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111Become empowered in your life by understanding a few simple Ayurvedic principles that help you choose foods, activities, people, thought processes, places, and things, that support your health instead of being confused and feeding disease. As all of life is made of 5 elements, earth, fire, water, air, and space, becoming conscious to their qualities and knowing what element to accumulate and what element to release on an ongoing basis, is an essential aspect in mastering your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Are you tired of suffering?

  • Do you feel chronically fatigued?
  • Are you feeling depressed?
  • Are you dragging yourself through life?
  • Are you just not feeling quite right?
  • Are you always living just below “normal”?
  • Are you feeling your best days are over?
  • Have you lost your sparkle?
  • Foggy in the brain?
  • Are you in pain?
  • Are you tired of feeling less than healthy all the time?
  • Are you suffering from female problems?
  • Are you feeling sick?
  • Do you have Digestive problems?
  • Problems with Blood, Heart, & Circulation?
  • Muscle, Bone, & Ligament Issues
  • Hormonal Problems
  • Chronic Health problems
  • Suffer Autoimmune disorder

Are you ready to:

Expect to:

Choose your true health in 2016


  • From Depression
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Yeast
  • Menopause Issues
  • Digestive Problems
  • Cysts/Fibroids
  • Muscle/Bone/Ligaments Pains
  • Nervous system Issues
  • Heart& Circulation
  • Overall Hormonal Issues

Total Package Value $2,370

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127
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Read how others healed themselves:


My digestion is working amazingly well, better than I truly could ever have imagined possible!

"I started seeing Arathi Ma in June of this year.

I had ongoing digestive problems for the past year resulting in severe constipation, sharp abdominal pain, and bloating. I am a very active person who generally eats a very healthy diet, so I was unaware of what could be causing these problems. I had numerous tests and blood samples taken resulting in discouraging dead ends. I openly tried Chinese acupuncture and herbs, both of which were unable to sustain any long-term benefits for my digestion. The inability of any medical doctor to firmly diagnose my symptoms led me to believe I would have to just learn to live with stomach problems for the rest of my life.

I was referred to Arathi Ma by my family, as I was told of the powerful impact she has had on their lives. I am open to all forms of healing therapies, which I feel had a huge impact on my ability to heal as fast as I did. After my first visit with Arathi Ma I was “blown away”. I knew that this woman had the power to change my life. She made me feel extremely comfortable and I was really able to open up and reveal deeper issues that until that time I knew existed.

The months that I was seeing Arathi Ma were the hardest but most rewarding months of my life. I had to work on myself everyday and make a conscious effort to practice what she had taught me and apply it daily in my life. Things began to improve quickly and for the first time ever I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I truly believed that things could get better."

~ Sarah, Langley

Activation of Divine Love opened my heart!

In one of my most recent sessions she had given me the Activation of Divine Love for opening of the heart. Since that day, I have not experienced any of the same symptoms. My digestion is working amazingly well, better than I truly could ever have imagined possible. My entire perspective on life has become much more optimistic. All my relationships have improved. I feel more in touch with myself, and who I want to be; in turn, I feel like I have matured and grown a lot as an individual.

Arathi Ma changed my life. There are no words to express my gratitude for what she has done for me. I truly am blessed to have met such a caring and beautiful person. Her honesty has taught me so much. I now truly believe that anything worth having is worth working hard for. What she does for people is indescribable and I honestly wouldn’t be the woman I am today had our paths not crossed."

~ Sarah, Langley


I'm now 27 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy after struggling with endometriosis and 4 surgeries that left scarring

"I have had two 3-week remote sessions with Arathi Ma within the last year. I had 2 areas of my life that I wanted assistance working on 1. getting pregnant and 2. better connection with my partner, myself and my cats.

1. Getting pregnant:
My history: I'm currently 38 years old. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 17 and had 4 surgeries to clear up the scar tissue. I had been working with my doctor, an acupuncturist and a chiropractor to assist with my symptoms. During my sessions with Arathi Ma she identified that I have some energy issues with my pelvic region. After assisting to repair my energy in the pelvic area, my body was ready to carry a baby. "

~ Mandy

She told me that within a 9 hour window I would be ovulating!

"Arathi Ma told me that within a 9 hour window I would be ovulating and that a baby boy's energy was around me. I'm now 27 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy. I believe my sessions with Arathi Ma was the final step that I needed in order to have a successful healthy pregnancy. "

~ Mandy, California


My rheumatoid arthritis was healed by Arathi Ma!

"For years I have been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis until I was healed by Arathi Ma. My body was literally fighting against itself, with the pain and inflammation wreaking havoc on my joints. My healing journey began last spring as Arathi Ma helped me purge years of anger out of my system, anger that was literally making me ill. It was then that I began to realize that I need to be much more selective on where I expend my energy. I now ask the question: Do I have influence on this situation? If I don't, then I won't engage. For years, I would engage in situations that I had no control over and get angry and upset. I'm learning to not do that anymore!"

A real gift that Arathi Ma gave me was the power of meditation.

"A real gift that Arathi Ma gave me was the power of meditation. I have learned some very profound truths through meditation. For example, that pain is inevitable in life but suffering is an option. When we choose to resist pain, then we suffer. If we accept pain, then the suffering disappears. 

I can't thank Arathi Ma enough for guiding me through my healing journey. She is a gifted healer and a wise teacher who has helped me re-think many aspects of my life. I am truly transformed and stronger than ever before. And, my joints have never felt so good, even in the cold and damp November weather!"

~ Janet G., Vancouver


I have received a Miracle after severe and extreme symptoms of pain and paralysis……I went snowboarding!! Are you kidding me?

"In October 2013 I walked into Arathi Ma’s office for the first time. My life and suffering had become beyond unimaginable. I had suffered a cervical injury in 2010 that had left in constant pain. This led me to being diagnosed with a degenerative spinal disease and fibromyalgia. Along with this painful illness came extreme depression and anxiety.

When I met Arathi Ma that first time I was in danger of losing myself completely. The amount of physical and emotional pain I was in was unbearable. I was so sickly and malnourished in so many ways. I had reached a point so close to giving up. I even considered relapsing into drug use. My days were filled with pain and struggle and sadness. Prescription medication were all the doctors could do for me. What had my life become?

I felt hopeless, I was stuck. I needed help and I needed a miracle.

At the time I had my first Healing Session my days were full of struggle from the moment I opened my eyes. I would awake full of anxiety and pain. The act of getting out of bed would be difficult. I was struggling everyday to get dressed, to eat, to drink water, to shower, to brush my teeth, to move, to smile, to laugh, to answer the phone, to engage with my family, friends, etc. I wasn’t opening my mail, I wasn’t paying my bills. I had stopped living.

Some of the symptoms I experienced:

• Extreme and constant neck pain in the bones and joints
• Jaw pain and tightening, difficult even eating and talking
• Nerve pain
• Shooting pains through the body
• Aching joints and muscles
• Weakness, numbness, tingling
• Migraines
• Extreme fatigue
• Needing many naps a day
• Nausea
• Digestive issues
• Yeast
• Extreme anxiety and depression
• Trouble sleeping
• Panic attacks
• Anxiety
• Despair
• Poor memory
• Inability to focus
• Isolation
• Beginnings of paralysis in legs and arms

Since beginning healing with Arathi Ma my whole life and how I experienced it has changed."

No more medications!

"I am no longer medicated for depression and anxiety. I am not depressed anymore. I no longer take medication to sleep. Seven different medications I no longer take."

Severe and extreme symptoms started to improve.

"My physical symptoms have either lessened in severity or frequency or disappeared altogether. The pain due to the cervical stenosis is manageable much of the time without any pain medication.

Because my condition is progressive I have had episodes where physically I developed severe symptoms of pain and weakness in the past year. I had difficulty walking and using my arms.

Some doctors had suggested possibly onset of MS or ALS.

She has always encouraged me to seek the help that medical doctors provide and she works well with it. She explains to me that God’s Grace comes through many forms. Arathi Ma did not agree with the diagnosis. She didn’t “see” this. After tests were done, it was proven she was correct."

I went snowboarding!!

"After several very intense sessions even those severe and extreme symptoms started to improve. I am not only walking with ease again and taking stairs. This New Year’s Day I went snowboarding!!Are you kidding me?!!"

I got my miracle!

"I asked for a miracle and I got one. I am once again put in a way I never was before, engaged in life, I wake up excited for what the day will bring. I take care of myself, my children, and my grandchild, my home, my pets, my family and friends. I work out, I pay my bills and open my mail! I smile easily and laugh often."

Arathi Ma saved my life.

Renee"I truly believe Healing with Arathi Ma saved my life. By the Grace that moves through her I have received The Miracle I prayed for."

~ Renee Doucette, Abbotsford, BC


Dog gets nail trimming ...no longer any trauma held there!

"I wanted to tell you that zeus is no longer freaking out when I touch his paws. That's astounding!
As I mentioned before the healing he was so hypersensitive when I took him to the vets to get his nails trimmed because his nails are black and they had cut the quik over the years, which was very traumatic for him. He hasn't been to the vets yet for a nail trimming, but I can actually rub and hold his paws. There is no longer any trauma held there. He seems to be much better and doesn't bark as much as he used to at people. He still has some anxiety, which we are working on.

