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Alee Reina Hoffman’s Special Offer

The Love Identity Reboot

Reboot your romantic reality and wake up to the love here for YOU.

You are ready to recognize and release the Love Identity that has made you a match to heartbreak, dead ends and conflict as you step into a love life filled with authentic freedom, pleasure and awesome romance.

Have you noticed how some people just seem to be in the flow when it comes to romance? Maybe you can think of a family member or friend who just has seemed lucky in love from the get-go. As teenagers they actually enjoyed dating, school dances and had crushes who liked them back. As adults they show up at formal occasions and family events with a terrific date who is proud to accompany them. They’ve had the experience of growing, traveling and expanding with long-term partners who have treated them with love, generously and respect

Even when a relationship ends, they relax into the space created on good terms with their former partner; confident they will meet a new match. And sure enough, when they are ready, there they are; dating someone even more in alignment for them! They assume they will be desired and courted. They are confident sharing their attraction with others. They have the expectation and the belief that they are here to love and be loved because this has been their truth.

And then there are those of us who have found the whole romance thing a little…trickier.

isolationMainEven when we have lots of great other types of relationships with our friends, families, and colleagues...

Boy was this area tricky for me…and this is coming from someone who was born on Valentine’s Day!

Although I had a magnetic and feminine energy from birth, by the time I was in elementary school I had lost my ownership of this before I could even really enjoy it.

Through the years of childhood and into high school and college, I felt shame and embarrassment if I had a crush on someone and would hide my attraction as much as possible. I was usually totally clueless if someone was attracted to me, but on the rare times I did realize it, I would automatically assume something must be wrong with the person to be attracted to me.

When we feel this way in our romantic life, it affects many other aspects of our reality.

We stop asking for the boundaries we need because we do not learn what it looks like to be supported by our most intimate relationships.

Does any of the below sound familiar?

I routinely let other people take advantage of me and consistently prioritized their needs over mine.
I was afraid to express anger or feelings that could be uncomfortable for others, even when it was warranted.

I was uneasy receiving money or in my life - I even felt guilty about it!

In fact, I believed that to receive anything, I needed to work incredibly hard and sacrifice something in exchange.

I felt that ease and abundance was something other people got to have.

Since this was my belief, my life reflected that...

I had many big dreams in my life but often ended up distracted by yet another draining scenario with a friend or ill-fated romance.

Not to mention, holding on to so much energy resulted in struggles with weight gain, asthma, and anxiety.

I began to dread weddings, reunions and events when I didn’t have someone to accompany me, even though I am a social butterfly who loves parties and gatherings…

I felt like I was back in high school at the prom with no date!

When it came to dating, I held back my true desires and let my lovers take the lead in the direction of our relationships, assuming there was no way I could know what was right.

My relationships ended either quickly or dramatically, with partners who may have meant well but were truly not available to be a loving, empowering partner.

I expected my partners to disappoint me...

So I finally decided to just put my love-life on hold indefinitely. I didn't trust that a new relationship wouldn’t screw up all the good that I had in my life, and I figured it was better to fly solo then wreck what was going well.

Maybe you are also finding yourself at this crossroads of choosing either a subpar relationship or permanent singledom because the passionate, fun and inspiring love-life you desire is just not there.

There’s another way.

Why do some people rock it out and other people struggle the way I did? Even successful, attractive, loving people who have done the work emotionally and physically to be available for relationship?

It’s actually quite simple - it’s your Love Identity.

When we embody a particular Love Identity, we embody a particular frequency and therefore are a corresponding match to everything and anything in our physical, emotional and spiritual environment...

So the way we identify in love has big consequences for the rest of our reality, too!

In Love, we identify as either successful OR unsuccessful in love.

And, our Love Identities are received, influenced by and integrated through several sources that include:

  • Our soul’s experience of love in previous incarnations and lifetimes
  • The way our ancestry or soul lineage has Love Identified.
  • Trauma; sexually, physically, emotionally or energetically.
  • Oaths, vows, and contracts around love that occurred in our ancestry or past lives
  • The unconscious and conscious messages and belief systems from the environment including the media, pop culture, our education and workforce and other people.
  • Your soul’s desire to return to the Truth of love through certain life experiences.

Negative and disempowering Love Identities can be quantified into four main “I am” statements:

“I am” statements are the most potent and powerful available in the human language.

