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It doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 80! Being attractive is something anyone can have at any age!

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66r64rHow much would you pay for the Fountain of Youth and Beauty?

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Here’s what it would cost you to do it surgically:

Butt lift = $6,625

Tummy Tuck = $5,493

Full Face Lift = $15,000

Breast Lift = $4,377

Medical and Hospital Costs = $15,000

Total = $40,000+

Plus the inconvenience of surgical procedures:

  • scar tissue inside the body
  • possible complications including MRSA
  • recovery time = loss of earnings
  • use of pharmaceuticals
  • pain, pure and simple

How are you going to look and feel 5 years from now?

10 years from now?

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Quantum Beauty Rejuvenation provides an all natural, profoundly healing alternative to cosmetic surgery!

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Is this YOU?

  • you value your health and well being
  • you want to stay fit, flexible, and energetic throughout your lifespan
  • you are willing & EXCITED to try innovative new techniques
  • you want to improve your looks but want natural alternative to cosmetic surgery
  • you want to be ATTRACTIVE
  • you want to attract abundance and vitality

Why the Venus-Chiron Process?

  • Chiron provides profound lasting healing, wisdom, and insight
  • Venus provides the energies of radiance, value, luxury, and magnetism
  • will heal and optimize all the levels of your being as represented by your astrological positioning

INTRODUCING: A powerful NEW process …Proprietary and channeled by Maiyah from her guides, angels, ascended masters, and higher self

This process takes you beyond typical beauty to be profoundly Radiantly ATTRACTIVE on the Quantum Level.

If your energy is “unattractive” (ie repellent) you will never attract the right people or opportunities!

After this revolutionary and completely unprecedented program, you will exude Miraculous Magnetism and you will notice: wonderful helpful people, money making opportunities, and abundance will begin to unfold daily in your life!

The energies of ease, trust, and wholeness will be woven into every aspect of your life!

This works on every level! So you will not only look and feel beautiful…your life will actually FEEL that way too.

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So this work goes beyond beauty, although you will get lots of that but it’s truly about abundance…and wholeness.

  • You can attract the partner and the life you want
  • Turn back the clock on aging!
  • Plus release subconscious energetic blocks
  • Release unwanted weight!!

One of biggest reasons why people have weight issues is blocks, fear etc

Releasing these blocks supports optimal body function, coordination, strength, and fitness.

Previous clients of Maiyah’s have experienced:


  • Shrinking of tumor (verified by a physician)
  • Saving a foot that was going to be amputated (verified by a physician)
  • A different tumor moving from an inoperable location inside the skull to an operable location on the neck and shrinking
  • Ended back pain of 20 years
  • Ended knee pain and limping of 12 years


  • Receiving 2 cars for the price of 1
  • Receiving $120,000 after an intensive program
  • Increasing monthly salary by 10 fold after an intensive program
  • Husband was promoted in record time
  • Husband was moved to their posting of choice
  • Investment was multiplied 100 times within a week


  • Many clients improved family life – no more fighting
  • Many clients finding ideal life partner – no more commitment phobes or liars
  • Many clients becoming multiply orgasmic – their boyfriends and husbands are ecstatic!
  • Ended panic attacks and taken off anxiety meds (verified by a physician)
  • No more PTSD symptoms after assault, combat, molestation, rape
  • No more bedwetting, no more night terrors after 2 sessions

Peak Performance:

  • Two clients went from Fs to As in mathematics in less than a week
  • Triple jumper increased his personal best by 5 feet after one session
  • Dancers increased their vertical leap by 2 inches after one session
  • Client who had failed a professional exam due to anxiety passed easily
  • High school wrestler ranked lower than 20th in the state of Pennsylvania took sixth place at State Championships
  • A college varsity athlete who asked to be “nationally known” was a finalist for the prestigious Arthur Ashe award for academic and athletic excellence. Top 10 out of over 600 nominees.

And here are comments specifically regarding physical condition and appearance:

“My mom is astounded by the perkiness and firmness of her breasts! And the wrinkles on her chest are going away!”

-KR, Virginia

“I’d had a saggy lower belly for 7 years since the birth of my son, but after just 1 treatment it was visibly tighter and smoother!”

- LD, Canada

“Even though my daughter had had a bloated belly and digestive issues for over 15 years, in one session her dress size went down four sizes! It’s amazing!”

- Margie, Ireland

“The skin beneath my arms had always been horribly red and patchy. This has been for over 20 years. After receiving the energies from Maiyah’s work, my skin is NORMAL for the first time! I never thought I would ever feel beautiful!”

- Lisa, California

“My energy level has gone up — I feel like I’m 20 years younger! Thank you so much for your great work!”

- Kim, Virginia

Another reason to trust Maiyah: she walks her talk. Here are some recent pictures of her new adventures. Can you believe she’ll be 50 this year?!?