Zeus and I just wanted to send our thanks and gratitude."

~ Elaine, New York, US


Now I feel like a completely new person.

"When I came to see Arathi Ma earlier this year I was dealing with many issues. Primarily it was my health but also I was needing overall healing for emotional issues and my perspective on life in general. I had tried many different treatments, both western medicine and holistic medicine before coming to see Arathi Ma and although some helped for short periods of time and relief; they did not eliminate the symptoms or cure the issues. "

After first session my balance, sense of equilibrium and anxiety are vastly diminished!

"After the first appointment with Arathi Ma, I immediately noticed a difference in my balance, sense of equilibrium and vastly diminished anxiety. I felt more at peace, hopeful of recovery and I felt I was no longer powerless in my health situation."

…Pain from 6-8 to 1-2. My lower back did not hurt at all.

"In one session, Arathi Ma was working to clear my circulation system and my right heart chamber that she felt was weak. As she worked on me I felt and saw in my minds eye a figure eight yellow streak of what looked like electricity whip through my whole body and it felt recharging. In this session I had been complaining of tightness around my skull bones and an almost headache as well as tightness in the back of my body (lower back, hips, legs, ankles) and immediately at the end of our session I felt like my shoulders had dropped, my muscles fully relaxed, my head relaxed and my mobility improved as well as my pain significantly decreased from a 6-8 to 1-2. My lower back did not hurt at all. During this same session, …"

A being grey in color with a dull blue glow…no face or body parts left!

"…I experienced a demon leaving me, as Arathi Ma worked on me I saw the bottom half of my body on the table, the top had been sliced off and removed and right after Arathi Ma finished I saw a being; grey in color with a dull blue glow around him, no face or body parts, hop casually out of the container that was my body and telepath that his work was done here"

Severe vertigo and a vestibular imbalance gone in one session!

"Balance: I had been dealing with vertigo and a vestibular imbalance issue which was affecting my balance, eye sight, mental state and day to day living, so much so that I was unable to be left alone for even short periods of time. I was really feeling out of sorts and exhausted with no energy, In one session, Arathi Ma did some energy draining and refilled my energy back up with clean and new energy. It was amazing! I felt like I was being drained and sinking in sand. I was very relaxed muscularly to the point I felt pinned to the table and then she refilled me back up. I had been feeling dizzy with vertigo before our session and for that previous week, and after the session it was gone and subsequently I have had very little vertigo since."

Back and hip issues, as well as muscle and connective tissue issues due to a history of car accidents gone!

"Connective Tissue & Muscle: I was also dealing with nervous system, back and hip issues, as well as muscle and connective tissue issues due to a history of car accidents, which combined were believed to have caused the imbalance. I was not in a lot of pain, these receptors seemed to be shut down, fear was what I could mostly feel, but I had such difficulty moving, standing and even talking and walking at times. It was very frightening and overwhelming."

Complete decrease in knee pain able to bend and take the stairs..

"Circulation: I have been feeling like my circulation in my lower legs has been off. After a short session I can notice a difference. My calves are not as inflamed and I have noticed a complete decrease in knee pain and I am able to bend and take the stairs with more ease."

I had depression, anxiety, withdrawal, overwhelm, anger and grief ..
“ I really don’t recognize who I used to be anymore

Other areas Arathi Ma continues to work with me are:

"Emotional Work: The outlook and belief system I was living from was causing me to become increasingly depressed, anxious and withdrawn from my life. Inside, I felt as if my life force was dwindling away. I was exhausted and overwhelmed, sad and angry a lot and generally just feeling a sense of defeat and what I had used before to ‘pick myself up’ was no longer working. I had done a lot of counselling and different types of therapy but it was just no longer helping me grow or bring true healing. I felt like I was becoming dependant on it and that I was chasing my emotional tail. Working with Arathi Ma has helped me to make that necessary shift into my core. Now I feel like a completely new person. "

I have a completely different perspective on life!

"Enlightenment Work: At the time I had no idea what this was or that I could even be a candidate for doing it. I just did not feel I was worthy or even capable of enlightenment. When I did learn a bit more through working with Arathi Ma, then I began to have different shifts and spiritual experiences and Arathi Ma taught me to find and hold my centre. Through this work with her I have a completely different perspective on life and I find myself more and more feeling into life and less and less reactive to life. I am learning to use my energy better and actually recognize my energy. As I write this I am giggling out of love for myself really as I remember who and where I was in myself not so long ago. I don’t really recognize who I used to be anymore."

I am beginning to create true joy and purpose in my life now.

"Joy & Purpose: I have been dreaming and fantasizing about having a business and doing work I loved for more years than I can count; so much so that I was unable or willing to be present in much of my work life past coping and struggling to just get through and earn a living. My dream was to have my dream! Arathi Ma is helping me to let go of old patterns of thinking and old belief systems, as well as shifting me energetically in this area. She is guiding me on creating true joy and purpose in my life, from my heart and who I am. "

Now I am setting up my own business in the area of my life’s passion!

"Abundance & Prosperity: I have been living a financial nightmare, really for most of my adult life. I have been like an alcoholic in my pattern with money. My thinking has been very twisted up and I’ve been living a pattern of destructiveness; build up my prosperity and then sabotaging myself and quickly tearing it down. Arathi Ma has helped me to see this, and through working with me in this area I am finding myself feeling abundant inside even when I don’t have extra money or resources. As well we are almost out of debt and we are beginning to talk about a future filled with possibility and prosperity, instead of drudgery and set back. She helped me setting up my own business in the area of my life’s passion."

I am learning how to build relationships.

"Working with Arathi Ma has been so healing and opening for me. She works from a place of co-creating and she role models and teaches me how to work with life, how to build relationships, how to sit in my centre, how to be an adult. I really feel she walks with me and there is a partnership in healing. She is so skilled at coaching and healing, she is remarkable. It is like she is teaching me the lessons and learning that I missed along the way; being so stuck in suffering and pain I was too distracted to be able to learn them and I didn’t have the guidance to see them."

Went back to work earlier this year after being off for almost two years! It has been miraculous really!

"I have been working steadily with Arathi Ma this past year and She has helped me so much to recover from these issues, so much so that I was able to return back to work earlier this year after being off for almost two years. As well I have started working on a my own new business, I feel stronger and more engaged in my life, my relationships with my family and friends are healing and there is more clarity and connection, and my overall sense of wellbeing is continually expanding and improving, and I feel more spacious, in flow and connected to life again. It has been miraculous really. I am feeling in flow and have more faith and trust in God and God’s will for my life now. I am grateful for the grace and the miracles he brings to my life and my family’s life. And I am grateful to be able to see life as this more and more each day."

I have experienced many immediate results with Arathi Ma’s healing

"I find that I have experienced many immediate results with Arathi Ma’s healing as well the healing continues for weeks afterwards. Often I remember a month later that I had an issue and realize that I haven’t experienced it since."

I feel divinely touched and supported

Kim Pretzer"I am 100% sure that I could not have gotten to this place inside myself or my life without the guidance, healing and loving support from Arathi Ma. She is amazing in what she does. I feel divinely touched and supported in God’s grace as Arthi Ma’s works with me in my life. It has made such a difference. I am a different person today because of her. This has really been a new reality for me."

~ Kim Pretzer, BC

Every Disease starts in your Digestive System

Do you want to get to the physical &
Spiritual Root causes of your Problems?

Here is Your Chance to Begin Now

Healing You and Your Body
from the Inside-Out and the Outside-In

Package Includes

Essential Cleanse

6 MP3s Guided Comprehensive Clearing & Healing Multi-Layered

  • 1) 1 Yeast Lecture — MP3 39:31 min
  • 2)) 1 Yeast Cleanse — MP3 13:10 min
  • 3) 1 Menopause Empowerment — MP3 19:04 min
  • 4) 1 Hormonal Balance — MP3 14:55 min
  • 5) 1 Fibroids & Cysts Release — MP3 16:53 min
  • 6) 1 Mental-Emotional Cleanse — MP3 17 min


4 Silent Energy Encoded MP3s

  • Rejuvenation Elixir (OJAS) — MP3 15:36 min
  • Dental/Gum Healing — MP3 9:01 min
  • Pathogens, Toxins Cleanse— MP3 9:04 min
  • Silent Yeast Cleanse — MP3 17:04 min

4 Recorded Group Healing Calls

Recordings of Live Co-Creative Group Calls with abundant energetic clearings and activations.

  • Call #1 - Healthy Digestion
  • Call #2 - Healthy Nervous System
  • Call #3 - Healthy Circulation & Heart
  • Call #4 - Healthy Muscles, Bones, & Ligaments

Receive continued support via closed Facebook Group 360 Mastery!

A healing balm is being placed over my mind and within my body.

