• Have you ever had the feeling that despite the exhausted efforts to try and release a person, a habit, a relationship, or a health issue that there’s something binding you?
  • It’s almost as if there’s nothing you can do...you just can’t seem to get out of it...it feels hopeless and never ending, ugh!
  • It follows you around and has a looming over you feeling...try as you might to set yourself free.

Well, that may be due to a Binding Contract…

Hands_imageBinding contracts are invisible and live in your energy field...That’s why it’s so difficult to get rid of them ~ it’s not obvious! Contracts follow you wherever you go, they don’t let you out of their sight and they are constantly working against you ~ in other words you can’t catch a break ~ those binding contracts don’t let you off the hook either because they are Karmic.

I know….ooooohhhhh, Karmic, what an ethereal term, huh? The Karmic nature of things is hard to distinguish, describe and decode and therefore, it’s very mysterious.

But there is a way to decode the nature of karmic binds so you can be FREE. Free in like Forever Free...no longer need to be concerned with...Absolutely Free and Happy and FREE.

Do we all have contracts ? Yes!
Any promise or commitment or agreement is a contract.

Most binding contracts are in and from relationships. These are typically love contracts, where we enmesh our energy bodies. But any agreement creates a contract. A promise to yourself or a commitment to another is also a contract.

What happens if we don’t do anything about these contracts?

  • You get weighed down energetically
  • New “happier, healthier” energies can’t come in
  • You become energetically blocked to new experiences because you are still tied to old commitments
  • Stagnation, density, calcification build up
  • We even have contracts with Money!

Is there anything that can be done about this?

Absolutely! That’s exactly what this program is all about. During the workshop call, we’ll go through a process to literally clear and rid yourself from these Binding contracts, restrictive commitments, and outdated agreements. Did you know that any unfulfilled goal, dream, desire or commitment you have made to yourself is also a contract? I help you clear these too.

Contracts are the universal intelligence that keeps the checks and balances. Contracts or vows are a manifestation of that requirement. The Infiniteintelligence organizes consciousness into a vibrational entity called a contract.

Contracts are ‘alive’ with energy from the 2 or more entities that entertain them. They grow and evolve as we do and change as we do our duty or take action.

So what happens after I do the process?

  • New, fresh, light Energies are allowed to come in...Use that energy to create and Manifest
  • Open yourself to Relationships (Loving, Generous, Genuine)
  • Make better decisions and feel confident about them
  • Open yourself to Prosperity & Abundance (Happiness, Laughter, Clarity, Money, Joy, Peace)
  • Live a more balanced life, take good care of yourself
  • Opportunities start to open up for you

Total Package Value $888

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Release and Set Yourself Free from Binding Contracts that are stopping Fresh, New Energies from coming in!


Value: $297


  • What Binding contracts really are and how to identify them in your field so they stop hanging around
  • The Top 2 Secrets to keep contracts from recreating so you can be truly FREE forever
  • How to shift your Mindset around carrying Binding Contracts so you don’t feel ‘trapped’ by them
  • How to create a new contract while maintaining healthy boundaries and without manipulating the situation

What’s included?

  • Burning your Binding Contracts Live Call workshop - Rewrite, Renegotiate, Burn and Complete on as many contracts as you can during this live call. I will guide you through the Burn so these contracts won’t return - no recreating them!
  • Pre-burn PDF: 'Setting Yourself up for Freedom' I've created a ‘Pre-Burn’ checklist for you to prepare yourself and your space for the energetic transformation you’ll experience through the ‘Burning your Binding Contracts’ Workshop. This includes a powerful Recalling/Remembering exercise to bring to the 'Burn Fest'.
  • Post-burn PDF: 'Full Assimilation for Forever Freedom'I've created a ‘Post-Burn’ checklist for you as a way to tend to yourself and your space after the shift occurs from the Burning your Binding Contracts workshop call. A burning ritual is included for total and complete release from future bindings.
  • 'Full Assimilation guided journey MP3' sometime after attending the 'Burning your Binding Contracts' workshop. It's important to assimilate the energies into your being and recalibrate the energy bodies, this MP3 will support all the energies being assimilated for your Highest good.
  • Downloadable MP3 of workshop so you can use it whenever you need to!


E-Book and Guided Journey Program: 10 Laws of Love!

Value: $197

The 10 Laws of Love E-Guidebook will you show you what actions are needed to create your life as a Love sanctuary.

