The must-have energetic transition tools for major life changes, wild leaps of faith and a massive upgrade of your physical reality. Finally become a match the awesome success that is on the other side of the deep inner work you have already done!

So, you’ve been doing the work…forgiving the past, creating clarity of your desires, and getting conscious of your thoughts, actions and words. You’re eating better, meditating more and investing in your life and wellbeing. You’ve been digging DEEP and moving bravely into the world of inner healing, personal growth and true life transformation. You’re doing everything that you’ve heard will raise your vibration, amplify your intuition and make you a match to a life you love.

And suddenly you find yourself…

  • Going through a divorce or break-up
  • Grieving the death of a beloved human or animal in your life
  • Experiencing a job loss or income decrease
  • Ending a training or program with no clear prospects or opportunities
  • With your moods and emotions in flux
  • Having weird or scary dreams
  • With a new physical health issue or a reoccurring old health challenge
  • In the middle of drama in your relationships at work or home
  • Having to make move locations without feeling much tangible support to do so
  • …or otherwise playing whack-a-mole with problems you thought you were SO done with!

Or maybe you’ve been working towards a big dream, goal or desire and you feel confident and ready. Yes, your ducks are finally in a row to go for it and make the jump!

And suddenly you feel…

  • Stuck and uninspired, with “Creator’s block”
  • Unable to feel or hear your intuitive guidance
  • A lack of faith in the universe or your abilities
  • Distrusting of yourself, other people or your desires
  • Stressed and overwhelmed
  • Physically ill
  • Terrified, panicked or anxious
  • Low-energy, low libido and exhausted
  • Insecure and with a hankering to hide under your bed, your kitchen table or anywhere you can be invisible

Stop, Listen, Connect.

Hear me loud and clear: There’s nothing WRONG with you.

You CAN get to the other side of this transition…with style, grace and BLISS! 

In fact, if you resonate with what I’ve written above, then consider this a sign that ARE raising your vibration and becoming a true match to health, happiness, love and success.

…Sound weird? Well here’s the thing nobody wants to acknowledge about permanent healing and high-level manifestation…

It often gets gritty before it gets pretty!

As we rise up, whatever had previously held us down in the past gets shaken off as energetic sediment, the way a plant shakes off soil as it surges out of the ground.

And if you are not supported to clearly understand and work with the transitional process that occurs when you are shifting frequencies you will throw in the towel right before the miracle occurs!

This is why so many people are tolerating a mediocre reality without the dream career, lover or lifestyle they really, truly wanted. They think they gave it a shot, and that it backfired in their face.

And it’s too painful or shameful or illogical to try again.

This is why so many folks are appalled by what’s happening politically, socially and environmentally in our world. They see violence, poverty and lack of integrity in our world and quit stepping up, stepping out and lighting up the vast potential in their global community and planetary home-base.

They don’t realize the veils that hid and suppressed collective pain and oppression are being lifted as Earth makes an unpresented dimensional jump from 3D to 5D and this is the last of it being witnessed so we can clear it.

If you are on the planet with the sensitivity, consciousness and access you have right now…

You are a Soul Innovator.

soul-innovatorA Soul Innovator is one who has chosen on a soul level to introduce new and positive changes to an already existing environment.

You are here to set a new tone and introduce new and positive changes into your already existing environment…for yourself and for the planet. Whatever painful pattern and challenge you are currently experiencing was chosen on a soul level to be cleared by you, rather than perpetuated. This could be a pattern that your ancestry, soul lineage or community has suffered for eons, and at this momentous time on Earth, you decided to embody it, heal and release it from the collective.

This means that whatever your biggest soul wound is currently, you are designed to experience the absolute opposite! Such as…

  • Free-flowing financial prosperity from a space of heart-centered integrity
  • A balanced, satisfying life of fun, relaxation and adventure
  • Resolution and peace with those who are no longer in your physical reality
  • A deeply passionate, loving and exciting intimate relationship
  • Harmony with your family
  • Physical strength and vitality
  • Emotional stability and wellness
  • Visibility, fame and respect for your soul gifts and their impact on the world
  • A beautiful home to work, love, and play from.

To be an innovator in our reality and get to the other side where the gifts are await, requires a time of transition. A time of transition is going to include to change. And oftentimes we experience change as dangerous or even deadly.

Why Change Feels Dangerous

  • Primal Necessity: The development of the human body included the wiring of our brain to see anything as unfamiliar as dangerous and deadly. This was helpful at the dawn of civilization, when we lived in the wild and needed to move into flight or fight mode to escape from a bear or not eat poisonous plants.