"I also listen to Arathi Ma’s MP3 recordings and I feel immediate peace and healing happening. It is like a healing balm is being placed over my mind and within my body. The work she does with me is healing emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally,"

~ Kim Pretzer, BC


Yeast Lecture

Value: $197

Format: MP3

Running Time: 39:31 minutes Talk

  • A holistic perspective on Yeast:
  • What causes yeast?
  • Going beyond good & bad foods
  • How to avoid yeast
  • Easy basic understanding of Ayurvedic principle
  • In regards to yeast
  • And overall disease
  • Symptoms of yeast
  • Long-term problems
  • What is yeast?
  • What are Intelligent” foods
  • Your 6 tissues
  • Elements and Nature
  • Easy to understand: Basics on your Constitution
  • Environment & Life Style influences
  • Importance of the Digestive Fire
  • What to avoid
  • Importance of your Life Essence
  • Yeast Context to Modern Life
  • Yeast Context to Trauma, Loss, Grief, Victimhood


Yeast Cleanse

Value: $297

Format: MP3

Running Time: 13:10 min
Energy Healing Process

  • Clearing yeast from the entire body
  • Re-kindling digestive fire
  • Re-kindling digestive fire in all body tissues
  • Clearing template of victimhood
  • Rebooting your overall energy to more self-esteem
  • Re-kindling digestive fire in all 6 body tissues
  • Clearing Grief
  • Trauma
  • Loss
  • Reconnecting with your own soul light
  • Cellular illumination (upgrade)
  • Healing damage in the digestive tract
  • Clearing Entities, Ancestral involvement, DNA
  • Clearing unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Removing chaos in mind and soul

Learn why Carbohydrates are NOT bad…


On the 3rd day the yeast was gone!!

"I was suffering from a yeast infection and asked Arathi Ma to give me a healing,... after the healing I felt really foggy and tired for a couple of days. I drank lots of water and cranberry juice to flush out my system and on the 3rd day it was gone."
Thank you Arathi Ma.

~ Deb., BC


All signs and symptoms of yeast were eliminated that same night!!

"Well, it is a fact, any ailments I develop, my first call is always to Arathi ma. She has healed and transformed me beyond measure. I visited Arathi ma recently with a physical ailment, and as she was working on me Arathi ma noticed my body was harbouring more yeast than usual and she immediately did a cleanse on me. Completely expected, which is why I see Arathi ma before I visit my family doctor, all signs and symptoms of yeast were eliminated that same night. Thank you!!!!!!"

~ Caroline N., Abbotsford


I look younger and I feel lighter!

"I know Arathi Ma's healing MP3s are powerful, i can feel the energy spiralling up like a corkscrew through the core energy channel of my body. I've been listening for a few weeks, I look younger and I feel lighter! I keep going back for repeated listenings, because this is very high quality work and also very deep. I highly recommend to absolutely anyone!"

~ Leiyran


Rid of about 4 pounds total....with just your MP3 and clearing work!

"I had been searching for someone like Arathi Ma for probably all of my life....I spent countless money on healers to help me with my weight issues, my type 1 diabetes...and my just plain....lack of love for self! I had all these ideas of what COULD be done with energy....but every practitioner I asked, couldn't do them! My desire for healing and to heal others kept growing inside of me....but Arathi Ma was the only one that allowed me to be the wholeness of who I am supposed to be! She allowed me to change the shape of my body in a way that was everything I wanted! She was so open to my ideas and requests......as if nothing was impossible!! Arathi Ma's group calls and MP3's changed me daily! I could feel energy pulsing through me all day long!! She is incredible, such a gift! I got rid of about 4 pounds total....with just your MP3 and the clearing work you did during the session! It was fantastic! I don't have the desire to over eat, or to binge eat for that matter! It's amazing!!! I now know that I can maintain my weight, which I had fear surrounding that before. And the awareness of the problems surrounding the reason for the weight is just incredible! Though I know I have more to release.....I just am thankful that I am aware of what needs to change now. Thank you, Arathi Ma!"

~ Tara Bryan


Grey spot that blocked my central visual field for weeks had completely disappeared

"My husband and I bought the book Awakening with Arathi Mafor 4.99 on Amazon.com, read it together, and through reading the book we were introduced to Arathi Ma.

Arathi Ma is exactly like her name: Divine Fire. She doesn’t play around when there is work to be done resolving problems or healing someone, and one might have to face things that aren’t easy to learn about oneself. I know this from personal experience after several sessions with her. But I also know every bit of it was necessary for my total healing. For that, I am profoundly grateful to Arathi Ma.

Most recently, about 4 months ago I was diagnosed with Age-related Macular Degeneration, and my vision was deteriorating rapidly. My optic nerve was disintegrating and my ophthalmologist confessed he had no idea why it was happening. I didn’t have glaucoma, because my eye pressure measurements were always within normal limits. I emailed Arathi Ma when I realized that medical science couldn’t help me and explained my desperate situation to her. She told me I needed a healing right away. She couldn’t see me that day, but I was able to book a session with her for the next day. Although she didn’t tell me at that time, I could feel her already working on my eyes that night, albeit remotely. When I awoke in the morning, my vision was a little sharper, but still far from normal. Later that day, I had my session with Arathi Ma. She got right to the heart of the matter, literally. After asking me some very poignant questions about trauma I had experienced in my past, residual grudges, etc. she began to heal my eyes. Immediately I noticed that my vision became a little sharper, and the grey spot that had blocked my central visual field for weeks had completely disappeared. I was so happy I began to cry tears of joy and thanked Arathi Ma with profound gratitude. When I awoke the next morning, the grey spot had returned, but was significantly smaller, less defined and did not block as much of my central visual field as before Arathi Ma’s healing. I emailed Arathi Ma and she explained to me that the healing of my eyes would continue and that nerves (specifically, my optic nerve) would take a little longer to heal than other parts of the body. We booked another session and during the follow-up the spot had disappeared, my vision improved, and only 2 little floaters were left.

I encourage everyone who has a physical, emotional, or mental issue to book a session with Arathi Ma and give her the opportunity to also work miracles in your lives. And for all of you who have tried your luck and wasted your money with Spell casters online as I have, only to find that most, if not all are con artists, you need look no further: Arathi Ma is the Real Deal."

~ Cheri Conderman


Menopause Empowerment

Value: $297

Format: MP3

Running Time: 19:07 min
Energy Healing Process

  • Clearing all hormonal glands
  • Balancing the major glands
  • Orchestrating hypothalamus and major glands
  • Attuning major glands to future self
  • Energy download for Metamorphosis
  • Clearing grief, loss, abortions, divorce, miscarriage, etc.
  • Redirecting creativity
  • Strengthen adrenals and kidneys
  • Clearing reproductive organs emotional congestion
  • Attunement to Divine Mother & New Earth
  • Ancestral healing
  • Opening up new possibilities for your future
  • Clearing issues around aging, beauty, death
  • Nourishing vibrations of Dandelion
  • Nourishing vibrations of Nettle
  • Nourishing vibrations of Linden flower
  • Nourishing vibrations of Comfrey leaf
  • Nourishing vibrations of Red clover
  • Nourishing vibration of Oat straw

What you receive?

  • Ease Ascension symptoms
  • Clear conditionings around the” youth ideal”
  • Find Beauty again
  • Find your real power
  • Reorient towards Wisdom
  • Strengthen adrenals
  • Inform the Hypothalamus
  • Balancing hormones thyroid, pituitary, adrenals, ovaries
  • Nourish the hormonal system
  • Clear Ancestral imprinting around difficult menopause
  • Clear collective unfinished impressions from Neolithic times
  • Receive overall soul healing
  • Entity clearing
  • Transform hot flashes into Power and Wisdom


Better sleep and reduced hot flushes.

"Better sleep and reduced hot flushes, such good occurrences. I'm so grateful that you have these wisdoms for me to find. "

~ Nicola, Vancouver, BC


…lots more energy…skin and hair shine, and above all, I have lost 4 pounds with no change in diet!

"Dear Arathi, Wow!!! Thank you so much for the miraculous results I have received from your healing. After just 1 week of receiving your healing in the call, my hypothyroidism conditions have greatly improved. I have lots more energy, my skin and hair shine and above all I have lost 4 pounds with no change in diet. Is the first time in 20 years that I loose 4 pounds in a week, due to hypothyroidism this is like loosing 20 in normal conditions, can't wait for more results! Thank you so much"

~ Dr. Martha Umana


…rid myself of my inner noise!

"I have searched for years and years to rid myself of my inner noise and find that place of peace, of contentment and knowing, of unmistakable peace, contentment and knowing, not just reading about it or witnessing someone else’s but having it as my own. Finally, I feel I am on the right path. Arathi Ma is very powerful but not power taking, she showed me how I can always connect with this centre, independent of her, now that is a great teacher."

~ Maureen, Maple Ridge, BC


Feeling at one with the universe and my place within it.

"Arathi Ma is a wonderful teacher and holistic healer. I am so grateful for everything I learned from Arathi Ma. She changed my life.

I went from feeling angst about the big questions of my life - to feeling at one with the universe and my place within it.

She taught me how to meditate and taught me Reiki. She helped me heal and ignited the light within. Thank you."

~ Nancy Quast, Vancouver, BC


My vision …brighter and sharper….saw beauty everywhere!

Recently I had a session with Arathi Ma, during my session she worked on my vision, as I wear glasses. As my session finished I noticed that my vision had changed for the better, but it didn't stop there. In the following days I noticed that I was able to see and perceive more beauty through my eyes. Colours and textures were brighter and sharper. And the pure joy and bliss from seeing everyday things such as flowers and the sky was phenomenal. Thank you Arathi Ma."