The words “I AM” precede the subconscious beliefs you program yourself with, telling yourself how to think and feel.

These words also instruct the the Universe to create an environment to match whatever word you choose to insert after the words “I AM,” telling your environment and everything in it how to show up and interact with you.

“I am Afraid of Romantic Love”

This is the encoding of love being dangerous or oppressive. We can hold this energy from personal or collective experience with domestic violence, physical, sexual and emotional abuse. We may associate the only true opportunity for freedom, fresh air and safety with being outside of a committed love relationship. Identifying this way can look like:

  • Stay in casual flings where neither partner is available for long-term commitment
  • Excess weight and skin irritations to create boundaries
  • The feeling of suffocation and claustrophobia when in relationship
  • Pain in the heart or genitals during sex
  • A lack of connection the body or pleasure in all aspects of love, stiffness or frigidity in the body
  • Self-sabotaging relationship behaviors such as starting arguments for no reason, etc.
  • A feeling of anxiety, resentment fear around the gender you are sexually attracted to or the experience of being tongue-tied
  • An inability to successfully experience dating and relationship
  • A tendency to attract creepy or frightening experiences when attempting dating
  • Attracting partners who are aggressive, threatening or dishonoring

“I am Unworthy of Romantic Love ”

This identity can come from current or past life encodings a caste system culture. It can also come from messages in our culture, media or social upbringing around our physical looks. We may also be unconsciously punishing ourselves for past mistakes.

  • Shame or embarrassment when feeling love or attraction
  • Ignoring someone you are attracted to
  • Denying your attraction to someone
  • Dating partners who are in other relationships or otherwise have to keep your romance a secret
  • Self loathing and rejection of your physical looks and authentic emotions
  • Being secretly in love with a friend or acquaintance
  • Feeling a version or disgust towards those who demonstrate attraction towards to you
  • Experiencing a pattern of unrequited love or partners who treat you badly
  • Feeling exposed and vulnerable when showing your body or emotions or receiving attention of any kind
  • Not standing up for yourself in relationships; work, family, romantic or otherwise
  • Being a pushover with no boundaries
  • Feelings of discomfort or uneasiness when receiving abundance or gifts
  • Pain in the heart or genitals during sex

“I am Incapable of Romantic Love”

This identity can develop from generations or lifetimes of short or hurtful relationships. There can be a storyline in our ancestry that we are not the type of people who can maintain long-term or successful relationships in any aspect of life, including romantically. We may also harbor regret or failure that we associate with anything we attempt.

  • Feeling as if it is awkward or even surreal to even be on a date or flirting
  • Having long stretches between romance and intimacy even though you are desiring of it
  • A lack of confidence in all aspects of life and feeling unable to create life you enjoy
  • Harboring a lot of regret over past choices and relationships, feeling unable to move past previous experiences
  • Attachments to food, drugs, and alcohol
  • Lack of follow-through with the things that are important to you
  • Putting dreams and desires on the back-burner with various excuse
  • Making cutting remarks and hurtful jokes about yourself or allowing others in your life to do so
  • Finding dates or relationships are consistently cut short whether through your own self-sabotage or for reasons you are not even sure
  • Harboring shame about your lack of serious romance experience
  • Being a pushover with no boundaries
  • Allowing yourself to be overshadowed by friends or assuming others know better than you when it comes to romance or other topics
  • Feeling attached to your parents and an inability to be totally independent from your family emotionally, financially or otherwise

“I am Distrusting of Romantic Love”

We often identify as distrusting when we or someone in our energetic field experience lack or trauma in early childhood. If we do not experience consistent love and nourishment in the period of life where we have no choice but to trust others, then we have an aversion to trusting once we have more control over our surroundings and getting our needs met.

  • An expectation of people not coming through when they promise something
  • Attracting experiences of betrayal, lying or cheating
  • Holding back your power, abilities and radiance
  • Difficulty with decision-making as well as anxiety and regret following decisions
  • Carrying a lot of physical baggage- from overstuffed suitcases to eating more than you are hungry for because you are worried you won’t have enough or get what you need.
  • Fear of your own desires or a belief you are not prepared to experience them
  • Lack of intuition with yourself and others
  • The inability to forgive others and holding onto painful stories and beliefs
  • An attraction to secretive or dishonest partners who are consistent with your belief that you cannot trust others

When you clear the energetic field of the frequencies attached to these Identities, you can step into a new one.

