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  • Are you ready to Shed the Shame, Guilt and Unworthiness?

  • Would you like to ROCK your Feminine Superpowers?

  • How would you like to finally stop chasing your tail, and leave fatigue, fear and frenzy in the dust?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then I’ve got your back, Sweet Sister (or cool conscious brother), and it’s no accident you are reading this!

Sadly, there seems to be an epidemic of sick, scattered, and confused women drowning in a sea of exhaustion and overwhelm, feeling powerless to break FREE. Unfortunately, this happens when women are disconnected from their sacred feminine essence.

I know, because I WAS one of these women... At my lowest, I was struggling with chronic fatigue (later diagnosed as Lyme’s disease), endometriosis, anxiety attacks and a dark, deep depression, that was at times suicidal. I had no confidence, self-worth or purpose. Isolation and loneliness were my closest companions.

However, after a decade of investing time, energy and well over 6 figures in all types of healing, personal development and private coaching and mentorship, I finally cracked the code - the VENUS CODES™, to be exact.

Not only did I begin to heal my body, and unearth my gifts, but I birthed my sacred work into the world: to help bring Heaven to Earth. AND, even more exciting, was the women I worked with started to heal too! I joyfully witnessed them feeling more empowered and getting their sexy back in more ways than one!


“In three sessions with Helena and beautiful Venus & Divine Equus, I went from jobless to a new job and standing on my own feet again. In a relationship and financial issue, I finally allowed myself to step into my worthiness. On a much deeper level, I feel that more will still unfold, as layers and layers within my field were finally ready to be released. New energies are finding now clear space to settle down and work for me...”

~ Julia


“After my one-on-one session with Helena, I slept for eight hours for the first time since my mother passed away when I was 16 years old.

Helena, I just want to say that I have bought 4 or 5 packages from the online webinars and from very well-known energy workers. I can honestly say I have never felt such profound effects as I have during our call and still continuing. I have practiced meditation for many years but the meditation with you went very deep and again with amazing effects. All I can say is WOW and thank you so, so much! You helped me more in our 1 session together than any other professional has ever managed with me.

The pain and fever from the Genetic illness has subsided considerably. I haven’t needed to take anti-inflammatories for the first time in 46 years, and I feel a calmness that I didn’t before the call. I feel very blessed and grateful for being chosen to connect with you and I fully recommend Helena Das to anyone with any issues that have tried other modalities without resolution.”

~ Evangelia

When a woman has owned her passionate nature, allowing love to flood her heart, her thoughts grow wild and fierce and beautiful. Her juices flow. Her heart expands. She has thrown off crutch and compromise. She has glimpsed the enchanted kingdom, the vast and magical realms of the Goddess within her. Here, all things are transformed. And there is a purpose to this: that the world might be mothered back to a great and glorious state. When a woman conceives her true self, a miracle occurs and life around her begins again.

Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth

Before I share more with you about the sacred healing VENUS CODES™, may I ask you a few questions? Can you relate to any of the following?

  • You second-guess yourself and have trouble making decisions?
  • You feel disconnected from your personal power, intuition and truth?
  • You feel invisible and unappreciated?
  • You resist experiencing pleasure and might even feel like it’s a dirty word
  • You constantly apologize, as if you’re sorry for existing
  • You loose yourself in relationships
  • You feel scattered due to a Bright Shiny Object syndrome?
  • You are a self-help junkie, feeling like you’ve been working on yourself forever?

If you said yes to even a few of these, Dear One, that’s a pretty sure sign you are not fully embodying your sacred feminine... that you are essentially disconnected on some level from HER (your inner Goddess) and out of balance with your masculine energies. When you are more truly embodying the sacred feminine in harmony with the divine masculine, then you will experience more wholeness, radiance, love and abundance in all arenas of your life.

No one will listen to us until we listen ourselves. The Goddess awakens in our hearts before she awakens the world. We must notice that she exists. We must honor and worship and revere her, regardless of the name we call her. For not to do so is to dishonor ourselves. She is our feminine essence. She is the female power and the spiritual glory that lies within every woman and every man.

Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth

By the way, please know that it’s NOT your fault. Our society and 5,000 years of patriarchal domination has taught us that it’s not okay to even desire, never mind actually experience, pleasure - often feeling like it’s a ‘dirty’ word. Worse yet, our cellular memory all too readily informs us that we will be tortured, persecuted and even KILLED. It’s no wonder, that especially as women, we are taught to NOT love ourselves and to ALWAYS put others first. Unfortunately, the sad truth and result is always the same: you end up depleted and loose connection with your gifts and dreams, drifting aimlessly, like a fragile, helpless feather.

So, at this point, I’d like to invite you to simply pause for a few moments, placing one hand on your heart and the other on your belly, and RECEIVE a few gorgeous breaths into your beautiful Being...

Feel into what it would be like to experience this:

  • A sacred, loving and intimate connection to the gorgeous Goddess that lives inside that familiar reflection in the mirror?
  • Feeling enchanted by your own unique beauty, radiance and sensuality that magically magnetizes divine opportunities to you?
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  • Unapologetically owning your unique brilliance and gifts, unafraid to SHINE
  • On FIRE, plugged in and blissfully connected to your highest passion, purpose and wisdom

Feeling turned on at the thought of a desire actually sends an energetic vortex of attraction out into the world.

Regina Thomashauer, aka ‘Mama Gena’, Pussy, A Reclamation


  • Feeling more alive and in flow with your own life force or Shakti (feminine creative energy)

  • Feeling supported, protected and held by the Divine Masculine

  • Giving yourself permission to consciously co-create your reality

  • Having the tools and ability to ride the waves of life from a more balanced, centered and empowered place?

  • Feeling 100% WHOLE, complete and perfect, just as you are!

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(Artwork by Jenny Pride)

If you are feeling the nudge, and ready to learn more, then allow me to introduce you (divine drumroll please...) to the sacred healing VENUS CODES™...

This sacred body of work is the result of my personal healing journey, bringing together my gifts, the medicine of the Horse, Gaia and the Divine. To summarize the key elements of this work, I was given the following acronym and image:

  • V - Voice <---> Vagina
  • E - Ecstatic Embodiment; Equus/Horse wisdom
  • N - Nurture your true Nature; Nourishment
  • U - Unbridled Potential, Possibility, Pleasure
  • S - Sacredness, Sovereignty & Sisterhood

The great news is that we all have access to these awesome codes! The amazing benefits of awakening these codes within you can ripple out to all areas of your life! Greater Love, Beauty and Wealth of Being is possible.

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Here is a list of just some of the outcomes that the women who’ve worked with me and the VENUS CODES™ have experienced -

  • Improved health, energy and Vitality
  • Freedom from self-judgement and criticism
  • Opening up Authentic self-expression
  • Opening to your own worthiness, self-esteem and Self-love
  • More clients and More money
  • Feeling Renewal, rejuvenation, recharged
  • Better Boundaries
  • Incredible sense of Peace and EMPOWERMENT
  • Greater Clarity, Focus or Direction
  • Tuned in to divine signs, timing and Synchronicity
  • Unexpected Gifts (e.g., the dream cruise), checks in the mail
  • More Confidence and Courage
  • Improved Sleep... and so much more!


“I had the most beautiful experience with Helena's healing. I was grieving the end of a relationship when we worked together. The way Helena guides you with breath, body placement/movement and bringing in the energy of the horses quickly brought me into the physical and energetic experience of actually riding a horse, even though I was in a my bedroom. I was astonished at how real it felt and the way I was transported to another world where I was riding my own healing horse into the session.