Are you...

  • Tired of living in Pain, Frustration and Confusion... when all you want to do is simply love and be loved?
  • Tired of “dealing” with life’s seemingly unending challenges in your intimate relationship?
  • Tired of putting all of your heart into your relationship only to be taken advantage of again?

The 10 Laws of Love E-Guidebook will you show you what actions are needed to create your life as a Love sanctuary.

You will receive:

  • Over 20 exercises for practical application in life
  • 10 Downloadable Guided Journeys for retraining your mind and living these principles of Love

But now it will also include 'TimeLine Teleclass

TimeLine Therapy® Teleclass

Seeding Your LifeLine with Love

Value: $297

What if the only thing between you and a Beloved relationship, a healthy body or true abundance and wealth was some old stagnant emotional energy and scar tissue?

Would you use one of the most simple
techniques to erase it?

TimeLine Therapy® Energy Lab

Clearing Your Past of the 4 Primary Emotions


  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Guilt

Well, that is just what I did... and that is how I overcame:

The haunting memories of a painful divorce, life threatening cervical cancer and lack consciousness that had me almost homeless at one point in my awakening process. No kidding!

Now of course I can't promise that it is a miracle cure for all of your ailments, but it sure did some amazing things for so many of the harsh challenges that life threw my way and I know that it can support you in getting a handle on many of the issues that may be dragging you down.

TimeLine Therapy® Teleclass
Seeding Your LifeLine with Love

A TimeLine Therapy®
emotional releasing intensive…

Emotions can get in the way of you being the fullest expression of love in relationship. They can cause you to be stuck in a pattern or habitually "reeling" away in an unhealthy conversation inside your head that isn't true, causing you to feel unworthy of true abundance, wealth and perfect health.

It's dangerous when you mis-perceive what is going on with you or another in relationship. Emotions cause confusion! Misunderstandings occur because of these out of control emotions, causing physical and mental upheaval… Protective defenses arise in the place of clear communication and it all seems hopeless.

It's important to clear those debilitating emotions out of your TimeLine, not only from the recent past, but from your Entire past… we're talking way back to the womb, through your ancestry and beyond that even!

What is lingering in your TimeLine?
What emotions do you have stuffed down, pushed to the back or living in your basement?

Let go of the 4 Primary Emotions that live in your Past and take up space in your life... Right now, where there is limitation, there could be Love and Intimacy. Where you have limiting beliefs, there can be a wealth of abundance, vitality and a body that supports you.

The culprits are:





Are you out of control in your life or relationships? Well you may just be harboring resentments and that can even be causing you physical pain. We know when emotions are not dealt with, then they solidify in our bodies and calcify into a more serious imbalance, causing dis-ease and illness. You don't need to suffer anymore... not emotionally, physically or mentally. It's your turn to be Free!

TimeLine Therapy® Teleclass Seeding Your LifeLine with Love

Energy Labs are calls where we do the actual clearings and healings... on the spot! We don't just talk about doing it, we collectively do the shifting in the form of clearings and you benefit from the synergistic effects of everyone's powerful presence, whether you are on it live or in the future replay. It's 100x more powerful doing it with a mutual intention… so get in on this now!

TimeLine Therapy® Teleclass Seeding Your LifeLine with Love

a TimeLine Therapy® emotional releasing intensive…

Here's what you get:

  • TimeLine Teleclass workshop!
  • Downloadable MP3!
  • Two Checklist PDFs!

The Teleclass is a live appointed workshop format, where everyone gathers at an appointed time, thereby amplifying the energy!

TimeLine Therapy® Teleclass Seeding Your LifeLine with Love

a TimeLine Therapy® emotional releasing intensive…

christel-imgTimeLine Therapy® is a specific technique using the concept that we store our life experiences linearly. The technique was developed and trade-marked by Tad James. TimeLine Therapy® is a process designed to trace a particular negative feeling, belief or limiting decision back to the first time in memory that it can be found.

The theory behind this is that problems in the present day are likely to have their roots in the past. So, what is bothering us now is not what is happening now but what it has reminded us of from the past (at an unconscious level). TimeLine Therapy® allows us to go back to the very root cause of a problem and resolve the problem at that point in time. The problem could have started in childhood, during our birth, whilst we were in the womb, from an event in another lifetime or could have been something that happened to one of our ancestors.