    However those same primal responses of fear and stress towards the unfamiliar circumstances are debilitating in modern-day life. We are embodying the same terror or anxiety of a bear attack or eating poison when it comes to having the opportunity to make a positive, fun and exciting life change!

    So even if this change or transition is something we have wanted, it can be incredibly difficult to undertake if we have not experienced this shift successfully in our life.
  • Ancestry: We are encoded on a DNA level to respond to changes or transformation in the same way our ancestors did. If they experienced or believed a certain level of success, visibility or change as dangerous, wrong or impossible we will oftentimes activate that reaction within us as well. Even though, and even especially if that level of good is in truth or birthright and destiny.
  • Past Life Memory: Similar to ancestry, you may be responding to change or an up-leveling or positive change in your life in a fearful or blocked way because of trauma or belief systems that occurred multiple lifetimes ago. As an Innovator, this is the lifetime where you will triumph!

Expert Reviews

Matt"Hey my Friends, I have had the good fortune to work with Alee several times over the last year. No matter who you are, or where you are on your path of transformation and evolution, there are times when getting some help to release what is limiting your ability to move forward, is a very efficient choice to make. After experiencing the facilitation the SiStar Alee offers I completely trust her to shine a light in those places I am not willing to look and not only bring awareness to those issues but to very effectively help me to release the energies behind those issues. Alee has definitely helped me to step forward into success in many areas of my life in a beautiful Heart centred and empowering way, and we always have fun and laughter doing it. Thank You SiStar Alee. Much Love to all."

~ Matt Andrews, Channel and Facilitator for ManTarA.

gina"What Alee does is absolute magic! She set the stage for me transition into a new career with ease, grace and total support. The way she is able to hold space for transformation is absolutely amazing! I feel that I am more myself than I have ever been and am truly living my soul purpose."

~ Gina Brollier, Transformational Healer and Creator of The Goddess Activation

"I can honestly say I have never had a more powerful healing session as far as healing an old, deep and long forgotten wound is concerned!"

eramsaeed“Due to the nature of my work I am blessed to come across and work with some amazing energy healers from around the world. Energy work has changed my life and I am used to feeling energy "shifts" But when I worked with Alee Hoffman, I was totally unprepared for the power of the session. I can honestly say I have never had a more powerful healing session as far as healing an old, deep and long forgotten wound is concerned! It was as if the energy grabbed the buried painful emotion and forced it up and I found myself sobbing on the phone. Within moments it passed and I felt a great sense of peace and calm. Alee Hoffman is definitely someone you want to work with....and I strongly suspect that her gift will grow stronger with time.”

~ Eram Saeed, From Heartache to Joy

"I'm now able to stand more fully in my own power!"

Cristina Bevir“Before my session with Alee, I felt drained from an intense work project, was getting close to burnout, and, had picked up a lot of grief from around me. During the session, Alee worked to clear the grief I had picked up, as well as my own uncleared grief which had been drawing it in. In addition, as well as helping me connect back into the flow of my own energy using a strong golden current of warm and bubbly energy, she cleared old patterns in the way of me creating and holding optimal boundaries in both my personal and professional life, so that I no longer waver like I did when it comes to standing in my own power in certain family and work situations - something I know is a key part to long term thriving. And, what's best is that her energy feels so at home to me, that I won't go a month with connecting in with her and her clearing, healing, or, activations in one way or another. Thank you, Alee - it's a pleasure to be on the planet with you at this time!!!”

~ Cristina Bevir

"I came out of hiding and became a best-selling author working with Alee!"

peg-rose“My life has completely transformed working with Alee. When I first started working with her I was literally in hiding, and there was even a point where I was afraid to be near technology because I had experienced being under electronic surveillance.

Now after our time working together, I am transformed. I am completely out of hiding, I am a #1 best-selling author, and I just launched an incredible new chapter of my healing practice.

Alee has held my hand every step of the way and was there to help me. I regained confidence in myself and in using technology to reach the thousands of people I am here to support!

She really helped me to identify the over-arching theme in my life, so that I could move through my life transition with success and ease. I TOTALLY encourage you to work with Alee- it is a complete life transformation!”

~ Peg Rose, Home Whisperer


  • 9 High Vibe Transitional ToolKit MP3s
  • 2 Facebook Live Stream Video Activations + Recordings

Total Package Value $1,827

Discount: 93% Off
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  • 9 High Vibe Transitional ToolKit MP3s
  • 2 Facebook Live Stream Video Activations + Recordings
  • 4 Raise Your Vibration Activation Recordings
  • Soul Navigation 32-Video Energy Activation Videos.