It gave me a lot of peace, insight and resolution about the end of this relationship and clarity on how the same patterns I had seen in previous relationships. There was also a massive clearing of throat energy, which I hadn't told Helena is a source of a lot of illness in my family line and I could my connection to that karma close.

Helena is soft yet strong and incredibly compassionate in the process. I felt held and safe to share my laughter and my tears.

I highly recommend Helena's work if you would like to transform your relationship with your body, sensuality, partnerships and ancestry AND are ready to bringing in the deep connection with horse medicine.

Thank you Helena! ”

~ Alee Reina Hoffman


“I am an Energy Healer and Holistic Physician. Despite everything that I know; I was suffering from some pretty intense chronic constipation. I was taking all sorts of herbal laxatives and doing all of these Energy Clearings on myself and Mother Earth. Just to poop in the morning. I knew this was so important because my detoxification system was getting backed up. Then I heard about Helena Das and her Divine Feminine Activation; and something really resonated inside of me, like, “I have to do this.”

I did this healing with Helena and she showed me several different mudras to shift the energy in my body. She did the healing and activation on me. During this beautiful, beautiful activation I felt all this energy traveling and shifting. I really didn’t know what to expect. But I noticed a day or two later as I was integrating this energy that I started waking up in the morning and having to poop. Before taking my laxatives.

Before drinking water. Before doing all of this Energy Healing. Normally I would do up to twenty minutes of Energy Healing on Mother Earth just so I could poop that day. But I didn’t have to do it. And I was like, “Woah! This is huge. This is totally huge for me!” Day six out of seven and I have weaned off of most, if not all of my laxatives. I haven’t had to take them. I am absolutely thrilled! Something definitely balanced out in my system. Who knew it was this whole masculine/feminine energy thing.
If you are someone like me; who is a busy woman, an entrepreneur, a go-getter; maybe have some masculine/feminine energy imbalances. You definitely need to get this Divine Feminine Activation from Helena. It was absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend it.”

~ Dr. Karen K., Best Selling Author and Energy Healer


“I was so fortunate to have a session with Helena Das! When I met Helena, I was at a place in my life that I hadn’t been before… I was about to be seen in a very different way. With this came a mix of emotions, sure there was excitement, but for me, mostly there was fear… how will I be perceived? Will I be good enough? Will they like me? This feeling within me lay in my solar plexus and on a scale of 1 to 10, it was at a 9!

Helena easily and effortlessly turned into the space within me where all this fear lay. She quickly had me on my feet where we went through some very powerful exercises, designed to help me step into my power, and boy did they!! Once exercise in particular, I do anytime I feel anxious, anytime I feel unsure of my own voice. It helps me to connect with my female energy and own my power … very empowering!!!

Working with Helena, I was able to truly know in my heart that I was safe and that I was good enough, simply because I was ‘me’! Amazingly the sensation when from a 9 to a 1 in such a short time!

Now weeks later, I am feeling safe in showing the world who I am, as I am feeling safe in “who I am”... what a Gift!

Thank you, Helena! I would highly recommend Helena to anyone wanting to move forward!”

~ Donna M., Intuitive Guide


“I want to say thank you to Helena Das for her gentle and yet very profound work during our private session on embodying the sacred feminine.

The process itself was very comforting and relaxing, and helped me to calm down after a very long and stressful day. I could feel the flow of energy moving in my body and filling me with warmth and vibrant energy.

But the most amazing thing happened after our session - the very next day I found MY perfume, after years of believing that I am allergic to perfumery. Inner guidance led me to a boutique of selective perfumes and I found a scent that was created especially for me, so aligned I felt with this magical composition.

And a couple of days later I found again my inner source of creativity and started creating paintings. And now I’m implementing this creative process into the healing sessions I do with my clients and provide even more profound results for them.

Thank you, Helena, your process has evoked my creative force that was dormant for so many years inside of me!

~ Eugenia S.


“I had the pleasure of having Helena working on me with a beautiful, inspiring spirit journey which took me to the depths of my Self where I connected with the best parts of Me which integrated in a spiral of energy and light. My experience was gentle yet powerful and over the days I have felt lighter and lighter, a feeling which has lasted through the busy-ness of my days. I find myself smiling more and taking life a little more lightly. Beautiful session, gentle yet POWERFUL!”

With love, ~ Sandra St. Yves


“Thank you so much for the session Helena. I felt very supported and your compassion and kindness was awesome. I love your voice it’s very calming and soothing. I definitely felt movement and release in our time together. I think your work is so sacred and powerful. You’re the perfect facilitator for the Divine Feminine presence.

~ Debbi Adams

So, are you ready to take the reins back, and partner with Spirit as you consciously Choose your path? How would you like to take your seat, connect with your core energy, wisdom and power as a woman? And maybe even enjoy 😉 the ride?

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If you said yes, I have news for you… You are in the right place!

You too CAN experience pleasure & enjoy radical self-acceptance, blissful embodiment, and sacred sexuality. You can realize Radiant Health and a Wealth of Being on all levels.

It is all possible for you when you take back your body and your power, as well as your natural feminine abilities (or Superpowers, as I like to call them) to Conceive & Receive a wealth of love, support and resources for your desired life!As you heal yourself first, Sweet Sister, you are helping to heal the planet!!!

By now, you are probably wondering how?
By awakening The Sacred Healing VENUS CODES™.

When you connect with the VENUS Codes,
You will begin to Embody
Your Sacred, Sexy, Sovereign Goddess-self too!

By the way, I just have to share a sacred, sexy, perhaps even edgy secret that was truly one of those profound ‘Aha’ moments for me when I learned it: Not only is there an intimate connection between our Throat Chakra and our sexual energy center (located in our sacral chakra), but science confirms that the physiology of the cells in our throats as women, are almost completely identical to those within our vagina!

When your feminine essence is fully awake, embodied (and your voice & vagina are in sync), you will more easily, gracefully & powerfully express and speak your truth, and ultimately unleash your creative flow in all areas of life!


  • Feeling lighter, happy, peaceful, alluring, loving & engaging
  • More comfortable, confident in one’s body and skin
  • Improved boundaries, not taking or taking on others’ stuff
  • Feel more empowered, confident, peaceful
  • Releasing self-judgement and your inner critic
  • Increased financial flow, more clients, anxiety gone!
  • Laughed all night long, unexpectedly
  • Gifted an expensive dream cruise
  • Able to come off chronic anti-inflammatories and sleeping medications for rare genetic illness!
  • New job and standing on own 2 feet again!
  • Feeling Vibrant, clear and glowing


“There aren’t enough words to express the gratitude I have for the healing experience I received during my time working with Helena and her horse Hannah. Together they helped me release energies I carried my whole life completely unaware of self-expression blocks that limited how I moved through the world.

After a beautiful half-day healing retreat I returned to my paints and canvas only to have very clear visions of what I was to paint next; what flowed from my hands was something I never thought I could ever do. In a week's time my work evolved from flat simple images to detailed creations that would culminate the energies of the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms to aid those in search of healing.

By the end of the summer I was invited to sell my work in a shop and began taking requests. I never set out to become an artist; I simply asked that my time with Helena and Hannah open my unique gifts allowing me to fulfilling my soul’s mission. With their guidance and love I was able to heal, allowing me to leap into who I was meant to be and clearly seeing my own Divine power. It is no coincidence the very first painting after my session with Helena and Hannah was a jaguar, the essence of self-empowerment.”

~ Bonnie N.


“Working with Helena was amazing. For a long time I was looking for a powerful healer like her who would be able to get to the core of my anxiety that I was experiencing. I felt that the anxiety was blocking me in my business, it was blocking me from making money and it was blocking me from feeling happy. I felt burned out and depressed for a really long time and I didn't know why and how I could change it.

