Ziad Hashash’s Special Offer

The “I Am Ready to Heal” Series

Seven Transformative Healing Sessions

Experience in-depth, lasting healing and expansion

  • Audio 1: The Ultimate Healing Zone – Tapping into the Sweet Space of Healing and Knowing
  • Audio 2: Mastered Manifesting – Fulfill Your Desired Destiny
  • Audio 3: Profound Healing Through Movement and Dance
  • Audio 4: Yes! to Infinite Abundance - Part 1
  • Audio 5: Yes! to Infinite Abundance - Part 2
  • Audio 6: Self-Healing - Part 1
  • Audio 7: Self-Healing - Part 2
  • Bonus Gift: Crystal Clear Miracle Session

Total Package Value $1,686

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 94% Saving ***

Are you reaching toward greater expansion and renewal?

Are you feeling that it’s time to heal the memories and emotions you thought could never be healed?

To bring your thoughts and mental patterns to a higher, Divine order?

To fulfill your life purpose—while experiencing greater self-love, abundance, and well being?

You are an immortal Being of Light, and you are hearing the call of
your Divine Self

This is the essence of the Sacred Expansion Healing Series—seven peaceful-yet-powerful healing sessions that help you access your soul purpose [or Divine purpose] and identity.

In this amazing new series, Ziad has combined his knowledge of powerful healing modalities with ancient mystery school teachings and his own intuitive healing abilities, to give you access to life-changing renewal and expansion.

It's time to release the patterns and blockages
that have been holding you back

Experience healing that goes to the very root of your challenges, opening your energies to:

  • Greater self-love and acceptance
  • Lasting forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Releasing guilt, blame and victim consciousness
  • Becoming fearless
  • Knowing your purpose

It's time to release the old stories, energies, and beliefs that aren't you.

It’s time for you to have an amazing new life!

The protocols in these sessions will transmute the lower energies that reside in your denser emotions.

They work to deeply cleanse the fears, old energy blockages, and inner limitations that hold are holding you back from living your greatest life.

This frees you to reconnect with and become your authentic self, so that your energies are based not in ego, but in Spirit.

Drink from the well of your own Divine Being, as these empowering healing sessions guide you to:

  • Manifest your dreams
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Open to experiencing greater levels of abundance
  • Heal traumas, fears, addictions, and illness rooted in this or past lives
  • Renew and retrain your mind to work positively on your behalf

Move into a state of grace and openness, to the infinite energies of love, healing, and expansion!

Like a one-on-one mentor session, each recording empowers you to use your own intuitive abilities as you experience the energies of healing, renewal, and expansion in every area of your life.

You can have an amazing new life, free of the limiting beliefs of this or any other lifetime.

Free yourself from the old mental ruts, dense energy patterns, and negative teachings that may have limited your belief about what is possible for you—and how deep your healing can go.

It's time to reclaim your authentic self—and to manifest your dreams

Embody your full potential, as you release the layers of old training, fear, and misunderstanding that hide your true nature.

Step up to your role as a powerful immortal being, made of pure Love and Light, with this transformative series.

Total Package Value $1,686

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 94% Saving ***

Here’s what’s included in the package

Audio 1:

The Ultimate Healing Zone – Tapping into the
Sweet Space of Healing and Knowing

Value: $227

Running Time: 63 minutes

2rTap into the sacred space of Knowing, with this powerful session, designed for those who feel stuck inside mental patterns and processes that were created in the past.

You may feel that your mind is the locked into certain negative belief patterns and trained reactions that you can’t change or release.

But though it is true that the mind can create thoughts and emotional patterns, that is only one of its functions.

This powerful session will show you two great truths about the mind:

  • When the mind is turned outward, it gets lost in projections, emotions, and stories
  • When it is turned inward, it recognizes its own Divine nature, which creates the space for it to be liberated from the old patterns, and be transformed to a much higher level

This session will leave you in awe of its grounding
yet powerful energies

The true nature of your mind is sacred, infinite space.

You can transform your mind to work in higher, more peaceful, more expansive ways, once you form the clear intent to do so.

It’s time for your mind to fulfill the spirit-expanding role it was created for

Let this highly energized session lead you remembering your Sacred Self.