Total Package Value $4,798

Discount: 97% Off
Sold Out

Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A

This program contains: 9 MP3 Modules for every stage of a transition and 2 Live-Streaming Video Activations + Recordings co-created with you in real time!


Journey to The High Vibe Realm

Value: $157

Format: MP3

journey-to-the-high-vibe-realmImmediately raise the frequency level for a specific space, emotional state, relationship and thought process. In this activation you will connect to your Higher Self and anchor into a High Vibe state. You will then invite everything in your reality- including anything stressing you out through your new life change- to meet you here at this frequency, or else leave your life in Peace. This is a great MP3 to shift the way you are experiencing your health, emotions and relationships and support an easy clearing of anything that has been bringing your vibration down. Instant mood changer! The physical sensation of this MP3 feels FANTASTIC! Open yourself to your own sensual pleasure, healing capacity and ability for transformation


Taking a Helping Hand

Value: $157

Format: MP3

helping-handAre you resentful of the lack of support you are feeling for this transition? Tired of fair-weather friends, inconsistent resources and a dodging the necessary actions steps because you are scared of doing it alone? This MP3 will activate all the “seeds of help” that have been literally been planted every step of your journey your entire life, WAITING to rise up and become a part of your reality as you allow it. You will soon find yourself in a thriving, luscious garden of assistance, allies and supportive, loving situations.


Relax and Surrender

Value: $157

Format: MP3

relax-and-surrenderThe ultimate chill pill! This activation uses the energetic frequency and literal sound of ocean waves. We will work with the Elemental guardians of the earth and the water to release anything that is causing stress, anxiety or worry. You will be introduced to a special healing space that the Earth has created just for you on the Astral Realm. This is also incredibly medicinal for experiences of heartache, grief abandonment or just needing to be relaxed and soothed. If you are in between homes, in the middle of a big move or on a totally unfamiliar schedule, this MP3 will help you to find an inner sanctuary within yourself. This MP3 is also very supportive for encouraging deep, regenerating sleep cycles.


Healing Activation for a Loss

Value: $157

Format: MP3

healing-for-lossAll life changes include the experience of loss. Whether it’s the loss of a familiar routine or identity or the loss of a cherished relationship, home, job or pet it’s integral to heal the energetic wound created by loss in order to move forward with a successful transition. In this activation you will journey to your personal Akashic Records and encounter every soul contract you have made in this lifetime. You will be able to see why how and when these contracts agreed to a release of connection on the physical plane. You will also be held in a supportive energetic field to process your grief, and be connected to the Spirit and Essence of whatever or whomever you have lost. You can then have the meaningful resolutions and conversations you have needed to both speak and hear to move forward. This MP3 is incredibly enlightening- you will shed years of sadness, anger and confusion and at last step into the freedom and forgiveness around this loss you have been seeking.


Energy Medicine Tonic for a Physical Healing Crisis

Value: $157

Format: MP3

energy-medicine-tonicIn a major transition from one lifestyle to another, we also shift from one vibration to another. This often will create a physical healing crisis as our body adjusts to a new frequency and physical symptoms that are no longer a match float to the surface to release. This may look like a cough, sore throat, cold, mild headache, sensitive tummy, skin break-out, an achy body, sensitivity to a food, scent or substance, trouble sleeping or a chronic health issue from the past showing itself briefly. In this activation you will first meet your personal Guardian of Well being. This member of your “non-physical team” wants to support you to come into balance and vitality and out of fear and discomfort quickly.

You will be brought to the root cause of any physical healing crisis you may be experiencing and then receive a full body energy healing treatment working with both your Guardian of Wellbeing AND the healing frequencies Alee has encoded this MP3 with. Great during times of ailment or for a simple boost. Great also before or during meals or physical activity to aid in digestion, nutrition assimilation and physical stamina.


Energy Medicine Tonic for an Emotional Healing Crisis

Value: $157

Format: MP3

energy-medicine-tonicIn a major transition from one lifestyle to another, we also shift from one vibration to another. This often will create a physical healing crisis as our body adjusts to a new frequency and emotional l symptoms that are no longer a match float to the surface to release. This may look like an unresolved or repressed trauma, fear or anxiety from the past revisiting you to be witnessed as your personal Truth and to be released in any way in which it has been disempowering you. It can also be a release of negative energies attached to your family tree or a particular story in your lineage you have stepped up to clear as a Soul Innovator.