During my first session with Helena, we really got to the core of the problem and she identified a traumatic event that has happened a couple years ago that was influencing me more than I thought. I never connected that event with my money blocks and feelings of depression, but it made total sense. In the weeks after she did the clearing on me, I felt happier than ever. Clients started to magically show up, money started to flow in and I was feeling amazing.

Thank you so much, Helena, for your wisdom and healing power. I feel everyone, especially women who are in business and want to go to their next level should work with Mani. Her work is amazing and can magically take your life and biz to the next level.

~ Christina Sander

Package A - Awaken your Venus Codes™ Audios + 12:12 Stargate & 5 Day Diamond Detox Live-stream Challenge with Solstice Celebration Bonus Video recordings (over 6 hours of valuable content, activations and embodiment practices)

  • Awaken your Venus Codes™ guidebook (PDF) [value = $27]
  • 13 AVC audio MP3s (Soundcloud playlist) [value = $605]
  • 7 DD videos (vimeo) [Value = $497]

Package B - Awaken your Venus Codes™ 5 Week Group Program + Pkg A

  • Ecstatic Embodiment Essentials Video Series [value = $497]
  • Awaken your Venus Codes™ playbook/journal (PDF) [value = $33]
  • 5 Live group calls via Zoom Video conference) [Value = $997]
  • Private FB Group [value = priceless]

Package C - Private 1:1 VIP (Venus Inspired Prosperity) Healing Session (33 min.) [value = $250] + Pkg B


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The Awaken Your  Venus Codes MP3s

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Awaken Your  Venus

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The Awaken Your  Venus Codes MP3s

3 Special Bonus Audio MP3s

Awaken Your  Venus Codes guidebook

12:12 Stargate & Diamond Detox 5 Day Challenge video Series

5 Weeks to Get Your Sexy back

Ecstatic Embodiment Essentials: 5 part video Exercise Series

Awaken Your Venus Codes

Playbook & Journal 

Private AVC FB Group Community


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From Heartache to Joy Special offer 


The Awaken Your  Venus Codes MP3s

3 Special Bonus Audio MP3s

Awaken Your  Venus Codes guidebook

12:12 Stargate & Diamond Detox 5 Day Challenge video Series

Weeks to Get Your Sexy back

Ecstatic Embodiment Essentials: 5 part video Exercise Series

Awaken Your Venus Codes 

Playbook & Journal 

Private AVC FB Group Community

Private VIP Venus Healing Session

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Package A

Begin enjoying greater love, beauty and wealth of Being by awakening the essence of the sacred feminine within. Each one of these 13 (btw, the number 13 is associated with the divine feminine) audios has been divinely and lovingly transmitted with the intention to activate an intimate connection between the sacred feminine to the other energy centers and areas of your life.

Included as a special bonus gift, the powerful Diamond Detox Video program (infused with the potent 12:12 Stargate energies), will greatly assist with your ascension process. Start polishing your Diamond, as you more fully EMBODY the Clarity, Purity, Radiance, Brilliance and Resilience of your Crystalline Light Body with more ease and grace.

The Awaken your Venus Codes™ journey offers three different levels of interaction, support and transformation:

  • The Awaken your VENUS CODES™ audio Program: 10 magical and potent audios activating the key elements of the Venus Codes™ as they relate to different areas of your energy centers and life (value $440)
  • 3 special Bonus audio (MP3) activations, taking things to a whole other level, for additional support and enhancing your journey (value $165)
  • Awaken your Venus Codes™ guidebook (pdf) sharing 3 Golden Nuggets to help you get the most out of this program (& life), and covers some important terminology and definitions for your personal reference. (value $27)
  • 12:12 Stargate & Diamond Detox 5 Day Challenge Video series for supporting you in your ascension process and integrating your Homo Luminous, crystalline Light Body with more ease & grace - let your Light Shine! (value $497)


Venus Vision Quest - MP3

Value: $44

Length: 26:39 minutes

The first step in our journey will be to find Diamond-like crystal Clarity around your personal vision and desires, aligned of course, with your heart and yoni.

This step is important because when you know and connect more intimately with your own vision and desires, you can begin to “wo-manifest” them with ease! Just like going on a road trip, knowing where it is you desire to go, is key to finding your way there. Even if you feel that you don’t have a clue or think that your personal dreams are out of reach, we will begin our mission of connecting you to them here. This process may also be used in setting intentions or more short term goals and anchoring them into the physical.


“I was having a hard time speaking my truth and stepping into my power. I was fortunate to have a session with Helena Das.

Helena took me on a Venus Vision Quest. I had no idea what this was, but was very pleasantly surprised!!

During this Quest, Helena activated my diamond chamber where I met my future self, she was Brilliant! This meeting left me feeling unbelievably at peace and empowered.

Helena shared with me a technique to use when I want to step into my power, this in itself was worth my session!

I would highly recommend Helena’s work!”

~ Nancy Falck


Heavenly Holy Bone Activation - MP3

Value: $44

Length: 15:15 minutes

Return to the “Root of your Being” and be firmly anchored in you body temple. This MP3 will to guide you safely back home to your sacred temple. Deep cleansing, nourishing and strengthening of your support system, i.e., your skeleton and bone matrix. Release ancestral and lineage influences embedded in your bones, as well as tribal vows, spoken or unspoken that no longer serve! Create a crystalline - rock solid foundation so you can begin to joyfully thrive, not just survive! As a divine and synchronous bonus, the 15:15 time in numerology amplifies the vibrations of Spiritual Alchemy ;-).


“I was so excited about my session with Helena and she did not disappoint! I wanted to connect with her because I felt ready to connect with my feminine power. My relationships have always been the same, whether with family or with romantic partners - I was the one who gave in to everyone else’s wishes because I didn’t feel worthy of expressing my own. I have given all my money and lots of possessions away, feeling that other people deserve things more than me. It is very rare that I treat myself to anything, and then I feel guilty for doing so.
The session was very powerful and I had a tremendous release of emotion after Helena pinpointed a time in my childhood where the blocks were. I released so much emotion that I should have been feeling exhausted, but instead I felt energized and as though I was 10 feet tall. I slept deeply and dreamed of so many places and people from the past, where I felt very relaxed.

One week after the session, I was gifted a very expensive cruise, something I have been wanting for many years, incredible that it manifested so soon after releasing my blocks. I feel more able to think about an abundant future for me and feel excited to see what transpires!

Helena is a sweet, gentle lady and I feel so privileged to have had this time with her.”

~ Lynn P.

Now that you know where you want to go, it’s important to connect with where you are. By establishing a grounded-ness in yourself, you will have a strong base from which to launch into your new life. Clearing any related obstacles and establishing a rock solid foundation will enhance and amplify the effects of all the amazing healing we’ll do together going forward!


Yoni Love Elixir - MP3

Value: $44

Length: 18:02 minutes

A sacred healing journey for your precious yoni! Access your sacred feminine essence, sensuality and pleasure, as you experience a Holy Union with Divine Source energy. Melt away shame, guilt or any feelings of unworthiness as you merge with the golden nectar of Gaia and the Diamond Sun rays from above. Enjoy being held in pure Orgasmic Oneness and Bliss! This powerful Diamond Yoni Activation will also help clear your womb matrix of energetic debris, allowing her to Radiate and Co-Create, and more easily Conceive & Receive.

Furthermore, when your masculine and feminine energies are balanced, you attract and strengthen all your relationships. This includes not only romantic relationships, but those with your body, your bank account, and your life path. You will more fully experience and Embody a sense of wholeness, beauty and ease as you move through life.

Feeling turned on at the thought of a desire actually sends an energetic vortex of attraction out into the world.