In this session, you will learn how to transform your beautiful mind by:

  • Tapping into the sacred mind-space
  • Unifying your heart and mind
  • Opening up to the energies of the Seventh Dimension
  • Seeing how the sacred space of the mind, when directed inward, enables you to transform your life and the lives of others
  • Using your sacred mind-space to open the channels to the flow of Divine Energies and Divine Plan of your true Being

Contains beautiful, peaceful background music to help you reach a deeper state of healing and meditation.

Audio 2:

Mastered Manifesting – Fulfill Your Desired Destiny

Value: $227

Running Time: 76 minutes

41rThis abundance-creating session is about learning the art of manifesting your deepest desires, as you grasp the scientifically based (quantum physics) method to becoming a Divine Manifester.

Step up to your soul’s ability to rewrite your reality

You’ll learn what true Manifestation really is, and how to permanently eliminate the most common obstacles to manifestation, to ensure that you reap great results.

You’ll learn how to override the collective consciousness blocks around manifesting.

And you’ll learn how to ask for what you desire in the most effective way, distilling your requests down to the one clear idea the Universe will most easily respond to!

Claim your inborn manifesting abilities!

This session will teach you how to project your manifestations directly from your thought and energy to your experience, eliminating the risk of interference and distractions from old thought patterns.

You’ll receive empowering energies and guidance on how to:

  • Manifest your dreams — including money, love, work, and new relationships
  • Use meditation to enhance the creation of what you desire, as you release any resistance to receiving it
  • Remove obstacles to manifestation
  • Eliminate emotions that can block your manifestations
  • Manifest things that are completely new—including new spiritual revelations

Contains beautiful, peaceful background music to help you reach a deeper state of healing and meditation.

Audio 3:

Profound Healing Through Movement and Dance

Value: $227

Running Time: 82 minutes

9rThis joyful session opens the door to transformational living through healing and dance.

The healing energies here are enhanced and uplifted by special dance music that was especially created to unlock your Unlimited Divine Potential.

The energies you will receive here are also designed to release your Akashic records to your conscious mind.

Heal and renew with these joyful, transforming energies

These have been stored in your unconscious being since the beginning of time. Now is the time to open to your soul’s own knowledge, wisdom, and purpose.

In this session, you will be empowered to:

  • Grasp what Divine Healing really is
  • Allow a special cleansing and healing process to move through your entire being
  • Learn a powerful dance meditation technique that will heal and dissolve your deepest tensions, followed by a shift into deep, Peace-filled silence
  • Learn how to unlock your hidden creative energies of unconditional love through movement
  • Learn simple, practical ways to send healing energies to yourself and others with the Divine Flow of higher energies

Contains beautiful, peaceful background music to help you reach a deeper state of healing and meditation.

Audio 4:

Yes! to Infinite Abundance - Part 1

Value: $227

Running Time: 67 minutes

7rFlow into your endless stream of Divine Abundance, with this empowering session!

The energies in this audio will open you up to the Abundance we are all meant to experience as Divine Beings, as you grasp the full meaning of the phrase “The Stream of Divine Abundance.”

Open up to the field of Infinite Possibilities

Strengthen your belief in your ability to “go First Class all the way” as the Universe intended, in every area of your life!

The inspiring energies of this session will guide you to:

  • Bridge any gaps in your beliefs about abundance—adopt the power of having “giving opens the way to receive” as a constant state of mind
  • Work with the Universal Law of Supply and Demand
  • Work with and expand your natural attributes for experiencing Abundance, by expressing Gratitude
  • Use meditation to fulfill any desire, by working with precise mechanisms, entering the cosmic void of What Is, then releasing all outcomes
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind, to eliminate poverty consciousness and replace it with your true and authentic purpose in life—including Abundance

Contains beautiful, peaceful background music to help you reach a deeper state of healing and meditation.

Audio 5:

Yes! to Infinite Abundance - Part 2

Value: $227

Running Time: 60 minutes

42rReceive the energies to heal and release current and past life energy blocks, as you tap into your endless stream of Divine Abundance!

Enjoy this simple energy process to eliminate negative thought patterns and old karmic issues about money and abundance.