Quantum Beauty Rejuvenation: Radiant and Gorgeous
from Your Soul

A 12 Week Premium Energy Experience! 3 Full Months of Rejuvenating Your Unique Beauty from the Inside Out!

24 Live Sessions to Support Beauty, Healing, Value, and Luxury in Every Area of your Life!

Week 1:

Creatively define what “feeling and being beautiful” is for you, then Healing and Beautifying the First House and Assertive Energies

“I have a new sense of confidence and vitality; I know I’m amazing! I can hardly believe it! Thank you!”

- BW, Oklahoma

Item 1:

ITEM 1: Live Group Venus-Chiron Healing Session

Value: $497

ITEM 2: Live Q and A, Laser Tune Ups

Value: $497

This module will address:

The self, the self-image, the self-projection: What kind of person am I? What kind of things about myself do I most identify with? What am I proud of about myself? How do I like people to see me, and what qualities do I like them to identify me with?

View to the World: How do I tend to see people and things? What color are the glasses I am peering out of? How do I think people and life should be?

Self-Confidence and Social Success: One's ability to project oneself boldly, confidently, and naturally into social environments is a 1st house concern--and through this self-projection to be recognized when necessary. The ability to make a good first impression, and be well-received by others is included here.

Personal Interests: What do I like and love to do? What are my passions?

Week 2:

Have a new relationship with the universe based on this personal definition: Healing and Beautifying the Second House and Harmonizing Energies

“It’s amazing how helpful people and ideal clients have been showing up for me since I began working with you! It’s Maiyah Magic!”

- KS, Virginia

ITEM 3: Live Group Venus-Chiron Healing Session

Value: $497

ITEM 4: Live Q and A, Laser Tune Ups

Value: $497

This module will address:

Esoteric: Can you calm down and be present, to realize that you already have it all?

Intimate: Can you be strong within and love yourself, not needing to lean so much on others?

Material: Can you provide for all of your material needs by yourself?

Esoteric/Spiritual significance: The highest fulfillment of this house is inner peace, grounded and relaxed in the body in the present moment. That is why this house can be so difficult, because every deep issue, addiction, and external distraction that prevents us from this rest is met here. For most people, events in this house often coincide with relationships, because relationships are often misused to prevent us from being able to be self-sufficient.

The Danger: Depending on a drug, Leaning too much on our relationships, Not slowing down, Over-indulgence, Avoiding your feelings.

Intimate significance: If two people really love their own selves first, and are strong within their own selves, then the 2nd can be a very solid place for relationships. If two people need each other and are addicted in and to the relationship, then the 2nd refers to this negative kind of relationship.

Material significance: This is the traditional house of money, finances, and resources. Basic material self-sufficiency and bodily wellness is the issue. Can you save money? Do you have a mature approach to your finances? Can you make money? Can you provide for yourself, enjoying a comfortable and beautiful home? Can you take care of your body? Can you relax and take-it-easy? Can you slow down?

Week 3:

Request and receive complete support for this new phase in your life: Healing and Beautifying Third House and Communicative Energies

“Thanks to your energy work, my kids, who used to get sent to the principal’s office for hitting each other at school, now adore each other. They phoned each other while they were at separate sleep-away camps!”

- EW, Virginia

ITEM 5: Live Group Venus-Chiron Healing Session

Value: $497

ITEM 6: Live Q and A, Laser Tune Ups

Value: $497

This module will address:


Short-Distance Travel: The travel associated with the third house is usually local travel, like taking a road trip or journeying within your own country. It's about getting around and being stimulated by new things, not really as much about going to another country and being totally blown away by another culture (that's more like the 9th or 11th houses). Occasionally, though it is international, but this is rarely the case.

Siblings and sibling-like relationships: Gemini is an air sign, so relationships and people are significant here. Mainly it's with people who are like brothers and sisters to us.

Business and commerce: Mercury, in Greek myth, is the patron of merchants. The third house can have a very business-like dimension to it. It can be about practical realities and making money, and about "city-life."

The Arts: The third house and Gemini are not usually given enough credit for connection with all of the arts, including music. Gemini rules the hands, and almost all music is played using the hands, and much of the other arts are done with the hands, too. In Vedic astrology, the third house has a lot to do with the arts.

Anything done with the hands: You name it. Massage therapy can even fit in here because it's a combination of hands and commerce.

Week 4:

Intensive nurturing and healing of all issues in the past, and all issues related to femininity and motherhood. Healing and Beautifying Fourth House and Nurturing Energies

“I’ve been able to make peace with my 88 year old mother, whom I care for in our family home as my father has passed. Last week she told me more than once that I’m a good daughter. It’s like a miracle.”

- Maiyah

ITEM 7: Live Group Venus-Chiron Healing Session

Value: $497

ITEM 8: Live Q and A, Laser Tune Ups

Value: $497

This module will address:

The Essence:

Esoteric: Can you realize that all things of this world pass, and so find your home within yourself and depend on the spiritual dimension of existence more than anything else?
Intimate: Can you value and enjoy the realm of human and family relationships?
Material: Can you be a responsible provider to your family or community, and can you make your home a financially solid and comfortable place to live?