Regina Thomashauer, Pussy, A Reclamation


“Thanks for sharing your energetic healing class with me. I slept very soundly, and the next day I was in a very happy and loving, open frame of mind, plus felt feminine and beautiful! So your energetic healing worked after setting the intention to love myself more, especially my body and feminine essence! Had a blissful day and made so many heartfelt connections with many people, I could feel how my energy had shifted and was more alluring, engaging, nurturing and loving.

Thank you for creating the space for me to feel nurtured, held and loved. Your powerful visualization meditation and the yoga exercises really got the energy in my body circulating and oozing out. Your gentle nature and sweet voice are conducive for deep inner work, creating a safe sacred space in which I could let go of control and allow the unfoldment of what needed to happen to take place.

You are truly a gifted healer, a remarkable light worker, and an extraordinary soul.

~ Valerie


“Thank you for your activation. I’m 47 and have not had my moon time in the last two months because of needing to take steroids. After your activation, I felt a surge in my womb and now have premenstrual symptoms - Yeah! Thank you so much.”

~ Danni Mura


“Working with Helena was very refreshing. Being an energy healer, I find it great to connect with someone that also works on the energetic body. My original intention was to work with the 2nd chakra energy in opening up to receiving a new relationship. What occurred for me was white light coming in to open up the sacral chakra and clear it not only of all old relationships but also to receive all the love and abundance that was and is around me. Now I can feel this energy center open and ready! Even a week or so later, my 2nd chakra is alive and vibrating with this blazing white light. I have noticed that I am more aware of my sexuality than ever before. Perfect for attracting a new love!”

~ Terri H, CEO Natural Forces Studio



Cosmic Kidney Cleanse - MP3

Value: $44

Length: 17:38 minutes

This is a powerful kidney detox and cleanse, helping rid you of deep-seated fears, anxiety and doubt, as well as chemical toxins and other impurities. It also helps regenerate your adrenals so you can handle stress better. Finally, as an added benefit, the sexual organs are supported in harnessing these energies for creativity and accessing your unbridled potential! By cleansing your kidneys and adrenals, and harnessing your sexual potency, you’ll not only get your sexy back, but will upgrade your batteries for greater energy and resilience, and experience greater vitality as you take aim and connect with your dreams in life! Very healing and supportive for low back issues & recharging your Goddess power pack.


“I just got off the phone from my one-on-one session with Helena Das for my Venus Healing session. I really wanted to go to bed and sleep; and just bask in the energies. But I am feeling alive and wanted to say a BIG thank you to Helena. She cleared out the biggest block from the age of 10 when I spent some weeks in hospital for major surgery on my knees. I don’t feel like sharing the details but I had a major release and felt the nausea rising up through my chakras until it reached my throat and I just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. The shift was almost immediate and now I know that I AM loved, and always was. This was my major block to everything I want to magnetize and what has been holding me down for almost 65 years. 

Helena is a beautiful, compassionate, and caring woman. I feel so blessed and honored to be given this incredible healing. Thank you Eram for making it possible and immense gratitude to Helena”

~ Lynn P.


Fear into FIRE! - MP3

Value: $44

Length: 17:04 minutes

This MP3 will help you transmute any fears, blocks or limiting energies into Fire! Use the intention of your breath to move your fears into the flames. Then, this powerful fire becomes the fuel for your passion and desires, helping you move forward with more grace, confidence and ease. A gentle yet powerful process using the element of fire for spiritual alchemy. Let fear and/or limiting beliefs hold you back no more! Great to use any time you need to move and work through fear and resistance of any kind.

Now realizing her dream of becoming a Real Estate Agent too!”

photo credits

“I’m honored to share with you my testimonial. I met Helena about 2 or 3 months ago. I was in a very dark spot. I was going through a lot of challenges physically and emotionally.

Working with Helena, my first experience was doing the Five Day Diamond Detox Challenge. That experience was phenomenal. In one of the mediations, I saw my reflection and I saw myself through a different set of eyes. I suddenly realized that I was indeed that strong person, that confident person that I had been channeling. That person had been lost.

Her work is phenomenal. I had physical issues with my neck. My C2 got injured in an accident, and for the past year I’ve been having headaches. My neck has been hurting so much. Recently we also did some work, and last time I was at the chiropractor my neck was fine. It wasn’t as stiff. It wasn’t like it used to be.

So, even my chiropractic neurologist noticed a big difference. My headaches were minimized ever since. And my self-confidence has been boosted by Helena’s presence, by her charisma, by her support, by her love. She is simply amazing. If you do have the opportunity to work with her, please do. You will never regret it.

Thank you for everything that you do. Thank you.

p.s. - now realizing her dream of becoming a Real Estate Agent too!”

~ Lizzy


“Helena is a very warm and caring person and managed to put me at ease as soon as we began the session. My primary intention was to connect more deeply with my divine feminine and release judgement on myself. During the process, Helena balanced my masculine & feminine energies and I could really feel the blocks being cleared, and noticed a lot of the energies moving down my legs and knee. I also felt deep sensations in my womb, I could feel it pulsing and tingling a lot. What a beautiful and helpful process! After clearing and removing the energetic blocks I could definitely feel the intensity of the feeling of the judgement had improved going from a 9-10 to a 5-6. That was really impressive and I am deeply grateful for it. Since our session I have been feeling more connected, more balanced and confident. Thank you so much, kind Helena, for all you have done for me and for connecting me to my inner Goddess, it means a lot to me. You are a true blessing!”

~ Sylvie


Epona’s Elixir for Visceral Vitality - MP3

Value: $44

Length: 26:17 minutes

Go on a cosmic cowgirl adventure and magical healing journey with the Celtic Horse Goddess Epona. Open to receive her nourishing activation for sovereignty & prosperity, and drink her healing elixir to enhance your gut intuition and revitalize your digestive system. Begin to assimilate life's experiences with more ease, grace, joy and glory! If you have tummy issues or would like to increase your trust in your gut intuition, this is the perfect activation.


“I had my session with Helena and was very open to whatever would come through. The thing that has bothered me lately is my right shoulder and I have not been able to see a reason for that. This pain is greatly reduced.

When we went into the meditation. Helena found things that I had completely forgotten. It was a repetition of something I have had cleared before but I still had some residue from. She picked up on the issue and helped me get it out of my system. It was an old thing that got boosted when I went to a place and for some reason what affected by the energies there.

I loved the meditation as it went on to meet my inner Goddess and to enhance my communication with her (me). It was a moment of great stillness and also reinforcement that we all have this support and someone always has our back no matter what goes on outside. 

I highly recommend Helena, and think everyone could benefit from a tour into our own Greatness; to be able to spread more Light by being in balance with ourselves.”

~ Elizabeth J.


Diamond Detox for Hormone Harmony (aka Venus Beauty & Radiance Elixir) - MP3

Value: $44

Length: 18:44 minutes

Harness the power of Venus and the Divine Diamond Light to balance your hormones and recharge your sacred power plant! Sending love and gratitude to your body and specifically the Hypothalamic - Pituitary - Adrenal glands axis and feedback loop makes for a blissful detox, while you deeply nourish and replenish yourself, body, mind and soul. Allow the diamond vortex to harmonize and optimize the function of your hormonal system, while you magically access your inner Radiance and Beauty.


“I had my session with Helena and was very open to whatever would come through. The thing that has bothered me lately is my right shoulder and I have not been able to see a reason for that. This pain is greatly reduced.

When we went into the meditation. Helena found things that I had completely forgotten. It was a repetition of something I have had cleared before but I still had some residue from. She picked up on the issue and helped me get it out of my system. It was an old thing that got boosted when I went to a place and for some reason what affected by the energies there.