Create new beliefs and ideas that empower you to realize
your unlimited potential

Become motivated to create new sources of prosperity, as you learn how to organize your thoughts and emotions so that you are always headed into increasing levels of true abundance!

Receive the energies and processes that enable you to:

  • Identify the roots of the money and self-worth issues that keep you stuck in lack consciousness
  • Improve your self-confidence about receiving more money and prosperity
  • Learn how to quickly transform yourself by releasing the roots of your old issues, as you learn to live in the abundance mindset
  • Release negative beliefs and bring in a whole new attitude that supports your success
  • Work on your craft or whatever you love the most, and take it to another level

Contains beautiful, peaceful background music to help you reach a deeper state of healing and meditation.

Audio 6:

Self-Healing – Part 1

Value: $227

Running Time: 74 minutes

22rTransform your life with insights and revelations about your past lives, with this self-healing journey of integrating your past lives.

Past life regression enables you to heal the present through the past, bringing great inner peace and healing to all areas of your life.

It is also a fascinating path to understanding who you are on a soul level.

You can release the limiting agreements made in past lifetimes at lower levels of awareness

After this session, you’ll feel a greater sense of inner peace, love, and self-acceptance, as you understand more of why you chose your current life.

You don’t have to believe in reincarnation to receive healing from this amazing session!

Using a past life regression technique that transcends all religious and spiritual beliefs, Ziad will guide you into a safe, highly relaxed state of hypnosis. He’ll then guide you to a time before this life.

Discover the root causes of some of the challenges you’re experiencing in the present, and heal them at their root.

This miraculous session will guide you to:

  • Journey far back in your soul’s history
  • Resolve difficult issues that have plagued you in past and current relationships
  • Develop more of your potential, and unlock your hidden talents
  • Heal chronic illnesses, traumas, phobias, and addictions rooted in past lives
  • Heal and release fear of death
  • Learn a special protocol for accessing your past life memories on your own, discovering inner treasures in a way you never thought possible

Contains beautiful, peaceful background music to help you reach a deeper state of healing and meditation.

Audio 7:

Self-Healing – Part 2

Value: $227

Running Time: 68 minutes

21rIn Part Two, you’ll continue your journey of self-healing, with even greater integration of your past lives.

You’ll start to uncover the mystery behind your original spiritual being, as you’re guided to understanding who you are as an immortal soul living a human life.

This special past life regression protocol will also guide you to tapping into your life purpose—the reason why you’ve returned to the Earth at this time.

You’ll be guided to dissolve the limitations of time and space by:

  • Learning rare and powerful sacred techniques for past life regression, integration, and self-healing, previously taught only by the sacred mystery schools of the past
  • Learning two powerful techniques you can use to enter your past on your own
  • Using past life regression to help you have more compassion and love for yourself and others
  • Being empowered to heal the present by healing the past, bringing greater inner peace and healing into all areas of your life

Contains beautiful, peaceful background music to help you reach a deeper state of healing and meditation.

Many have found that listening to these recordings more than once powerfully increases their effects


Bonus :

Crystal Clear Miracle Session

Value: $97

44rEach new year—and each new day, week, or month—is another opportunity to reinvent ourselves, and to experience the miracle of having Clear Intention.

We can take stock of what we have experienced, decide what we want to release, and choose what we want to bring in.

It’s also an opportunity to look within and see how our personal spiritual nourishment has become all the more important, and to maintain a balanced and positive outlook.

One of the best ways to begin a new chapter is by setting a clear intention.

With just this one simple act, we can start to reprogram our entire lives with a positive outlook and clarity.

Setting a clear intention, especially for healing, helps eliminate the old baggage and make a space for more expansion and self-realization.

This is why I would like to give you this Miracle Intention audio.

Setting a clear intention is a very powerful and sacred way to enter the next stage of your existence.

This is my way of saying thank you for the honor of assisting you on your path to greater growth, expansion, and understanding!

Total Package Value $1,686

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 94% Saving ***


Emmanuel"Having met a lot of great healers, Ziad stands out as being one of the most gifted and talented. He has a powerful way of getting to the root of whatever issues someone may be experiencing, and then is able to lovingly address and resolve them with ease. I send many of my clients to Ziad, because I know they will have a miraculous experience."