It may be processed as high-level emotion, anxiety or even bad dreams. In this activation you will work once again with your personal Guardian of Wellbeing. Your auric and energetic field will be cleansed of old traumas and sadness, as well as any current fears rising from the new changes in your life. Your crown chakra and brain will receive a deep cleansing and healing as well and clear any unconscious “thought residue” that has been either come into your mind in this lifetime or inherited through ancestry or other lifetimes.

You will then energetically “marinate” in powerfully healing codes, belief systems, affirmations, wisdom to seal your new emotional state. This MP3 is very grounding and brings you back into yourself after an emotional upset or transition nervousness or anxiety.

Simultaneously come into harmony with Heaven and Earth, grounded and elevated in the truth of your soul. You become a vibrational match for soulmate love, prosperity and miracles. Get ready to shine with the Goddess Factor!


Upper-Level Entity Release

Value: $157

Format: MP3

When we up-level our life and attempt or even accomplish an unprecedented goal in finance, visibility, success, relationships or trauma healing, it is not uncommon to experience a run-in with an entity, negative energy or psychic attack. Our success and good deeds have a major ripple effect- for our own soul journey, our local and global communities, our soul lineage and ancestry. Therefore we are ruffling feathers of beings that have been essentially living off the low-vibration energy of the disempowering belief, story or tragedy that we are lifting out of with our new life choice.

This can result with technical problems, accidents, nightmares, physical discomfort, arguments, mistakes chaos and disruption on important days and a lack of well-being in your home or work space.

In this activation your energetic field, physical body and Akashic Record will be scanned for any low-level entities that are hiding out in your life. Oftentimes, these beings just don’t know where else to go now that their lifestyle has been disrupted. We will support these energies to kickstart their own life transition- right out of your life!- and guide them to a place where they can longer influence or impact your life.

When we up-level our life and attempt or even accomplish an unprecedented goal in finance, visibility, success, relationships or trauma healing, it is not uncommon to experience a run-in with an entity, negative energy or psychic attack. Our success and good deeds have a major ripple effect- for our own soul journey, our local and global communities, our soul lineage and ancestry. Therefore we are ruffling feathers of beings that have been essentially living off the low-vibration energy of the disempowering


Prosperity Now

Value: $157

Format: MP3

prosperity-nowHoly Wealth Booster! If this life transition has made you fearful or anxious around money, it’s time to use this activation as a daily practice. This is the MP3 to call in the resources, money and opportunities for the wealth you are destined to create in this new transition. You will be guided through and OUT of every traumatic and disempowering financial s story your soul has taken on a Truth as found within your personal Akashic Record. It will create resolution and understanding as to why your relationship to abundance has been expressed the way it has until now. You will then be led to a prosperity activation that has been waiting to be found by you in your Record. This activation is on the other side of coming into empowerment and joy with your new life change. You will receive a special “energy picture” that you can breathe into your body, mind and physical reality every day. This MP3 is wonderful to use when applying for jobs, creating new opportunities in your business, selling items, looking at your banking statements or paying your bills. You will begin to feel supported, trusting and confident around your new chapter when it comes to financial wealth.


Take the Leap

Value: $157

take-the-leapOkay, everything is lined up for you to take that next big step in your life. You are at the point where nothing else can really move until you finally leave the nest, wherever that nest may be. And yet to find yourself dragging your feet, creating chaos or distraction or just plain putting it off because you don’t feel ready. This activation will replace fear and anxiety with excitement and momentum so you can TAKE THE LEAP! This MP3 will give you a higher perspective understanding of your own destiny and what next action will be the most inspired and beneficial for you. You will also receive the energetic experience of the big leap so that you can then move forward into taking the physical action steps with ease and grace. Really supportive on the day of a big interview, test, first date, big meeting, special appointment, public speaking and more.

ITEM 10:

2 Live-streaming Video Activations + Recordings

Value: $257

livestream-videosAlee will share two special live-streaming video activations in real time! Alee will live-stream two video activations from the private Facebook group. You can participate and receive the healing activations in real time, or watch the recording later on. The direction of the live-streams will be based on your question and special requests as well as the theme that will be most beneficial for the group destined to watch these videos live or recorded.

She will tune into the energy of the group at that time and offer a customized healing and channeled message as well as take questions and healing requests while on the live-stream. This will take place in our private Facebook forum.