I loved the meditation as it went on to meet my inner Goddess and to enhance my communication with her (me). It was a moment of great stillness and also reinforcement that we all have this support and someone always has our back no matter what goes on outside. 

I highly recommend Helena, and think everyone could benefit from a tour into our own Greatness; to be able to spread more Light by being in balance with ourselves.”

~ Elizabeth J.


Cazimi Activation: Let your Love-Light Shine! - MP3

Value: $44

Length: 18:41 minutes

Let your LOVE-Light Shine! This beautiful activation helps awaken your cosmic blueprint so that you can remember who you are and why you came here. 'Cazimi' means Heart of the Sun... before you were born, when you were in your mother's womb, a special alignment happened, where the Sun shined it's Diamond Light onto Venus - all about the heart, which shined directly onto Earth. Hence, this special alignment (what I call your "Venus Rising Blueprint") encoded how you are meant to shine and share your gifts here. Feel into and spread your heart-wings my beloved !


“From the beginning of January 2017, I experienced death of a treasured colleague. She was a beautiful light. From the moment I found out, through the day, it started to trigger and emotional cumulative response by the end of day on January 3rd. Through most of January, I was in what most would call full blown depression however most healers would say it resembled PTSD. I have been suffering for weeks in this negative downward spiral. There was plenty of hope as I connected with healers and received relief for the time being however nothing stuck or brought me out of it. Grief is very hard to curb especially when it hits you in the face hard. I was scarcely looking like myself or "being" the me that I knew I was. I finally gave in January 25th in the afternoon and went home.

I stayed out of work on January 26th as well. I had contacted Helena about replays for the Venus Rising course I was taking with her and in this day and a half with the one on one work -- I came out of this really deep depression. Helena provided me with an MP3, energy work and just time when I needed that one to one attention. I know that she had an effect on me because I woke up energized and happy. I had not felt that in days. I felt renewed so much so - I had the audacity to leave my office door open and smile at people as they said hi and good morning. I never felt so good.

This renewal is still here and I know that I am coming out of the dark and into the light. Thank you Helena for your healing, your work, and your attention. It has really opened many doors and changed relationships for me into more positive being.

~ Sandy S.


Golden Dragon Throat Activation for Divine Self-Expression & Creative Flow - MP3

Value: $44

Length: 20:27 minutes

In India, Diamonds were believed to be remnants of a pair of cosmic dragons who engaged in a magical sky battle.

Judy Hall, 101 Power Crystals

This fun and incredibly powerful MP3 will heal the connection between your throat and sexual energy centers, i.e., voice & vagina ;-). By syncing up your words to your womb, there is nothing standing in the way of your authentic expression and creativity. Powerfully activate your inner Dragon Diamond Light Power Center and become a force for good! Your creative juices will flow with sacred ‘soul-utions’ and divine self expression, as you access your Unbridled potential! Using the conscious power of your words aligned with your Yoni (& heart), you will begin to summon and command your reality, and become unstoppable, if you so choose!


“Thank you so, so much for this wonderful healing experience... I had fun, I experienced a profound transforming healing, which my body thanks 🙂

Since our session I felt nothing but joy, deep joy rooted in my heart and soul. I am amazed about you accurate intuition and healing.

The emotions you cleared from my energy were causing me physical problems that I was not aware they were causing, as soon as you cleaned that emotions my body posture changed, my spine stretched, and my heart beating and breath are now rhythmic and strong. My tachycardia disappeared and I had a wonderful all night sleep (which I have not had from years). Also I am experienced that my imagination is flowing easily again! It is very easy for me to write and draw now, and I looove this!!! I thought I had lost this forever.

Your sweet and joyful energy is wonderful 🙂 Love it! Thank you, thank you from my heart, soul and my whole being. ”

With all my love,
~ Anjara


“I began the call with tension in my neck, shoulders and jaw with an intensity level of 9; by the end of the call, the intensity had dropped to a 2. Helena cleared ancestral blocks on my mother’s side going back 3 generations. She was also able to clear shame that my inner child was experiencing about being alive and being a woman.

Helena ended the call by sharing an empowering tool that I could use in my every day life.

I felt much lighter and peaceful during and after the call and felt many tangible shifts.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and would highly recommend her work.

Since our session, I have felt a shift in my comfort level when speaking to others that I don't know. I feel much more comfortable and my words flow more smoothly!

Thank you again for that very powerful healing session with you.”

~ Jill Barreto


“I recently had an energy clearing session with Helena, and let me tell you it was powerful! The immediate results were a clear mind and an uplifted spirit, but in the days afterward I started to notice the physical manifestations of our energy work together.

Helena has such a kind and gentle way of guiding you through what could be shameful and difficult emotional processes. The guided meditation made my heart soar, and her energy readings about my blocks and when and why they occurred was spot on. I didn’t even realize I was blocked! Having always had tightness in my throat chakra, I was shocked when I realized four days after our session the tightness was gone.

Helena is a beautiful spirit with gentle strength that I would trust again and again to help me keep my energy clear and spirit flowing. I know you’ll love her too! ”

~ Ashley W.

ITEM 10:

Dulce Suenos, Sweet Dreams - MP3

Value: $44

Length: 18:13 minutes

Need a little help falling asleep the Venus way? Raise your vibration, balance your hormones and release stress and worry while you sleep. Let your subconscious be infused with a high frequency diamond activation to help you magnetize your desires.

Bonus 1:

Golden Goddess Isis Aura Quartz Activation - MP3

Value: $55

Length: 25:29 minutes

Truly magical when it came through, powerfully alleviating some physical symptoms I had been experiencing personally at the time - a happy side-effect ;-)). The precious energy of this Gorgeous Radiant Crystal, Golden Sunset Aura Quartz which I generally guard and keep on my sacred altar, is infused into this special MP3. Travel to the temple of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, the goddess of healing, sacred sexual alchemy and sovereignty. This guided meditation will enable you to blissfully and gracefully embody her gifts and wisdom, as you receive her initiation. Listening will not only give a boost to your chakra alignment, but will help you reclaim your sacred sexual sovereignty. This potent activation will also assist in upgrading your Light Body and help you more fully embody the sacred feminine. Allow the ancient Egyptian wisdom, love and golden wings of the Goddess Isis embrace your Being!


“I had a BSP with Helena a short time ago. Helena identified an event that happened 30 years ago associated with an energy block and trapped emotions... I knew exactly what she was referring to and was spot on to what I was feeling and trying to deal with over the past several months. Before this I tried to never think about this night and kept my emotions bottled up inside. I didn’t realize how much a sexual assault that happened 30 years ago had been affecting me all these years. Helena was as sweet and supportive as she could be and I could feel the unconditional love covering me like a blanket while we worked. Surprisingly, I felt very open speaking with her about this topic, considering that I’d only told a few people over the years (not including my parents, for which I felt I would have been judged and possibly to blame). The intensity was at an 8 when we started. There was lots of energy moving down my legs during the clearing, after which the anger was down to a 0 (YAY!!!). I am so grateful to Helena and appreciated her lack of judgement towards me. After our session, I was experiencing a buzzing electrical energy throughout my body. I had one of the best sleeps that night and felt much better the following day(s).

I would highly recommend Helena to work with as she couldn’t come from a more supportive and non-judgemental place. She was a delight and feel so blessed to have had this session with her.”