~ Danica, BC


You said I will get a job by mid March and I started my new job on
March 16th

"Hello my dearest Arathi Ma,
You have been such a blessing to me and praying for me and my family, and can’t thank you enough esp. during the most difficult moments in my life.

You engaged, encouraged and walked me through things, to remain positive and strong and see the light coming my way and it did, you said I will get a job by mid March and I started my new job on March 16th, you said my son will open up to us and he did and the list goes on and on … I don’t know what I would have done without you…you ‘re a WOW and Awesome is all I can say… Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

~ JDH, Winnepeg, Alberta


...so much love, joy, freedom and a sense of peace!

"You have healed my pain body and helped me to make my life so happy. With your healings and guidance, I now live my life filled with so much love, joy, freedom and a sense of peace. For this I will always be grateful. I love you."

~ Lorrie, Langley, BC

...Tons of love floating through my body!

"It is a pleasure to listen to Arathi Ma 's healing voice. It is always different - and all of a sudden it can blow you away with tons of love floating through your body. I am so grateful that I met Arathi Ma!!"

~ Chi Humm


Hormonal Balance

Value: $197

Format: MP3

Running Time: 14:55 minutes
Energy Healing Process

Spiritual Hormones Receptors Repair & Healing Balance: Oxytocin, Dopamine, Cortisol, Endorphin, Serotonin

Balancing all Hormonal Glands:

  • Stress and Wellness Regulation
  • Hypothalamus Brain
  • Pineal Gland –melatonin
  • Pituitary Gland Front and Back Balance
  • Thymus Gland
  • Water balance and blood pressure
  • Insulin & Pancreatic Hormones
  • Thyroid Balance
  • Adrenal Health
  • Sex & Fertility Hormones
  • Deep Rejuvenation

Is this familiar to you?

  • Are you tired?
  • Decreased tolerance to cold temperature
  • Seeking conflict
  • Feeling isolated
  • Seeking stimulants
  • Complaining
  • Boredom
  • Insomnia
  • Can’t concentrate
  • Weight gain
  • Low blood sugar
  • Apathy
  • Low resistance to infections
  • Sleeplessness
  • Allergies
  • Low self-esteem
  • Joint aches
  • Anxiety
  • Low libido
  • Depression
  • Can’t get pregnant

What to expect?

  • Bliss
  • Feelings of contentment
  • Reconnected to your soul
  • Feeling connected to others
  • Good discernment
  • Feeling alive
  • Good digestion and metabolism
  • Good stamina
  • Joy and passion
  • Able to set joyful goals
  • More energy available
  • Inner strength
  • Feeling grounded
  • Increased abundance
  • Increased Self-esteem
  • Physical health issues improving or disappearing
  • Increased libido
  • Fertility
  • Blood sugar balance


I had my ultrasound today and we have a heartbeat!!

"I wanted to send a quick note along to let you know that I had my ultrasound today and we have a heartbeat! This is the first time we've seen that and so we're really excited and hopeful for a successful pregnancy. I'm so looking forward to the journey and also wanted you to know how grateful I am to be able to walk through it with you. You are such an incredible gift and source of inspiration and healing!
One million thank yous! See you next week,"

~ Melanie, Port Moody, BC


MP3 worked 3 times better than the Neo Citron Flu Medicine!

"In the first 45 seconds of listening to the hormonal balancing MP3, my flu symptoms and pain went from 8 out of 10 on the pain scale down to 2 out of 10. The density and sandpaper feeling in my energetic field grew light and soft in comparison to the previous grainy, dense feeling. Not only did my headache ease significantly, my legs and arms began to run a soothing energy through them, taking the aches away. I can say that this MP3 is significant in its effect on Endorphins. In fact, this MP3 worked 3 times better than the Neo Citron Flu Medicine I took the day before."

~ JG


Your MP3s have reset my thyroid!

"I believe that your MP3s have reset my thyroid. I did NOT have "on paper" lab work that showed hypothyroidism, but I did have classic dry skin, fatigue and the tell-tale eyebrow thinning on the outside third (so much that I haven't plucked my brows since I was in my early 40s!) So I'd say, I had a very subtle subclinical case since a lot of people find that their blood work is in "normal" range and they have symptoms.

I have to say that my skin is less dry and my eyebrows are thicker!!! I can see the outer part of my brows without using eyebrow pencil. I also am less cold.

Thank you "

~ Pippin Posten


..feeling as good about myself and my place in the world as I do after being treated by Arathi Ma!

"I feel very fortunate that my path has crossed with Arathi Ma's. My naturopath Dr. Sharon Gurm recommended Arathi Ma to me for treatment of a lifetime with chronic social anxiety (my thyroid suffered). I have tried many routes of anxiety treatment and none have left me feeling as good about myself and my place in the world as I do after being treated by Arathi Ma. On the outside I have always been a happy, healthy, and successful woman, but on the inside a war was going on between my feelings of inferiority and my anger surrounding childhood emotional abuse. It did not take Arathi Ma long to help me unload a substantial amount of anger that I had been harbouring for decades, thereby enabling me to recognize my specialness and self-worth. Through Arathi Ma's work, I became ready to hear, understand, and internalize the wisdom of compassion that she shared with me -- and I am forever grateful."

~ Lisa, BC


You picked up on my throat chakra right away.....

"Initially I was going to the naturopath to try and find out why my muscles ache and feel tired all the time. He figured it was thyroid (like my mom) and knew about my spiritual beliefs so he referred me to see you and you picked up on my throat chakra right away.... .

Yesterday you were on my left side with your hand under my back and another on my front and I could feel an energy going thru my body,first time I've noticed it and it was pretty cool! 🙂
Have a great weekend....."

~ Gord, BC


The title wave of emotions subsided as I embraced the calm.

"Varicose Vein trauma is nothing short of hormonal overload. Within hours of my recent surgery I got my cycle. I had several stitches in my groin and throughout my thigh. I contacted Arathi Ma and she asked me the place my hand on my bandages and breath deeply as I listened to the hormonal balancing MP3 The title wave of emotions subsided as I embraced the calm.

Since my first surgery 6 years ago my recovery has been riddled with moments of intense longing to have my pain acknowledged as it was my perception that the family I was born to escalated their detachment when I needed them most. I was constantly longing and searching for support and clinging to the disappointment.

In that moment I became my own mother, my own father, my siblings, my friend and my love."

~ JW

The greater "I" comforted me, easing years of abandonment trauma.

"Recently I had Ligation Surgery on my thigh, while it's understandable to get anxious prior I struggle with panic attacks that escalate as I'm being sedated. The feeling of helplessness similar to a tethered balloon freshly cut and tossed madly about by the storm.

The blood pressure cuff kicked in as a mask was placed over my mouth and at that moment I redirected my experience and went into the guided meditation, grounded myself downward to the earth and beyond. This not only elevated my core connection during my surgery it overflowed into the serene moments as I came to. The greater "I" was there to comfort me, easing years of abandonment trauma. Shedding this very worn layer of pain and basking in the warmth of peaceful empowerment."

~ JW


Stronger, healthier and happier person!

"I have no idea how she does it, but it works. Arathi Ma has helped me becoming a stronger, healthier and happier person. I truly believe she is a healer; and I thank her."

~ Heidi E., Vancouver


I am now living in a place of complete freedom and happiness.

"My journey with Arathi Ma has been nothing short of life-changing. When I first started to see Arathi Ma, it was as though this vital connection, this life-force that makes each of us who we are and that invigorates and feeds the soul had become lost and buried. Somewhere along the way I had created a relationship with myself founded in self-judgement, criticism and a sense of unworthiness. Through my work with Arathi Ma, through her continued guidance, love and support, I have come to what I would call the most beautiful and fulfilled existence of myself I have ever known. Arathi Ma has helped me grow into a place of renewed and purposeful perspective, well-being and wholeness. My soul can now experience a sense of connectedness to the world around me in a manner that no longer compromises who I am, but instead honours my spirit. My journey with Arathi Ma has led me to a place of embracing my truth, my soul in all its raw beauty, just as it is – a place of complete freedom” and happiness. "

~ JG


Fibroids & Cysts Release

Value: $297

Format: MP3

Running Time: 16:53 minutes
Energy Healing Process

Emotional Healing:

  • Clearing emotional debris
  • Clearing unprocessed needs and desires
  • Soul Healing
  • Honouring emotions and the power to create
  • Reconnecting emotional communication of the organs of Uterus and Heart
  • Redirecting the creative force for true fulfillment
  • Nurturing the need for being held
  • Filling the void after children are grown up
  • Clearing unprocessed abortions
  • Clearing memory imprints of miscarriages

Physical Healing:

  • Inflammation removal
  • Supporting liver
  • Hormonal balancing
  • Redirecting deranged energy of apana vata (downward energy)
  • Balance overall energy flow
  • Remove moist and damp from reproductive organs
  • Remove dryness
  • Directly help to break down and eliminate the masses of fibrotic tissue
  • Directly help to break down and eliminate the masses cysts
  • Vibration of Aloe
  • Vibration of Chickweed
  • Healing for the individual souls of uterus, ovaries and tubes

Spiritual Healing:

  • Attunement to the Divine Mother & 5d Earth
  • Grace Light for increasing overall vibration and healing
  • Completing unfinished impressions from Neolithic Times
  • Clear entity attachments/unwanted souls
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Past Life Healing

What to expect?

