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Download Cathy and Eram's interview

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Or Get Bundle of Sessions at further Reduced Price. Get the Exclusive VIP Package!!

Package A


  • 12 Essential MP3s with 12 weeks attunement and PDF
  • 3 Nutritional support classes
  • 144 page PDF book


12 Essential MP3s with 12 weeks attunement and PDF

Format: MP3

Each highly infused MP3 includes the removal of negative energies, aura clearing, and all essential cell salts plus the superfoods nutritional support.

Frequency infusions take time to step down to your 3d body, however unique to EACH of these MP3s attunements is the activation of your Multidimensional Integration System to have optimum performance for bringing in these intents and nutritional infusions.

There will be 12 weeks of attunements, each week you will receive further attunement on one of the MP3s, attuning you to its contents for potentiation. This will also keep your MP3 clean and clear. This will be a superfoods and nutritional training in itself! Also included is the reminder to honor (that part of the body’s function) and to give gratitude to all the cells and tissues involved.

For even higher vibe waters : use the water MP3 to energize your water THEN use another of my MP3s to infuse that water with nutritional support Caution: start with only 2 ounces at a time if you feel your body is compromised Spring water

12 week MP3 weekly updates

Please sign up here to receive the 12 Attunements and PDFs delivered to you weekly.

Superfoods Boost

The energetics of over 70 superfoods identified for super nutrition – a big punch when you are feeling like something is missing. Added is the frequency of abundance and ability to feel and be nourished. One audio attunement and PDF nutritional training

Morning Cell Protection

Comprehensive Cellular and DNA support plus more than 15 of nature most powerful cellular protectors and detoxifiers. We call on natures herbs, plants and all Bach plant remedies needed for you at that specific time for complete cell balance. Plus energy foods to start your day. One audio attunement and PDF nutritional training

Stem Cell Boost

Stem cells keep us a from aging and need support so that they don’t make cells that are away from the divine blueprint. This includes the divine request for your stem cells to be at 100% plus nutritional support like vitamin D, vitamin C, plus much more. One audio attunement and PDF nutritional training

Beauty Boost

Play it during your shower! All the nutrients for beautiful skin, hair and nails. Plus the pure forms of vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, omega 3s , vitamin A, beta carotene and zinc plus much more. The attunement and pdf is an instructional “beauty” bar!

Energy Boost

Get to the root of energy with your mitochondria. Ask the percentage of function of your mitochondria and see the meter slowly rise to 100%. Command them at 100% optimal function then fuel them with synergistic foods and nutrients to regenerate. One audio attunement and PDF nutritional training

Bone Building

Did you know that we take in the wrong kind of calcium? The calcium added to our processed foods plus many of the calcium supplements add the wrong kind of calcium! “Its like sand in our gears. This takes bone building support to the next level! We eliminate the wrong kind of calcium and infuse the correct one plus nourish with the synergistic minerals that make calcium for us like horsetail and nettles. One audio attunement and PDF nutritional training

Antioxidant Boost

The phytonutrients from all the color spectrums, with an extra boost from the blues and violets -the highest vibration now needed for ascending bodies. Plus immune system support mushrooms like chaga and reishi. One audio attunement and PDF nutritional training

Pure Energized Water

Get the purest water you can get! Others energize water – but do they erase the negative memories from eons of time? This take the discordant energies from your water, then actually prepares it for actual hydration for your body (sometimes the molecules are too big to nourish the cell) Also added is the essence of lemon essential oil. One audio attunement and PDF nutritional training

Meal Boost

If you find yourself with just a smoothie or a less for lunch – energize with all macro and micro nutrients plus all vitamins, minerals and synergistic compounds that will nourish you for the moment. Also includes the intelligences of berries, turmeric and curcumin. Plus the intelligences of plant proteins like quinoa, One audio attunement and PDF nutritional training

Detox and Balancing

Command your liver and nadis (chakra detox channels) at 100% , clear the emotion of anger from your liver and keep your nadis clear of energetic sludge. Nourish with milk thistle and all the essential liver nutrients for balanced detox on a continual basis. Plus the all-important chlorella and spirulina! With the new energies coming in – this one is VERY important! One audio attunement and PDF nutritional training

Evening Restoration

Your evening cup of “wine” and warm milk! Gathering your energies from the day and returning and transmuting energies that are not yours, filling the holes in your aura with love and light. Addition of melatonin, glutathione and all the frequencies for pituitary and pineal health. An energetic boost of resveratrol plus colostrum. Colostrum is an essential frequency intended from your mother at birth that you may not have received at all or in the proper form. One audio attunement and PDF nutritional training

Brain Boost

Get your purest form of cod liver oil without pills or liquids! Plus the frequencies for optimal function of your pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus. This nourishment will resonate through all levels of the body and all systems of the body. Command your brain at 100% balance, honor its function and give gratitude. One audio attunement and pdf nutritional training

I started using brain boost in my humidifier water when my husband was having writers block on his book. Now its spring and I can’t get him to turn it off, there’s even water on the walls!


3 Nutritional Support Cooking Classes

Format: MP4

Length: 2 hours

3 Nutritional Support Modules supplying unparalled nutrition with money saving methods

These classes were given by Cathy during the annual Holistic Health Transformation Program Retreat at Cathy’s resort Lake Clear Lodge

Module #1
Getting Creative with Nourishing Bone Broths

Nutritional support for the whole body. Cathy explains the importance of gelatin, hydration and minerals and how to make it at home.