~ Suanne

Bonus 2:

Cosmic Cowgirl Core Connection Activation - MP3

Value: $55

Length: 16:22 minutes

This is literally a more 'active' activation, and a bit different (and special), as it is not only infused with the sounds of nature, including hawks crying above, and riding a horse, it was actually transmitted and recorded whilst I was astride my beloved horse Indigo! AND, as an added bonus, it came through on the day of the glorious Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo (2.10.17), accessing a sacred Stargate and bringing the energies of Epic shifts, double New beginnings and fierce lioness-hearted courage, compassion and confidence! Enjoy a completely unique, powerful and magical experience of igniting your personal Diamond Sun and Solar power with the medicine of the Horse, Gaia and the Divine!

Bonus 3:

Mermaid $ Magic - MP3

Value: $55

Length: 25:01 minutes

Allow yourself to indulge in the a little mermaid action and dive into the oceanic waves of infinite abundance! Be guided to find your sacred treasure chest in the depths of the cosmic womb waters, and receive a pleasurable prosperity activation as you embody the energies of your deepest desires and divine inheritance. This magical meditation was created during a period I was behind on a few bills (LOL)... After listening almost daily for a little over 2 weeks, much to my even my own delightful surprise, I actually manifested an unexpected $10K check in the mail!!!

The hardest substance presently known, Diamond has long been regarded as a symbol of invincibility, what Pliny calls “unconquerable force...” & it symbolizes magical survival through elemental changes

Judy Hall, 101 Power Crystals

Awaken your Venus Codes™ Guidebook - PDF

Value: $27

Sharing 3 Golden Nuggets to help you get the most out of this program (& life), and covers some important terminology and definitions for your personal reference

Special BONUS

12:12 Stargate & Diamond Detox 5-Day Challenge Video Series - Vimeo

Value: $497

Length: Over 6 hours

The annual portal for accelerated ascension frequencies is 12:12 through 12:21. This jam-packed video series took place live in my Venus Coders FB group this past December, harnessing these potent energies and facilitating profound Ascension support and integration. It was too powerful not to share, and the energies from that portal are infused in this special series, and just as effective in the video replays!

~ Lizzy

This amazing DIAMOND DETOX series includes the following videos -

  • 12:12 Stargate (1 hour, 16 min)
  • Diamond Detox Day 1: CLARITY (32:59 min)
  • Diamond Detox Day 2: PURITY (54:52 min)
  • Diamond Detox Day 3: RADIANCE (40:09 min)
  • Diamond Detox Day 4: BRILLIANCE (42:24 min)
  • Diamond Detox Day 5: RESILIENCE (42:24 min)
  • Bonus: Solstice Celebration Activation & Ritual (48:53 min)


“I had the time of my life during the Diamond activations. I had been in a state of feeling that I explained feelings and spirit so much but wasn’t feeling them. I felt everything after meeting Helena.

She was able to open parts of me that health issues had closed - I thought - for good, and teach me to keep them open.

Helena is a true force for light.

She is a fun teacher, no pressures, just nature. She is very in tune with the feminine... everything. She has been granted codes (the Venus Codes) and really knows her stuff! ”

~ Roni Walker

“Sacred Sexy Reset Button” - MP3

Value: $33

Length: 5:09 minutes

Enjoy a pleasurable pause with this “quantum quickie” and easily ground, balance and renew yourself in 5 minutes or less! Think of this process as a magical Bliss Button, especially great for those stressful days as it will leave you feeling restored and blissful within seconds. You may also use it as a daily practice or any time you like, as your sacred, sexy reset button.

In closing, as a divine feminine trailblazer in my own right, I am passionate about deeply supporting especially women to be empowered to reclaim their bodies, first and foremost. Beloved sisters (& conscious brothers), please know that the ripple effect of our sacred feminine embodiment organically leads to us take back our personal power, passion and purpose on this earth plane, which is intimately connected to our pleasure capacity and abundance on all levels. I cannot do this alone, and am still building that muscle, but I do know that having these tools and access to my sacred feminine superpowers has been truly life changing on so many levels! The more women that claim themselves, body, mind, spirit and yoni (the Sanskrit term for womb space or genitals), we will together not only heal, transform and empower ourselves like never before, we will positively affect our families, relationships, communities and ultimately the world.

What we deny ourselves we deny to all of life. In denying the feminine her sacred power and purpose, we have impoverished life on personal and global levels in ways we do not understand.

Anet Vaughan-Lee, Sufi teacher

The point is that the loss of soul connection, loss of connection to our femininity, may be the real cause of our anguished condition.

Marion Woodman, Conscious Femininity

“I am deeply devoted to empowering women to get their sexy back in their bodies, life and bank accounts!

... there’s nothing more powerful than a woman who has embodied her soul, a woman who doesn’t believe she’s an incarnation of the Divine Feminine but dares to act like it

Sera Beak, RED, HOT & HOLY, A Heretic’s Love Story

Package A

Total Package Value $1,129

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 91% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package B

Package BAwaken Your Venus Codes™ Group Program (aka, 5 Weeks to get your Sexy Back): Along with everything in Package A, you’ll have personal connection with me via 5 Live Group Coaching calls and our private AVC Facebook community. Add in the Ecstatic Embodiment Essentials 5 part video series for your regular practice (btw, worth far more than the price of admission itself), and your Awaken your Venus Codes™ journey goes to a whole new level. For just $27 more, it’s truly a no-brainer.


  • All of Package A
  • 5 Weeks to Get your Sexy Back--The Venus Way!
  • Ecstatic Embodiment Essentials: 5 part Video Exercise series
  • Awaken your Venus Codes Playbook & Journal
  • Private AVC FB group community

ITEM 11:

Ecstatic Embodiment Essentials Video Series - A total of 5 separate Videos (on Vimeo), including a Welcome Video with important guidelines & terminology

Value: $497

Length: About 64 minutes in total

This precious video series reveals my core embodiment practices for effectively connecting with the Earthstar chakra and Gaia’s crystalline grid. They are my secret sauce for ecstatically embodying my inner Creatrix! Doing them on a regular basis will enable you to more fully take up residence in your vessel from crown to toe, which means personal empowerment - and of course, getting your sexy back!

In each of the Embodiment Exercise Videos, I will take you through a series of gentle, sensual, healing movements and breathing exercises. You will be gracefully guided to open up and receive, perceive and experience more of your divine self within your sacred temple. Along the way, it will help you to align, balance and harmonize your chakras, allowing for deep soul embodiment. You will also access your sacred sexual energy and ability to create greater health and wealth of BEING, with regular practice.

This is a fun, sexy, gentle yet empowering way to move, and to get into your body and magically anchor yourself using my secret, unique techniques - all in under 10 minutes a day! Coupled with the audios and group clearings, you will be putting your healing and transformation on steroids! AND, if you’ve never done yoga, no worries, and if you have, I have a feeling you’ll never feel the same about yoga again!

Welcome Video 1 - Vimeo

Length: 8:56 min

Every great journey necessitates a guide. The welcome video will be that guide as it introduces you to the landscape and 3 golden nuggets to help you get the most out of this course (& life). After providing an overview, we will review some basic guidelines and terminology definitions that will become central to you as you move into this new Embodied way of Being. The welcome video should be watched first and is there for your reference.

Video 2: Shake it Off! - Vimeo

Length: 7:36 min

Physically shake it off and take an invigorating energy bath! In preparation for bringing in and receiving more of yourself, it’s important to create a safe and welcoming space. By releasing all unwanted energies in this combination of fun free-flowing body shaking and prayer activation for energetic clearing, you can start to enjoy greater energy, clarity and freedom! This energetically encoded video is perfect to implement as a daily practice, just like we take a daily shower for physical bodies, our energy field needs to be maintained too.