Esoteric/Spiritual significance: All of the water houses (and some of the earth houses) are strongly related to the spiritual dimension of life. Particularly we see this through the I.C. or cusp (beginning) of the fourth house.

The I.C. can be one of the most significant points of crisis in all the houses. It is the very bottom or base of the chart, and it sometimes symbolizing being brought to a kind of personal bottom, for the purpose of refilling ourselves with reliance on the spiritual dimension of life.

Intimate significance: The fourth house is naturally associated with the sign Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is the most down-home, down-to-earth, human 'planet.' The Moon is all about humanness and human relationships, and the fourth house is also a place of human intimacy, both family closeness and partnership closeness. So all elements of close emotional relating are connected with the fourth house.

Mom, Home, and Family: Mom is powerfully symbolized in the fourth house, as is one's literal home or dwelling. The family, in general, is also symbolized by the fourth house.

The Past and Family Psychology: The fourth house, like Cancer and the Moon, governs 'the past' including whatever positive benefits or difficult issues the past has given us. This also relates to patterns we inherit through our families's psychological inheritance (the other water houses, the 8th and 12th, also relate to psychological family inheritance).

Week 5:

Renegotiate all interactions with masculine energy so it affirms and protects your divine spark of beauty: Healing and Beautifying the Fifth House and Creative Energies

“It’s as though after working with you I couldn’t ‘settle’ anymore. I let go of my very imbalanced 20 year marriage and have the most wonderful, caring, responsible, cherishing man. He completely spoils me and is planning our wedding and honeymoon!”

- SR, Mexico

ITEM 9: Live Group Venus-Chiron Healing Session

Value: $497

ITEM 10: Live Q and A, Laser Tune Ups

Value: $497

This module will address:

The Essence: Having a secure sense of self allows one to play, love, have fun, and express oneself creatively, all with the innocence of a child.

Another extremely important note about the essence of the 5th house is that it shares a lot in common with the 9th house. For those who speak astrology, the 9th house is the 5th house from the 5th house, and the 5th house is the 9th house from the 9th house. Together, these are the most "auspicious" houses of abundance, grace, and good fortune. Yummy. In many ways, I consider the 5th house even more lucky and positive than the 9th. But in Western astrology, the 5th house doesn't often get this credit that it deserves. The 5th and 9th houses are the real safe havens of the chart, along with the 1st. There are some specific matters which both the 5th and 9th houses pertain to, however, that does distinguish them from each other.

Fun and Play: One's capacity for fun and play, or one's idea of fun and play, are primarily the province of the 5th house. Travel is therefore one of the many things that can be shown by the 5th house, because the 5th house includes easy, good fortune and having fun.

Love and Romance: The 5th house is also a major house of romantic relationships. The interconnections between romance and the rest of the 5th house show up in various ways. Romance is fun, and enjoying romance is one way to experience that one is lovable. Relationships imply sex, and sex is a creative force, and can also result in children. For women, relationships with men will of course mirror many facets of their relationships with their father(s), and a woman's relationships with men can be shown largely by her fifth house indicators.

Self-Expression and Creativity: Creative self-expression optimally arises out of confidence and faith in one's own gifts and goodness. Various kinds of creativity are of course possible here-including the arts and writing.

Authority and Leadership: Inner authority is the province of the 5th house; this includes trusting and believing in oneself in all possible ways--confidence. Therefore positions of authority and leadership also come in to play in the 5th house, including politics.

Dad: The 5th house is the house of Leo and the Sun, some evidence of the fact that this is the one house that one can always look to for information about one's relationship with one's father figures (the 4th and 10th houses can be either father or mother, depending on the person, although the 4th will also always signify the mother). The father is naturally meant to be a symbol in our lives of self-esteem, power, and positive authority, and the influence of our father(s) upon the development of these qualities within ourselves is indicated by the fifth house.

Teaching and Teachers: Combining the elements of authority and self-expression (and sometimes children), we can see that one manifestation of these qualities is in teaching roles. The role of teachers in our own lives can also be read largely through the 5th house.

Children: One of the biggest provinces of the 5th house relates to children (including miscarriages and abortions in the case of some hard afflictions and transits), as seen by the combining of Dad (parenthood) and creativity.

Healing of the ego: An important 'umbrella' understanding of the 5th house is that it refers to the many ways that one might go about healing the ego, or a lack of self-esteem.

Games: Athletic sports and mental games (like board games, video games, etc.) are also the province of the 5th house, in keeping with the spirit of fun and free time.

Week 6:

Profound cleansing of all physical systems so that your body expressed your divine beauty from the inside out: Healing and Beautifying the Sixth House and Energies of Service

“I think this is TMI, but after that Group Healing, I peed and my urine was so hot it steamed when it hit the toilet water. I have NEVER experienced anything like that before. I guess I was cleansing. Now I feel great!”

