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Internationally Renowned Quantum Healer and Creator of Quantum Journeys.


Quantum Journeys

Take a quantum leap into a new reality where you are no longer the seeker, but the One who lives awakened. The last package you’ll ever need.


Welcome to Your Awakening, Where You are the Source of Your Wellbeing!
Move beyond struggle and pain, to a life of ease, freedom, and joy.

Each of us is constantly emitting an energetic frequency which has attracted everything in our life. This package gives you the tools to change your frequency to the station where obstacles cease to exist. You will go beyond clearing, processing, and healing to a life consciously designed and created. It's that easy, and it's that effective! Unleash the powerful, magnetic you into effortless abundance.

In this package, April will guide you through an awakening to a new reality of self realization.

Healing work, processing, and clearing can take years, and may never lead to the results we envision as we continue to reactivate things that were cleared.

Imagine an area in your life now that you struggle to change. It could be the number staring back from the scale, or the balance in your bank account. Maybe it's the lack of a deep, soul connecting romance, or a thirst for an unrealized career or ambition. Whatever it is that you’ve been trying to achieve, but can’t quite figure out how to get there. Now imagine what living that in your current reality would be like. That is what is possible, over and over again, with this package.

Expert Reviews

eramsaeed“April was on the phone with me when I got the call from my mom in which she told me I needed to come to Pakistan immediately since she was dying. That call threw me into a huge panic. When I called April back to tell her I needed to make travel arrangements, she helped me to go from a level 10 of panic attack to a 2! She also informed me that yes , my mom was indeed getting ready to transition and I would barely have enough time to get there. As predicted, my dear mom transitioned while I was still on the plane to Pakistan. April’s gift is profound and brilliant and she will serve many using her amazing gifts.”

~ Eram Saeed, From Heartache to Joy

Some of the top areas that people report immediate Results are:

  • Increases in Money, Abundance and Receiving
  • Improvements in Business, Career, Success, Sales and Performance
  • Developing Healthy, Happy Relationships
  • Increased Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Balanced Emotional Health and Wellbeing
  • Ease in Weight Loss
  • Healing and Recovery from Physical Illness or Injury
  • Freedom from Stress, Anxiety, and Feeling "Stuck"
  • Freedom from Negative Thinking
  • Thriving beyond Trauma and Abuse
  • Freedom from Addictions
  • More Energy and Better Health
  • Awakening Passion for Life and Creativity
  • Spiritual Awakening


Discount: 91% Off
Total Package Value $1200
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99


Discount: 90% Off
Total Package Value $1500
From Heartache to Joy
Introductory Offer $147

This package is firmly rooted in the knowing that everything you want, need, and desire is already there inside you like a seed waiting to flower. April has the gift of holding a state of connection with the quantum field- Source- while activating that within you. Perhaps the most striking aspect of Quantum Journeys is its ability to empower people to become so dynamic, creative, and free that they no longer need any outside help. Life becomes a never-ending series of pleasant surprises and new adventures created deliberately and consciously from a place of power and aliveness. Through April you will regain your connection to that which is capable of creating anything, and will allow you to go forth and shine your light, at its highest potential, into the world.

Here are Some of the most reported Benefits
(what life looks like after you've moved beyond your limitations):

  • A sense of completion, as if the problem itself never existed
  • Acceptance of life how it is now, and optimism for the future
  • A radical shift in daily thought patterns
  • Rapid manifestations that are completely out of the blue (a check in the mail, a cessation of unhealthy craving, new people and situations arising to support you, etc)
  • Freedom from physical and emotional pain
  • Ease and grace in pivoting out of old thought patterns and emotions when they arise
  • Friends, coworkers, and family noticing changes in your behavior, mood, and outlook on life
  • The ability to maintain peace in the face of life’s ups and downs
  • Excitement and anticipation for what is to come
  • Immediate, tangible movement in an area that has never changed prior

Package A

10 Guided activation tracks - MP3 downloads

Value: $500

Running time of 106 minutes and 25 seconds

These activations will take you on an inner journey to where the manifestation of what you want is already being lived, and show you how to bring that forth into your current reality.