~ Emmanuel Dagher, Best Selling Author and Teacher.

"I am so overwhelmed to speak about my abundant experience with his sessions, especially the “Yes To Infinite Abundance” part 1&2 sessions! This session has transformed my way of seeing my self and the world around me. Ziad goes deep in the core issue of lack and makes you understand that true abundance is in the living, and in knowing your true essence. After this session unexpected incidents kept happening to me indicating a new way of being, I Love how he incorporate special effects and music as part of his healing methods."

~ Nola Jordan

"Ziad's healing sessions are one of a kind; he takes you on multitude journeys as leaving your body and feeling, seeing, freely floating in the beauty of the Universe while, karmic chords are visually whisked away; dissipating ancient vows, limitation, and oaths of poverty. His soft voice and music nurture further healing as he pours vibrant beautiful light through the physical body and emboldens the heart, the Soul.

The Universe sent ZiadHashash to teach, impart Divine wisdom, heal wounded Souls, and, implant each being with effusive joy, creating a new emotional and spiritual paradigm on this planet and beyond."

~ Mary Westphalen

"On one of your “Self-Healing” sessions, during the process I was able to visualize myself as a child living in another country with a family and curiously we were peasants living in a small village. It was amazing how Ziad was able to guide me with such knowledge being able to direct me in and out of the process of regression. I can only explain it as a magical and empowering experience. On another occasion during “Mastered Manifesting – Fulfill Your Desired Destiny” session Ziad was downloading divine energy and at that moment my whole body was feeling such a magical experience feeling goose bumps from head to toes, and after the session I was feeling a state of peace and well-being."

~ Jose Miguel Valentin

"I just want to say thank you to you dear Friend, Mentor and Teacher!! Your love and wisdom and kindness has transformed my life completely!! I am also in awe because of your dedication for me to learn and continue on this sacred journey!!

I very well remember your “Profound Healing through Movement and Dance” session which was the catalyst that continued to inspire me to stay on this sacred Journey!! My entire life has been blessed with abundance in ALL areas of my life!! Joy, optimum health, It has been all with ease and grace and the Light of a million stars Thank you!!"

~ Awilda Jusino

"Dear Ziad, thanks so much for “The Ultimate Healing Zone – Tapping into the Sweet Space of Healing and Knowing” session. So many things changed and improved since the beginning of my journey with you. You are very gifted and all you are doing arises from the depth of your heart and the depth of the knowledge you channel. I highly recommend you as a healer."

~ Suzie Oliver

About Ziad Hashash:

zaidFrom an early age, those closest to Ziad noticed a spiritual depth and wisdom in him that seemed other-worldly. Having grown up in the Middle East, Ziad had a way of not allowing himself to be confined by the limitations of cultural and societal based belief systems. Instead, he found great joy spending time in nature where he could easily recognize the Divinity in all things.

Over time, Ziad was able to strengthen his awareness that all is Divine to such a degree that he was able to take it out into the world and easily see it within every person, living being, and situation he experienced.

Since childhood, Ziad has developed an array of healing and transformative techniques which have now become an essential part of his daily life and spiritual practice. Ziad has always had an inner-knowing that he was here to serve humanity in some way.

Through a series of synchronistic events, he received confirmation after confirmation that indeed his life purpose was to be of service through reminding others of their Divine nature. For 13 years now, Ziad has served as a Holistic Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Love Ambassador empowering thousands of people around the world to live their greatest lives. Ziad specializes in helping those who feel stuck or blocked in certain areas of their lives move forward with joy and ease.

Whether it’s in areas of career, relationships, finances, health, and spirituality, Ziad uses his natural intuitive abilities along with the knowledge he has received from the many healing certifications to help each person he works with manifest their desired goals and make their dreams a reality. Ziad’s clients come from all walks of life, and consist of people from various ethnic and religious backgrounds, and of all ages.

Ziad acts as a personal mentor to his clients, empowering them to learn how to use their own intuitive abilities to achieve complete well-being in every area of their lives. Ziad especially excels in helping people create happy relationships, financial security, and a deeper connection to the Divine.

Total Package Value $1,686

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 94% Saving ***

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