- BH, Chesapeake, VA

ITEM 11: Live Group Venus-Chiron Healing Session

Value: $497

ITEM 12: Live Q and A, Laser Tune Ups

Value: $497

This module will address:

The Essence:

Transformational: The transformation of our self-esteem through projecting our lack of self-esteem onto relationships and working situations that end up feeling unequal, abusive, or unfulfilling to us. The question is: Can you raise your standards for yourself so that you insist on having mutually supportive relationships and work that is creatively nourishing?

Material: Can you take good care of and heal your physical body? Can you commit and focus yourself on your work, studies, or service to others?
There are also other ingredients to the 6th house, as listed below.

Transformational: Negative Relationships: The 6th house is the ultimate house of negative relationships. This includes all varieties of unequal, unfair, unhealthy, and even abusive relationships. When we meet with these kinds of relationships in the 6th house, it is for the purpose of encouraging us to stand up for ourselves, put ourselves first, and set better boundaries and limits for what we are willing to accept in our lives.

Health: The physical health of the body is a major element of the 6th house. However, to understand whether or not a hard transit would bring health issues, the natal chart has to be properly understood first. For some people, relatively minor transits to the 6th could bring health problems. For others, major and heavy transits to the 6th might not affect health much at all.

Work, Discipline and Work Ethic: The 6th house can easily bring us work opportunities, however these opportunities are often ones where we will have to work too hard, and/or where we will have problematic relations with our boss (or employees). So we should be aware that 6th house work opportunities may bring us problems in the end, and so we should be prepared to let go of them if necessary. One’s capacity for committing to hard work and discipline is also shown in the 6th.

Teachers, Mentors, Healers, Gurus, Studies: The 6th house is a place of learning, and of all varieties of unequal relationships. However, some fundamentally unequal relationships like teacher-student, mentor-mentored, and healer-healed, can be very positive here. This also means that apprenticeship and the mastery of skills related to our work is connected with the 6th house.

The Mind: The left-brained, logical strength of the mind is signified by the 6th House and its mental significator, Mercury.

Pets: The 6th house, remember is the house of "unequal relationships." Probably for this reason, it also signifies pets and our relationships with them.

Week 7:

Reconnect with your partner or call in the right and perfect partner in a way that holistically integrates your new sense of beauty: Healing and Beautifying the Seventh House and Partnership Energies

“I’d dated bad boys with no cash flow. After our first session someone contacted me on MySpace. We’re married now, he’s a doctor, and I’m blessed to be staying home with our two wonderful daughters! Thank you so much!”

- KM, North Dakota

ITEM 13: Live Group Venus-Chiron Healing Session

Value: $497

ITEM 14: Live Q and A, Laser Tune Ups

Value: $497

This module will address:

Partnership: The 7th house is meant to be a house of the partnership of equals. So all relationships that operate on a fundamentally equal plane are signified here. Of course this primarily indicates one's predominant intimate relationship.

Relationship with Self, God: The 7th house is a house of all kinds of positive relationships, and this really does begin with oneself. When a planet transits into one's 7th, it is very common to experience at least an initial period of having a very nice and smooth time alone with ourselves. For some, the choice to have a deeper relationship with God rather than a human being, is the way of the 7th house. More on the relationship with God is below with the 12th house.

Social Emergence: The 7th House marks the beginning of the second half of the chart, which is more outward and socially directed. This is why "coming before the public" is an important part of the 7th house (the 7th house is also the 10th house from the 10th house, for those who speak astrology). It is very common to see people with planets transiting over their Descendant (the beginning of the 7th house in most house systems) to emerge very powerfully and positively in social spheres. When this happens one usually comes across as radiant, beautiful, and impressive to others.

Open Enemies: When the planetary influences are more hard and conflicting to the 7th house (particularly when they involve Mars), one can meet "the other" (the 7th) as being in literal opposition to oneself (the 1st), as some kind of enemy working against us.

Week 8:

Infuse your beauty with healthy sensuality, sexuality, and transformative bliss: Healing and Beautifying the Eighth House and Transformative Energies

“My boyfriend is lighting candles to you, St. Maiyah of multiple female orgasms! He’s astounded that I’ve been initiating lovemaking, and I’ve never felt so connected, loved, and sexually fulfilled before! You rock!”

- RA, Virginia Beach, VA

ITEM 15: Live Group Venus-Chiron Healing Session

Value: $497

ITEM 16: Live Q and A, Laser Tune Ups

Value: $497

This module will address:

The Essence:

Psychological/Esoteric: Can you totally face the dark and painful parts of yourself and your past, thereby liberating deep shame? Can you transmute darkness into light using the power of loving awareness?

Intimate: Can you expose yourself and experience a beautiful closeness with another?

Physical: Can you have successful financial partnerships with others?

