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Empower through Inner Alchemy

Embrace the Divine Spark within With Aparna’s

Divine Matrix - Your reality Purger

  • Embrace the divine blue print of your soul and shine the light of love all around you.
  • Become aware of your own thoughts that are limiting your identity to where you are now. You are not a constricted being. In fact you are one with God and hence have all the potential to shine the same light.
  • Be able to pay attention to your surroundings and your interaction with people around you. That’s the biggest clue for your reality of where you are at this pre-sent moment.
  • Joyfully create your reality with complete awareness of what you really want to create and see how your life transforms with flow of energy.


"Aparna could see that I had some heavy energies stuck in me, so she suggested that I receive her special 11 day healing protocol to move out stuck energy. It felt like Aparna went to the deep places in me that were like the toxic landfills and cleaned them up. She was able to see that I had suffered from a lot of abuse from the men in my life, even though I never mentioned it to her. I rarely feel energy healing in my body, but this time I had physical symptoms of detox, like one might expect to experience on a cleanse or fast. At the end, I felt like a new woman! I felt light, confident, energized and vibrationally higher. I feel more in touch with Source and I am better able to handle energy. I sleep better and wake up refreshed. I am so grateful for Aparna’s generous spirit and spot on intuition. Her healing energy blasts through blocks and wakes up the soul. Do whatever you have to do to work with her; she is amazing!"

~ Easter A.


Divine Matrix - Your Reality Purger: 21 days of Recorded Calls plus Bonuses.

Discount: 31% Off
Total Package Value $144
From Heartache to Joy
Special Offer $99


Divine Matrix - Your Reality Purger: 21 days of Recorded Calls + Bonuses + 11 Days of Remote Healing Session

Discount: 68% Off
Total Package Value $394
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127

Package A

Divine Matrix Your Reality Purger

Are you ready to fully be present for 21 days of Lord Ganesha’s (remover of obstacles) playfulness, activation into Goddess Lakshmi’s  Abundance Code and receive sacred geometry energies infused journeys?

Then join Aparna Vemuri’s 21 days Intensive program

In this 21 days program, Aparna will lead you through energy infused journeys that will activate your own awakening into a new reality. You will learn to organize your thoughts, prioritize your goals and claim and work towards your purpose.

21 days program,

  • Is an instrument to deeply instill the awareness of abundance.
  • Connects you with the true essence of who you are.
  • Removes the obstacles and paves a clear path to reach full potential to be a better person.
  • Brings a sense of acceptability for your actions and fully take responsibility for your life.
  • Improves your ability to connect with divine mother and her many forms.
  • Teaches you how to be in tune with higher frequencies.
  • Connects you to the child like curiosity.
  • Teaches you to be vulnerable in a positive way.
  • Connects you to your inner guidance and work hand in hand in your daily activities.


"The course overall was excellent and thank you for allowing me to participate The simple yet profound message I seem to have realized is “To live life by shedding all inhibitions”and I am living it!!!. Thank you Aparna for the great gift!!!."

~ Vidya.N India.

"I bought Aparna's package with the 11 Days of Healing and the 21 Days of Abundance course. I would just like to give some feedback and say that she is amazing, that both healings were very powerful and the course went so deep, and was very exciting! She's amazing!"

~ BT

"Words cannot describe the impact of Aparna’s abundance course! This 21 days intense, effective, remarkable, life changing course had several positive impact on me:"