Getting Your Groove Back - MP3

Pump up your confidence, flow and vitality after a big change. This activation will release any fear, insecurity or rut you may be in, especially after a loss or an experience that otherwise has rocked your former sense of familiarity. We will get back into your body and pleasure and reawaken our own passion and fire to melt anything that has been frozen or stuck. This is a major energy booster AND manifestation tool.

Package A

Total Package Value $1,827

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127
*** 93% Saving ***

Sold Out

Package B

This package includes:

  • All of Package A Plus
  • Four “Raise Your Vibe” Soul Board Meeting Group Activation Experiences with Q + A
  • Soul Navigation 32-Video Energy Activation Videos on a private Youtube List

ITEM 12:

Raise the vibration of your Body + Mind

Value: $157

Format: MP3

Supporting your Physical and Emotional Change plus Live in the moment messages and activations

In these electrifying 70-minute experiences, Alee tunes into the collective energetic field and creates a custom activation based on the needs of those who are destined to listen to the live call or recording. Expect laughter, connection and permanent transformation, as this is when Alee’s abilities really shine.

She also takes live questions throughout the call, offering powerful healings and and energetic channeling to bring you to a new depth of focus and momentum in your progress. These calls are designed to work at highest potency and maximum benefit for every person listening; whether live or recorded, whether you ask a question or simply listen and receive. Many group call attendees report feeling as though other listeners were speaking on their behalf of them and that they could feel every shift happening for them at the same time! During the live call you will have the opportunity for 1:1 work with Alee and will receive the call recording within 24 hours.

ITEM 13:

Raising the Vibration of your Relationships

Value: $157

Format: MP3

Supporting your Relationship Transformation plus Live in the moment messages and activations

ITEM 14:

Raising the Vibration of your Career and Money

Value: $157

Format: MP3

Supporting the transformation and upgrade of your wealth and career plus Live in the moment messages and activations

ITEM 15:

Raising the Vibration of your Home and Work Space

Value: $157

Format: MP3

Supporting the transformation and upgrade of your home and workspace plus Live in the moment messages and activations

ITEM 16:

Soul Navigation 30 Day Adventure 32-Video Activation Series

Value: $2500

Format: Video Recording

Length: 32 Videos, Approx 35 Hours

Alee live-streamed a 30 Day Experience of transition and channeled a different message and energy activation for every day of the journey. Follow along with 300+ folks who joined us for this live video series. The benefits are encoded into the videos and designed to be a perfect match at any time, so you can experience the healing and find the messages timely and relevant no matter when you start this process. It’s nearly 35 hours of content and energy work and it's on a private Youtube playlist in order of day for your convenience.

Package B

Total Package Value $4,798

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 97% Saving ***

Sold Out

Package C

This package includes:

  • All of Package A and Package B
  • 30 Minute Soul Board meeting Session Alee

ITEM 17:

30 Minute Soul Board meeting Session Alee

Value: $500

During your 30 minute Soul Board Meeting Experience:

soul-board-meeting-callsIn your one-on-one recorded sessions, you'll find out why private Soul Board Meeting sessions are so highly coveted! Alee will swiftly and powerfully translate the soul messages in your energetic field and physical body as well as introduce you to the non-physical team wanting to connect with you that day. You will also experience the powerful energy work Alee is known for, which often include sound healing and beautiful songs from your non-physical team.

Alee will engage with you throughout the session and you are welcome to bring questions or a theme for the session as well. You can expect powerful clearing work, major revelations about the patterns and stories that have held you back, the inspiration, motivation and all-around boost you've needed for the next level of your personal success, and a lot of fun, too. This will be a session especially focused on any major life change you are currently undertaking or would like to begin.

Package C

Total Package Value $5,798

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197
*** 97% Saving ***

Sold Out


I am at a loss for words.

"Alee. I am really at a loss for words when comes to describing exactly what this experience is changing in me. .. It's almost like I am being sanded down like an old table that was painted, and the beautiful wood that was underneath is now starting to much gratitude"

~ Annie Snizeder, Chicago

I transitioned from a little girl unable to commit to a woman

"I was lucky to experience Alee's support for a whole month right when I had been reminded of my goddess status. And her support gave me the strength, energy and joy to start walking on my goddess' shoes and taking practical daily actions steps. She's definitively a High Vibe girl who gives you the high five to help keep on rolling! Her enthusiasm and practical approach helped me transition from a little girl unable to commit to self care to a woman who's introduced basic but very positive daily TLC habits in her life. I love her soul map mp3s program too. "

~ Chystelle

I would recommend her work to everyone!

