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Regular Price for One On One work with Carolin is $12,000 and up

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $2400 only!

A Whopping 80% off on World-Class Spiritual Support & Mentoring!

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Did you know that increasing your Pleasure IQ is one of the fastest ways to have everything you want in life?

Problem is most of us have HUGE blocks when it comes to allowing Pleasure.
Not just Sexual Pleasure, ANY kind of Pleasure.

You are so used to these blocks that it is nearly impossible to spot them on your OWN.
These blocks are hidden in your subconscious and often they disguise themselves as things you “have to do” or situations in which you seem to have no choices.

Carolin has been helping people for over 15 years to resolve these blocks permanently and fast…

So fast that people have found and married their soulmates within 3 months, tripled their income in 30 days, bought their dream home in the Caribbean within 6 month, sliced their working time in half within 10 days, improved their love relationships in under two month and most of all have WAY more fun and pleasure in their lives all along the way.

Now she wants to help you:

  • The Pleasure IQ Intensive
  • 4 Sacred activation and breakthrough Sessions with Carolin Hauser-Carson to Change Your Life forever

Who is This For?

The Pleasure IQ Intensive is for you if You Know That There Is More To Life And Are Done Settling For Less.

You MUST be willing to be uncomfortable and willing to be with the unknown
You MUST take 100% responsibility for your results and your life.

You must be truly ready, willing, able and committed to changing your life for good!

WHY all these requirements?
Because creating your dream life and allowing yourself to have everything you want takes courage. You will be encountering resistance along the way. If living your dream life was this easy, everybody would.

I will be teaching you many tools so you can to move through the resistance because on the other side is your real freedom.

The beautiful thing is … When you make this commitment to yourself and follow through – you will change profoundly in ways you can’t imagine. You’ll be THAT Person. The One all other people quietly talk about, behind your back wondering what it is that you have that they don’t.

Who Is This NOT a Fit For?

Finally it’s not for you if you are looking for me to save you, or you are looking for someone else other than you creating results.

  • It’s NOT for you if you are still questioning if it’s possible for you to truly have what you want.
  • It’s NOT for you if you’re prone to quitting, asking for refunds, signing up for programs and backing out, signing up and then letting “life circumstances” get in the way, emailing later saying that something came up.

“Booked Over 150k In 5 Months…”

"Carolin offers a truly revolutionary approach to working out who your ideal client is. Her soulmate client readings helped me zone in on the right client for me which gave me so much more focus and direction. In fact in 5 months I booked over $150k!! It is now so easy for me to sell $50k packages and what’s better, it is easy for my clients to say yes!!"

~  Kymberlie Dimozantos

What this personal Pleasure IQ Intensive program will include:

  • Reconnecting you to your Power
  • Healing Sexual Wounding (if there is any)
  • Reprogramming Your Love and Wealth Barometer
  • Resetting your receiving Limits
  • Upgrading your Nervous System and Light Body
  • Releasing Past entanglements that keep you stuck
  • Connecting you to your Core Creative Sexual Centre
  • Helping you release anxiety and low vibrational frequencies
  • Cellular programming for ease

“I generated more than my income goal for the year in less than three months (50k)!”

"I have experienced huge shifts and transformation in both my business as a direct result of our work together, I’ve left a full-time job and created a ‘portable’ location-independent business that I love and am able to run from anywhere in the world I choose. Today I work virtually with my ideal clients, professional and entrepreneurial women from all around the world, helping them to create their own sustainable business, marrying up what they love and living life on their own terms.
What else? I generated more than my income goal for the whole year in less than three months and I’m attracting ideal clients who want to work with me and create their dream biz and life too. I’ve also been honored to co-author two books and become a #1 best selling author. I get to indulge my passion for travel and, in the last four months alone, I’ve been in London, Dubai, Malaysia and Thailand. I’m currently residing at the beach in a tropical location in Southeast Asia.

There is something very unique about working with Carolin in that she offers some key pieces that I’ve not seen with any other coach. She delivers everything that you would want from a great coach and mentor and then also, through her Family Constellation work and transformation tools you get to go deep and clear those limiting beliefs that are holding you back in any way from creating the life of your dreams. This makes for a unique level of support and allows you – if you are ready to move really fast – in the direction of your dreams and goals. All with relative ease and joy!"

~  Linda Stewart, Portable Business & Lifestyle coach

“When least expected and through no effort on my part I met the most amazing, good looking and exciting man I have met in my life!”

"I worked with Carolin in September to clear my energetic field to attract my ideal mate into my life. When least expected and through no effort on my part I met the most amazing, good looking and exciting man I have met in my life! On a side note, I also want to mention that I have received 3 other marriage proposals from guys that knew me from the past but nothing ever moved forward. LOL! This is so juicy and fun….I love Carolin’s work and would highly recommend you try it out if you are ready to attract love, joy and fun in your life! Her results are spectacular and you owe it to yourself to give it a try!"

~  Eram Saeed, Global Telesummit Host :

Exclusive Offer 80% Off!

Regular Price for One On One work with Carolin is $12,000 and up

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $2400 only!

A Whopping 80% off on World-Class Spiritual Support & Mentoring!

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