  • Accepting, relieving and graciously forgiving and letting go of unwanted psychological trash due to circumstances gave me hope for future
  • Aparna with her non-judgmental, practical, intuitive, genuine and loving approach, guided us through the process that is priceless!
  • Learning to forgive ourselves with dignity, cutting the cords from negative circumstantial residues, and accepting our path towards divinity has changed my life forever!
  • Being shaped by life’s turmoil, Aparna showed me how to allow myself to be vulnerable in a positive manner. This is a feat in itself because of my rigid self-defense layers
  • Felt we grew in all facets of our lives towards hope and abundance and understand the true meaning of our existence and how to convert negativity into learning life lessons for a happy, hopeful future.
  • This course and especially with Aparna’s loving, and genuine guidance helped us to troubleshoot and decode our life’s unwanted garbage to a path of eternal abundance!
  • A course is brought to life and effective mainly by the teacher/Guru. There were several courses I have seen for the past 10 years but never could get any fruitful benefits or even tried harder from my end. But taking Aparna’s abundance course, I’m grateful beyond words! Aparna made sure that we had a safe, non-judgmental group environment to interact and be vulnerable. Thank you so much for everything Aparna!!!!

~ M.R., CA 


"I definitely can't put in one sentence what I have gained as they are not objects but experiences.I can only say that I have actually started living after the abundance course. I have become capable of receiving not just in form of gifts but also in the form of love, messages etc.... Outwardly I appeared to be patient with people even earlier but now I am at peace with myself. Though I am forgetting to intentionally activate the abundance code I believe it is active within all the time. As I want to help others with the knowledge that you are blessing us with, I am joining in a course of diploma in counseling as it will help me to understand them better and also will entitle me to do so. I am so happy to take this major step in my life."

~ Madhuri, India


"I activated the code many times & it worked. The change was perceivable. The latest one was while travelling back to the US my baggage was on the higher side over the regulated wt. , & the Emirates airlines (from Hyd ) were pretty nosy about it & were Not easy on the passengers and people were paying for extra weight , so the code worked here too & got out without any hassles."

~ Lavanya, CA

I am responding rather than reacting!!!!

"I was a skeptic and was not sure when you said there is energy flow in the recording. The moment I started listening to the recording casually, I could start feeling the energy flow and couldn’t resist from sitting in receiving posture The changes so far, people around me are feeling the shifts in me, Which is amazing!!! My mental chatter reduced and I am able to focus and meditate regularly which I couldn’t do for the last two years. Above all I am responding to the situations a lot more than reacting. Thank you for all the shifts you brought in me. God Bless You!!!"

~ Nidam. V., India

Life changed from 0 degrees to 180 degrees!!!

"Before joining the course, I was stuck in all areas of my life for nearly more than 7 years. And because of this, I developed lot of anxiety, stress, anger, frustration and overwhelming ness. I used to think negatively and was filled with all kinds of negative emotions.

Gradually I was losing my hope, confidence, and a situation came up when I broke out and asked higher power to help me out. When I heard about you I felt as if I was guided to participate in your program. During the 21 days I experienced lot of clearing at physical, mental and emotional levels. First few days itself I felt as though I was releasing a lot of stuff and hope and confidence started building in me again. Gradually my perspective to view things, persons and situations improved positively. Before the start of the program intensity levels of my negative emotions are at 10/10 and by the end it was 2-3.

My life changed from 0 degrees to 180 degrees. I am very different person now. The impact of the program was very positive on my life and the people around me. If anyone is considering todo the program I want to let you know, there is no looking back once you join the course and finish the course sincerely. You will not be the same person and you would have left behind your old body, mind to receive new ones and your original soul with which you were born. Just go for it!!!!

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you Aparna!!!!"

~ Smitha. B, Canada.

"Wow, talking about miracle.......I have NO pain in my knees, hips are getting very close to 100%. My skin is getting better. Guess what I am probably is the oldest student. I am 69 years old and very very happy. I know in couple of days I will be 100% This is because of you. Thanks you very much…"

~ Gill., MD

"It is fantastic how I feel much more neutral now, and like am an observer of what is happening, instead of feeling victim. I do not feel anymore as crying of despair for all that is happening! Like if I discover I have a power finally!!! And that all that is happening is ok, and I can choose to let this affect me or not - wow that is fabulous! for the first time in my life!!! Also, the relation with my Partner is getting better, which is something I had almost given up on...