Dropping Reaction - Reclaiming Your Power

Running Time: 13:08

Release the number one thing that keeps you stuck in the cycle of struggle. Be free from those automatic negative reactions that you have to certain people, places, or situations, so that you can be present within your now and consciously choose your next best step while following your intuition. This powerful activation anchors the state of allowing people, circumstances, and events to be as they are with peace, joy, and ease. Learn to let go of the habit of trying to control people and outside circumstances while moving into a state of allowing other people to have their own experiences - leaving them out of your equation so that you can create higher vibrational relationships and circumstances without feeling hindered by their behavior. Dropping Reaction is not accepting somebody else's behavior and making it ok - instead it is ceasing to sacrifice your own vibrational set point by pushing against something you can't control - which in turn manifests different circumstances and elicits different behavior from the people around you.

Test anxiety gone:

“I used to get a panic attack at the mention of the word "test." After my first session with April, I had a huge college exam. I passed with flying colors! The biggest thing was the peace and calm I had during the test, I didn't have any anxiety at all! Thank you April!”

~ Cynthia P.

A whole new life without anxiety attacks:

“For 30 years I had debilitating anxiety attacks. I've never taken medication because I didn't want anyone else to know. It could be anything that would trigger them, I would start to worry, and then think about it, and think about it, and think about it until that was the only thought in my head. Whole days could go by where I couldn't eat, and it felt like a great big weight was holding me down when I tried to get out of bed.

The things that I wanted to do, like travel, or try new hobbies, were always met with a sense of impending doom. When I would just go for it, sometimes I could make progress, but other times I would have to cancel plans or just give up because it was just too hard, then I'd be left feeling hopeless and a coward with no idea what else I could do.

A friend of mine who had gotten over some big problems told me that her turnaround was through help from April, so I figured I didn't have anything to lose by seeing her. When we got started I thought I should just start telling her all my problems, but after about a minute she stopped me and asked if just wanted to get rid of it. Well, yeah, that is what I wanted so she told me to sit quiet while she worked on me.

Instantly I was filled with calm, and felt a bit tingly. When she opened her eyes I told her what had happened and she just smiled and told me to make sure to drink some water, and that I just need to be mindful for the next couple days and see what was different. I went home right after and slept for 10 hours.

The big change was a couple days later when some friends I was with commented on how I was actually relaxing and not stressing out over every little thing. I realized in that moment that I couldn't recall ever feeling that good, that content and happy. I started thinking about being stressed, but the feeling just didn't come up, it was just gone.

It's been seven months now and my life has completely changed. I feel in control. I feel free. I am being who I want to be and doing what I want to do. With all my heart I Thank You April! ”

~ Chad M.


Becoming the Conscious Creator of your Future

Running Time: 10:53


As you speak, so you are. Release the habit of complaining about the way things are so that you can start consciously creating a different experience. Let go of all the complaints about how your life is and isn't, moving into a state of positive expectation. When we vent, we confirm in a powerful way what we Don't want. This is such an ingrained part of how we communicate that we may not even realize when we're doing it! This track helps you move past this way of thinking and speaking from a negative framework, and activates the much higher frequency of being optimistic, hopeful, and positive. You won't just 'try' to do it, you will Feel it!

Weight loss and Self Esteem:

“I first went to see April to lose some weight. I was at the end of my rope having tried almost every other traditional and holistic weight loss method. After just a few sessions, I watched as the pound dropped, but even more importantly to me I began to feel better about myself, to see myself and my life differently. The apathy, frustration, and anger I felt went away and I had an increase in my energy and felt the desire to be active and move. I now am on track to having my body and health back.”

~ Andrea B

Self Confidence and Creating the life you Want:

“When I first came to April about 4 months ago, I had a host of areas in my life where things were not going anywhere near as well as I wanted them to be going. Some of these areas had been that way longer than I cared to remember. From the first session I watched as life-long patterns and beliefs literally disappeared. I rediscovered confidence that I had possessed as a child and watched as it became my day to day norm. My insecurities and fears literally disappeared one by one as April worked on me, and area by area my life began to start becoming effortless. Sometimes I have to think and think to remember how it was before working with April. I'm a living example of a normal, everyday person who was transformed through this work. I have people literally asking me what my secret is and how I got to be where I am today. I'm here to tell you that though you may not believe it or may not even be able to conceive it that stuck areas in your life can move, that you can choose a radically different way of being. In all my years of searching and working on myself, I have never met anyone as effective or quick as April. April possesses the rare gifts of blunt honesty and complete compassion. She will always tell you like it is, and then help you create the opening in your life for things to be the way you envisioned them in your wildest dreams. Each day I am grateful that April came into my life, and I know I wouldn't be on this new flight trajectory were it not for our sessions.”

