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I AM Series

The I AM, which means Spirit, God, integrated with self on Earth, is consciousness. It starts the creation of energy movement. The answers are within you…they are not to be found with some gurus. They are to be found within you. Do you know the value of you? Do you know the power you be? You’ve bought into the believe that you’re a defenseless being…coming to this life to suffer, to make do. But oh, how you are mistaken! You are a creator…a powerful creator! You create consciously or unconsciously but you are always creating. Look around you, you have created everything you see around you and everyone you have around you. Everything that you are experiencing right now in your life is by your choice. There is no outside powers or being who is directing your life. Every single problem you have in your life already has a solution…you just need to remember what that solution is! Asking questions about it to yourself, to your I AM will yield the answer. You have been deeply immersed in an experience that is filled with the richness of life, even if the experience has been painful at times. The I AM places you in the moment, in the now. It’s time to embody abundance. For many years the wealth, the power, the money was focused on just a few places and held by just a few people. Now is the time to embody power, creativity, control, awareness…the energies are ripe for you to allow these energies to work on your behalf and enjoy the abundance and joy. It’s time for redistribution! It doesn’t mean anybody gets less, it’s just time to catch up to having a phenomenal life…are you ready for the journey? The I AM Series recordings are designed with multi dimensional energies to help you remember who you truly be. The energies are started in the background and questions are asked (words have energy and bring up energy as well) to raise the energy of believes, judgments of self and others to clear them, if they are no longer a contribution to you, the listener. The energies work with your I AM. If you are not ready to make the change, the energies will bypass you. Next time you listen, if you are ready to make change, the energies will go in to do the work for you.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” - Gandhi

Anytime you start a sentence with I AM you are creating what you are and what you want to be -Dr. Wayne Dyer

Here’s what’s included in this program

ITEM 1: I AM Power

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

The I AM Power assists you in being Power and releasing believes that are no longer a contribution to you. It helps you get your power back from all those beings and situations you gave it to. If you feel Power is out of your control then you feel defenseless and your self-esteem suffers. But when you embody Power, you know you are in the driving seat in your life; your self-esteem/self-worth increases. You feel freedom…when was the last time you felt free? The feeling of knowing you are the Power in your life is very expansive and you will know how to use it to better your life, living, finances as well as your society, the world. Fear and victimhood will be something from the past.


  • Clearing of traumas this lifetime and others
  • Clearing of beliefs and contracts made to not recovery personal power
  • Self-confidence
  • Inner-strength
  • Courage to persevere through life challenges
  • Recovery of personal power

ITEM 2: I AM Control

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

The I AM Control assists you in being Control and releasing believes that are no longer a contribution to you. Understanding that control for your life, living, reality is all within YOU! If you feel that control is out of you then you feel that you are at the mercy of everything and everyone. Imagine you embodying Control of everything you do, everything you have, everything you create, or when these take place? Can you handle being Control of YOU?

Inner Peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.”~ Buddha


  • Clearing of trauma, oaths, vows and believes so that you are in control of you and what benefits you
  • Self-confidence
  • Inner-strength
  • Break away from repeating patterns
  • Take control of own life
  • Love and care for others but under your terms

ITEM 3: I AM Awareness

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

The I AM Awareness assists you being Awareness and releasing believes that are no longer a contribution to you. Have you been walking through life like a zombie? Have you been wondering why things happen when they happen or when something good happens you decide is luck? What would happen if you were open to being Awareness? Are you willing to know, to have that “gut” feeling when to take action in your life, living, relationships, finance? Embodying Awareness will provide this for you. Being Awareness will assist you in understanding who you be and release self-judgment that are limiting you; thus, you will start seeing new opportunities to take action to improve your life, relationships, and finances!

I never get the accountants in before I start up a business. It's done on gut feeling….”Richard Branson


  • Release and healing of self-judgment and judgment of others
  • Removes blocks that prevent unconditional love and who you truly be on all levels
  • Clears anger directed to self and others
  • Increase awareness to know what choices to make for best outcome to you in all areas of your life
  • Increase awareness of who and what other’s true role in your life
  • Balanced, happier, healthier life.

ITEM 4: I AM Creativity

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

The I AM Creativity assists you in being Creativity and releasing believes that are no longer a contribution to you. Being Creativity will open your ability to create new futures. To know that you can come up with new solutions to your challenges. Do you know that all the problems in your life already have a solution? Yes, you created the problems and the solutions before you embodied this lifetime. Now, all you have to do is remember the solution! Yes, every time there’s a problem, creativity will provide the solution and answers.

At the deepest level of your being you are one with that is.”Eckhart Tolle


  • Clearing of limiting believes that no longer serve you
  • Knowledge that you are safe
  • Understanding that you are the creator of your life
  • Ability to create abundance, money or anything that you desire
  • Self-confidence
  • Inner-strength


Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

The I AM Joy assists you in being Joy and releasing believes that are no longer a contribution to you. How many times have you made someone or something external to you your happiness, your joy? How long did it last? Looking for joy outside of you is not lasting. Yes, you’ll find it for a time but you’ll still be unfulfilled, incomplete...happiness comes elusive. “I would be happy if I had a perfect job”, “I would be happy if I didn’t have the family I have” and so on. What if you embodied Joy? What if you were joyful just because…coming from inside of you? Joyful when you feel the sun, wind, etc…just because you are JOY!

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”Albert Einstein


    • Clearing of limiting believes, traumas, behaviors
    • Clearing the need to suffer
    • Releases judgment, anger
    • Re-stores your child like wonder
    • Creates ease with relationships
    • Self-confidence
    • Inner-strength

ITEM 6: I AM Money

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

The I AM Money assists you in being Money and releasing believes that are no longer a contribution to you. We have made money more significant that it is...we have made it our security as if without money we are not secure! Money is just energy. That’s all it is. We have also attached many believes to it and that limits us. It’s time to remove our love/hate relationship with Money. It’s time to embody the energy of Money so that we can create it easily in our lives. Did you know that Money follows Joy? The more joyful you are in life, the more money wants to be with you!



    • Clearing of oaths, vows, controls from past lives
    • Clearing of money believes that are not beneficial
    • Clearing of the need to suffer and unable to get the abundance you want
    • Clarity with money
    • Take control of life
    • Self-confidence


ITEM 7: (3) Recorded MP3s of Interactive Group sessions of 1.5 hours each

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $750.00

Topic 1: Energy boost on Power and Control

Topic 2: Energy boost on Awareness and Creativity

Topic 3: Energy boost on Joy and Money

Getting mojo back!

Benefits: Feel sexy to the other sex, again!


Benefits: Easier to focus and determine what you want/choose; thus, manifest it

Harmony is thy state

Benefits: Raises vibrations for a live full of peace and harmony with family members

Quick energy shift

Benefit: Energy shift to get you vibrating to the goal you are looking to achieve.

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