I have a feeling that I deserve to be paid more for what I do, it is an awesome feeling!!!"

~ Anonymous

"Thank you Aparna, you changed my life completely, I needed so much a shift like this, I asked for it a long time ago, did many clearings with different healers; but this time is big!!! You are powerful and calm, and gentle also - which is fantastic!

I had given up spiritual path many many years ago, when a "Guru" (human - not deity) took advantage of me and other "disciples". Now since one year, my life conditions made me go back to spirituality, and discovered great things thanks to the internet! like your teachings and your gifts of Healing - fantastic!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!"

~ Gionette


"I have been practicing “activating abundance code”, I see some effect but am sure this can be improved. Though I have not received a job offer I am still very positive and “grounded” and that is due to Aparna’s abundance course. I feel my energy field to hold on to more wealth has expanded. It so happened that somehow unexpected money came in which is helping me during this time, maybe this curbed my fear and anxiety. I feel that my “clarity of thought” has gone up a tab bit."

~ Sudhir, India

"I noticed a change in that he has wanted to connect and talk with me more. He has seemed very positive and happy the last few days. I just wanted to let you know. He does seem more calm."

~ Martin

"Thank you so much for the amazing meditation we did on day 14 (I think). It was truly awesome in every sense and I look forward to receiving many many miracles.

I will definitely be listening to it again and again.

Thank you to you, your guides and team from my heart.."

~ Florina

"what an honor last night you started the meditation with my questions "head to Toe"

It was great healing as always, My body is very happy, And thanking you big time."

~ C. J.

Dear Aparna,
I don't have words to express you my gratitude. You know how much I been wanting to get hired in the wonderful position I interviewed for on Monday, well, one of the main reasons was to increase my salary to be able to pay for my son university. Today we received the bill for it and we have a $400.00 credit in his tuition bill!!! (In 3 days another email)

Just wanted to share with you two blessings I receive today:

  1. My son received $2,500 scholarship yay!!!
  2. I called to find out if the position I applied a week ago was already filled. The lady I talked wit told me that they haven't decided yet, that they will let me know one way or another. To my understanding this means I have an opportunity!! So excited!!!

~ Dr. Umana

"Also, when I think of ME, I feel like sending myself love; before I wanted to give this to everyone to help them, now I feel I give it to me! NEVER DONE OR FELT THAT BEFORE - THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!

Thank you for everything, my life is shifted so much. I have been going up
and down with emotions but i feel I am ok with that."

"I saw black thick TAR flowing down my spine into the earth, I cannot imagine what and how much clearing must have been done, permanently. Thank you so much for that. God Bless the group too.

Although I Was quite tired and sleepy through the day pulling along, after the healing now, I Really feel better and more energetic. My husband says his headache is gone too! Great thank u!!!"

~ D.L, USA

"I feel so i am losing my false self and my old points of reference."

~ Claudia

"I can actually feel my whole body and cells getting excited. This is amazing as since my accident I have usually been unfeeling and lack of lustre and energised feelings due to some injuries ...

what a group of people to be part of to create this amazing feeling in me. "

~ Jen

"Hi Aparna!!!
I also want to thank you so much!!! I did the clearing yesterday, using the recording, and I feel wonderful!!!!I I feel free, full of energy and with my heart very light and open. It's like a weight has been removed, especially from my heart!!! Thank you!!"

~ Camilla

  • More hope, energy, sex drive (very new)
  • Shift in the unconscious mind, which allowed me to jump back on the right tracks for me
  • Determination to get my life healthier in all areas.

A huge thank you for your loving support through the Eram Saeed package.
Many blessings to you

~ K.M ., Netherlands

Plus you get these bonuses!!