"I previously worked with 2 of Alee's packages - her MP3s are very powerful and her one-on-one sessions will blow you away! Alee is one of my favorite people and healers. She is so amazing and I love her energy. The results I experienced after working with Alee - relationship with myself as well as relationship with my partner shifted and changed so much especially after her last program "love reboot", I became more confident and loving towards myself, feeling more acceptance of myself, peace, feeling more joy and freedom and just allowing myself to believe I deserve the best was a big change for me! I love Alee and would recommend her work to everyone! "

~ Angela, PA

My pain went from 7 to 0 in five minutes…

"As an energy worker myself, I understand one of the most powerful steps in creating the life we want is releasing any blocks in our consciousness preventing us from already having it. Alee's activations are powerful in doing exactly this, and her ability to hold space for hundreds of people at once is astounding."

~ Nicole, IL

Asthma is still cleared up after one year and only one session

"Hi Alee. You cleared up my asthma after 30 years when we went through the one on one process. It's one year later, still clear and I'm very grateful for that."

~ Bernadette

I am amazed at how spot on Alee is

"I heard of Alee's work back in 2015 when she launched her Soul Navigation Map on From Heartache To Joy. I remember quickly resonating with her work and knowing that I had to work with her one day. In February 2016 I signed up for her Love Identity Reboot program and my life has never been the same. Working with her mp3s alone brought a big transformation in how I viewed myself and, as a result, how people viewed me. From playful interactions with others, to newfound confidence, pride, and expansiveness. I used to have a very constricted heart chakra. This caused me to feel pain in my upper back whenever I was feeling sad. After my 30 minute session with Alee, where we released a lot more than what I was even hoping for, this pain has never surfaced again! I am amazed at how spot on Alee is and how quickly she clears things from all possible angles, while holding space in the most fun, safe, nurturing, and compassionate way. I would recommend her work to anyone."

~ Luis

I have received more attention from men in one week than I had in years

“Working with Alee has been highly transformative. From the first moment I spoke with her, I was very comfortable. It was as if I was speaking to a friend I'd known for years. Her support and lack of judgment has helped me to go deeper and shift issues that I never knew existed. Working with her has instilled in me a stronger sense of confidence and certainty in who I am and helped me to establish healthy boundaries in relationships. She has helped me move out of my comfort zone in dating and helped me deal with fears and other issues that came up in doing so, always in a loving and supportive manner. Since working with Alee, I have received more attention from men in one week than I had in years previously. I've gone from wondering if I would meet someone to knowing the right man exists and that I can pick from a smorgasbord.”

~ AK, Maryland

I felt a huge shift and literally met my new deeply giving and awesome boyfriend the next night!

“Before the Soul Board Meeting I struggled with feeling comfortable around men. I would share intimacy with a man every once in a while just to not feel totally alone but I had never had a true partner to love and cherish me. During the session I was able to release the long-ago ex with whom I initiated the cycle of feeling scared to receive or commit, and I also cleared the soul contracts I had to engaging with men in that manner. I also released the semi-unconscious shame I was holding in my sexual center about sharing physical intimacy with men without the love and safe vulnerability I truly wanted. I felt a huge shift and literally met my new deeply giving and awesome boyfriend the next night!”

~ Krista, Long Island, NY

Major clearing! I no longer relate to the ‘me’ that was part of our session.

“Wow! I am awestruck at how much lighter my energy feels and at how peaceful I still am. I know that it was me talking with you, but I do not relate to the voice that I heard on the recording of our session. That woman sounded so sad and hurt and in a lot of pain. That is NOT how I feel today. Today I feel that I am safe, loved and supported. I truly believe that miracles happen and that there is magic all around us and that I am a part of that magic.”

~ Elizabeth, Canada

Alee helped me clear the energetic stories that were invisibly and unconsciously controlling my life.

“Alee is an inspiring and incredibly gifted medium and soul channel, and I say this with an immense amount of gratitude for how her gift has changed my life. I had no idea how much my life was going to take shape before working with her. I knew I had unique gifts and a soul purpose, but I didn’t quite understand the depths of what that meant. I believed life to be hard and that struggle was necessary to my success. I had all these ideas about life and my personal story in it. When I began working with her, the years of healing work that I had been striving toward began to pull through with momentum. Alee helped me clear through the stories that were invisibly and unconsciously controlling my life. Patterns that I thought were impossible to clear now became my greatest soul awakening. I had been playing small for so long I didn’t see the possibilities. In a very short period of working with Alee, I have awakened to my life purpose with such a deep connection to the Absolute Truth of my Being. I moved forward each day with Possibility, with the Love of sharing my Soul and with the knowing that I am destined and designed for Greatness.”

