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Just one session with Annett can transform your life to experience a big shift, and to truly experience a new reality, multiple sessions are key. Annett has the ability to see your negative beliefs & fear, how to remove them and coach you through your toughest blocks WHILE doing her incredibly powerful energy clearings.

Trained as a Life Transformed Coach (through Rikka Zimmerman) she can help you to release all that is holding you back from fully living in your power and having the life you want!

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Exclusively For FHTJ Community at over 50% Off
Choose one of the 3 Options Offered Below

Yes! I want 12 Priority VIP Sessions Now - $2300
Yes! I want 6 Priority VIP Sessions Now - $1482
Yes! I want 3 Priority VIP Sessions Now - $1041

Here's what people are saying:


Donna-Mcrae (1)In one session we cleared negative beliefs related to money, was able to see my money “persona” and cleared the belief that money is unsafe/not able to keep money! Released all struggle around money/success and reprogrammed her subconscious mind to have money come easily! Connected to inner child to release negative beliefs/guilt around self judgement. An energy activation to clear parents negative money beliefs/anxiety. Feeling confident and taking my power back, activated to abundance!!

~ Donna


“Annett helped me understand my relationship with money and my attitude towards accepting payment for services to my customers. I had several breakthroughs where I was able to release my blocks around opening the flow to receiving abundance. Annett is a gifted healer indeed!”

~ Shamir Ladhani


“The past year I've had some big challenges that have been holding me back in my business that I knew needed addressing but wasn't sure where to start. After one call with Annett, I was able to put these issues behind me and close the door on them forever. I was really impressed with how she was able to get right to the root of my problems so quickly. I would highly recommend contacting her to help you work through your issues.

~ Nat Green


“I'm so full of love from our session. You helped me in unexpected ways to let go of things that don't serve me anymore and expand to infinite possibilities! This was not only words but truly went into action in my life! I'm blessed and full of light. Thank you for helping me connect with my true being and alignment with my soul. Now I can move forward into my soul's purpose! Much Love”

~ Katri Levonen


“I have been attending Annett's group meditations and enjoy being with like minded people, I especially get the most out of the guided meditations she leads for us! I find many answers to my questions for myself while Annett is divinely guided. The wealth of knowledge this lady has and the connections that are made is mind boggling! Thank you and bless you! ”

~ Sherri-Anne


Annett Schneider recently give me a healing treatment for my neck that was so successful I haven't had recurring pain. This is especially amazing because this is due to an injury that other practitioners have been treating for years! I highly recommend Annett's work and hope that you too will feel whole and happy again as I have.”

~ Vicki Starfire


janatI can`t get over how powerful my session with Annett was, it was profound. Annett scanned my body and provided clear insight about what was going on with my kidneys, adrenal glands, and related fatigue.

Annett also helped me get to the root energetic cause of some inertia I had been experiencing and cleared those energies.

Annett beautifully facilitated our session in which angelic and other beings came forward with messages, guidance, and activations.

We cleared up some ancient ancestral energies and activated energies of joy and prosperity. Since our session earlier this week, I feel far more centered and grounded, and my energy levels are increasing. I have also had fresh enthusiasm for some projects which are important to me. I highly recommend Annett’s energy and healing work to you.

~ Janet Doerr, The Intuitive Nutritionista, Medical Intuitive


“During the session I learned it's time for me to start being in my power and live my truth as I have been giving away my power most of my life. I was afraid to speak up and express myself. After the session, I am now able to handle difficult people and situations in a more confident, calm way with authority!

~ Thea Cosma


“I would like to share great results after a healing session with Annett.
We worked on clearing my emotional blocks connected with the female (mother's) energy as well as physical blocks, which manifested in my body as multiple cysts on my cervix.

Immediately after the session I felt lighter and clearer, but was completely amazed when the next Ultra Sound showed a big improvement in the physical condition of the cervix!

Thank you, Annett, your powerful session helped me a lot in dealing with stubborn limiting energies. I recommend Annett to anyone who would like to deal with old energy blocks. Experience for yourself a healthier body and a flow of positive emotions!

~ Inna Van Der Velden, Acupuncturist, healer


“It is difficult to put into words how Annett has positively impacted my life. When I first saw Annett, I wasn’t even certain why I was feeling so blue. Annett was able to pinpoint the issues and, using Psych-K, we reversed the negative beliefs. A few Psych-K sessions & Reiki, I feel like my old self again. Annett offers remarkable skills, knowledge and compassion in helping others.”

~ Lisa Francis

Exclusively For FHTJ Community at over 50% Off
Choose one of the 3 Options Offered Below

Yes! I want 12 Priority VIP Sessions Now - $2300
Yes! I want 6 Priority VIP Sessions Now - $1482
Yes! I want 3 Priority VIP Sessions Now - $1041

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