Bonus 1:

Manifestation Meditation

44rThis is channeled information from Sanaka kumara one of the four sons of Creator Lord Brahma. He defines chakras from different perspective and how we can empower ourselves by following these simple steps and manifest with real conviction and sense of fulfillment. Learn how you start manifesting with a sense of serving the humanity and be in the joy of contributing back to mother Earth who gave us everything to live a joyful life on this planet.

"This meditation session related specifically and authentically to my realm and experience that I would have never imagined before. This meditation helped me hit the root cause of the obstacle to reach my full potential and paved a clear path for understanding to be a better self…."

~ Malini CA

Bonus 2:

Stop dancing to the tunes of emotions

"I used to exaggerate every small incident and think too much about it. This made me very emotional. For example when I returned home after spending summer with cousins, I used to think of all the good times we spent together and how I would be missing it from the next day and cry uncontrollably. Even long after the summer I would get overwhelmed with sadness every time I thought about it. Listening to the audiotape of “Stop dancing to the tunes of emotions” a couple of times made me emotionally stronger. Even though I never really sat and meditated, only listening to the audio right before going to bed when my mother played it for me on the days I was feeling especially bad, I must admit that it helped me a great deal in keeping emotions in check. I have learned to see things as they are and live in the present instead of thinking about the past and the future. Thank you very much!!! "

~ Aruna, Student in India.

56rThis is a three chakra meditation. The more we try to deny our emotions by suppressing them as and when they arise or pushing them from our consciousness will only bring back a sudden surge of uncontrollable emotions. It’s hard to name these feelings as its mixed emotions rather than one or two emotions. Liberate yourself from these tunes and enjoy the freedom of positive thoughts and feelings. Immediately after listening to this meditation you will feel a great release and sense of calm and peace encircling you.

" I felt so empowered, feeling peace deep within and started doing everything with love. I feel I am reborn and my life is full of magic!!!!"

~ Teresa, San diego.

Bonus 3:

Chakra Tune in

15Chakras are the energy centers that keep us balanced. If any chakra is out of balance it affects the rest of the chakras too. This audio helps to align and tune the chakras to their optimal frequency to bring balance to the chakras.

"The Chakra Tune in is incredibly helpful to calm down my nerves and is something that I always use to keep myself balanced. In one instance, I was stressed out and feeling overwhelmed. On top of this, I was running late and had to cancel an event I wanted to attend. As a result I was very frustrated and didn’t know how to handle my anger in the moment. After listening to the Chakra Tune In, I was significantly more relaxed and had a better handle on emotions. I saw a drastic change in my behavior within a matter of minutes. I can honestly say the Chakra Tune In worked wonders!!!"

~ S.Dev., Student Calpoly, CA

"As we approached the Anahata(Heart) Chakra I felt heaviness in my heart from keeping lots and lots of emotions not taking time to look into it and clear. As you were explaining (although I was aware of it) the good and bad effects on us , I decided then and there I will replace my feelings with love and compassion and let go of things. I felt a sense of relief and sense of freedom."

~ Rao., San Diego

Bonus 4:

Identify yourself with ultimate reality

42rThis meditation helps you to connect with the rhythm of the PRANA the life force. This conscious connection with prana brings more awareness to the reality that there is an unseen force behind all our actions that is guiding us to become more aware of its presence deep within.

Bonus 5:

Addictions Eraser

Bathe in the sound vibrations of powerful Mantra that surrounds and sets you free from addictions. Enjoy peace of mind.

Bonus 6:

Eternal Energy Infusion

Sound audio infused with energy process to transform any negative thought and emotion into positive.  Experience and see it with your own inner eye.

Package A

Divine Matrix - Your Reality Purger - 21 Days Program

Total Package Value $144

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 31% Saving ***

Package B

Includes Package A plus bonuses

11 days of Remote Healing Session

(To shift any physical or emotional issues)

52Ready to release “I”llness and embrace “we”llness?

Let go of ego "I"llness that keeps you constricted and accept "We"llness that expands you to greater awareness. When you are sick the Illness keeps you constricted where as if you are healthy by accepting "We"llness vibration in the form of healing that will help you to expand.  Here ego "I"  is the fear and "we" is divinity.