  • Release stagnation
  • Balanced energies
  • Use Creativity for passionate projects
  • Empowered menstruation
  • Good digestion and metabolism
  • Good stamina
  • Joy and passion
  • Feeling alive
  • More energy available
  • Inner strength
  • Feeling grounded
  • Increased abundance
  • Increased Self-esteem
  • Fertility


My ovaries are completely normal. No more cysts!!

"Hey there!
So the remote energy work was successful! It turns out that my ovaries are completely normal. No more cysts!! (I was shocked...yay!). So thank you again. Thank you!"

~ M.B. Toronto


I got my "the miracle baby!

"I first visited Arathi Ma after losing our baby girl in a complicated cesarean section. Not only had we lost our baby girl, but due to massive hemorrhaging and other complications, I had almost lost my uterus. After Arathi performed healing on me I immediately began to feel better (both emotionally and physically). I spent the next 6 months recovering before I visited her a second time.

The reason for my second visit was to see if she could help me conceive naturally. The doctors had told me that my chances of getting pregnant were low, and that I would require the help of fertility drugs. They were wrong. 1 month after Arathi Ma performed healing on me, I found out I was pregnant! I am currently 5 months pregnant with what my husband and I call, "the miracle baby" and we couldn't thank Arathi Ma enough! Thank you Arathi Ma for not only being such an amazing healer but a great source of support"

~ Jordanna, Vancouver, BC


Mental-Emotional Cleanse

Value: $297

Format: MP3

Running Time: 23:54 minutes
Energy Healing Process

  • Love-Joy-Bliss flow activation
  • Attuning to your soul and heart
  • Opening the core line
  • Connecting & attunement to the unified field
  • Soul Healing of trauma
  • Soul Healing shock
  • Soul Healing vows
  • Clearing mental confusion
  • Clearing misperception of situations and events
  • Clearing mental overwhelm
  • Sweeping and clearing resonance loops in the nervous system
  • Cutting & reintegrating cord energy from people, objects, places
  • Maturing parts of your psyche that “lag behind”
  • Clearing mental root programs based on fear
  • Clearing mental root programs based on betrayal
  • Clearing mental root programs based on victimization
  • Clearing mental root programs based on Lack of faith
  • Clearing mental root programs that prevent self-love
  • Allowing joy to flow into job, family, all your relations

What to expect?

  • Happiness
  • Enthusiasm
  • Spiritually empowered
  • Personally empowered
  • Improved intuition
  • Heart opening
  • Improved relationships
  • Clarity, Happy, Safe
  • Inspired, Creative
  • Engaged, Integrated
  • Improved relationships with others and self
  • Balanced mind & body
  • New perspectives
  • Feeling connected
  • Living with more ease
  • Sexual health


…My eyes watered and I was smiling.

"Today, I felt emotionally drained and sad. I listened to the mental /emotional release mp3 and felt only slightly better. Or so I thought. So, I decided to feel the emotions and put on a Bonnie Raitt song. This song usually puts me in a somber mood for hours. Yet, before the song was over, my eyes watered, no real tears and I was smiling as I sang the rest of the song. Thx Arathi Ma. ..."

~ Ursula Haygood


My daughter’s fingers completely cleared up!!!

"When I first engaged Arathi Ma's remote work on my 7 year old, my daughter would chew the pads of her fingers. She chewed them until they were very red, inflamed, sore and she could barely hold a pencil without much discomfort. She had developed this habit months prior and could not seem to stop, regardless of the many conversations we had about her thoughts when she chews her skin. It was definitely time for Arathi Ma, as I have worked with her for many years and know from experience that her power to heal is like none other! Well, low and behold, within 3 weeks of having Arathi Ma perform remote work on my daughter, her fingers were completely cleared up!!! Yes, as usual, it was a miracle and I am so thankful for Arathi Ma's services. My daughter and I used to giggle because she would sometimes feel her finger tips tingle and tickle (during the times I knew Arathi Ma typically does her remote work) and I would share with her that the sensations were ok, and in fact Arathi Ma was healing them in that moment - she would smile and her eyes twinkled! THANK YOU ARATHI MA!!!!!I"

~ Caroline N., Langley, BC


Recovered from 30 years of depression and 7 years of Chronic Fatigue!!

"For many years I was looking for “my teacher” until I meet Arathi Ma. It was as finally I had a dream come true. I had somebody to ask all these questions, somebody that was ahead on the path but still accessible and that I could connect with on a human level as well. Arathi Ma shared her story with us, answered countless questions, was patient when I was impatient with myself and never lost hope in my recovery. She didn’t do the work for me but she offered tools, dikshas, and guidance. She helped me to recover from 30 years of depression and 7 years of Chronic Fatigue. Through her help I also became a Reiki Master/Teacher and started my own practice as an energy healer and teacher. It is a journey worth traveling and with Arathi Ma you will have a trustworthy guide by your side."

~ Blessings, Susanne, Yukon


Profoundly life-changing…. can only be described as bliss.

"My sessions with Arathi Ma have been profoundly life-changing. I have been connected to the being of my existence with the “having to do” dropping away form my journey of consciousness. Since co-creating with Arathi Ma, I have felt more grounded, centered and a true sense of peace-of-mind and body that can only be described as bliss. Many thanks and blessing to you, Arathi Ma!"

~ Matt Goltl, Kansas, US


...no longer suffering from chronic fatigue…my finances blossomed.
I lost 20 lbs!”

Lauren"I got immediate results from the moment I started the remote healing with her. I felt less irritated and stressed and was able to move with grace into the next stage of my energetic development. During the 3 months of working with Arathi Ma, everything changed. I felt/feel amazing. Most notably my energy levels increased I was no longer suffering from chronic fatigue. I felt overly happy and joyful about all aspects of my life. My own energy practice increased and my finances blossomed. I lost 20 lbs. And I had a greater sense of self with expanded heart capacity. I feel so blessed to have met Arathi Ma so long ago and be able to work with her still to this day. As an energy worker myself, I find it rare to meet someone that can hold my container of energy and be able to transform my energetics into greater integration with self. Arathi Ma is the real deal. Thank you so much Arathi Ma for your help along my earth journey it is so appreciated!"

~ Lauren Ashley Eden, Calgary


Way out of that emotional body and pain. I keep saying this ... this is big!

"I'm practicing your articulations - giving feelings to the heart. so amazing. It increases vibration and brings clarity and awareness of wholeness. I have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what I was missing - processing feelings over and over in the emotional body, getting no where. And reframing and gaining perspective has been the only way I could find any resolve. But still this does not complete the full process. I just could not get it. This makes so much sense to me now. Mental/emotional and the incomplete healing or awareness of the heart. There are no problems in the heart - as you so clearly have said. I could not see the my way out of that emotional body and pain. I keep saying this ... this is big.

This is such an important piece. the relief I am experiencing is sanity inducing. Not just for me but for my entire family history back to the 1800's and further. this is something that no one has been able to resolve and my entire family tree is being affected by this. I can feel decades and decades of ancestors now finally able to rest in peace. thank you so much for your work and gifts.

Thank you for articulating *how* to bring the emotions home. Love is a place called home. Finally I know peace. Deepest gratitude and love."

~ Sheri Bakes, Vancouver, BC


All that pain I had been storing inside my body has been removed!

"I am 69 years old and have spent the better part of my life looking for help. I wanted someone to take away the deep depression I was in. I was on anti-depressants which did nothing. I was mentally, physically and sexually abused as a child. I carried it through my life like wearing a "jacket" you hated but you still put it on every day of your life. It's not what happens to you but how you let it affect you. I chose to let it almost destroy me. For reasons I have now had explained to me, I found satisfaction I keeping the pain alive. I almost enjoyed wearing the "jacket". But something deep inside me knew it was wrong. I wanted to be free.

It was crippling me. The saddest thing was that it was making me loose my faith. But thank God, you can never loose your faith once you have found it.

And it all has come together for me with the amazing help of Arathi Ma. All that pain I had been storing inside my body has been removed. The jacket came off. I found the help that I needed. I could write pages and pages elaborating on the things I can do now. The most important being, that I can think of the people who abused me without anger, hatred and fear. It's gone.

They can never hurt me again. But the most profound thing was learning to love myself. These words may not sound earth shaking but please believe me, that's what it all comes down to. God really want us to love ourselves.

When you do that nobody can hurt you ever again. Just finish your life being a good person and all will be well.

Open your heart to Arathi Ma and let the healing begin…"

~ Lorraine Vilkas, BC


The drinking alcohol… it disappeared.

Jody, BC"I have been listening to all 3 recordings regularly, some times 2 a day. I am definitely changing although it’s hard to put into words. The drinking alcohol became stronger since our session and a few weeks ago it disappeared. I no longer feel the need to cope with my pain. I am now able to sit with my suffering and see the illusion much better. I am starting to find some joy in life and be more present. I am not afraid to feel things like before. I am starting to see things from a different perspective. A more relaxed perspective, not judging myself so much, and realizing when Im judging others that its a mirror of my own judgment on myself. I am taking better control of things in my life instead of them controlling me. I have a better understanding of how i created my own suffering. I feel like every moment patterns are clearing and I am able to relax a little bit more each day."

