-discipline and are not serious about mastering Business & Marketing.

How it Works

classEach module will be delivered via the online portal every week.. The lessons all online and available once unlocked as long as you’re a member. This is so wherever you go, from anywhere in the world and from any device your journey to complete mastery is available to you 24/7. Your mobile mastermind in your pocket - plugging your mind directly into the minds of the best business brains in the world.

You’ll also get a few key resources and surprise packages delivered to your home.. Meanwhile, every week fresh new content will be available to you via the online portal, letting you completely immerse yourself and soak in all this money making, business building knowledge everywhere you go.

All with no risk to you. Cancel anytime from inside the members area and never have to speak to anyone. You simply log in, go to your account options, click cancel and follow the instructions. Email confirmation will be mailed to you once the cancellation process is done.

10It’s my personal opinion you’d have to be a fool to not at least try it out. If your competitors get this before you do they will have tapped into TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of hard earned, battle scarred in-the-trenches kicking ass and taking names experience of what works and what doesn’t - to use against you.

I’m talking about a collective 1,000 years of experience PLUS in building some of the biggest businesses in their industries across generations.. Old school, new school and even insights from behind closed doors at very private and exclusive round tables about new things coming soon that will affect us all.

18There is no price tag for something like this. Universities charge $30,000 - $150,000 for a single year in their MBA programs. You’re getting access to over 100+ mentors, many who paid this, then went out into the ‘real world’, bought, sold, built, merged and split into pieces to sell for various purposes - businesses in every industry you can imagine.. Some for 30+ years.

Then they come here and give you the guts.. Just the guts - the critical ‘make-it-or-break-it’ “How To Be Successful And Avoid All The Pitfalls I Spent My Entire Life Figuring Out” essence and secret sauce which makes their most recent and successful business endeavours look so simple.

So a $100,000 MBA program plus 30 years of life, millions of dollars won and lost testing what works, figuring out what doesn’t - then boiling it all down into condensed, brain & business booster juice available to you for less than a daily cup of coffee…

1To ignore or be ignorant of the value of what I’m offering to you could lead you down a path of pain and suffering in your near future. Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is not comfort. It is pain and suffering, business opportunities lost, high staff turnover, pissed off customers or vendors and employees, legal battles & government legislation working against you… It’s working day in and out frantically trying to stop the bleeding, prevent a big flamboyant and public failure while your competitors step over your dead business carcass to pick up all the money, success, fame and recognition that belonged to you and your loved ones.

For $__ per month you can see for yourself what I offer is the solution. For less than a coffee per day for a month you get access to THOUSANDS OF YEARS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF ‘TRIED, TESTED & TRUE what works and what to do in the form of tools, training, strategies & tactics so you can never again wonder or worry about how to solve problems - you’ll just fix them.

5Your only concern right now should be how do I get started and download all this into my brain RIGHT NOW?! How fast can I plug my brain into the brain of all these experts?

Right now is the first and only time in the entire history of our world all this has ever been available or so simple for you.

The best advice came from you Daryl ...

"That's what I mean about how only one piece of advice from the right expert can, you know, totally change your business. And, I’ve gotten a lot really good advice in my career. But, this one item you shared is my goal for 2016. One of my biggest goals for 2016. Thank you Daryl. Thank you."

Eram Saeed

Price Chart 1
$97 USD
  • 5 Core BEST BUSINESS Modules ($4,997 Value)
  • Weekly Coaching Calls ($1,997 Value)
  • Full-Access Tech Library ($297 Value)
  • Bonus #1 MARKETING STRATEGY SUPERBONUS!!! ($997 Value)
  • Bonus #2: World Wide Web Traffic Domination ($497 Value)
  • Bonus #3: Time Management & Productivity Hacks Of The Rich, Famous & Super Successful Proven Over 100+ Years ($297 Value)
  • Bonus #4: Best Business Discussion Group ($497 Value)
Enroll Now

Total Value: $9,579 USD

**A QUICK WARNING** The opposite is ALSO true!

9A DECREASE in performance in multiple areas of your business can take your business from doing okay today to being in a free-fall nosedive towards belly-up-city… Rushing you towards the dreaded moment when you realize it’s too late, things have gone too far south and you have to make those phone calls, write those emails where you say: “I’m sorry staff who depend on me to feed their families and pay their bills.. I’m sorry vendors and I’m sorry family who I all let down because I don’t know what I’m doing as a business owner. There is no more money to pay you or myself. We’re all broke except for whatever savings and backup plans you have going for you. We’re all going to have to scramble and figure something out because I didn’t know how to do to turn things around and everything spun beyond my control.” - tomorrow.