~ Nee’nah, Musician and Healer, Los Angeles

Alee cleared a Love Curse creating fear in my family for years

“Working with Alee was an amazing experience. The day before our session, I began experiencing an almost paralyzing fear of speaking, being seen and being heard. Alee quickly identified the cause as a curse that had been affecting my family for generations due to an entity that didn't want the women in my family to have success in love. When I look at the women in my family, it had really been quite successful. Alee lovingly removed the entity and cleared how it was affecting me. I now feel empowered and like I can shine. I feel as if I have finally found my voice and I can speak my truth more easily than ever in my life. My perspective on relationships has also changed in a positive manner to where now everything just seems much easier, lighter, and less fearful. I would absolutely work with Alee again and highly recommend her.”

~ Jenna, Ohio

I was freed from a bond that had been plaguing me since the age of 5.

“Alee tapped into something hidden so deep within me I felt for the first time as if I had been free from a bond that had been plaguing me since the age of 5... I have worked with many great teachers who have helped me tremendously but I always knew that I was blocking their work on some deep level that I couldn't understand. Alee totally saw it and worked through it with me and I can't thank her enough. I now feel a sense of freedom and empowerment that had been subdued for too long. She is a truly clear channel who shares her incredible gifts with joy and sincerity. And, most importantly, she helps people to remember what powerful creators we all are in this life. Thanks Alee!”

~ Gina, California

She immediately pin-pointed and cleared the blocks with incredible accuracy… I am regaining my voice, and finding unconditional love and acceptance for myself in a way that I was never able to achieve- not even after years of therapy.

“I was introduced to Alee and her work under the most random, serendipitous circumstances. I was only told she was a "Psychic" but came into my experience with no preconceived ideas about what kind of work she does, no knowledge of her spiritual channeling or Akashic record readings, or of the the profound experience that was in store.

Before the session, I had been complaining about feeling like I had lost a part of myself, and that I didn't know how or when, but I wanted to get back to being "me". Alee was immediately able to locate the source of my "spiritual block"(repressed feelings from an earlier abortion) and even open up and move energy into the area in my body that was holding onto my pain- my uterus. During the session, I felt intense sensations- overwhelming feelings of sadness, and joy, love and relief; and also physical sensations- an "opening" and a buzz of energy in my uterus, and a lightening in my chest. After the session I continued to have these feelings- I remember noticing that it was easier to breathe, and having little cramps around my ovaries, like something was awakening again inside of me. It was beautiful. Perhaps even more curiously, I felt a strange new sense of peace and purpose, one that felt familiar, and new at the same time. Perhaps the best thing I can compare it to is having a back adjustment- after my session with Alee, I felt a new sense of my body and spirit being in alignment.

I returned to Alee for help a second time when I felt like was in a holding pattern-trying to grow, but feeling like i was stuck on a hamster wheel of sorts. And again, she was able to pin point not only the physical manifestation of my issue, but also recalled events from my past (with great acuity) that had triggered these blocks. Just like before, I experienced a change in my body ( a cough in my chest as my body and spirit were reconnecting, and a buzz and lightness that felt like renewed circulation), and more importantly- I have experienced a profound and lasting change in my spiritual energy- feeling more open to giving and receiving love from those around me. The best part about working with Alee is that you continue to grow and learn from these experiences for weeks after the actual readings. In the days after the readings, I always feel like the universe is laying gifts out before me- in the form of lessons or experiences, or sometimes even actual gifts- and I feel a strong connection to my spiritual guides.

With Alee's help, I have been able to tap into a sense of peace that I have never known before. I am regaining my voice, and finding unconditional love and acceptance for myself in a way that I was never able to achieve- not even after years of therapy. I seek help from her when I feel stuck in my personal journey. Her work helps to illuminate, and guide but most importantly heal. I would recommend her to anybody- but especially for those already experiencing an awakening, that are open and ready to receive such an wonderful gift.”

~ Nicole, Austin, TX

It was like she was speaking directly to me and seeing what I was seeing!

“I just love Alee's work! She brings such heart and beautiful energy to everything she does. Her transmissions are powerful, holistic and effective. Even though these are group calls, it was like she was speaking directly to me and seeing what I was seeing! I feel like every call I'm on with her, it ramps up another notch - love it! Can't wait to see what is going to happen next”

~ Kris, Holistic Coach, Australia

She has a truly unique and powerful gift!