I have received more attention from men in one week than I had in years

“Working with Alee has been highly transformative. From the first moment I spoke with her, I was very comfortable. It was as if I was speaking to a friend I'd known for years. Her support and lack of judgment has helped me to go deeper and shift issues that I never knew existed. Working with her has instilled in me a stronger sense of confidence and certainty in who I am and helped me to establish healthy boundaries in relationships. She has helped me move out of my comfort zone in dating and helped me deal with fears and other issues that came up in doing so, always in a loving and supportive manner. Since working with Alee, I have received more attention from men in one week than I had in years previously. I've gone from wondering if I would meet someone to knowing the right man exists and that I can pick from a smorgasbord.”

~ AK, Maryland

I felt a huge shift and literally met my new deeply giving and awesome boyfriend the next night!

“Before the Soul Board Meeting I struggled with feeling comfortable around men. I would share intimacy with a man every once in a while just to not feel totally alone but I had never had a true partner to love and cherish me. During the session I was able to release the long-ago ex with whom Iinitiated the cycle of feeling scared to receive or commit, and I also cleared the soul contracts I had to engaging with men in that manner. I also released the semi-unconscious shame I was holding in my sexual center about sharing physical intimacy with men without the love and safe vulnerability I truly wanted. I felt a huge shift and literally met my new deeply giving and awesome boyfriend the next night!”

~ Krista, Long Island, NY

I struggled for years with romance because I embodied ALL four of these Love Identities. Partially this was due to trauma during my toddler and adolescence and ancestral programming from many generations of abandonment in relationship.

I was able to heal most of of this over time and no longer attracted manipulative relationships, but I still struggled with actually calling in my soulmate love. What’s more, the more successful I became as a healer in this lifetime, the more resolute I was about staying single without fully understanding why.

Finally, I used the frequencies and techniques in this program to clear the final negative Love Identity that was plaguing me and transformed my life for good.

Like many light workers, I have had previous lifetimes of persecution for sharing and teaching my work. The more visible I became as a healer in this lifetime, the more those past traumas were triggered in my energetic field. My unconscious was registering my life as dangerous although it is not. This ended up being completely linked to my love-life; my lovers and partners in my previous lives as a healer had been unable to protect me from danger.
I therefore identified a love relationship while living my dream life as a healer as dangerous and impossible, and my energy was actually repelling the right men for me!

I am happy to share that I finally cleared that final sticky Love Identity using the techniques and activations I share in this program.

Within two days s I had called in several awesome prospective partners who honored my healing gifts and treated me like an absolute queen and within two weeks I met the love of my life.

For the first time ever, dating was comfortable, easy and safe. There was actually a plethora of wonderful, kind, loving and successful men for me to choose from!

I decided to commit to that one wonderful man and believe it or not, the anniversary of our first date is on Valentine’s Day which is also my birthday...

Our romance continues to deepen and flourish as we share our home and life together.

I have also found that by allowing myself to be Capable, Trusting, Worthy and Safe in Love, I could enjoy major success in other aspects of life. I now have great, respectful relationships with everyone in my life. I trust people to show up for me, and they do.

My physical and emotional health is flourishing and my business is too. In fact I met my wonderful partner the exact day I became self-employed... and I have now quadrupled my income since giving myself a Love Identity Reboot and reach thousands of people with my healing work.

I am serving my purpose, making a big impact and living a life that continues to blossom...because I identify myself as one who can.

Major clearing! I no longer relate to the ‘me’ that was part of our session.

“Wow! I am awestruck at how much lighter my energy feels and at how peaceful I still am. I know that it was me talking with you, but I do not relate to the voice that I heard on the recording of our session. That woman sounded so sad and hurt and in a lot of pain. That is NOT how I feel today. Today I feel that I am safe, loved and supported. I truly believe that miracles happen and that there is magic all around us and that I am a part of that magic.”

~ Elizabeth, Canada

Alee helped me clear the energetic stories that were invisibly and unconsciously controlling my life.