Psychological significance: This is the house of all deeply buried psychological issues, the house of 'skeletons in the closet.' Also this is the true house of one-to-one intimacy, and also therefore our blockages to this intimacy. As such, the 8th house is always a sticky, sensitive, and very personal house, as it is the storehouse of our most personal psychic 'garbage.' This garbage is not bad, but fundamental to our humanness, and requires persistent and loving investigation to become conscious and liberated from the shadows.

'Power struggles' can be an eighth house way of acting out our own lack of power over ourselves, by attempting to have power over something outside of us; they are simply a convenient way to avoid oneself, and come up with an excuse for doing so.

Esoteric/Spiritual significance: This house can be seen as 'the dark night of the soul.' It symbolizes the deepest psychological healing processes that we can undergo and facilitate, to free up our consciousness from being split and divided. The next house, the 9th, is generally the most positive house while the 8th is the most difficult. This shows that by courageously integrating our unconscious and painful aspects into a wholeness, that the natural results are positive spiritual qualities, such as joy, abundance, friendliness, and freedom.
The 8th house can represent the death of ego. Ego is the fundamental false way of living that involves identifying with our minds rather than our silence, being consumed with past and future rather than right now, being out of our bodies, avoiding our feelings, and being resistant to these truths.

The fullness of the 8th house is true spiritual power, guided by our inherent oneness with Truth itself, which is the only place where real power comes from. 8th house spiritual power is also guided by profound love, healing, sincerity, and transformational honesty.

Intimate significance: This is the primary house of sex and intimacy, per se. The 8th house could be considered the true house of marriage, because it is about ALL the nitty gritty of intimacy and shared finances. The 8th house takes partnership to a much deeper level than the 7th house.

Physical significance (Other People's Money): The 8th is the most significant money house, along with the 2nd. In particular, the 8th has to do with money that is in some way shared or involved with two people. This is the house of inheritances, of married couples, of wealthy spouses, of spouses' inheritances, and of business partnerships. In general, any relationship that significantly or primarily involves money can fall under the domain of the 8th house. This would include roommates, bosses and employees, and in some cases, parents and children.

Healing: Whereas some have said that a motto of the 12th house is "serve or suffer," a similar motto for the 8th house would be something like: "heal or self-destruct." Those with an 8th house emphasis are forced to one extreme or another: healing of self and others (transforming darkness into light) or self-destruction. Having a spiritual source to turn to is invaluable in the 8th house where those self-destructive forces threaten to keep us mired down in vicious cycles unless we have something very positive, powerful, and transformational to turn to to get us spiraling upwards in the positive direction. In the 8th house, we are quickly forced to choose the low road or the high road.

Research and Insight: The 8th house is all about going deep, and it can be a very powerful house for going deeply with the mind into scientific or intuitive matters.

Esoteric Mysteries: The realm of the esoteric itself is ruled by the 8th, which governs the occult, or the 'mysteries.' These esoteric realms can be sources of power which can be guided by compassion, wisdom, surrender, and awareness, or by self-serving, controlling, and other negative motives. A knife can be used to kill or heal. The knife isn't the problem or the boon, it's the intention of the one who uses the knife, and one's skill with using the knife, that are the important factors.

Week 9:

Identify the right tribe for you to mirror back your beauty on all levels: Healing and Beautifying the Ninth House and Energies of Education

“I was so lonely, and getting fat because I was isolated and depressed. Then after our sessions I met wonderful new friends who are very athletic. I started swimming with them, and I’ve lost 20 pounds!”

- KT, Costa Rica

ITEM 17: Live Group Venus-Chiron Healing Session

Value: $497

ITEM 18: Live Q and A, Laser Tune Ups

Value: $497

This module will address:

The Essence:

Spiritual Growth that comes through ease rather than difficulty; this particularly includes travelling, leisure, studying to gain understanding rather than information, philosophizing, and religious experiences.

Another important key essence to the 9th is that of the theoretical unperpining of societies. This includes law, morality, ethics, rights, and social or spiritual principles. This also makes the 9th house the territory of groups that organize around such principles, including activist groups.

Here are some comments on some of the major domains of the 9th house:

Travel Abroad: Spiritual growth never felt so good. Relax, have fun, and open your mind to other realities. In addition to the 9th house, the natal condition of Jupiter will tell you a great deal about someone's experience of travel abroad. Unlike ...

Higher Education: Don't work. Just learn. I want to personally shake the hand of whoever came up with the concept of higher education. However, in addition to the 9th house, the natal condition of Mercury will tell you a great deal about someone's experience of higher education. Most people probably assume that Jupiter would give us this information, but that is not what I have found to be the case.

Laziness and the rich kid syndrome: The shadow of the 9th house is that is such a place of opportunity, that it can also become a place of laziness, childishness, and overindulgence. It can be like the bratty rich kid who has things so easy in life that they do not develop important qualities like responsibility, compassion, and the ability to work. This can also be a shadow of the 5th house.