It’s a scary, silent fight of desperation many business owners deal with in alone and in silence. I never want YOU or any business owner to ever have to go through alone. In fact, if you will just trust me my goal is to make it so you never, ever, EVER end up in that situation.

Let me explain

  • Would it be helpful to know - with 100% certainty - if your business is shrinking or growing BEFORE shit hits the fan?

  • If you discovered it’s shrinking, would it be helpful to know how to stop it, plug the holes and make it profitable again as soon as possible?

  • If you discovered your business is growing, would you like to know the simple 2 questions to allow you to REALLY turn up the growth without fear of everything falling apart as you onboard all the new customers?

  • Would you like to know how to automate processes so you can grow and maintain revenues, identify areas where you are leaking profits and implement strategies to fix them?

  • Would it help to see examples and case studies of others who are where you want to be so you can do what they did?

  • Imagine how much more secure your lead flow would be if you had help from someone who generates TENS OF THOUSANDS of leads in 100 different industries TODAY - to guide you?

  • Imagine how easy sales could be for you if you had what people doing MILLIONS of dollars in sales had..

  • If you had the tools, training, principles, strategies & tactics behind TENS OF HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in automated sales done with small SWAT TEAM style sales forces. Could you make a 5% increase in a few areas of your business year after year?

Let me show you case studies and give introductions to mentors unlike you and people like us have ever had access to in the entire history of the world before - EVER.

People like:

Here's what others have said about my coaching!

“You're always too kind. Too generous. It's all just so exciting, and I'm amazed of what you've accomplished at such a young age. Keep up the amazing work. The people following you are probably people I want to be involved with. In fact, you're the one that inspired me, you know, because you were coaching entrepreneurs and, you were one of, I think I told you this in an email, that you were one of the major influencers in there. I just want you to know that you inspired me in that area. So, thank you!”

~ Brian Kurtz

“Thank you. So grateful for this opportunity and, I really appreciate you on sharing this with all of the people who love and respect you, and are trying to create great success in their lives. I love hearing great success stories and testimonials from people who have had an "ah-ha" moment. Thank you so much. I'm just really grateful and deeply honored to have you share this message with people. So, thank you.”

~ Vicki Higgins

“Daryl, you're doing great stuff, bro. I just want to tell you that. I mean, I've been around you for a while now and I just love what you're doing. ”

~ Ed O’Keefe

“You have so much to offer people and I'm glad you've found this format as a way to share that with people!”

~ Roger Rose

“Thank you buddy! You're doing the Lord’s work. We really appreciate that. ”

~ Max Carey

“Daryl, it's been an absolute pleasure and this has definitely been one of the most stimulating programs!”

~ Glenn Bridges

“Thank you Daryl! This is a great resource that you're providing!”

~ Chris Goegan

“Brother, I honor you as friend and I totally respect what you're doing in business. So, I'm just glad to be a part of it.”

~ Nicholas Kusmich

“Yeah! Thank you so much, Daryl! I mean, you've been a great friend, mentor, partner, and, you know, I really appreciate you as a person. So, thank you so much!”

~ Chelsea Frederick - Marketing Director For Brian Tracy For 10+ Years (the one behind the scenes helping him make millions)

“Daryl, anytime, you need anything, just call me! You have also been so kind and generous to me. I value our friendship deeply”

~ Laura Posey

“Thank you very much, Daryl, for inviting me! I also respect you a lot! I think, you're a great coach. You're a great business owner, and a great person. I'm really happy to have you with my friends. Thank you very much for the invitation! I can't wait to get started!!”

~ Jose Luis Lopez Velarde Gonzalez

“I'm glad that you do what you do. I'm glad that you made this decision. The world is a better place now with you doing this.”

~ Ryan Levesque

“Thanks Daryl! I love the mission you're working on. It's really amazing!”

~ Justin Devonshire

“That's the beautiful part about what we see today. With the technology we have today they can listen here where you have some of the hugest captains of industry, when it comes to marketing, when it comes to sales. Wow!”

~ Lamar Tyler

“You know what, Daryl, thank you! Because, you're making magic happen everyday. Whenever you're working with people and you're, you know, putting the right magic out there. So, thank you for giving us all a purpose, you know, that's, to me, you know, that's what we're here for. It's to help give value to other people. Help lift other people up along with us, so that we're not climbing that mountain on our own.”