“Alee is an inspiring and incredibly gifted medium and soul channel, and I say this with an immense amount of gratitude for how her gift has changed my life. I had no idea how much my life was going to take shape before working with her. I knew I had unique gifts and a soul purpose, but I didn’t quite understand the depths of what that meant. I believed life to be hard and that struggle was necessary to my success. I had all these ideas about life and my personal story in it. When I began working with her, the years of healing work that I had been striving toward began to pull through with momentum. Alee helped me clear through the stories that were invisibly and unconsciously controlling my life. Patterns that I thought were impossible to clear now became my greatest soul awakening. I had been playing small for so long I didn’t see the possibilities. In a very short period of working with Alee, I have awakened to my life purpose with such a deep connection to the Absolute Truth of my Being. I moved forward each day with Possibility, with the Love of sharing my Soul and with the knowing that I am destined and designed for Greatness.”

~ Nee’nah, Musician and Healer, Los Angeles

So...How To Drop Those Identities?

The Love Identity Reboot is designed to do just that.

First you will release the four main negative Love Identities with a series of energetic Reboots.

$500 Value

The following MP3s find and release the stories, messages, contracts and memories stored as energetic frequencies within the physical body, auric field, subconscious and unconscious mind.

Once these frequencies are cleared you are no longer a match point to the qualities of these negative Love Identities and will make the space for a new, positive and empowering Love Identity.



The Reboot MP3s + The Clearing MP3s + The Infusion MP3s +5 Recordings of (90 min) Love Identity Reboot Classes + 1 NEW Call + Bonus Valentine’s Weekend Call recording

Discount: 92% Off
Total Package Value $1,800
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147


The Reboot MP3s + The Clearing MP3s + The Infusion MP3s +5 Recordings of (90 min) Love Identity Reboot Classes + 1 NEW Call + Bonus Valentine’s Weekend Call recording + 20 Minute 1:1 Session with Alee

Discount: 91% Off
Total Package Value $2,150
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer

Pay in Full - $197 Today

Pay $100 now and $100 in 30 days (Book session after second payment)

Package A

Item 1:

I am Safe in Love Reboot

When you drop the The Love Identity of Fear and become Fearless in Love you will:

  • Feel comfortable, loving and confident around those you are attracted to
  • Have the ability to ask for what you need in relationships and enjoy committed, long-term relationships
  • Attract partners who feel safe, stable and loving
  • Enjoy a slimmer, healthier body that is open to pleasure and flexibility
  • Share profound emotional and physical experiences during sexual intimacy
  • Bust through old self-sabotage patterns and allowing yourself to fully enjoy romance
  • Have freedom to enjoy your life and ask for MORE: money, fun, energy, and health, and receive it all with ease and grace

Alee cleared a Love Curse creating fear in my family for years

“Working with Alee was an amazing experience. The day before our session, I began experiencing an almost paralyzing fear of speaking, being seen and being heard. Alee quickly identified the cause as a curse that had been affecting my family for generations due to an entity that didn't want the women in my family to have success in love. When I look at the women in my family, it had really been quite successful. Alee lovingly removed the entity and cleared how it was affecting me. I now feel empowered and like I can shine. I feel as if I have finally found my voice and I can speak my truth more easily than ever in my life. My perspective on relationships has also changed in a positive manner to where now everything just seems much easier, lighter, and less fearful. I would absolutely work with Alee again and highly recommend her.”

~ Jenna, Ohio

I was freed from a bond that had been plaguing me since the age of 5.

“Alee tapped into something hidden so deep within me I felt for the first time as if I had been free from a bond that had been plaguing me since the age of 5... I have worked with many great teachers who have helped me tremendously but I always knew that I was blocking their work on some deep level that I couldn't understand. Alee totally saw it and worked through it with me and I can't thank her enough. I now feel a sense of freedom and empowerment that had been subdued for too long. She is a truly clear channel who shares her incredible gifts with joy and sincerity. And, most importantly, she helps people to remember what powerful creators we all are in this life. Thanks Alee!”

~ Gina, California

Item 2:

I am Trusting in Love Reboot

When you drop the The Love Identity of Distrust you will:

  • Have confidence and the ability to trust your desires and instincts
  • Clear decision making and follow-through
  • Attract new dating and romance partners who are honest, open and loving
  • Release regret and move into the present moment
  • Travel through life free and light, without an access of baggage or things you are afraid to live without
  • Take the leaps that allow you to experience high-levels of success and prosperity, with the expectation that you will be taken care of by your world.