Remotely I will be working on any one issue that you want addressed.


Most commonly reported shifts with 11 days session include:

  • The joy of freedom from physical and emotional pain.
  • Let go off procrastination
  • Improve relationship with self and others.
  • Feeling more contentment
  • Be more aware of one’s emotions
  • Moving towards healthy life styles.
  • Accepting the self with all limitations.
  • Aware of trigger spots and situations and carefully maneuver.
  • Be calm and peaceful in stress and drama of life situations.
  • Abandonment to sense of inner peace.
  • Release feminine discomforts.
  • Hopelessness to optimistic
  • Awakening to inner guidance.

No need to open my finger!!!!/ She did some magic on my finger

"My right hand got hurt 15 days ago.  It was swollen, pus is formed and slowly the pain started increasing and I couldn’t move my finger because of the pain.  I went to doctors and started antibiotics and they told if it won’t get any better need to operate to remove the pus.  At this stage I approached Aparna.   When she first started the pain level was 10 and within 20 minutes it reduced to 6.  In 24 hours the pain level was 1.  In 5 days the pus got cleared and the hard skin peeled off.  That’s really amazing!!!"

~ Sai A.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 5

"Miraculous!!! Receiving energy healing from Aparna has been a wonderful gift. I regained myself, and for that I am so grateful! Thanks to her, I know feel safe and free to live my purpose, my feeling of hopelessness is permanently gone! I feel peace and assurance that all is working out to fulfill my dreams. Her guidance is full of patient, love, wisdom and humility, and absolutely different from any I have experienced before. As a side effect, I have been receiving miracles every day. Her work is very powerful and at the same time gentle. Thank you Aparna,
you are beyond expected!!"

~ Dr. Martha

"My intensity has reduced and my income has now become steadier, also I really do feel the power of the words."

~ F.T. UK

"This is my first experience with you and with me too because you made me realize how can I see myself in a purely different perspective!!! "

~ Smith., Canada

"In the 11 days of healing Aparna immediately saw the key obstacle and resolving this has transformed my life. Something that has deeply upset me all my life, and in past lives, has been healed. I hadn't really focused on the 21 days of Abundance thinking it was a bit out of my league but it was amazing. The condition was to “bring all your debris” and she meant it. All the fear, the physical pain, the past life pain, the emotional distress, the whole of everything, known and unknown, that stood in the way of creating abundance. And the absolutely beautiful Divine Energies that came in to fill those clean spaces, they were the best bit. I felt cared for and came to trust Aparna completely, was able to make a huge shift out of fear, and have precious tools for the future."

~ B., NZ.

"Aparna, working with you, helped me to take away a layer of stress and blocages; now I feel I can take power in my life while feeling love for myself. I began to feel calm and centered, even during day-to-day events, which is fantastic!"

~ Ginette, Canada

"I keep losing weight with little effort and I feel very well in my body, in a totally new reality. So again, my deepest gratitude to you and your fantastic work ::)))"

~ Valerie-Ganesha from Switzerland

"I have acute sciatic and a weak left leg. Aparna did some distance healing on my sciatica and I felt the pain level reduce from sharp shooting pain to a more dull reduced pain in the few short sessions that we had. Aparna was very approachable and asked for active feedback on a regular basis from me and personally checked on my progress."

~ Jen

"I approached Aparna to help me clear inflammation and redness in my eyes. Within 4 days after starting 11 days session I noticed improvements. After 11 days my eyes are back to normal and I noticed that some deep hidden fear also released. I am glad that I opted for this option than using medication. It’s almost 2 months now and I am still free of redness!!!"