~ Corey Poirier

“Daryl, you are fantastic. I just want to call out to whomever might read this. Look, if you've enjoyed this or any other lessons you've learned from Daryl and his program, due to that, you've got to like push the "share" button and tell 5 friends and bring them and say, "You've got to try this, because what will happen. Number 1, you will ensure that Daryl keeps doing this. But, number 2 more importantly you're gonna transform your friends' lives." Your cool factor with your friends will go through the roof. Because, they know they will be like, "Oh my gosh, this is such a great thing. Thanks for Sharing!" So, don't be a hoarder, don't be like, "Oh! I found this gold mine. I am going to keep it to myself." The way to multiply your goals is to share it with your friends. So, push that "share" button. Whatever it is, send an email and tell 5 friends about it. Believe me, it will change their lives and it will change yours in the process as well. And, Daryl, once again, thanks for everything!”

~ Adam Urbanski

“Thank you, Daryl! I've gotten a tremendous amount of gifts from my friendship with you. You've been a tremendous help to me as well and, you know, you really know your stuff. And, like I always say, "When Daryl tells me to do something, damn it, that's what I do immediately. Always. I don't even question it anymore." So, thank for being a wonderful resource to me and to my company. Words cannot express. ”

~ Stephanie Burns

“I discovered hidden potential I wouldn’t have seen without Daryl’s help.

As a result of some simple steps we came up with, I’ve easily added an extra $10,000.00 to my bottom line.

Money I was leaving on the table until Daryl came along”

~ Tabatha “The Trainer” Ricketts

“Daryl is a real life success story. He used to be BULLIIED on the mastermind calls by a certain “manly” individual. He used to be mocked and even attacked on facebook. Now Daryl is making more money than that individual, having scored a job as a marketing director for Jon Assara (The Secret). Daryl started from the very bottom, not knowing a single THING about internet marketing, and through the power of the mastermind and TONS of dedication, he did it! I want to share this to people so they know to ignore the bullies and loud mouthed so-called “experts” and to stay focused on their goals until they achieve them.”

~ Lloyd Irvin Jr.

“Few students have demonstrated the kind of energy and ingenuity Daryl Urbanski has in applying the lessons of direct response oriented Internet marketing.”

~ Ken McCarthy

“Daryl really knows his stuff. His keen understanding of different aspects of marketing and messaging really came through and provided an excellent guide through the process of tailoring our campaign. He really helped everything run more smoothly, and was readily available for advice and help on short notice. Thanks, Daryl!”

~ Leslie

“Daryl is my go-to guy for online marketing advice. His insight and support have been invaluable in helping me optimize my sales funnels. Best of all, he is helping me make more profit!
If you want to grow your online business, Daryl is the guy to hire.”

~ Laura Posey

“I have been dabbling in online marketing for about six years. I’ve always had big dreams of selling my DIY sales training programs online. It seems like I’ve tried everything. I bought tons of software and have spent at least $10,000 in online courses to learn how to make money selling online. 

I know my product is good and I’ve been able to build a list of about 20k over the last few years. We have had some success doing launch webinars to our list and to a few JV partners. Over the years, we’ve made about $60,000 in online sales. 

But I knew there was something missing. There was some key piece of information or some process that I just wasn’t getting.


When I saw you speak at Jermaine’s pre-ICON event and you laid out how to test a sales funnel, step-by-step, it was like a giant light bulb went off. Suddenly I got it. I knew that we weren’t systematically testing different variables and tracking our results properly. 

When you agreed to work with me, I was over the moon. 

In the last few months, you have further clarified the process of sales funnel optimization for me. Not only do I finally understand it, I am doing it. 

Part of what I love about working with you is that when the results aren’t coming in the way I want them to, you always find a way to encourage me to keep going. You also find a little tweak that I can make to get better results. 

My goals for the next few years are BIG. 

By the end of this year, I want to sell 500 products (any mix of the five that I have now). We are at 188 right now. 

My goal for 2015 is add 5 new products to our lineup to sell 1000 of EACH product.
For 2016, I want to add 10 more products to our lineup and sell 2000 of each product. That is a total of 20 products x 2000 sales each = 40,000 sales. I also want to in Small Business ICON that year J 

With your advice and support, I know we can do it!”

~ Laura Posey

“Daryl Urbanski is the real deal. He knows his stuff, and can provide you with a TON of value that will help you in your business! I’ve worked with him personally, and not only did I experience that he is someone you can trust, but more so he comes from a pure place of service and really wanting to help you get what you need/want”

~ Scott Brandley

“Daryl, I’ve been following you and some of your work for some time. i think you are an amazing guy. So impressed with you. What an inspiration you are. Don’t know what the future has for you, but I do hope to keep in touch with you”

~ Dave White- Your Success Life Coach


To help you get started on your journey I’m giving you over $400 in bonuses simply for trying the membership out.