I am so thankful, You have given me such a gift.
Many Blessings,

~ Jody, BC


She has without a doubt changed my entire life.

"I met Arathi Ma at one of lowest and darkest times of my life. Her presence was very powerful to me. I hesitantly made an appointment with Arathi Ma nearly two years ago and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. At first the feelings were very overwhelming and I felt a lot of shame around her. As I learned more about myself I knew that she brought up things and knew things that I never wanted to deal with. She has without a doubt changed my entire life.

I came to Arathi Ma with crippling depression, fatigue and utter confusion on which direction my life was headed. Her words are spoken from the core. Free flowing and so insightful. Everything that came out of her mouth felt like I was supposed to hear it at that exact moment. When on the table receiving her energy healing, she moves very softly but with such precision. Her energy is so engaging, it's undescribable.

My life changed drastically. I have a much greater sense of self, I'm able to be present and much more engaged with people around me, I have the ability to assess situations in my life from a better place, and rarely do I ever feel exhausted anymore.

I am so thankful I found Arathi Ma because before her I felt like I had exhausted all options: naturopaths, medical doctors, acupuncture... You name it, I had tried it. There was so much disconnect within and I no longer feel that's true. I am forever grateful to have worked with Arathi Ma and to continue working with her. Love,

~ J. I., BC


In just one session my outlook completely changed…such Freedom!

"Arathi Ma, is amazing and she changed my life. The first time I saw her I was coming out of a horrible relationship. I was completely lost and did not know what to do with myself. I knew for sure that there had to be more than what I was perceiving through my mind, but had no idea where to look. In one session she was able to shift my consciousness into a place where I was my true self. During this session I experienced such freedom. She was able to guide me to a place within myself where I was beyond all problems, beyond the perception of hardship. The difficulty of life in general completely disappeared. Knowing and seeing this possibility changed everything for me for the better. In just one session my out look completely changed. Before this session everything was grey, dismal and sad. After this session the possibilities for happiness were endless, and they keep coming. Thank you Arathi Ma for giving me my happiness back.

~ Danica


I felt most at peace that I have ever felt in my life!

"During my healing session, I felt such a variety of sensations throughout my body. I could feel my body reacting in a positive manner. At one point I felt immersed with the universal consciousness in which I felt most at peace that I have ever felt in my life. Since my session with you I feel worthy, focused, more aware, more confident and at peace. I will be recommending you to friends and family. I will continue to use your services. I am truly grateful."

~ Carolin de Champlain


I'm now married to the love of my life….connection is stronger than ever!My cats are much happier ….and are no longer misbehaving!

"I asked Arathi Ma to assist with my relationship with my partner, myself and my cats. Arathi Ma was able to identify areas of energy disconnects within my household and provide material for me to listen to so things could be back in balance. During and after my remote session, many changes happened. My cats are much happier in the environment and are no longer misbehaving. I'm now married to the love of my life and our connection is stronger than ever. We are planning a wonderful future together and we have great communication.

I'm really grateful for being introduced to Arathi Ma and her ability to connect with me to assist with the areas in my life that I was struggling with."
Much Love,

~ Mandy, California


All my thoughts settled down ..no disturbance… peace.

"Dear Arathima, I felt great during the instructions. The magnetic ray falling from the top was making me numb and all my thoughts were settling down. Just like the ocean of thoughts with the high waves was settled and the silent water with absolutely no disturbance given me peace. It was also like a baby sleeping in the mom's arms. The experience was wonderful."
Thank you so much, Regards

~ Balwinder Singh, Ontario


I am coming to know a part of myself again.

"Arathi, firstly, I would really like to thank-you for a fabulous experience over the weekend. Both through the work we are doing together one on one and the course, I feel like I am coming to know a part of myself again... I know this person quite well and am lovingly reconnecting with my essence...its quiet, peaceful, content and full of sparkles. So thank-you....."

~ Anonymous

Bonus 1:

Rejuvenation Elixir (Ojas)

Value: $397

Format: Soundless MP3

Running Time: 15:36 minutes

  • Ojas (Vital Essence) Vibration
  • Kidney Soul Mantra
  • Essence of Herb ashwaganda
  • Secret unlocked mantra chant for abundance
  • Pearl essence
  • Lunar essence as a physical energy substance
  • Winter solstice vibration


My skin is getting super elastic, I am losing FAST the weight & "orange peel.

"At the beginning I didn't feel I had anything so transcendental to expect as my health has always been a great asset for me (been on bio-energetic homeopathy for a decade) so I did not feel a need for the big program... especially since I couldn't afford it at the moment. So I just took the mp3s more or less as an afterthought — or as a preventive. 🙂 

Yet I am super happy to report that, listening to the mp3s every second day or so —and looping the silent ones at night—I suddenly seem to be growing a lot younger! Always tend to not look MY 48 but now my hair is growing WILD, definitely something is clearing big time in my bowels (don't ask!), my skin is getting super elastic, I am losing FAST the weight and "orange peel" I picked up from long-term breastfeeding at more than 45 (?) and my energy is much, much higher (a threat for some people I know, as it was not low to start with, hehe). At the same time, I am having a "sleeping spree" like never before... I used to sleep very soundly but few hours. 

All this tells me, that my hormones had really got a big hit from the pregnancy, lactation, etc (my body decided that instead of a menopause, it would have.. a baby hehe) And now, thanks to you, all that is getting back into place!!! Thank you so much and many blessings, hugs and love!"

~ Claudia Calvo


After Ojas MP3 ….I didn’t need the estrogen crème anymore!

"I have been using the Silent Encoded Ojas Nourishing MP3 for about 5 days. I would use it in a continuous play whilst sitting, reading or working about twice a day.

Initially I experienced an instant shift in breathing. Breathing became slower and peaceful as in deep sleep although I was awake and meditating. I felt the core alignment strengthened and various centres in the body warmed. Belly throat head feet. All over nourishing sensation. I notice that my eyes were moist again and i was using 10% of the estrogencreme that i have been using to combat uncomfortably dry eyes, vaginal dryness, mouth and skin.

5 days in as I sat I experienced a welling up of energy, not so pleasant, rise in my belly. As I let it ‘do its thing’ the energy seemed to rise up and out of my body. As it rose I was flooded with uncomfortable dryness in the eyes and heavy dryness in my hands, to the point of discomfort from the inside out. I felt as if a cloud of dryness had been purged.

After some more use of the MP3 I am very pleased to say I have not used the estrogen creme. This is tremendous! My eyes are moist etc. I can say the dryness issue has been successfully brought to balance."
With Gratitude to Arathi Ma

~ Nicola x, Vancouver, BC


A a lot of energy in the Ojas MP3!! None of the sick/nausea/ pain are left!

"There is definitely a lot of energy in the Ojas MP3! To tell the truth, I felt it as soon as I received the e-mail with the attachment, before I even opened it.

I started the recording and immediately waves of energy massaged through me. The sensations were mostly in the head and neck, which is where I feel most of the discomfort this morning. About half way through it, a very direct coolness in my knee (still there) moved through my left leg/hip, which was painfully inflamed this week causing me limited mobility. About two and half minutes in, I felt a powerful wave of energy, I opened my eyes and checked the time. It was very intense. None of the sick/nausea/ pain are left from when I woke up. Thank you so much! What a gift you have given me. I kept listening to it and I am blown away how capable my body is today."
With Gratitude to Arathi Ma

~ Renee Doucette, Abbotsford

Bonus 2:


Value: $97

Format: Soundless MP3

Running Time: 9:01 minutes

  • Clearing Inflammation in Gum & Stomach
  • Strengthening Enamel
  • Clearing Bacteria Gum Cavitations
  • Releasing Anger
  • Releasing Stress
  • Teeth Soul Retrieval & Healing
  • Gum Soul Retrieval & Healing
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Normalizing stomach acid
  • Strengthening stomach valve
  • Essence of Herb Neem
  • Confidence Vibration
  • Planet Saturn Vibration


I could literally see and smell M E N T H O L...above my body, waves of it in the air!

"Over the last year I began smoking menthol cigarettes mainly. So, I was lying on my bed(on my back), listening to the recording on a little MP3 player. Arathi Ma...all of a sudden, during one of the clearings,...I SMELLED Menthol! My eyes were closed and I was just trying to stay focused on listening to you speaking on the recording, and I was thinking to myself, "what in the world is this menthol smell?!!" So, I opened my eyes, and HOVERING OVER MY BODY, were Waves of Menthol that must have come out of my body! I could literally see and smell M E N T H O L...above my body, waves of it in the air...OVER ME!"

~ Love, Meryl C., New York

Bonus 3:


Value: $97

Format: Soundless MP3

Running Time: 10:13 minutes

  • Clearing and Neutralizing food additives
  • Parasites
  • Pathogens
  • Toxins
  • Spiritual Entity Removals
  • Thymus Gland Boundary Reset
  • Allergies
  • Curses
  • Hypnotic spells
  • Opening to Self-Love
  • Resetting the entire nervous system to Self Love
  • Resetting to neutralize and void instantly any toxins


…testing negative for some of the persistent pathogens in the Lyme's family of co-infections!