~ N. Nag Bengaluru


“After we moved to a new school district, our son started in an excellent school. The first two months went fine. Then the teacher started to notice that he was losing focus in studies; he would miss homework deadlines and sometimes would not convey necessary school info to us. He was sort of feeling lost and low due to several reasons: change of school, new environment, new friends, issues and arguments at home, etc. To compensate for these, he started showing more interest in dressing up, wearing the latest fashion, expressing himself thru external appearance; in one sense, this is a good sign of him being up to date, being clean and tidy but it cannot happen at the expense of school performance. This is when my wife contacted Aparna. She examined his energy and told us that his issues to be addressed immediately as ignoring this would have long term consequences. Aparna started remote sessions and we could see improvement immediately. Within three weeks, he shot back up to his original form. His teacher was very much pleased and said he needs to continue this in 2015 after Christmas break. After the holidays, in January, he performed even better than before. In fact, he was the best in the class and earned Best Student of the Month in January. We no more worry about him.”

~ Pat, ca

Chronic suffering gone in 3 days!!!!

“I was diagnosed with "Pityriasis Rosea" by my family doctor and said there's no medication to cure it and it'd take its own course of time and heal by itself. Having suffered for almost 4-weeks by taking double and sometimes triple the dose of antihistamines to bear with the itching, decided to try this alternate healing technique. The first day I took the treatment remotely, though I didn't see much improvement in my itchy condition I did see the change in color of the lesions from pink/rose to brownish red. In 3-days. I observed phenomenal improvement in my condition and it appeared as if spread of the rash is pushed to the edges of the body viz., feet and forearms. Within a week, the rash and lesions on the main body got healed and by the next week it's completely gone. Having known my own condition based on the information available/gathered from various sources, it would have definitely taken several more weeks had I not taken this healing and left my conditions take its own course of healing. Having experienced the miracle working, I would say I'm glad that I opted for this treatment. Thank you!!!!”

~ Narayana... Bay Area

Got rid of lot of stuff in just 11 days!!!!!

“11 day healing session opened up profound things that were hiding behind the troubles I am having. It made me more conscious about what I needed to do and what I want to have in my life. At the beginning I felt very anxious while the work was done, when days went by, I started feeling calmer and in peace. Had a lot of meaningful dreams throughout the 11 days. The cleaning of my walls was really magical, thank you…….got rid of many things that got stuck from my past, feelings, fights, words said, and bad memories.”

~ Dina, Mexico

Felt changes within hours of starting the 11 days!

“Because I came to Aparna with a personal issue I hadn't been able to shift, and as it was a remote 11day process, I didn't think I would get much change, let alone something within hours of starting. However the most important thing I'd like to share is post-process. It was only after i was faced with a situation in which my issue normally occurrs, that I realized it hadn't. I am so grateful for finding Aparna and taking the opportunity to work with her. I'd recommend her to anyone especially those who have an issue that is difficult to articulate yet very real emotionally. Her skills are subtle yet profoundly effective.”

~ Kathy

Flat and Resigned to Appreciative and Hopeful!!!!

“I have had an emotional issue feeling like I have failed at my life and had this as long as I can remember. I feel invisible, disconnected from real connection. All I have been asking was to have some fun, joy and peace. I wanted to connect to my essence rather than being like nothing and just waiting for sleep each night because the dream time seems more real than the waking time. The sessions with Aparna helped me in so many ways. I have been getting ideas, insights and feel very peaceful. My overall emotional level has shifted from flat and resigned to appreciative and hopeful. I am more aware of the Universe around me and the ways Spirit speaks to me. I am so appreciative of what we accomplished. Thank you!!!!”

~ Lynda

Immediate Improvements for sleep, constipation and psoriasis.