  • 1

    Bonus 1: Time Management & Productivity Hacks Of The Rich, Famous & Super Successful Proven Over 100+ Years

    $297 Value (sold for $297 but once you know you’ll see how it’s actually priceless) - How to get control of your time & your life using tools & strategies which have literally helped generate BILLIONS of dollars! When a rich man and a poor man wake up each day, they both only have 24 hours.. The biggest difference between the two are the friends/peers they keep, the knowledge they have and how they manage their time to stay in peak performance. This bonus makes the very same available to you.

  • 2

    Bonus 2: World Wide Web Traffic Domination

    $497 Value
    If you have a website for your business you MUST know this stuff! If you don’t your competitors will and they will use it to CRUSH YOU!
    Content, Keyword, Paid & Email Marketing Domination For Traffic You Can Ethically “Steal” From Your Competition In A Way They Cannot Stop You!!!
    The easy way to be push your competition OFF the front page of Google PLUS be found everywhere else important for YOUR business. You’ll discover how content marketing, instagram marketing, pinterest marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, keyword marketing, inbound marketing & paid traffic all fit into your marketing mix to drive money making leads & sales for YOUR business..
    Simple to follow & easy to do.
    Once you know this all you need is to let the knowledge work for you. It won’t matter what new ‘fad’ comes around the corner, not only will you be ready & show up in style. You’ll establish yourself long before your competition have a clue, giving you an unfair advantage and generating leads & sales for YEARS to come! (I STILL have leads coming in from past businesses even though I haven’t marketed them for YEARS.. This bonus shows you how.)

  • 3


    $997 Value - ‘behind-the-scenes’ course I did for a select group of peers to show the mindset, tools, tactics, strategies & principles I used in building an automated online marketing campaign which did $1,600,000.00 USD in under 8 months… A total of just under $7,500,000.00 in less than 3 years!

  • 4

    Bonus 4: Best Business Discussion Group

    $497 Value - Surround yourself with like minded people who will share and grow along with you.

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Imagine your business with a more predictable and consistent lead flow, with smooth operations managed by automated systems and a team who really love what they do… Imagine the praise and recognition you’ll get as the owner for having figured out how to pull all the strings together and help so many people.

What if I told you I had a way to get you the answers so you could completely master:

  • The single-most important thing a business owner can focus on!
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  • The real reason why most business fail (and why over 95% of all business owners will never reach their full potential.)
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  • The number one rule which absolutely… must be observed… for business owners to have the freedom and success they deserve.
  • How to earn more from each sale & time invested in converting them (getting people who buy once to come back and buy more)
  • How to know when to spend more on marketing, where to spend it in a way to protect yourself from competitors (getting your buyers to buy higher and higher priced products & services)
  • How to get your customers to refer more of their friends and family AUTOMATICALLY
  • essentially working to build your business for you
  • The best places to find, interview, screen, hire & compensate TOP TALENT “A Players” who grow your business for you
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  • The two almost unknown secrets (one mental, one physical) business owners need to know to have full control over their life…. at any age! (These are crucial secrets to improving your work-life relationship forever.)
  • A brand new marketing system (relevant as of [date_today]Insert Your Text Here[/date_today] that any entrepreneur can use to instantly (and safely) boost sales and your bottom line. NOTE: This will not only improve short term profitability… but also… long term longevity of the business!
  • How any business can make all of their successful marketing campaigns last longer! (This is one of the most jealously guarded discoveries of market researchers who have been given almost unlimited research funding by their wealthy sponsors.)

11What would becoming a true master of these business building skills do for your business, your staff, yourself, plus your family & loved ones?

If you treat your business like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby.. If you treat your business like a business it will pay you like a business. Except in the real world your results don’t rise to your level of expectations… They fall to the level of your skills, experience and know how. Your results fall to the level you are at, right now, in mastering these necessary business building skills.

Think about that..

6An Investment In Success

I cannot promise you that success will be instantly yours if you simply act now. But I can guarantee that you will find the lessons you learn always interesting, always reliable, and always useful in your business for the rest of your business career.

Sincerely yours,
Daryl Urbanski
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I make no statement or claim of earning potential. That is up for you to decide. This information has no limits. Some have used it to make millions, others like myself, use it to live a lifestyle many people would be envious of.
What I will promise you is the information you learn - if implemented - can and will change your life for the better..

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