Guru's/Spiritual Teachers: While it is not the best idea to polarize mundane daily life from the spiritual life, there are certainly valuable things that can be gained from those who specialize in the "spiritual" side of life. Our relationship to such spiritual teachers (or even just regular professors) is indicated in the 9th house.

Philosophizing: Philosophy is certainly the realm of the 9th house as well as the sign Sagittarius. The 9th house can give us an indication of how "spiritual" or material a person's life philosophy is. But be careful, having a strong spiritual philosophy in life does not insure that someone understands what spirituality really is (hint: it's not in the mind).

Publishing and Teaching: Got something to say? You've come to the right house. Shout it on the mountaintops, publish it in a magazine, or just write an entire book about it. The dissemination of ideas is a vital part of an intelligent and evolving society. Don't forget that the fifth house has a lot to do with these affairs as well, especially teaching.

Social Gatherings: Along with the 11th house, the 9th house also has a lot to do with social gatherings. Sometimes these are for more "party" purposes, and sometimes these are for more social purposes, like activist gatherings and organizations.

Nature and Retreat: Not fully in the world as the 10th is, the 9th house is in many ways the opposite of this. The 9th house is the country as opposed to the city (3rd house). The 9th house also often indicates spiritual, meditative, contemplative, and nature-centered retreat rather than being in the hustle and bustle of public life.

Animal-Focused Organizations: Like the ninth sign Sagittarius, the 9th house has something to do with animals, and sometimes pertains to groups such as a Humane Society. The 6th house, however, is the house of “pets."

Week 10:

Rule your universe incorporating your unique beauty as a powerful force for leadership: Healing and Beautifying the Tenth House and Energies of Career Recognition

“Thanks to you I have founded my own healing center and coaching program!”

- AS, Virginia Beach, VA

ITEM 19: Live Group Venus-Chiron Healing Session

Value: $497

ITEM 20: Live Q and A, Laser Tune Ups

Value: $497

This module will address:

The Essence:

Dedication to social responsibility and/or working hard as an individual has its rewards: success, fame, and recognition (though not necessarily money).

Here are some of the affairs of the 10th house:

Career: Simply, the 10th house can tell us a great deal about someone's career. Descriptively, it can tell us how we go about our work. Concretely, it can tell us how successful and stable we are likely to be in our careers. It can tell us about assets that we possess and the obstacles in our career paths.

Fame and Recognition: The 10th house does not tell us how much recognition our personality will tend to get in social situations (the 1st house tells us that), but it does tell us about the recognition that our work is likely to give us. It is possible to have a powerful social charisma (1st), but little fame (weak 10th). It is also possible to be meek as a mouse (weak 1st), but be incredibly famous (10th).

Transits to the 10th house will affect the above matters in hard or expansive ways, depending on the aspect involved, and the planets and signs involved. Transits through the 10th will mark times where independent hard work is highlighted. It is as if those times are times when we are fated to give back to our communities through hard work and service; however this hard work in the 10th normally also comes with a large share of social and public recognition. 

The Midheaven 

The Midheaven signifies at least two very interesting things:

Moving: Time and time and time again I have seen moving related to the Midheaven moreso than any other part of the chart (such as the 4th house). The planets involved will give a good sense of what the move is about, i.e., Jupiter could be moving to a fun, leisurely place or for these reasons; Saturn could be moving for career, work, or dutiful reasons. Another ingredient of the Midheaven is "where are you going in life?" and this of course fits in with this theme of moving.

Learning to have the Confidence to Project Certain Qualities to Others: The Midheaven can show us important evolutionary needs, particularly things that we are working on learning how to express comfortably to others socially with confidence or clarity.

Week 11:

Free yourself from all restrictions around beauty and other aspects of life: Healing and Beautifying the Eleventh House and Energies of Innovation

“After working with you, I was able to move my family to Hawai’i!”

- BS, formerly of Virginia Beach, VA

ITEM 21: Live Group Venus-Chiron Healing Session

Value: $497

ITEM 22: Live Q and A, Laser Tune Ups

Value: $497

This module will address:

The Essence:

What do you tend to do when gathered together in groups of three or more people? What can people do together when gathered in groups of three or more people? In working together with others, can you do so with the highest, most universal, and all-inclusive motives? Or is your focus on self-aggrandizement and sowing division between people?

Groups of People: The 11th house is the first house to consider when it comes to any affair involving a group of people (the 9th is the other). Thus the 11th signifies a diverse number of social gatherings such as: your poker buddies, a concert of 100,00 people, the corporation or business you work for, your church, and the charitable group you work for. Particularly, the 11th house is connected with groups that have a common identity of sense of there being an "us" to belong to in some way.

One's Relationship with People in General: Do you tend to like most people? Do most people tend to like you? How you do feel about and get along with most people, in general? Be sure to look at how planets in the 11th are aspected. For example, an 11th house Venus (using Porphyry houses) with hard aspects generally shows difficult relationships with women in general; an 11th house Venus with positive aspects generally shows positive relationships with women in general.

