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Reversing the Energetic Effects of Aging

Cosmos flowersGrowing old should be a journey that we embrace. All too often, our views and perceptions of what should be a beautiful and fulfilling journey are shaped by cultural stereotypes and messaging, perpetuated by society or corporations trying to sell us something, or to scare us into making decisions that are often not necessary, and many times in conflict with our own truth.

We form perceptions towards how we should look and feel, and those perceptions actually become our reality. Unbeknown to us, over time, our paradigms and perceptions build up like silt sediment in a river, gradually slowing and even stopping our vitality and life force.

If not prevented or removed, this energetic sediment will ultimately envelop us, robbing us from living a vital, radiant, full, and purposeful life, well into our golden years.

We take on cultural, societal, and family messaging as if they were our own. These external factors shape our belief system, our paradigm, our perceptions — but they don’t have to…and they shouldn’t!

Are you holding any of these Perceptions about Aging?

  • Getting Older = Pain and Suffering.
  • Getting Older = Tired and Exhausted.
  • Getting Older = Loneliness.
  • Getting Older = Loss of independence & freedom.
  • Getting Older = Becoming a burden to your family and society.
  • Getting Older = Watching your unrealized dreams fade away.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Want more Energy?
  • Want to wake up feeling Alive and Youthful?
  • Want to feel the best you’ve ever felt in your life?
  • Want to wake up and feel that you are getting younger and younger each day?
  • Want to be able to trust your body to provide you with the strength you need each day?

…Despite the condition of your body
…Despite the condition of your mind
…Despite the condition of your environment
…Despite the condition of those around you
…Despite the condition of your circumstances
…Despite the condition of the World
…Despite your AGE!

I’ve found a system that works to Reverse the Energetic Effects of Aging. As a Multi-Sensory Intuitive and Energetic Therapist who has worked with thousands of clients over the years, I have seen, heard and felt a lot! Over time, I’ve identified many of the aspects that can turn back the clock on aging your energetic and physical bodies.

First you need to understand a few things about the energetic influences that cause aging (even if you are really young) and how you may, unknowingly, be the primary force harming yourself.

You must also look into the Societal influences and programming that have created an unhealthy paradigm for you to live in, and the effects they have on your body, mind and emotions. Other sources of negative influence are your culture, your family and genealogical paradigms. All of these can cause you to be trapped in a jail cell of exhaustion and overwhelm, with you wanting to J_U_S_T G_E_T O_U_T!

Have you felt that the clock is ticking and yet you can’t gain any ground? Are you a baby boomer and haven’t yet discovered how to contribute your gifts? Are you feeling as if it may be too late to make a difference, but you know deep down that it isn’t true? But you feel so heavy, so weighed down, lacking energy. You almost feel a wall of your own perception holding you back.

“Oh my gosh, I feel 50 pounds lighter!” 

- This was a remark from one of my clients within 10 seconds of completing one of the processes contained in this program. It could be you too.

yes let me in

I want to help you regain some of your time, energy and vitality and we have to get started right away.

Let me explain…I know where you are and what may be happening internally that is causing these external expressions of Lack of Freedom to BE who you really are, to DO what you came here to do and to HAVE that vibrant feeling that drives you to creating happiness each day.

In my work, I see and hear many of these perceptions and fears from clients.

  • “Beauty fades, I’m seeing the changes in my body. My body is breaking down & I’m feeling really let down by that”.
  • “I’m not happy with my physical appearance, my hair is thin and dull. All I see are wrinkles and age spots…”.
  • “I’m grieving for my youth”.
  • “Aging is inevitable and associated with suffering and loss of functionality”.
  • “I’m living as if I’m already dying”.

These are perceptions and paradigms that you can shatter! You can literally break free from these stale and self berating belief systems, and emerge wiser, energetically healthier, and emotionally at peace with the Beauty that is YOU!

We have to get started right away. Yes…

S E T  Y O U R S E L F F R E E

The power is within you. Break free and live the life of the Radiant Wise One.

I’ve put together this program because it has been called forth. Many, many people are suffering under the weight of other people’s views and opinions, coupled with their own negative perceptions about themselves! You are BEAUTIFUL! You are a Divine Being! You are an offering to the world! You are not a burden! You are a gift!