~ David D., Voice Instructor and Composer


Anything is Possible - Re-Writing the Story of You

Running Time: 12:54

Release and redefine the roles of limitation you play and the stories of 'how things are' that you practice every day that are creating this stuck version of you. This activation takes you deep into the layers of false concepts, leaving the real and authentic you to shine forth. Move past what is currently happening in your life and shift into a new timeline where you get to decide what you want your life to be like. Release the belief systems that tell you there are endless blocks to overcome or something left to fix, heal, or clear before you can create the life that you want.

Complete freedom from addiction:

“I had an addiction that was about to cost me my job and my marriage. One day I went in for my appointment and April asked me how it was going with my addiction since the last session, and I literally had forgotten about it! I was so excited about everything else that was showing up in my life, I hadn't even thought about the addiction for a couple of weeks.”

~ Lance B., Systems Administrator

Recovery from abuse and mental illness:

“I am a survivor of sexual abuse in my early youth and 25+ years of mental abuse, with large gaps of memory loss in between years. April was my last hope; I'd been to countless Western doctors by the time I came into her office in 2013, and I was riddled with side effects from multiple medications given to me, as well as doing my best to contain persistent suicidal thoughts. I had been to other healers and energy workers with no success and combatting my inner demons. From the first session, I immediate felt emotional and mental relief for the first time in my life. The best thing about her method is that it starts a healing process that keeps on going, even if she isn't there. I still continued to make astounding progress after the last session, almost as if I was still seeing her. The process has a cumulative effect and a life of its own, parts still integrating long after the session. The results are permanent. And, it only gets better with time.. I was amazed as food allergies, fears, and neuroses disappeared one by one. Today, I'm comfortable and safe in my own skin. It's amazing to look back from where I am to where I was. Thanks to April, I have not only found a wonderful reason to live, but also the ability to thrive and live with joy and passion.”

~ Amanda, Photographer


Healing and Creating Beautiful Relationships

Running Time: 9:50

Guiding you through healing the past and releasing all unwanted attachments through forgiveness, cutting cords, and healing the energy dynamic between you and everyone else. This activation will heal the pain, discord, trauma, and negative energetic ties from everyone in your past up to the present, allowing you to move forward with a sense of freedom, peace, and positive expectation to create more heart centered and harmonious relationships of all types. You will find peace where there was pain, and new found confidence and self worth that will change your life.

Relationships, health, and money - vast improvements:

“I have worked with April on and off for the last few years, and consistently for the last 6 months. I can say without hesitation, that I have experienced more transformation and growth working with her than from any other healer, modality, or workshop. Everything in my life has changed, from a move to a new house, a better work situation and making more money, to vast improvements in all of my relationships. My health has improved greatly and I have a sense of self worth that I've never had before. I spent most of my life trying to numb out the traumas of my childhood with alcohol, drugs, medications, and any other possible means of avoidance. My work with April has changed that in a profound way. She has empowered me to see that the only lasting happiness and wholeness comes from within. I feel in control of my life and I now have the tools to face anything life throws at me. This work has taught me to live with passion and excitement and that there are no limits to where my life can go.”

~ Melanie G., Physical Therapist

New life after loss of wife:

“I just wanted let you know how well things have been going since our session. I didn't honestly have any expectations of improvement. I didn't believe anything could help. I have to say I am happy to be wrong. I feel so much more at peace. The conflicts I was having at work are gone and I feel better about being there. The biggest thing is that I started dating someone and I am optimistic about that, which I never thought would happen after losing my wife. It feels right. She has been through a lot of the same things as I have and she understands. Even my kids have noticed my better mood and being more engaged with them instead of checking out and just staring at the tv when I get home.”

~ Mike L.


Unshakable Inner Peace and Permanent JOY

Running Time: 11:20

A concise and powerful activation that can be used over and over to heal emotional trauma and clear any current negative emotional upset, leaving you in your natural state of bliss and peace. This activation guides you through releasing the judgement and emotional charge around whatever is upsetting you. You will heal experiences from the past that still cause hurt, anger, blame, resentment, or other negative emotions, as well as whatever is going on right now that is keeping your mind focused on the loop of a negative situation. As you are freed from the morphic resonance (energetic ties) with these issues, you will return to your natural set point of a higher vibration with ease and grace, returning to your peace and inner balance no matter what has happened in the past or what is going on around you now.