I can love and trust again

“I absolutely loved working with Alee!! I loved her gentle and loving approach to the issue that needed to be resolved. Her MP3s were great and the personal session was awesome! My issue was love relationship and trust. Alee helped me so much in that area. I had a lot of shifts in my relationship after working with her. Loved being in her happy and loving energy. I would recommend Alee's package to everyone.”

~ Angela, PA

Item 3:

I am Capable in Love Reboot

After dropping the Love Identity of Incapability you will:

  • Feel natural and comfortable when dating and in romantic experiences
  • Have the ability to call in romance and intimacy when you are wanting it
  • Have strong long-term relationships with attractive, interesting partners
  • Feel whole, strong and independent in your life
  • Follow through with your dreams, goals and desires
  • Release unhealthy attachments to vices
  • Healthy relationships with family

People react to me so differently

“I have been so blessed to work one on one with Alee both in private sessions and group calls. She is unbelievably gifted and the clearings she does go so deep I end up crying my eyes out every time! I used to have really disempowering relationships with men and didn't know how to change. Alee helped me shift energies I didn't know were there and layer by layer it all disappeared! I now feel a confidence and self worth that I didn't know was possible and people react to me so differently... I'm excited for what the future holds! Thanks Alee!”

~ Janna, San Francisco

Item 4:

I am Worthy of Love Reboot

When you drop The Love Identity of Unworthiness you will:

  • Experience joy and excitement when you feel attraction and love
  • Remain present, clear and interested when interacting with someone who you are attracted to
  • Feel worthy, deserving and loved when receiving gifts, money, attention and love; and attracting more of it to you
  • Stand up for yourself and creating healthy boundaries with work, family and friends
  • See those who are attracted to you in a warm and loving light regardless if you are interested in a relationship
  • Date partners who are proud to share their relationship with you publicly
  • Have romantic connections with mutual and honest attraction
  • Feel proud, confident and safe to share your unique talents and gifts with the world attracting more success and the ability to live out your soul mission
  • Celebrate your body and natural beauty and have your attractiveness reflected back to you by others.
  • Enjoy pleasurable flirtations and sexual experiences
  • Share your true desires and emotions openly and appropriately

We released the vital energy blocking future relationships

“Alee's work has been incredibly helpful -particularly for letting go of the debris from relationships that had been holding me back from opening my heart. Her insight and amazing healing work, has helped me to recognize where I was still holding on to emotions and stories. She has helped me to accept, forgive and express the feelings which had been taking vital energy and were blocking future relationships. Moreover, she is helping me with the love relationship with myself- the most important and most difficult one of all:) However her processes make love and acceptance simple:)”

~ Christine, CT

Next, you will clear the energies of Regret and Comparison with ease.

$250 Value

Item 5:

Clearing of Regret

This recording will walk you through a full release of heartache, regret, obsessive thinking of past relationships or seemingly missed opportunities. It will allow you to see the abundance of love, prosperity and opportunities in love, career and connection that are here now.

Item 6:

Clearing of Comparison

This recorded clearing will support you in the release of comparing yourself to others. It will boost your confidence in your own unique beauty and talents and will create resolution from competition that was instigated from your upbringing.

Love Identity Infusions

$400 Value

These yummy and potent energetic infusions will flood your energetic field and physical body with vibrations of love, empowerment and the blessings of romantic intimacy. As these healings integrate within, you will be able to find your new positive Love Identity; stepping into it with grace and ease.

Item 7:

I am Romance

In this MP3 You will come into full union with every aspect of romantic love and embody romance in your own unique expression. Outcomes can include wonderful intimacy with others, being guided towards fabulous dates and outings and the ability to shamelessly receive love and generosity while sharing your heart with others.

Item 8:

I am Magnetic

In this recording you will activate your own bright light creating a glow of confidence, charisma and magnetism that will expand into all aspects of your reality. This is a wonderful infusion before a first date, a big meeting or event, or even just before leaving the house if you would like to create a wonderful day.

Item 9:

I am Pleasure

Activate sensual pleasure within your body- this recording will increase physical sensation, relaxations, intuition and pleasurable connection with everyone and everything in your life.