Working with Others and "Passing the Torch": Whereas the 10th represents the rugged individual working like a dog and doing all of the work by themselves, the 11th shows the potential for people to each have different roles or jobs working together for the same end. It also represents the time when an individual can take all of their own 10th house experience and teach or train someone else how to do what they do, thus insuring that their work will live on beyond them.

Reaching the Masses: If it involves humanity or large numbers of people, it's related to the 11th house. This includes everything from being on television to publishing a magazine, teaching classes, and public speaking.

Week 12:

Completely love everything about you and see everything within you as beautiful; then the universe reflects that deep knowledge back to you! Healing and Beautifying the Twelfth House and Energies of Upliftment

“I never knew I could adore myself. It’s an amazing feeling! And I’m getting so many compliments from others, too! Thank you!”

- DG, Arizona

ITEM 23: Live Group Venus-Chiron Healing Session

Value: $497

ITEM 24: Live Q and A, Laser Tune Ups

Value: $497

This module will address:

The Essence:

Spiritual/Esoteric (Only): Can you recognize how powerless you are next to God? Can you surrender your life to Spirit, and let it be guided by Spirit? Through this surrender, can you either humbly serve in the way that God directs you, or let an inspired artistic creativity flow through you? Life crises may force the above questions upon us in the 12th house.

In keeping with this grand metaphysical picture of the 12th house, here are some of the things that tie in directly to the unity of the 12th house:

Aloneness: Because the 12th house wants us to tune into the spiritual dimension of ourselves, it often brings us time alone so that we can look within and relate to a higher spiritual power. When we are surrounded by people, as we typically are in the 11th house that precedes the 12th, our focus will obviously be on the manifest human reality rather than the more unmanifest inner dimension.

Sorrow: The 12th house is the house of sorrow. It is the house where we are meant to meet the experience of sorrow, and hopefully do something constructive with this experience. Those who are willing to meet their inner sadness and pain with compassion and a desire for healing can then better reach out to others in compassion and service or through artistic inspiration. This theme of sorrow has a direct connection with family patterns/karma/psychology and difficult family issues.

Escapism and Drug and Alcohol Addiction: Because the 12th house forces us to meet our pain and the emotional issues of our families (as all of the water houses 4, 8, and 12 do), one's first response early in life to this pain is usually to avoid it. There are so many ways to attempt to escape from our emotions, including work, co-dependency, television and mass media. But drug and alcohol addiction is probably the greatest and most dangerous escape associated with the 12th house. Those who master the 12th house are those who commit to a sober lifestyle and attempt to clear their minds rather than muddy them, and then do something positive out of this mental and spiritual clarity.

Spiritual Humility: The famous crises and challenges of the 12th house seem to me to be mainly about remembering that we are not in complete control of our existence, and that it is a very good idea to have some kind of relationship with a higher spiritual power, or some kind of spiritual practices to help us grow spiritually. Eventually, realizing that by constantly turning our lives over to a spiritual power we may seem to lose "free will" but we actually gain "freedom."

Relationship with the Divine: One's relationship with a higher spiritual power, including such ways of connecting as prayer, meditation, and ritual, is a very important element of the 12th house.

Opening the Heart: The 12th house is optimally meant to be a place of opening up the heart in love and service to others. The 12th house is of course the last house of the chart, and this probably symbolically shows that the affairs of the 12th house have a kind of ultimate importance in the big scheme of things. So these themes of spiritual humility and love are indicated in astrology as some of the greatest purposes of human existence.

Service to Others: All forms of humble service to others are in keeping with the 12th house, particularly all forms of caring for others. Through this service we not only gain in humility and a sense of oneness with others, but also deeper in love, compassion, and spiritual surrender.

Artistic Expression: Things like music, art, poetry, fiction and spiritual writing, are all things that tune us into a more otherworldly (and often less serious) dimension, one which is obviously inspired by creative forces that are inspired by some spiritual source. Creative people tend to recognize that their art comes from a mysterious "flow" that they get in tune with and help give expression to.

Spiritual Consciousness: The actual, inner, level of spirituality of a person can largely be determined through the 12th house, however determining this is a fairly complex matter that I would not recommend for anyone to do without the guidance of an astrologer who understands how to do this. Things such as the degree of calm, kindness, peace, generosity, altruism, humor, humility, and simplicity can be seen here.

The Unseen: All of the unseen realms are matters of the 12th house as well, including realms of fantasy and dreams. An interesting thing about these realms is that they remind us that this material world is not the only game in the universe, and helps relax our mental fixation on being so serious and closed-minded about this earthly reality.