This program will take you through steps and processes that will leave you CELEBRATING YOURSELF and CELEBRATING the Truth that is you!

You will be able to set yourself free from the shackles of negative perceptions. You will be able to watch them fall off as you reclaim your Vital, Energetic and Wise Self.

Release the stale, calcified energy that hangs on to your body and permeates your being. Shed the negative paradigms and perceptions and literally feel yourself float free.

Powerful steps to Taking Back Your Life - Reversing the Energetic Effects of Aging: How to undo the energetic damage that has been done to your systems and restore your Vitality, Strength and Radiance

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This is what is included in the program that has been called forth:

Reversing the Energetic Effects of Aging

(Value $897)


  • 9 Live calls (3 Energetic Reversing Empowerment Sessions; 3 ‘Whole Body Being’ Clearing Sessions; 3 ‘Lighting up the Golden Grid’ calls
  • Guided journeys
  • Downloadable PDF's and audios for you to keep and listen to again and again
  • Reversing the Energetic Effects of Aging Full Online Membership Site website access (Value $247)
  • 24/7 access to all of the materials and bonuses

More information on the Live Sessions:

3 Live Energetic Reversing Empowerment Sessions

  • Reversing the Double binds, Integrating the split personas & Reclaiming your energy (M-Field, Projections, befriending your body, burning contracts with suffering, back to the beginning - blow out…go all the way to the beginning of time when you were allness/nothingness and no pain/suffering/loss, etc.)
  • …Moving from two fractured parts pulling you into one Integrated Self
  • …Exercises to undo the energetic knots that bind you to a physical condition or ailment

3 Live ‘Whole Body Being’ Clearing Sessions

Body Consciousness clearing statements

In these live calls we will use a trusted energetic tool that, when stated, will undo the energetic binds in your aura that hold karmic ties in place. You will be set free energetically and allow for a new future to be created.

…30 minutes each of continuous deep karmic clearing, unlocking & unhooking - you craft these sessions!

…Whole Body Being Clearing Statement PDF

3 Live ‘Lighting Up the Golden Grid’& Gift Offering’ sessions

These are 3 live call sessions where I will support you in connecting with the structure of the Universe to support you energetically. We will get on the grid as a collective force and you will offer up your unique energetic gifts through the grid to the World. You are a brilliant Divine Light and you have purpose. You can use the collective grid to support getting your message, to support your energetic intentions, or to support your offerings across the globe and infusing your life with purpose.

Offer your vibrational gift now to the entire World

…Exponential Gifting - what you and others offer is amplified & returned to you multiplied

…Golden Grid PDF

Crystal Cleanse Audio Package

(Value $180)


  • Trio of cleansing audios to Cleanse the Meridians, Body & TimeLines
  • Guided Journey MP3's (downloadable)

During this time of ascension, we must address the 3 primary dimensions within our body/mind experience. It isn’t enough to just work on one level, we have to take into consideration that each of these areas of our body/mind effect the other.

This Trio cleanses on all levels... The Body and Organs (3rd Dimension), the TimeLines (4th Dimension) and the Meridians (5th Dimension interface)

More about the cleansing audios:

Program Bonus!
…Breath is Life!

Academy for the Soul Master Teacher

Academy for the Soul is the online school for Intuitive Arts created by Christel Hughes, C.Ht. that has certified Intuitive Strategist practitioners and Master Teachers in over 7 countries worldwide.

2 bonus audios from Renee Dawn
Master Breath Practitioner & Academy Master Teacher
(Value $100)


45 minute audio mp3

45 minute Instructional breathing class with an MP3 download ...teaching the importance of breathing and how it reduces aging

15 minute audio mp3

15 to 20 minute Audio taking you through the State of Stability, progressive relaxation and ‘Your chosen breathing’ guided journey

On the bonus call, Renee will take you on breathing practices that will provide the following benefits and results:

  • Awareness to your breath and open restrictions and help with anxiety
  • Bring more oxygen into the body strengthens Immune system, improve health and gain more energy
  • Open for more joy, peace and over all balance
  • Clarity, feelings of peace, joy, and love, overall sense of knowingness, connection to higher consciousness
  • Cellular repair, detox, lower stress
  • Straightens Immune system, less restriction, more relaxed
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