I have attracted a partner who is both loving and on the same page as me

“From my experience beginning with meeting Alee in August I have experienced HUGE strides regarding my romantic relationships as well as relationships with other people. Romantically, i am more harminous with my own desires with what I truly want from a relationship. I have attracted a partner who is both loving and on the same page as me, who i have great chemistry with, and who I know i can feel secure with in order to freely focus my attention on my own work and goals.
I continue transcending to higher vibrations romantically,which has made me incredibly happy. Thanks!”

~ Andrea, Chicago

Item 10:

I am Harmony

Harmonize any discord or conflict with your connections to others! This will soothe and soften old heartbreak so that you can exhale it right out of your field. This is also a great recording to play when you are having difficulties with family or friend members, or if you are experiencing resistance to your own desires and self-confidence.

She immediately pin-pointed and cleared the blocks with incredible accuracy… I am regaining my voice, and finding unconditional love and acceptance for myself in a way that I was never able to achieve- not even after years of therapy.

“I was introduced to Alee and her work under the most random, serendipitous circumstances. I was only told she was a "Psychic" but came into my experience with no preconceived ideas about what kind of work she does, no knowledge of her spiritual channeling or Akashic record readings, or of the the profound experience that was in store.

Before the session, I had been complaining about feeling like I had lost a part of myself, and that I didn't know how or when, but I wanted to get back to being "me". Alee was immediately able to locate the source of my "spiritual block"(repressed feelings from an earlier abortion) and even open up and move energy into the area in my body that was holding onto my pain- my uterus. During the session, I felt intense sensations- overwhelming feelings of sadness, and joy, love and relief; and also physical sensations- an "opening" and a buzz of energy in my uterus, and a lightening in my chest. After the session I continued to have these feelings- I remember noticing that it was easier to breathe, and having little cramps around my ovaries, like something was awakening again inside of me. It was beautiful. Perhaps even more curiously, I felt a strange new sense of peace and purpose, one that felt familiar, and new at the same time. Perhaps the best thing I can compare it to is having a back adjustment- after my session with Alee, I felt a new sense of my body and spirit being in alignment.

I returned to Alee for help a second time when I felt like was in a holding pattern-trying to grow, but feeling like i was stuck on a hamster wheel of sorts. And again, she was able to pin point not only the physical manifestation of my issue, but also recalled events from my past (with great acuity) that had triggered these blocks. Just like before, I experienced a change in my body ( a cough in my chest as my body and spirit were reconnecting, and a buzz and lightness that felt like renewed circulation), and more importantly- I have experienced a profound and lasting change in my spiritual energy- feeling more open to giving and receiving love from those around me. The best part about working with Alee is that you continue to grow and learn from these experiences for weeks after the actual readings. In the days after the readings, I always feel like the universe is laying gifts out before me- in the form of lessons or experiences, or sometimes even actual gifts- and I feel a strong connection to my spiritual guides.

With Alee's help, I have been able to tap into a sense of peace that I have never known before. I am regaining my voice, and finding unconditional love and acceptance for myself in a way that I was never able to achieve- not even after years of therapy. I seek help from her when I feel stuck in my personal journey. Her work helps to illuminate, and guide but most importantly heal. I would recommend her to anybody- but especially for those already experiencing an awakening, that are open and ready to receive such an wonderful gift.”

~ Nicole, Austin, TX

Item 11:

5 RECORDINGS of (90 min) Love Identity Reboot Classes
PLUS 1 NEW Live CALL with recording

In these electrifying 90-minute experiences, Alee tunes into the collective energetic field and creates a custom Reboot and Infusion based on the needs of those who are destined to listen to the live call or recording. Expect laughter, connection and permanent transformation, as this is when Alee’s abilities really shine.

She also takes live questions throughout the call, offering powerful healings and and energetic channeling to bring you to a new depth of focus and momentum in your progress. These calls are designed to work at highest potency and maximum benefit for every person listening; whether live or recorded, whether you ask a question or simply listen and receive. Many group call attendees report feeling as though other listeners were speaking on their behalf of them and that they could feel every shift happening for them at the same time! During the live call you will have the opportunity for 1:1 work with Alee and will receive the call recording within 24 hours.

It was like she was speaking directly to me and seeing what I was seeing!