TLT allows you to go back to the initial inception of the emotions... so you can resolve the problem at that point in time. You may not consciously remember the inception point, because it may reside at an unconscious level... TimeLine Therapy® can get you there to clear its emotional resonance.

There are seeds that have already been planted, but have not taken root yet…so if you can catch them before they manifest physically, bring them to the surface, you can clear them for good.

Then you can till the soil of your future LifeLine and sow the seeds that you choose to sow…bearing the fruit of your desired reality of Love, Abundance and perfect Health.

TimeLine Therapy® Teleclass Seeding Your LifeLine with Love

Time is ticking away, so you will need to jump on this special now. I want you to feel the Freedom from that heavy emotional weight and set yourself free from the past restrictions so you can live your life with true abundance.

Just Suppose You Could Program Your Life For Health, Happiness and Success!

Become The Person You Want To Be . . .

  • Attract the True BeLoved Relationship.
  • Achieve your Spirit driven Vocation and Purpose work Goals.
  • Accelerate Healing of your Body.
  • Awaken to Your Higher Consciousness
  • Shift Your Financial Future to being Prosperous.
  • Create Successful Heart-driven connections & Relationships.
  • Define What You Really Want in Life and Manifest it.
  • Develop an Attitude that lifts your vibration with Joy.
  • Eliminate Bad Habits, Addictions and Ancestral Patterns.

Align and Activate - MP3

Value $97

Align and Activate imageSet your inner compass to your Higher Self Truth. You will support your Whole body being into becoming the guide to direct your every step towards your purpose work. It is time for you to allow your innate wisdom to keep you in the flow so you can live on purpose, offering your Intuitive gifts.

Total Package Value $888

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 89% Saving ***

Sold Out

*Due to the nature of this electronic package, there are no refunds and all sales are final.

What people are saying:

"Christel, I feel so light and freed up from that 30 plus years of bondage. I was terrified of letting go, but you turned it all around with your magical contracts process. My body is vibrating and I really do feel free! Thank you, I’m beyond words!"

~ D.B.

"Everything Christel offers up is incredible, but Burning Your Binding Contract changed my life. I could shout it from the rooftops with absolute honesty that it's the most PROFOUND clearing I've experienced to date (and I've experienced a lot!). While on the call my body starting buzzing with intense energy for at least 35 minutes solid. The buzzing focused on a 17 year old knee injury and just stayed there. I knew something powerful was happening, and I was right! My knee was HEALED in that moment! That was about 5 weeks ago and my healing has been put to the test by activities that were painful in the past and has come through with flying colors. I can climb stairs and walk up hills and be on my feet all day without familiar inflammation and discomfort. I feel so light and grateful for how my body responded to the release of binding contracts! Relationship contracts that were shifted during the call now support me, too, and I see evidence of it in my daily life. I encourage everyone to take Burning Your Binding Contracts and then hold onto your seat because you are going on a magnificent journey into FREEDOM! Thank you, Christel!"

~ Laura Williams, Certified Intuitive Strategist

"Dear Christel,
I have to tell you about what happened to me after the class last week. When I asked my question on why I was not receiving abundance you saw a vow of poverty. The minute you saw that and told me I burst out crying! After you did a clearing for the class and me wonderful things happened. My phone started ringing for appointments and over a 3 day period I received close to $1000.00!!!! I could feel that the clearing provided an opening and feel around making money is completely changed. Thank you so much for who you are the wonderful work you are doing with all of us!"

~ Debbie

About Christel Hughes:

Christel-Hughes-photo-7Christel Hughes is a Multi-Sensory Energetic Intuitive, Medium and Holistic Life coach, known by many as the "Spiritual Trainer to the Stars", specializing in self-development, energetic healing and rapid transformation for celebrities and individuals throughout the World. Most people know Christel for her lightning-fast and laser-focused Intuitive readings.

Christel's work has broadened to include multiple programs and pathways to Higher Consciousness and Energetic Transformation. The Academy for the Soul was born through Christel Hughes, as the 'Online School for Intuitive Arts'. Christel's purpose is to bring and shine light into the world, and to operate as a conduit of Divine Truth, working with people as they identify and develop their gifts, and step into their purpose-work. The Academy for the Soul helps people discover and develop their Intuitive Gifts, and then share those gifts with the world as an offering.

Total Package Value $888

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 89% Saving ***

Sold Out

*Due to the nature of this electronic package, there are no refunds and all sales are final.

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