"My physical symptoms have improved dramatically as a result of Arathi Ma's healing work. My treatment is not complete but all areas have improved and I am currently testing negative for some of the persistent pathogens in the Lyme's family of co-infections. More significantly, I believe, has been a deep shift at a soul level. I feel happier, often with no apparent cause, more confident and purposeful. I have been involved actively in spiritual pursuits for many years but the shift since working with Arathi Ma has been to a deep knowing of my place in the life of all and determination to live my life well and with fulfillment for myself and others to the best of my ability. I also notice more creativity and optimism, for myself and for the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Arathi Ma,"

~ Carole, Burnaby, BC

Bonus 4:


Value: $197

Format: Soundless MP3

Running Time: 17:04 minutes

Content as the guided version

"Arathi Ma is someone who introduces you to the realm of the ‘impossible made possible."

~ Danica Isherwood, BC

4 Recorded Group Healing Calls


Healthy Digestion

Value: $197

Format: MP3 Recording of Conference Call.

Length: minutes

The energy activations are encoded and active in the recording.

General Healing + Individual Live Participants’ issues:

  • Grace Light Transmission
  • Opening Core Line
  • Alignment
  • Clear known & unknown limitations, blocks, and self-sabotage, Entities
  • Electro-Magnetic Balancing
  • Digestive overhaul
  • Inflammation removal
  • Stomach acid reset
  • Colon cleanse & lining healing
  • Healthy bacteria reset
  • Immune system nourishment
  • Food allergies removal
  • Gluten sensitivity removal


NO colostomy bag…my stomach has been great ever since!

"On Dec 22 2014 I ended up in the Hospital because my colon had burst.Arathi Ma came to the hospital to visit me and worked on me while she was there. I was in a lot of pain and I was worried because they told me that they may have to take out part of my colon and I would end up with a colostomy bag. That was very terrifying for me. After Arathi Ma came to work on me, I noticed that I wasn’t in as much pain. I came home from the hospital with nothing more than pain meds and after a week, I no longer needed them. My stomach has been great ever since.

Arathi Ma has also worked on Ancestral clearing for me and since then I have met my birth mother and my birth father. I have found four sisters that I never knew I had as well.

Since working with Arathi Ma there have been many changes in my life and all positive. I have the most amazing life and I never thought that was possible. They are forever imprinted on my heart!!!"

~ Linda Glegg, BC


…like someone turned on a power breaker in my head.. removed a lot of my anxiety, my stomach problems gone

"I've been coming to see Arathi Ma for over 1 year now. I came to her to help overcome a lot of physical and mental problems that had been with me for over 5 years. I've seen several doctors and had a lot of testing done but they were never able to diagnose or fix any of the problems I had.

Fortunately, Arathi Ma was able to not only able to recognize but also fix a lot of the problems. My amazing experiences even went far beyond healing. I would have amazing experiences and visions that would carry on outside her sessions. One time when she was working on me, I had an incredible sensation of energy and light run through my head. It felt like someone turned on a power breaker in my head. Since that day, it removed a lot of my anxiety, my stomach problems, and I had some amazing visions of being able to see people and events. This all goes to prove that miracles can happen and that there is something out there far greater than conventional thinking."

~ P.J. Herman, Mission, BC


Arathi Ma’s silent MP3s eliminated my sugar addiction!

"After listening to Arathi Ma's MP3's a few times, I put the silent ones on continuous play three to four times a day.

After a week or so, I began to notice that I was not having the usual sugar cravings or purchasing anything sweet while in the store. Occasionally, I would think about something sweet, but that would soon pass. Then I realized, while telling my daughter that I hadn't eaten any sweets in three weeks, that it was Arathi Ma's silent MP3's! This was astounding for me because I had been, Notice: 'Had Been', a certified sugar addict.

This is so amazing to me! And I feel 100% better! By this I mean, I am no longer feeling sluggish and tired; the way I used to feel after a sugar binge"

~ Soleil


The symptoms of my psoriasis…due to food sensitivities…. improve!

"I have been listening to the replay of group call #1 addressing stomach issues, gluten sensitivity and other food allergy. The symptoms of my psoriasis seem to improve! I have psoriasis for more than 45 years, the symptoms are always aggravated when gluten and a long list of food are ingested. So I have been on a very restricted diet for over 20 years. Can’t wait to work with you during our private session on 4-6!

I love it when you heal physical issues from soul level, outside of time/space at different dimensions. Fascinating!!"

~ Amy


Years of tummy aches….since Arathi Ma's healing I haven't experience an ounce of pain!

"My experience with Arathi Ma was very rejuvenating! I'll admit I was a bit nervous on what to expect the session would be like but Arathi Ma put my mind at rest -literally, she knew exactly how I was feeling. For some this may sound crazy but it's true and was surprisingly more comforting.
Throughout the whole of the session I felt pressure free, I thought perhaps the session might be interrogative but Arathi Ma allowed me to express as much or as little as I wished to. The healing in itself felt powerful and a weight off my shoulders. I've suffered from tummy pain for as long as I can remember and since Arathi Ma's healing I haven't experience an ounce of pain. Not only this but since then I know more about myself and have never felt so confident in myself. I still have some things to work on but Arathi Ma has given me great tips to help and they've helped a lot already.

And so.. I continue on with my spiritual journey with more knowledge and guidance from Arathi Ma!"
Thank you Arathi Ma!

~ Gabrielle F., Dubai, United Emirates


My digestion has significantly improved and tolerance to gluten/wheat has also improved.

"I have had one 3 week remote session with Arathi Ma which occurred during late Dec 2015 and January 2016. The primary area of focus was digestion. I experienced slow digestion as well as bloating and general discomfort. I was also seeking an improvement in lactose and gluten tolerance

Virtually within a few days of the session I felt a wonderful improvement in mood, which was unexpected. I also felt more 'spacious' (in the mind) with a greater ability to focus in moments of contemplation, which I continue to experience today. There is also an enhanced awareness of thoughts and my ability to remain unaffected by them. I believe this has resulted from greater 'light' in the consciousness, which the healing has brought about. 

Over the 3 weeks, my digestion has significantly improved and feel that there is much less irritation and discomfort. There is greater stability/calm in the stomach and digestive tract. I believe my tolerance to gluten/wheat has also improved and confident that lactose tolerance will significantly improve over time.

Arathi Ma provided regular updates and responded to all my queries in a professional manner

I am also grateful for the necessary tools and guidance that Arathi Ma provided to help open the mind in order to facilitate the healing. She also gave me a few great tips on diet/nutrition which have made a big difference.

I am so glad that I did the 3 week remote session. Apart from its impact on digestive issues, the experience has given me fresh inspiration, faith and confidence."

~ Harsh, Sydney, Australia

Highly Recommended...issues were..easy to treat or didn't need any assistance anymore.

"Highly Recommended to me by Dr. Boutet, Arathi Ma helped me unblock biological and energetic areas in my body. Afterwards these issues were really easy to treat or didn't need any assistance at all anymore. She is very easy to share your ideas with and not judgemental.After our work together, the next day, I am still continuing to learn much about the mind body connection. My only regret is, that there is not enough time in a day to ask her all the questions I have.
I do have faith and love back in my life."

~ Greg Lehmann


Great improvement in my digestive system and eyesight a lot sharper…see signposts without glasses!

"After trying several other healers with little improvement on digestive system issues and having a sore throat from acid reflux. I also recently developed cataract in both eyes and have family history of high blood pressure. I needed to see improvements and someone that could help with these issues.

After listening to Arathi Ma live on FHTJ Eram Saeed’s show I resonated with her so I purchased Package B and started using the mp3’s to help me with several health related symptoms/issues.

Since I’ve been listening to Arathi’s soothing voice and her mp3’s and the group calls I have noticed a great improvement in all of the above issues but especially with my digestive system. I have less acid reflux and feel less bloated. I use the mp3’s daily along with the Group call clearings, which have been amazing and spot on. My experiences during the calls and mp3’s makes me yawn, burp and tear up a lot and can feel sensations like chills. I can feel the energies shifting. Eyesight seems a lot sharper and could read sign posts without my glasses! Yay! There have been improvements in other areas especially in my relationships as well.

I love being on her FB page. It is encouraging to read people’s testimonials of how their lives have improved with healing and working with Arathi Ma. She interacts with us and helps us understand the deep-rooted causes of our issues. She will make recommendations on which mp3’s to listen.

Arathi Ma is extraordinary and a gifted dimensional healer. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is truly amazing!"

~ Nina, North Vancouver, Canada


Healthy Nervous System

Value: $197

Format: MP3 Recording of Conference Call.