“I just love Alee's work! She brings such heart and beautiful energy to everything she does. Her transmissions are powerful, holistic and effective. Even though these are group calls, it was like she was speaking directly to me and seeing what I was seeing! I feel like every call I'm on with her, it ramps up another notch - love it! Can't wait to see what is going to happen next”

~ Kris, Holistic Coach, Australia

“I wanted to thank you very much for today's call. Perfect pick of callers and processes ~Beautiful& very helpful!”

~ Sandy

“That was AWESOME! I can feel it too! Tingles all over the back of my head and major releasing”

~ Dee


Bonus Valentine's Weekend Class: RECORDED MP3
Bold As Love: A Soul Board Meeting Experience with
the Goddess Freya

Call was recorded on Valentine's Day Weekend

…Welcome to the most rockin’, funny and supernatural board meeting on the planet!

A Soul Board Meeting is Alee’s signature healing session; a powerful channeled meeting with your “non-physical team” of ancestors, guides, and past lives. With your team’s guidance, Alee also utilizes energetic healing, the Akashic Records and intuitive coaching. In this particular Soul Board Meeting we will be working with the Goddess Freya; she is a goddess who is absolutely bold and visible in her sensuality, beauty and magnetism and claims pleasure and connection as her Divine right. Also, Friday is actually named for her 🙂 

Alee has taken this live private and group offering and opened it up into an exciting, fun and accessible recorded experience. An amazing story and collective healing will unfold, with you the listener as the main character. Each listener will receive the most powerful energetic healing and deepest insight available for them in that moment.

There are no coincidences. The group drawn to a particular a Meeting will always have common thread in their current healing and transformation process.

This Soul Board Meeting Experience was recorded live with hundreds of live callers around the globe on Valentine's Weekend 2016. This group experience is bold, sexy and perhaps one of our most electrifying activations ever as we work with the channeled energy and messages of Freya, Goddess of love, sexuality, pleasure, battle, death and fertility. We transformed our relationship baggage into Sacred Wisdom, activated sensual pleasure and the manifestation of desire in our life and healed heartbreak, love drama and blocks up the wazoo. This is a call not to miss! The energies we worked with are encoded within the recording and are beneficial, inspiring and fun to listen to whether or not you were there live!

Let’s reboot the energetic signature of Valentine’s Weekend and become Bold As Love!

Package A

Total Package Value $1,800

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 92% Saving ***

Package B

All of Package A plus:

20 Minute 1:1 Love Identity Reset with Alee

Value: $350

alee orbsHaving a balanced, loving romantic relationship where both you and your partner are deeply desired, understood and supported is a profound part of the human experience that many of us want and benefit from.

When we feel nourished and supported by our romantic life, it opens up the door to feeling deserving, capable of and therefore manifesting so many fabulous things : vibrant health, authentic joy, satisfying and prosperous work and a connection to the Divine.

It’s time to release the shame around relationship struggles. Society tells us to deny we want something that we don’t physically have, even though the wanting is what brings forth the physical manifestation in the first place! We wonder why we struggle with relationships or remain single, if it’s so natural and human to have one and we are slow to give ourselves love and compassion. And of course- when. Are note not cultivating an authentic sense of self-love, this makes it even more difficult to obtain benefit or relief looking for it with another.

When you feel frustration, disempowerment or abuse from seeking or being in a relationship, you do not fully serve ourselves or our world. You are distracted. You leak energy that could be otherwise directed towards success, health and prosperity on drama, regret, confusion and discontent. You feel insecure and unsure of our desires and our abilities. Your missions goes unfulfilled and the family, friends and colleagues you either hope to have or currently have do not get the best of us.

In this 20 minute 1:1 Love Identity Reboot session with Alee, she will n your one-on-one recorded experience, you'll find out why private sessions with Alee are so highly coveted! Alee will swiftly and powerfully translate the soul messages around Love Identity and romance in your energetic field and physical body as well as introduce you to the non-physical team wanting to connect with you that day. You will also experience the powerful energy work Alee is known for, which often include sound healing and beautiful songs from your non-physical team. In this session Alee will also open your personal Akashic Record and translate the messages there as well as activate any clearings possible. You will be set free from any energies, entities, or beliefs that are holding you back from the joy, love and prosperity that is yours to claim now.

Alee will engage with you throughout the session and you are welcome to bring questions or a clearing theme for the session as well. You can expect powerful clearing work, major revelations about the patterns and stories that have held you back, the inspiration, motivation and all-around boost you've needed for the next level of your personal success, and a lot of fun, too.