“During my session with Alee, my entire body was tingling from head to toe and especially my crown chakra! Her unique modality is extremely powerful, her voice alone produces sound vibrations that penetrate my entire being. She was able to tap into very specific memories that were embedded in my subconscious mind and heal the original wound. Such an AMAZING experience!!! The memory she spoke of seemed so familiar, and she was able to bring profound awareness to me at the conscious level. She has a truly unique and powerful gift! Thank you Alee”

~ Jenni, Chicago

Alee, can see right to the heart of what it is I came to her for.

“Alee Hoffman is hands down the greatest intuitive healer I know. And, I've gotta phone book full of 'em.

Normally, my energetic walls are high and thick, making it a challenge to get through to the real "meat and potatoes" of the matter. Alee, however,can see right to the heart of what it is I came to her for. Her uplifting and lighthearted personality makes it easy to tread the waters of vulnerability.

She gives you the tough-love truth in a way that feels safe to hear.
I have come to her over and over again during my most troubled times. What she sends me home with is always priceless. Pieces that I carry with me even to this day.Let her heal you. Whatever the case may be.”

~ Carly, Stylist and Consultant, Chicago, IL

This work saved me months of pain and recovery time

"I worked with Alee during a transition where serious health issues from the past reared their head, and I was hospitalized. I recovered in record time after getting to the root of why this healing crisis had shown up NOW. I know this work created a physical transition that saved me months of pain and recovery."

~ Ann, OH

"I've been granted this time with you and the group to learn how to heal, not just physically, but in every facet of my being and I am so grateful the universe has placed me with your healing energies. Just thought you should know! Hugs..."

“I wanted to thank you very much for today's call. Perfect pick of callers and processes ~Beautiful & very helpful!”

~ Sandy

“That was AWESOME! I can feel it too! Tingles all over the back of my head and major releasing”

~ Dee

“I have gone to Alee for readings for over one year and I can honestly say I have found her sessions totally accurate. In addition to that I have had delightfully entertaining sessions where spirit friends from this and former have entertained us both while giving insight to what lies ahead.

In one session I had a bucket of tears poured over me to heal the wound left by a lover killed in a motorcycle accident. We've had the experience of going through old things of my and my parents' past loaded up and tossed down to Gaia for recycling. On one occasion there were tantrums of an X who cannot let go, I have even had a papal experience! Gaia at one time showed herself as a gypsy mixing herbs to spice up my life which had become quite mundane.

Alee has always been available to me whenever a crisis arises and as a dynamic clairvoyant she is able to get me back on the right path. Her predictions have been positive and have come true. I'm looking forward to the latest.”

~ Valerie, New York

"She taught me how to be a Soul Innovator through a 30 day live program on shifting old belief patterns and aligning with my mission. Through daily insight and activations I was able to begin creating my life the way I have been dreaming it to be. I backed this up with daily journaling and Alee's mp3s to maximize this powerful group healing. She brought me to a place where I could stand in my power and move out of the turbulence of everyday life. Love And Gratitude to you Alee for helping me to become a better me!"

~ Roxanne, FL

About Alee Reina Hoffman:

AleeReinaAlee Reina Hoffman, AADP is a Soul Channel and Akashic Records Teacher who has spent the last decade professionally supporting clients world-wide to reclaim the story of their life and call in the vibrant health, authentic joy and deeply loving, connective relationships that are their birthright. Born on Valentine’s Day, Alee is here to be a walking, talking Valentine to anyone who crosses her path.

From a family of musicians and artists, Alee was fascinated by the stories of the soul from a young age and got an unusually young start as a music journalist and television panelist in her teens. During this time, half of her immediate family was diagnosed with cancer and she became passionate about the healthcare system and getting to the energetic root of physical illness. By her early 20s she was a successful health coach and energy healer. In 2011, Alee experienced a powerful awakening experience and attunement from a group of galactic beings that re-activated the channeling abilities she had tried to shrug off as a child.

This created the foundation for the work Alee is now most widely renowned for: her electrifying and transformative Soul Board Meetings. Using her channeling and psychic abilities, intuitive coaching and the Akashic Records, Alee translates the energetic field around and within your body. You will be introduced to the “non-physical” team here to join the Board Meeting. This team includes your guides, teachers, ancestors and past lives that are within this field, here to love you and support your success. This work is also very successful for those who are non-verbal, such as infants, animals and those on the autism spectrum. You can expect deep insight, major clearings, potent energetic activations and at least a few laughs.

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