Enjoying intimacy for the first time after abuse:

“Childhood sexual abuse had made intimacy with my husband almost unbearable. Since working with April, I have felt connected to him during intimacy for the first time in almost 20 years. This is so profound for me that there are just no words to express how I feel. Thank you April for helping me come to peace with my past.”

~ Keri T., Social Worker

I could actually FEEL my body responding:

“It was my good fortune that a very dear friend of mine gifted me with a healing from April. My life has been one of many changes in the past few years and I have had many decisions to make. This healing was done long distance and the synchronicity of April's intuitiveness, to what was happening in my life both past and present, was astounding. I was touched, physically and emotionally, given advice and tools to cope with my fears and my gifts. The healing was a palpable experience. I could actually feel my body responding. April is a healer and a teacher who is gifted, honest, intelligent and filled with Spirit and light. She has the key and she opens the doors in so many ways.”

~ Patricia [Web of Life Wellness Center, SLC Utah]



Limitless Health and Vitality

Running Time: 16:58

Love your body back into it's highest state of wellbeing with this powerful activation that releases all of the pain, complaints, and negative perceptions of your body, while activating the frequencies of vibrant health, wellbeing and beauty that is your birthright. It's time to be pain free and feel great in your body! Move through whatever is going on in your body that doesn't feel good into a place of ease and be free of pain, illness, and self judgement.

Cancer undetectable:

“I am 32 years old. I had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosed in May 2008, treated with chemotherapy and radiation that ended February 2009. It was in remission since that time, but my last PET scan results showed there was some problem and I had to go in for more tests to confirm. I was very upset and I feared how would I convey this to my parents that there is some problem in my report and what will be their reaction. I was referred to April by a friend. I live in India, and had a distance therapy session where April told me in advance that report would be positive but I will be alright. After the session, I found I no longer had any fear in my mind and I felt myself to be in a brighter mood and energetic state. My PET scan prior to my session with April did result as showing a recurrence of my disease, but tests done after when my doctor did FNAC twice (once under CT guidance once under ultrasound guidance to confirm) came back negative. There were no cellular elements for lymphoma found. My family and I are very thankful to April for the healing I received and relieving my stress at the right time with her strong methodology and intuitions.”

~ Sukhvinder S., Medical Billing Manager

Life threatening asthma gone:

“I was at a point in my life where stressors led to some serious health problems. I visited with April not knowing what to expect or how it would impact me. Through my work with April, I was able to heal from trauma that had left me emotionally paralyzed and physically a wreck. With her help, I was finally able to let go of beliefs and thought patterns that had been plaguing me most of my life. Doctor's labeled my asthma as "life threatening". This asthma had led to many hospitalizations. I have worked in the healthcare field for 20 years and April did what no doctor had been able to do yet, and that was control my asthma. I know April to be a very spiritual, talented healer. She is truly in touch with The Source. I've started to feel free of my past. My life is much richer from my work with her.”

~ Paige P., Hospital Administration

Surgery no longer needed:

“After one session and using April's mp3's, I cancelled my shoulder surgery. I am healing on my own now!”

~ Craig R., Construction Project Manager

Cancer in dog eliminated:

“My sweet dog, Maya, was diagnosed with Stage II Mast Cell cancer. After having several tumors removed through surgery, my poor boxer had another one appear on her shoulder blade just three days later.. The veterinarian told me that she was past the point where any treatment would help. April was able to work on her briefly that evening, and again the next morning. After the second session, Maya slept all day and barely moved. I literally almost burst into tears the next morning when we got up, and she was doing her happy dance with full-on wiggle butt. The tumor even felt different the next morning after April worked on her - like liquid instead of hard and grainy. She had a follow-up visit with her vet later that same day, and had the third tumor aspirated and sent off for analysis. Two days later, I was informed that what appeared to be exactly like the other mast cell tumors was just a "cyst" and not another mast cell tumor.... Yeah... Right.... April, I am convinced, was able to literally change the matrix of that tumor and changed its energetic make-up. I am beyond moved and grateful that she was able to help my girl in this way…She has remained cancer free since then and I am convinced that I have many years left with my Maya, and know April has changed her quality of life...Amazing that there is "proof" (for those that need concrete proof) that this work is beyond amazing and life-changing... Thank you April!!!”

~ Melanie W.


