Canceling Your Membership Is As Easy As 1-2-3...

Instructions: Simply fill out the form below and choose the program you’d like to cancel. Since our automated system uses your e-mail address to locate your account, make sure to use the same EXACT email you used to sign up for the program. If in doubt, simply fill out this form more than once with any other email addresses you suspect may be on file.

Please note: This is the preferred way to cancel.
This system below is immediate and fully automated.

Before You Cancel, Remember These Enforced Rules To Keep Programs Fair To Existing Members

1) All Subscription Programs: If you ever come back in the future, you will lose all past lessons covered already and any future lessons covered while gone plus any points collected. When you rejoin, they will be locked in the vault and not accessible until you remain a consistent member for several months. This means for most monthly programs, you must start over from month 1 rather than continuing from where you left off.

2) VIP Upgrades: Your points collected will start all over. For example, if you only need 1 point until you have 5 to redeem for 20% off your next purchase, this number will return to 0 and start at 0 if you rejoin in the future (if the site is reopened to the public). If you already have 5 points or more, these will be forfeited upon cancellation.

3) All programs: The trial offer won’t be available to returning members so you’ll have to pay the membership fee up front if you ever return. You can only receive the free introductory gifts to one address (1 per household). The membership fee has also increased for new members so if you ever decide to come back, you lose the grandfathered locked-in rate. Current members will always be locked into their original rate regardless of increased fees or inflation adjustments.

4) Membership may be closed so you may not be able to join. We only open up spots to the public during certain times of the year or privately offer it to current customers after a purchase. We like to to keep the club very private to ensure our full attention is on current members and not always orienting new members. If it grows too fast and we see our attention diverting, we may have periods where we don’t offer it to the public for extended periods.

*If you received free introductory gifts, you do not have to return those. My word is my word. Those are yours for giving us a fair try. Thank you for being a member.