Video 3: Be the TREE & Rock your Ruby Red Boots/Shoes! - Vimeo

Length: 7:36 min

Connect with Gaia and the Divine in this gentle and powerful exercise. In the first part, be guided to feel your energetic roots anchor you deeply to your Earthstar and bring in your Divine higher self and wisdom from your Soul-star Stargate. Once anchored, practice finding and maintaining your balance as you embody the Tree of Life within, and Stand your Ground. Finish up by clicking your ruby red shoes/boots/slippers (LOL), etc., as you joyfully remember that “there’s no place like Home,’ i.e., your Sacred Body Temple.

Video 4: Love your Honey Pot - Stir it up! - Vimeo

Length: 7:12 min

Dive into your precious Pelvic Bowl and enjoy some gentle, sensual healing Hip action. As you let Her have her way with you, and guide your movements for Pleasure in a way that FEELS GOOD, begin to taste your sacred sensuality. After warming up, start stirring up that sweet, delicious and nutritious pot o’ honey, honey! Your sacred yoni will be tingling and buzzing after this one, as she nourishes herself with her own divine nectar, and tastes and embodies HER own magical, mystical medicine.

Video 5: Ignite your Inner Warrior-ess & Solar Power! - Vimeo

Length: 10:03 min

Now that we’ve activated, aligned and opened up the flow in your first couple of chakras from the ground up, let’s access your Inner Sun. We will kindle the inner flames of your solar plexus with the magical Breath of Fire! As you ignite your personal Solar Power, align your will with Divine Will, and connect with your inner Confidence, Clarity & Courage to take aligned inspired action. Allow your inner feminine to feel supported and balanced by the masculine, and embody your inner Warrioress Wayshower for good!

The embodiment work has enabled me to start connecting to myself with a solid foundation and structure at the root level to give me security which was the fire and rekindling the flame was a huge awareness for me - owning my money story and now turning this around. The sacral work and womb activation work and movement has been rich for me in my body which has helped me with my voice. The solar plexus guided me to really slow down and listen which then guided me to the eclipse and forever chasing doing and working. This has provided me with clarity and boundaries, how I am in my comfort zone with my unspoken vow and need to take care of my body as my intuition has been so strong, guiding me to acknowledge and take care of my adrenaline addiction, this is also connected to my heart which has opened and softened with compassion and I feel grace is following.

~ Philippa

ITEM 12:

Awaken your Venus Codes Playbook & Journals - PDF

Value: $33

A beautiful compliment to your group program and journey, this 22 page Awaken your VC Playbook and Journal is my extra gift to you. Supporting you to freely express yourself through your pen, this playbook offers a number of thought provoking questions around your sacred feminine energies, and how they relate to and may be influencing the different areas of your life. With plenty of room to write, let your yoni have a voice and space to speak on your paper, fostering your connection to her wisdom and love.

This journal will be your special gift to keep and treasure, as you cultivate your relationship with your sacred YONI. As you move through this process and into your new life, there will be a great deal of wisdom and insights that will begin to flow from your deepest core and feminine essence. You won’t want to loose these treasures! Keep them together in one place where you can return to them as you continue your growth and your journey.

This journal is designed specifically to support you as you move through the 5 weeks to Get your Sexy Back, Awaken your Venus Codes™ program.

  • All of Package A
  • 5 Weeks to Get your Sexy Back--The Venus Way!
  • Ecstatic Embodiment Essentials: 5 part Video Exercise series
  • Awaken your Venus Codes Playbook & Journal
  • Private AVC FB group community

ITEM 13:

5 Weeks to Get your Sexy Back--The Venus Way! - Weekly Live Zoom Video conference Classes

Value: $997

Length: 90 min.

On these weekly 90 minute calls, we will do a divinely guided Venus Code™ activation and answer your burning questions. You will receive guidance, coaching and support for your personal concerns in the way of the highest good for the highest good of all.

Topics will include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Feeling safe, comfortable and confident in your body and own skin
  • Cultivating a sacred relationship with your body, and begin to truly love yourself from the inside out
  • Clearing the cellular memory of old wounds from past lovers, partners or relationships, as well as abortion, miscarriage, rape, sexual trauma & more
  • Transmuting ancestral blocks and genetic influences stored in your womb or ovaries/testes
  • Rebirthing a new you and/or support you in birthing a project or desire
  • Balancing the masculine & feminine and bringing Heaven to Earth
  • Using your sacred sexual energy to blissfully “wo-manifest” and Co-create your soul’s dreams and desires
  • My definition of your inner GPS & following your BLISS
  • How your capacity for PLEASURE is directly related to your ability to RECEIVE on any level and much more!

Important reminder: When you couple the Embodiment Exercises with the energetic clearing and coaching you’ll receive, that’s when the magic happens! Before you know it, you will go from being a pretty little wallflower, standing by on the sidelines to embodying your inner leader, Wise Woman Warrior-ess powerfully, passionately and masterfully.


“Thank you Helena Das for the wonderful session today! It was very gentle yet incredibly deep. I learned new ways to circulate my breath and energy in certain postures and in general. By the end I felt much better with less stiffness in my hips, light and stress-free overall. The best way I can describe your work is 'deeply healing movement'. Your connection to and love of animals came through strongly as validated by all the animals here joining in. Your magical blend of yoga, stretches, breathing, free dancing and aromatherapy at the end brought me effortlessly to a new place in my body. Thank you again”

~ Katy DeBra

ITEM 14:

Awaken your Venus Codes Sisterhood Private Facebook Group

Value: Priceless

Every star needs a Si-Star. Someone to reflect back their radiance and to travel the nighttime sky alongside. As Ram Dass says, we are all just walking each other home.

In this Facebook group, you will be able to connect and engage with other diamond SiStars who are on a journey just like yours. I will also be there in order to help you see through murky waters and celebrate your wins! This group is a virtual womb space, or yoni if you will, 100% private, safe and sacred container, and open only to clients who work with me in the live coaching in package B.

Package B

Total Package Value $2,656

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127
*** 96% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package C

Package C - Includes All of package B Plus a VIP 1:1 Healing Session. Along with everything above, you’ll also have a private VIP (Venus Inspired Prosperity) session to get to the root of your persistent blocks and open you up to more prosperity on all levels. This exclusive 1:1 VIP Venus Healing Session is conducted via Zoom, Skype or teleconference call, depending on preference and location.


  • All of Package B
  • Private VIP Venus Healing Session

ITEM 15:

Private VIP (Venus Inspired Prosperity) Healing Session - Private Zoom Video conference Call/Skype/teleconference

Value: $250

Length: 33 min.

Join me for your very own personal VIP 33 minute private Venus healing session via phone or Skype. During this sacred space and time devoted 100% to YOU, we will come together and laser focus on your specific blocks. You will experience the beautiful, powerful and high vibration VENUS Codes healing frequencies as we dissolve your blocks and accelerate your momentum on your soul’s divine path.

This is your opportunity to become crystal clear on your personal journey and to find answers to those deep seated questions--especially the ones that you may not be comfortable perhaps asking in a group setting. Gift yourself private one-on-one support to get to the root of your most pressing issues, and experience the sacred alchemy of the Venus Codes™!

Note: please allow adequate time for rest and reflection before and after our time together. These sessions are potentially life-altering and will reach deep into your soul (and the energetic portal of your sacred yoni), shifting you on a cellular and DNA level. Although everyone is different, making space and time for integration, along with sacred self care and drinking lots of water, afterwards is highly recommended and always beneficial.


“I just had my 1:1 session with Helena Das and I am totally amazed at her skills and how kind, and loving, and gentle, and caring Helena is! She was able to tap into my energy field, after asking me if she could, and she was able to identify exactly what age I was when I experienced some trauma, which is blocking and affecting me from experiencing abundance in my life. She spent an extraordinary amount of time with me and did not want to leave the call without any breakthroughs for me.