Activate Your Money Flow - Frequencies of Wealth

Running Time: 13:00

An insightful and powerful activation to release the obvious and not so obvious blocks to you and your natural state of wealth and abundance and activate the frequencies of effortless abundance and receiving. Want your money to show up? This activation guides you through changing the way you feel about money and receiving and moving into more consistent thoughts and feelings of abundance. Release whatever is active within you that holds you back from feeling great about money, and then activating the higher frequencies of wealth and abundance with a sense of joy, freedom, and playfulness.

50% increase in income:

“I got laid of from work unexpectedly a few years ago. After my session, not only did my panic subside so that I could think clearly, but within a couple of days I had 3 job offers, and ended up taking a job that gave me an almost 50% pay increase from the one I had just lost. I started my new job less than a week from the day I got laid off and I still like it so much better than my old job.”

~ Ben, Corporate Technology Officer

Received over $13,000 within 8 days of session:

“I had a couple of sessions with April to work on money issues. Within 8 days of my last session, I had over $13,000 show up from four different unexpected sources. I cannot wait to see what comes next!”

~ Tara S., Graphic Designer and Artist


Invincible Safety and Protection

Running Time: 10:50

This activation will leave you whole and complete, safe and secure, while deeply rooted into yourself. Release fear while activating your powerful crystalline light shield that is programmed to protect you from all lower vibrational energy. Remove entities, implants, and any other source of outside influence. Learn to ground and release other people's energy, and maintain your own higher vibrational frequency and emotions no matter where you are or who else is around you. This is perfect for Empaths who feel overwhelmed by other people's energy - not anymore!

Weight loss and Self Esteem:

“I first went to see April to lose some weight. I was at the end of my rope having tried almost every other traditional and holistic weight loss method. After just a few sessions, I watched as the pound dropped, but even more importantly to me I began to feel better about myself, to see myself and my life differently. The apathy, frustration, and anger I felt went away and I had an increase in my energy and felt the desire to be active and move. I now am on track to having my body and health back.”

~ Andrea B


Creativity and Joy, Activating your Passion and Life Purpose

Running Time: 9:47

An activation that will connect you to the source of all creativity and bring you back to your flow and passion for life . Experience a life lived as an active creation. Release any resistance to your creative flow and move into a place of feeling divinely connected, joyful, and passionate about what you do. Learn to love your creative process, as well as what you create. Move through any blocks or procrastination and feel that sense of ease, freedom, and joy. Activate a beautiful sense of lightness, playfulness, and positive expectation where everything works out for you. Feel the freedom and joy of expressing your highest potential.

Unstuck- moving forward in life:

“I came to see April initially for an interview for Indie Ogden, but I left profoundly changed from the session she did for me. I instantly felt a calmness and peace around April. After talking for what felt like minutes (and was in fact an hour), April had me lay back on her couch and relax. I won't go into specific details, but the session left me feeling relaxed and at peace. I sat up feeling lighter, a bit fizzy in the head, and I felt open. Open to change, healing, and a healthier perspective on life. I can’t even begin to list everything that has changed but I have sought out healthier relationships, I get outdoors more often, I changed some eating habits, I re-enrolled in college, I re-started my business, and everything I have set forward to do in the past two months I have done...”

~ Kristen Guthrie Brandt - for Indie Ogden

Breakthrough in Performance blocks:

“I had hit a wall in my athletic performance and my game was off when I had a session with April. Baseball is my life, so I was willing to try anything. I was amazed at how much of a difference it actually made. I not only broke through the wall, but also started having way more fun during games and even at practice. I'm going back to work on improving even more.”

~ Brad A.

Passion and Success in Career and Business:

“...Since the session, I have been enjoying life a lot more, and everything is falling into place. Business is booming, everything is getting done, we got some extra space to put in another employee, and the list goes on and on. The blocks are gone and I have been using the tools you have given me. It just keeps getting better and better...”

~ John C

ITEM 10:

Being the Master - Your Intuitive Connection

Running Time: 14:14

Lift all that obscures and clouds your inner intuitive knowing leaving a clear channel to the divine guidance that is your birthright. Release any resistance, fear, or doubt to connecting more fully with your Inner Being and intuitive guidance. Move into a state of awareness where you learn to perceive multi-dimensionally and communicate with your own Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones who have passed on. Get answers to your questions from your own Guides, as well as learn to receive impressions and information about anything or anyone else that you would like to observe. Your intuition is no longer a mysterious thing that you can't figure out, but an effortless, natural part of you that will always guide you perfectly with ease and grace.