Module #2
Probiotic Nourishment

Nature’s assistance at a critical time and the many ways to make them in your own home. An intro to sustainable live foods that helps us with our ascension.

Gluten free cooking - Healing your Gut

Module #3
The “sourdough challenge”

Learn at your own pace how the second dimension makes food come alive “out of thin air” . You will receive one email every 7 days, at the end of the 7 days you will make digestible homemade English muffins.


Common Roots Cookbook, by Cathy & Ernest Hohmeyer “NEW RELEASE”

Format: PDF

Length: 144 pages

“How you prepare food is just as important as what you buy or grow.

As a chef for more than 25 years, Cathy Hohmeyer celebrates Old World traditional methods of preparing of food with her newest cookbook "Common Roots".

Over time, she came to realize that no matter who you are - from vegetarian to the carnivore, there are ways to prepare your food that can enhance their taste and wellness properties. Chef Cathy calls it 'mindful preparations' and the Cookbook will introduce you to terms such as nutrient density and bone broths and cooking with high frequency essential oils - simple ways to make foods, with the knowledge what may be lost, all with great recipes.

And this book is much more than recipes.
~ Dr Karen Kan, M.D.

The Travel pack
"Keep yourself together! When you travel" - MP3

I just learned the hard way!

Don’t forget to manage and nourish your energies ESPECIALLY when you travel!

This will help with brain balance, protection, reduce stress on the body, plus helps in keeping your body hydrated and oxygenated during flights and car rides. I’ve added nourishment for the immune system too.

Package B


  • All of package A plus
  • 7 Online, one hour Training Workshops Value: $700


7 Live Online Training Workshops with Group Healing & Clearing Sessions

Format: Training Workshops

Length: 1 Hour

Every Two Weeks Beginning May 15

Empowering new information !

Cathy’s Exclusive Nutritional Energetics program and includes Nourishing in the Nine Dimensions

Each workshop will be a fun empowering workshop with attunements, clearings and healings.

Most importantly – you will learn simple energetic steps to not only Nourish yourself but your friends and family. If you are a caregiver, you will be liberated from helplessness to being an activator. This is truly a major step in learning to manage the energies around you!

To receive password for Nutritional Energetics Week Resource Page

Module #1
Intro to Nutritional Energetics

An overview of the 7 week program plus

A workshop to “set your energy” for the day

Why it is important to bring in your energy for the day

The one exercise that you need to do within the first hour after you wake up

How to maintain it during the day and the simple mental exercises that you can do standing in line or riding in a car

“Setting down” for a nourished and rejuvenating rest

This class is fun and empowering! No need to know muscle testing or dowsing.

How we can Nourish Multidimensionally

We will discuss the many ways to accomplish etheric nourishment

An overview of the 7 part Nutritional Energetics program :

  • How to set your energies for the day
  • Learn three simple exercises that will keep you energized and clear all day. You can do these standing in an office or riding in a car
  • Learn why you need to do one of these within one hour after waking
  • Ways to Nourish Multidimensionally – how we accomplish etheric nutrition
  • Energies can be
  • Numbers – for example the energy of a cranberry or eliminating a sore throat can be a 9 digit number that you can use for healing
  • Mp3s
  • Intents and more
  • These can be foods, herbs, or the energies of crystals and much more

Module #2
Nourishing with Frequencies

This will be a fun class!! We will include instruction on using number frequencies, MP3s and more

Where do the numbers come from? How can you use them?

Get immediate recipes and instruction on how to help you and your family

I will show you the many ways I make waters, oils and sprays to energize my foods and household

I have my creative ideas – we will find out that the sky is the limit!

Plus I will give you over 50 numbers essential for the human body – this is a healing all in itself!

This will be a fun class!

  • Learn about the numerical codes
  • Make number healing “recipes”
  • Learn to infuse waters and water spritzers for your home
  • Learn to infuse and crystal with healing codes and give them to friends
  • Make an energized salad dressing by infusing the oil

Module #3
Aura Cleanse Class

Your biofield is part of your main frequency barometer for your body and is your “new” digestive system – get it clean and clear!

In this module we will

  • Clear negative influences and parasites,
  • Release emotional anchors and
  • Nourish your aura with proper frequencies

I will also teach you the first step in learning to sign the Language of Light, and attune you to a simple excursive to use to clean your aura .

A super potent class and learning opportunity.

Module #4-6
Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body

Cathy’s exclusive program of Nourishing thru the 9 dimensions

A 3 part look at the Nine Dimensions of Nourishment and why we need to know

Potentiate your healing, learning and manifesting once you know these principles

Dimensions 1-3, how to anchor in and how these dimensions assist us now

Dimensions 4-6, The realms we can be attuned to now. The importance of the emotions of the 4th, the heart of the 5th and the importance of acknowledging holograms of the 6th.

Dimensions 7-9, and how their dimension’s help potentiate the nourishment of the realms below.

I am so excited to share this info!!

Module #7

Class participation and sharing of learning

Lets share “recipes” and the creative ways that you have “upped the energetics” of your foods, your home environment and more


Private Facebook Support Group

Value: $

Frequencies and tips ongoing, learn from each other

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