I never imagined that she would be able to pick up on this event in my life, needless to say, I was extremely emotional and I am so grateful to Helena for this wonderful, cathartic experience. She gave me a few tools to work with on a daily basis. Which I am going to use and let her know the results. Thank you Helena. God Bless you and much love to you.”

~ Neena M.


“I’m very grateful for my session with Helena Das. She has very warm, gentle and compassionate spirit. She was able to quickly tune into me and release some trapped emotions that I had been carrying. In talking with her she also uncovered that I needed to set better boundaries with people. In order to do this she balanced my feminine & masculine energies. I felt immediate shifts in my body and energy which helped me to feel incredibly empowered and open to a new awareness. I had three family members contact me in the week after my session and I was able to listen to them speak about their problems but not take on their problems.

I loved Helena’s incorporation of mudras and sacred geometry in the session. The anchoring of the energies at the end of the session made me laugh and even feel more empowered. Helena is an amazingly gifted healer!”

~ Melissa R.


“During my session with Helena I was able to connect the depression I have been struggling with on and off since I was a teenager to a traumatic incident I experienced in a past life. I had memories of this particular past life since I was 19 years old, but during the session with Helena I was able to see how I took on the pain I had experienced as well as the pain everyone around me experienced during this traumatic event. I was carrying around this energy of pain in the form of depression for a very long time and part of me was afraid to let it go.

With Helena’s help I was able to release some of that negative energy as well as realize that hanging on to those painful memories didn’t help me in this lifetime at all. During the week after our session I felt a lot lighter and I noticed that I'm able to experience joy a lot easier than before. It feel like the clouds finally parted and sun is starting to come out.
Thank you, Helena, for being such a loving guide.”

~ Christina


“Working with Helena was like coming home for a warm meal after you've been out in the cold. Her openness and brightness allowed me to go deeper within myself without hesitation. Her compassionate touch and warm presence made the emotional work easier to embrace. You can see why she worked with horses after experiencing her gentle approach towards helping you come back more fully to your divine self.

I felt an immediate shift in an emotional pattern that I was carrying around for a few weeks, and a lightness of faith and trust came over me. I also felt a shift as well in the way I treated myself, Mani's kindness must have infused my being. I felt like I could again be loving and more open to the wisdom of my heart. Mani embodies this divine mother quality where you feel completely safe and taken care of while you’re in her presence.

She is magically gentle and spot on with her awareness. If you’re looking for a strong and compassionate guide and healer, Mani is authentically passionate about you achieving your goals, and dreams and will help you clear out the blockages that are holding you back. We need more caring and wise souls like Mani right now, to guide us through our blocks and fears. ”

~ Annie V.


“I had an amazing healing session with Helena Das a couple of weeks ago now and I am amazed at how the healing is unfolding. She removed some really big and amazing generational themes such as unworthiness and value. These things had been keeping me stuck and really unable to move forward in my business because I kept attaching my own self worth to my work. Yet, as I have dissected and observed, those feelings have vanished. Those insecurities about being worth what I charge have dissolved and now I am looking at a clear path ahead of me, truly excited for the first time to charge what my services are worth! Thank you Helena for getting your amazing gift and healing out into the world. It is ready for your brilliance to shine!! ”

~ Stephanie M.


“Working with Helena was amazing. She is very intuitive and working with her helped me clear some blocks that were clearly getting in the way of my success. Through movement, intuition and guided meditation I was able to let go of some massive limiting beliefs, feel more calm and have greater clarity about why certain areas had been holding me back. Helena is a truly gifted healer!!! ”

~ Jessica W., Executive Wealth & Wellness Chef


“I won a BSP with Helena Das and guys “What a healer she is!” She is a great human being and a wonderful healer.

She focuses so fully on the issue and works on it until it is fully uprooted. While working on my relationship issues she so powerfully was able to bring up some very solid, deeply hidden beliefs and energies; pains and stuff that were hidden in various body parts. They were so resistant and badly stuck but Helena worked on them until they were OUT of my field. At the time I was given her BSP seems to me a DIVINE INTERVENTION and the way she worked for my problems was really AMAZING and felt so supportive to me. She pointed out some ancestral and past life stuff very accurately and cleared it completely.

The thing she did for me that I appreciate most was “clearing” the energy of my past marriage and ex-husband completely from my womb and bringing my sacred yoni back to light and love.

When the session ended I was feeling so light and amazingly joyful.

Thank you so much Helena. Love to you. ”

~ Nuzhat


“Since I've started working with Helena, I am starting to get to know so much about me. I have this ability to see what is going to happen but I don’t really understand how or where the information comes from - it kind of comes in a swirl of what I can only describe right now as poetry. My writing and communication has been shut down for my self expression I consider all my life and this feels like a wonderful way to express which I see as messages.

Although I do express my passion and love for my horses - this to a degree is I consider still under wraps.

The embodiment work is something which my existence has so craved being locked in my head like a prison and now I am beginning to be here! This is showing up with speaking from an inner place - not the head which also benefits my money pattern being grounded, and in investment energy rather than spent of the past. I am starting to connect to a beautiful woman.

~ Philippa & Clyde


“I have recently had my first session with Helena Das, long distance via telephone. I was uncertain of what to expect. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised. Her professional demeanor and level of compassion and understanding are unmatched. Within a few minutes of diving in, Ms. Das uncovered emotions that even I didn't know I had buried deep. Her assessments without prior knowledge were uncannily accurate. I could feel the release as she orchestrated it. The entire experience from start to finish was overwhelmingly positive. I highly recommend Helena Das as an energetic healer.”

~ Kimberly Henrie

Package C

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About Helena Das:

As a sacred rebel and divine feminine trailblazer in her own right, Helena traded in her DVM (Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine) from Cornell University for a Diamond Venus Mentor degree! Spending over 2 decades seeking to overcome not only chronic health issues including crippling Endometriosis, IBD, Anxiety/Depression and Lymes' disease, but the core wounds of separation, shame and unworthiness, she followed the divine nudges of her dearly departed Arabian gelding Skipper and her Galactic guides, who she now refers to as Team Venus. It was on this Unbridled Soul Journey that she experienced the sacred alchemy of turning her trauma into treasure. Unearthing her own gifts and dharma/mission, she finally started to come home to her body temple, heal and feel, on a visceral level the experience of bringing Heaven to Earth. She is the Creatrix of the Sacred Healing Venus Codes™ and Venus Meets Equus™, and Chief Cosmic Cowgirl of Alchemy Arena, LLC.

*Dakinis - female beings who manifest enlightened activity, free from conventional perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs. ~ Sera Beak, RED, HOT & HOLY, A Heretic’s Love Story

We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For

You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.

Now you must go back and tell the people that this is The Hour.

And there are things to be considered:

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not
look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift
that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold
on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart, and
they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let
go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our
eyes open, and our heads above the water. See who is in there
with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.
Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our
spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!

Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

~The Elders Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation


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The Awaken Your  Venus Codes MP3s

3 Special Bonus Audio MP3s

Awaken Your  Venus Codes guidebook

12:12 Stargate & Diamond Detox 5 Day Challenge video Series

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Discount : 94 %

Total Package Value $2,906

From Heartache to Joy Special offer 


The Awaken Your  Venus Codes MP3s

3 Special Bonus Audio MP3s

Awaken Your  Venus Codes guidebook

12:12 Stargate & Diamond Detox 5 Day Challenge video Series

Weeks to Get Your Sexy back

Ecstatic Embodiment Essentials: 5 part video Exercise Series

Awaken Your Venus Codes 

Playbook & Journal 

Private AVC FB Group Community

Private VIP Venus Healing Session

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