Relief from Stress and Struggle:

“...I feel so much lighter, like things just aren't such a big deal anymore. I know I can get through this without losing my mind now.... ”

~ Stacey W.

Overcoming loss of a loved one:

“The healing I received from you[April] last week has helped me immensely. Ever since my partner passed away, I have had a deep sadness in my heart that will lift sometimes for a day or so but always returns. I liken it to depression that comes and goes. I feel like a cloud has been lifted from my spirit after my session with you. I feel so much lighter and happier. You are an angel and very gifted. Thank you so much”

~ Judi E.

2 free bonus tracks

Mp3 downloads

Bonus 1:

Embodying the Life of Your Dreams

Running Time: 9:47

The possibilities are endless as you learn to activate the frequency of what you want to create, and then move forward from that vibrational set point with confidence and faith that what you want is right now lining up for you. Create your ideal body, desired wealth, connected relationships, and whatever else you can imagine. Manifesting is about what you do, it's about the state of consciousness you do things from. Watch how quickly what you ask for shows up for you as you feel it into being.

Bonus 2:

Grounding and Connecting - Anchoring your
Highest Potential

Running Time: 10:18

Ground, clear all aspects of your energy field, and raise your vibration to your highest potential. Take a journey to the center of your Being, where you will connect to and integrate your Higher Self more fully into your body. As we move into 5D reality, being grounded in your body is one of the most important things you can do, as this new energy is all about embodying the higher frequencies in the physical. You will feel a strong sense of clarity and focus, and become acutely aware of your own inner guidance throughout your day. This track is an ideal way to begin and end your day, and anytime you want to raise your frequency and feel good!

Package A

Total Package Value $1200

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99
*** 91% Saving ***

Package B

Includes the 10 Activations of Package A Plus

A 25 minute private phone session with April Olas

Value: $300

This powerful session will be the springboard that helps you to get past whatever you struggle with most. Experience what it is like to have blocks and obstacles cease to exist in your experience as you find that moving forward is simply what you do next, easily and effortlessly. This is a short session, so please have in mind one issue that is a priority for you to address.

April enjoys an extensive client list because of the consistent and lasting results achieved by each person in their personal areas of concern. Wherever you feel stuck, know that you hold the keys to the realization of that which you desire. April is the conduit that will allow you to tap in to that part of you which is already whole and perfect, where you already enjoy authentic and spontaneous self-expression, and are vibrantly healthy and alive. You will be amazed at how easy this quantum leap is, and how different you will immediately feel.

Listed below are some of the results April's clients experience:

  • Sudden, unexpected spikes in income and receiving in many forms.
  • Freedom from struggle and stress
  • A return of harmony in challenging relationships, and the manifestation of new and even more fulfilling relationships.
  • Ease in manifesting what you DO want and relief from the endless cycle of 'trying'
  • A state of vibrant health and wellbeing
  • Spontaneous remission of incurable medical issues
  • A deeper and more profound connection to your higher self and intuition
  • Confidence and beauty that radiates from the inside outwards
  • Breakthrough results in creativity, career, and expression
  • Rediscovering Joy and Passion in life, Being Happy again
  • Ease in maintaing a higher vibration and feel good no matter who or what is going on around you
  • A comfort and confidence that you can handle any situation that arises because you now have the tools to move through whatever it is, immediately.
  • Freedom from negative emotional reactions to situations that you’re dealing with.
  • Thriving and expanding beyond trauma and abuse
  • Peaceful and serene mental state
  • Effortless and authentic self-expression.

Package B

Total Package Value $1500

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $147
*** 90% Saving ***

About April Olas:

April (1)In today’s fast-paced world filled with a buffet of options, people choose April for results that are quick and long lasting. Through her own journey and her extensive personal practice, and with over a decade of experience, April has designed a system that will take you beyond clearing and into a life of conscious creation. There is hardly a subject April has not touched from working with people all around the world. Consistently, her clients report instant shifts on whatever subject is addressed with a chain reaction of break-through results. April will restore you to the driver’s seat, giving you the power to be the architect of an astonishing and joyful adventure. April’s intention through her work is to shift every client out of a place of struggle and into a state of elevated consciousness where they are able to express and manifest their highest potential for the wellbeing of All.


Discount: 91% Off
Total Package Value $1200
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99


Discount: 90% Off
Total Package Value $1500
From Heartache to Joy
Introductory Offer $147

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