She has a truly unique and powerful gift!

“During my session with Alee, my entire body was tingling from head to toe and especially my crown chakra! Her unique modality is extremely powerful, her voice alone produces sound vibrations that penetrate my entire being. She was able to tap into very specific memories that were embedded in my subconscious mind and heal the original wound. Such an AMAZING experience!!! The memory she spoke of seemed so familiar, and she was able to bring profound awareness to me at the conscious level. She has a truly unique and powerful gift! Thank you Alee”

~ Jenni, Chicago

Alee, can see right to the heart of what it is I came to her for.

“Alee Hoffman is hands down the greatest intuitive healer I know. And, I've gotta phone book full of 'em.

Normally, my energetic walls are high and thick, making it a challenge to get through to the real "meat and potatoes" of the matter. Alee, however,can see right to the heart of what it is I came to her for. Her uplifting and lighthearted personality makes it easy to tread the waters of vulnerability.

She gives you the tough-love truth in a way that feels safe to hear.
I have come to her over and over again during my most troubled times. What she sends me home with is always priceless. Pieces that I carry with me even to this day.Let her heal you. Whatever the case may be.”

~ Carly, Stylist and Consultant, Chicago, IL

“I have gone to Alee for readings for over one year and I can honestly say I have found her sessions totally accurate. In addition to that I have had delightfully entertaining sessions where spirit friends from this and former have entertained us both while giving insight to what lies ahead.

In one session I had a bucket of tears poured over me to heal the wound left by a lover killed in a motorcycle accident. We've had the experience of going through old things of my and my parents' past loaded up and tossed down to Gaia for recycling. On one occasion there were tantrums of an X who cannot let go, I have even had a papal experience! Gaia at one time showed herself as a gypsy mixing herbs to spice up my life which had become quite mundane.

Alee has always been available to me whenever a crisis arises and as a dynamic clairvoyant she is able to get me back on the right path. Her predictions have been positive and have come true. I'm looking forward to the latest.”

~ Valerie, New York

Package B

Total Package Value $2,150

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197
*** 94% Saving ***

Pay in Full - $197 Today

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About Alee Reina Hoffman:

AleeReinaAlee Reina Hoffman, AADP is a Soul Channel and Akashic Records Teacher who has spent the last decade professionally supporting clients world-wide to reclaim the story of their life and call in the vibrant health, authentic joy and deeply loving, connective relationships that are their birthright. Born on Valentine’s Day, Alee is here to be a walking, talking Valentine to anyone who crosses her path.

From a family of musicians and artists, Alee was fascinated by the stories of the soul from a young age and got an unusually young start as a music journalist and television panelist in her teens. During this time, half of her immediate family was diagnosed with cancer and she became passionate about the healthcare system and getting to the energetic root of physical illness. By her early 20s she was a successful health coach and energy healer. In 2011, Alee experienced a powerful awakening experience and attunement from a group of galactic beings that re-activated the channeling abilities she had tried to shrug off as a child.

This created the foundation for the work Alee is now most widely renowned for: her electrifying and transformative Soul Board Meetings. Using her channeling and psychic abilities, intuitive coaching and the Akashic Records, Alee translates the energetic field around and within your body. You will be introduced to the “non-physical” team here to join the Board Meeting. This team includes your guides, teachers, ancestors and past lives that are within this field, here to love you and support your success. This work is also very successful for those who are non-verbal, such as infants, animals and those on the autism spectrum. You can expect deep insight, major clearings, potent energetic activations and at least a few laughs.


The Reboot MP3s + The Clearing MP3s + The Infusion MP3s +5 Recordings of (90 min) Love Identity Reboot Classes + 1 NEW Call + Bonus Valentine’s Weekend Call recording

Discount: 92% Off
Total Package Value $1,800
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The Reboot MP3s + The Clearing MP3s + The Infusion MP3s +5 Recordings of (90 min) Love Identity Reboot Classes + 1 NEW Call + Bonus Valentine’s Weekend Call recording + 20 Minute 1:1 Session with Alee

Discount: 91% Off
Total Package Value $2,150
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer

Pay in Full - $197 Today

Pay $100 now and $100 in 30 days (Book session after second payment)

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