Total Value of this Offer: $497 x 24 = $11,928

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  • And so you can begin right now, Maiyah has created a special healing MP3, the Introduction of Venus and Chiron: the Art of Healing, which includes music by her collaborator Thaddeus. (Value $111)
  • And her wonderful Allowing Continuous Joy and Abundance Through Ecstasy Courses, which have helped hundreds of people manifest money, healing, new relationships, and new careers. (Value $1997 + $1997)

Allowing Continuous Joy

item-img17 recorded classes 1 hour each, time for Q and A at the end of each class, energy work throughout the class.

Week 1/Class 1:
Preparation phase (eliminating blocks, sabotage and resistance to detoxification, strengthening internal healing processes, personal connection to source and clarity of intuition). Unpeeling everything in the way of self-appreciation and self-acceptance.

Week 2/Class 2 Worry to Sympathy:
How much better would your life be if instead of worrying you easily extended compassion and held the vision of a positive outcome automatically?

Week 3/Class 3: Grief to Clarity
So many of us have unresolved grief – it is the number one reason for self-sabotage, poor choices and addictions. Just by clearing your sorrow, you could move ahead at 5 times the speed!

Week 4/Class 4: Fear to Curiosity
The tools you need to stay connected and open. Exercise to raise your frequency to the next level and keep it there. Opening your manifesting vortex every time you need it. Live calls at the end of class.

Week 5/Class 5 Anger to Empowerment/Advocacy
What if every irritation you experienced and all the anger you've ever felt could fuel outstanding success and achievement for you? That's what this week is all about! Reach heights you've only dreamed over after this profound shift in consciousness!

Week 6/Class 6 “Drama” to Joy
Our daily upsets are usually way out of proportion to the current situation. The “drama” is a hyperemotional distraction, which covers up our deeper conflicts. Digging deep underneath and flushing out the internal struggles, we free ourselves up to a continuous flow of joy!

Week 7 Class 7 Integration
Putting it all together! This week our profoundly cleansed and optimized emotional and energetic system gets tuned up for optimum success and we move onto the highest possible lifepath for this new level of vibration!

Abundance Through Ecstasy

item-img2The language of effortless abundance is soul-based ecstasy.

You receive 9 Channeled Mandalas to heal and integrate 7 major chakras and 5 secret chakras. Mandala homework pages help you bring out your own energetic powers through original self-expression.

You also receive 2 guided meditations, one for morning, one for evening. These contain the concentrated energy of a 90 minute live session and combines with the Mandala of the week to unblock all roots and origins of obstacles, blocks and sabotages to healthy, sustainable abundance and pleasure. 

Week One Mandala
Preparation – work with unconscious and unacknowledged portions and aspects, especially multi-dimensionally – alternate universes, past, future, concurrent lifetimes, clears the shushuma, the column of energy running up and down the spine which connects all the chakras.

Week Two Mandala
Earth Star Chakra and 1st Chakra - Root Chakra:

Being grounded in the physical world, Connection to the Earth/Family/Tribe, Feeling physcially safe and secure.

Week Three Mandala
2nd Chakra - Sacral Chakra and Navel chakra :
Sexuality, Creation and creativity, Ability to physically manifest your dreams and wishes, Abundance.

Week Four Mandala
3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra: Individuality and will power, Self-Esteem, Ability to set goals and to achieve them, Personal accomplishments, Physical identity, The representation of personal success and power.

Week Five Mandala
4th Chakra
Heart Chakra and Thymus/High Heart Chakra: Ability to receive and to give love to others as well as to yourself, Being connected to the frequency of love, Emotional Center, Bridge between higher and lower chakras.

Week Six Mandala
5th chakra
Throat Chakra and Alta Major/Mouth of the Divine Chakra: Communication, Ability to say and to hear the Truth, Authentic Expression of the Self.

Week Seven Mandala
6th Chakra
3rd Eye: Intuition, Focused Intention, Mental acuity, Connection to the Higher Identity.

Week Eight Mandala
7th Chakra
Crown chakra and Soul Point Chakra: Accessing the Source of Power and Energy, Divine Connection, Knowing yourself as the creator of your reality.

Week Nine Mandala
You feel balanced, relaxed, whole and healthy. You are energized and enthusiastic and experiencing abundance in every aspect of your life. You feel everything in your life is going well for you. All or most of your projects are flowing the way you like.

Bringing the Total Value of This Offer to $16,033

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About Maiyah Olivas

Maiyah1A healer with over 30 years of experience and advanced training in over 30 modalities, Maiyah Olivas holds the rank of Third Degree Black Belt and Certified Advanced Therapeutic Qi Gong Instructor. Known as “the Queen of Age Reversal,” and “the Ninja of Transmutation” she’s worked with over 3000 people to improve their emotional, financial and physical situations, often instantaneously! She loves synthesizing new techniques with ancient secrets to create miracles on a daily basis such as: shrinking tumors, reversing diabetes, reviving necrotic tissue and ending decades-long back pain and migraines. When not working with private clients, developing problem-solving products or teaching cutting-edge classes, Maiyah can be found working with at-risk youth in her local afterschool program, teaching ukulele and keyboard.

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