“My hair which has been thinning since I was still a teenager is one issue that has bothered me. I was about 16 when it started and now I am 41. I have held myself back in many many ways because of my hair. The emotional intensity was 8/10. When Aparna started working on me I could see changes in many areas of my physical body. First and foremost my constipation improved alot. My sleeping patterns improved and I started sleeping really well. To be frank I wasn't expecting these to change. My psoriasis on my leg decreased in its size and coming to my hair I totally feel neutral about my thin hair now. Not only that I used to take multi vits. regularly to stop my hair fall. Now, I am not taking any vits. yet my hair is not falling and finally my nails are not breaking. The healing helped me be okay towards my thin hair but had all these added benefits in my sleep, constipation and psoriasis. Thank you so much Aparna!!!!”

~ Sheri, Pakistan

4 Years of pain gone in 10 days!!!

“I have been suffering with pain at the base of my tail bone for over 4 years. I have been using medication but didn't help much. I requested healing from Aparna. She offered 11 day healing. For the first five days I didn't find any noticeable changes in my pain but on 6th day my pain level reduced by 70% and by 10th day its completely gone. Its almost a month now and I am still pain free. Thank you Aparna!!!”

~ Uma, India

Relief from Dizziness!!!

“Aparna Vemuri helped me minimize the dizziness and pressure in my head sustained from a head injury six years ago. I feel like I can do more than I could before when it comes to mobility.I had tried other things to help like mediation and other healers but none have helped as much as getting a treatment from Aparna. Aparna is a kind generous person who I loved working with for healing. I would recommend her services most definitely!”

~ Melissa, USA

JEFF“Aparna has given me much in the way of healing energy. I was despairing a lack of connection with Source, having obscured it with doubt and mistrust. Aparna helped show me, both logically and energetically how I had obscured my connection with Source; that I had been subconsciously blaming myself for the individuation process most of us use to attain a human birth. With her help, I am able to sense the actual connection with Source that was never really absent, transforming my distrust of the Universe into an experience of wonderment.”

~ Gratefully, Jeff Hoffman

Sleepless nights to restful sleep!!!

“My son has difficulty in sleeping at night. He couldn’t sleep and have lot of fear and getting up many times at nights screaming. In the evenings his ears turns to red and he becomes restless and he has some emotional disturbance. Aparna started healing and a day after he slept well and a week after he is still sleeping well at nights and no more fear of darkness and restlessness. Thanks Aparna!!!”

~ Matts., CA

vesnar“When I wrote to Aparna for the first time I felt like I couldn’t move. There were so much stuff experienced but not shared and so many emotions wanting to be expressed at the same time that I just felt lost. The highest future I could imagine for myself was “not being in this place”.
Having Aparnas energetic support made me feel safe to explore those emotions one by one. I am not “there” yet, but I have much more clarity about where I am going. I got myself a dream :)”

~ Thank you,

Package B

Divine Matrix - Your Reality Purger: 21 days of Recorded Calls + Bonuses + 11 Days of Remote Healing Session

Total Package Value $394

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127
*** 63% Saving ***

Note: Refund will not be processed once your healing session commences.

About Aparna Vemuri:

Aparna VemuriAparna was born and brought up in India. Ever since she was a kid very much interested in spirituality and having conversations with higher beings gave her a concrete foundation on how she is going to use these teachings in her healing work. She is an Energy Worker, Intuitive, Channel, Feng shui practitioner, Reiki teacher and life coach. Her healing journey started in 1998. Ever since she has been working with people by empowering them to take their personal journey transform to betterment. She facilitates a safe environment where she guides people to let go off all the emotional junk they have been holding for so long. This helps people to radiate their true essence which always shines with divine spark that others can easily recognize the shifts. Her work helps people around the globe to awaken to the higher consciousness and accept their spark within by dissipating the fear that keeps them stuck in a place of victimhood.


Divine Matrix - Your Reality Purger: 21 days of Recorded Calls plus Bonuses.

Discount: 31% Off
Total Package Value $144
From Heartache to Joy
Special Offer $99


Divine Matrix - Your Reality Purger: 21 days of Recorded Calls + Bonuses + 11 Days of Remote Healing Session

Discount: 68% Off
Total Package Value $394
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127

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