Length: minutes

General Healing + Individual Live Participants’ issues:

  • Grace Light Transmission
  • Opening Core Line
  • Alignment
  • Clear known & unknown limitations, blocks, and self-sabotage, Entities
  • Supporting damaged nerves repair
  • Integrating the 3 brains (ancient, emotional, intellectual segments)
  • Releasing the inner spinal cord (Dura Mater)
  • Unwinding the inner Spinal Cord (Dura Mater)
  • Electro-Magnetic Balancing
  • Balancing Hormone Glands with Nerve Plexi
  • Clearing Anxiety
  • Cleansing Confusion
  • Releasing physical nerve imprints from accidents, childhood, etc.
  • Nurturing Confidence
  • Releasing Crown chakra blockages


…fatally paralyzed and returned to work within the year,
…temporarily paralyzed and was up and walking within months,
…indefinitely hospitalized only to be finally well enough to return home

"Group Healing is a phenomenal experience. One needs only to relax and enjoy, while the healing powers of the Universe go to work on Body, Mind, and Spirit. The first time I went, it felt like my body was going through internal car-wash – literally – as everything got cleaned, buffed, and shined. I have since been returning every week and each experience is different and never ceases to amaze. However, not only have I personally benefited but so have the people whose names I have put into Arathi Ma’s “Healing Box”.

Four have been viewed as miracles as they’ve all had very surprising, quick recoveries to serious injuries and illnesses, when up until that point all looked quite hopeless. One person was fatally paralyzed and returned to work within the year, the other was temporarily paralyzed and was up and walking within months, and the third one was indefinitely hospitalized only to be finally well enough to return home. And, most awe-inspiring was the last one who was in a coma and suddenly woke up for a short while, afterI prayed to have the opportunity to at least say “good-bye". This powerful healing energy exists for everyone to tap into. Accessing it through Arathi Ma is an incredibly easy way to receive it. It’s like a gift waiting to be opened."
With love & gratitude,

~ Christine, Vancouver, BC


…my life was falling apart…I am now a fully functional person.
…very grateful to her for saving my life!

"By September 2011 my life was falling apart. I was in a constant state of panic and anxiety, my self-esteem was very low, and my wife of 23 years was leaving me emotionally. I believed I was never going to come out of this low place. I was unable to sleep well or concentrate for more than a few seconds.

Fortunately my naturopath doctor suggested that I meet with Arathi-Ma. As soon as I walked into her space, my healing started. In each session we discussed and worked on different issues, physical, mental or psychological. I learned to recognize the power of self-healing, of acceptance and of meditation.

I have been now regularly seeing Arathi-Ma for 9 months and I never stop being amazed by her power. She is an ageless source of positive healing energy that flows inside me and that I carry with me through the weeks. I am now a fully functional person, with a positive outlook, willing to take challenges and who smiles while trying to figure out the lessons of the Universe.

A few months ago I also read Jason Gallant’s book “Awakening with Arathi Ma” which I found brilliantly written and really eye opening. I highly recommend it to everybody.

I am very grateful to her for saving my life and leading me back to a life full of light and joy."
Thank you,

~ Carlos, Christchurch, New Zealand


…a second chance at life…

"I've been back in San Francisco for about 2.5 months now. I am doing so much better these days, I still have the head pressure/tension once in a while but it's nowhere near as intense as it used to be and is very manageable.

I think it is going away, but very slowly. All the anxiety, concentration and other issues appear to be completely gone though, which is great. I feel like I've been given a second chance at life and don't take a lot of things for granted anymore.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me. Of all the treatment option I had tried, visiting you was the only one that made me walk out there feeling better."

~ George, California


I immediately felt a major shift!

"I was in a very dark place when my inner guidance led me to Arathi Ma. She patiently listened to me and, psychically, got rid of a nasty entity, which was feeding off my vital energy.

I immediately felt a major shift and, after a few minutes, I was better.

Her polarity therapy exercises helped me get over my narrow mindedness and lack of forgiveness.Surely, they are the best tool to help people caught in fixed ideas.

Arathi Ma, this wonderful person and healer,told me exactly what I needed to hear to make me snap out of it. With a few gentle but firm words, she was able to destroy my ego and help me find my humbleness again. I owe her a lot.

I still feel a deep connection to Arathi Ma and am extremely grateful for her help."

~ Agnidevi Agnese Mandetta, Italy,Hata & Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master & Crystal Therapist


Best sleep last night…..My anxiety about this test is gone!

"Good Morning Arathi Ma,
thank you so much for our session together yesterday
i had the best sleep last night!

remember yesterday you said something about the letter 'b'?
well,.. i've been noodling it ever since then this morning i suddenly thought...what if that is my default answer for the test?
it's a multiple choice format

i just want to thank you about a million times
my anxiety about this test is gone, and i feel excited to study for it!
also, i rarely wake up at 6am, like WAKE UP wake up...
i chanted to Ganesh for ages but there was no going back to sleep

thanks again for everything you helped me with yesterday Arathi Ma
i hope enjoy the weekend"
with love and gratitude,

~ jen, North Vancouver, BC


The mechanics couldn't fix my GPS….thank you for fixing my car!!

"Most people in my life have heard a story (or many) about how Arathi Ma has helped me with various aspects of my life. I actually giggle now when I have troubles in my life and I think to myself "I must bring this to Arathi Ma to help me through it". Well. When it came to my car, I laughed out loud...i heard myself saying to a friend "I have to bring my car to Arathi Ma to fix!" Lolllll. Now. Is Arathi Ma a mechanic? Heck no! Does she love cars? Well. She loves driving her car, but she wouldn't be rolling up her sleeves and taking my car apart piece by piece and fixing it.

This is where it gets interesting...she doesn't do it in her physical body for all of us to witness - what she does is even more powerful than any mechanic in the world could offer.

I have had troubles with my electronic / navigation system for several months now. I had a new system installed. Multiple updates. And it still didn't work. I found this increasingly frustrating because I rely on my car for work, and I would never make it home again without my GPS. Soooo, it's important to me that this system works.

Well. Clearly the mechanics couldn't fix it. So I said to Arathi Ma - I am bringing my car in to you! Ha!

So I did. And she discovered that there was an issue with the materials used within the Nav system, which was making it malfunction.

Arathi Ma did her "magic" (I call it) and voila! My system works!!!!!!!!! So there we have it, Arathi Ma defies all sense of logic again. And not only that - she had mentioned to me to be more grateful for it. So on the way home it was like the first day I bought the car - I loved it! I was proud of it! I was proud of myself for buying it! I turned up the music and I enjoyed my first ride in it all over again!!!! I had gotten so frustrated and annoyed with it that I forgot that feeling. Thank you Arathi Ma, for fixing my car and for renewing my gratitude for it!!!!!!"

~ Caroline, Langley, BC


Healthy Circulation & Heart

Value: $197

Format: MP3 Recording of Conference Call.

Length: minutes

General Healing + Individual Live Participants’ issues:

  • Grace Light Transmission
  • Opening Core Line
  • Alignment
  • Clear known & unknown limitations, blocks, and self-sabotage, Entities
  • Electro-Magnetic Balancing
  • Heart Soul Activation
  • Blood Pressure Reset
  • Cleansing Arteriosclerosis
  • Vein Strengthening and Repair
  • Strengthening the Physical Heart
  • Releasing Heart Congestion
  • Strengthening Lungs
  • Lung Detox
  • Universal Heart Attunement


I now (went back to Taekwondo)… 4 days without any oxygen!

"I have had a lung problem for over 2 years. The doctors say it is Usual Interstitial Pneumonia (not curable). I had developed a bubble of fluid in between the membranes of the right lung (which was surgically removed).

Diagnosis was slow and this year, a month ago, it was so bad, I was so out of breath that I could not walk more than 10 steps without stopping to regain my strength and breath. I demanded oxygen to improve the quality of my life. It helped me do work around the house.

For 2 weeks now I had had healing from Arathi Ma, which has improved my breathing tremendously and I now am functioning healthily normal (went back to Taekwondo). I went 4 days without any oxygen. But, I would still use the oxygen for hard work to help the lungs.
My overall health is much better now."

~ Peter Rogers, Maple Ridge, BC, June 2010


Fully recovered…within a few short days!

"In November of 2013 I got pneumonia. I was so sick I could barely walk. The doctor wanted me to take several medications including inhalers that I was not comfortable taking. During one session I immediately felt better andthe pneumonia was significantly improved to the point that I was able to fully recover without the inhalers or any further medical treatment within a few short days. I actually remember feeling the virus or sickness leave my body during the session. Thank you Arathi Ma!"
Thank you,

~ Danica, Maple Ridge, BC


Infinite Core & Heart MP3 reduced my surgery recovery time greatly!

"Arathi Ma, each day since my leg vein procedure on the 22nd I have listened to your guided meditation: Infinite Core & Heart at least once per day, sometimes 3 or more. My recovery time has been greatly reduced, Thank you!!"

~ Jennifer Whitlock, Vancouver, BC


9 days later Hannah was out trick or treating with the other kids!

Jody, BC"I am finding it difficult to put into words the gratitude I have, that Arathi Ma has come into our lives.

My Daughter was born with irregular blood vessels (that is what the doctors told us). We found this out Jan 26, 2007 when they burst and Hannah had to be rushed to BC children's hospital for emergency brain surgery. After 3 months of Therapy Hannah made a full recovery, she was 6 years old. Spring 2010 doctor's discovered 2 more irregular blood vessels had grown back. She was scheduled to have surgery October 22, 2010. About a month or so before her surgery I was told about a master healer named Arathi Ma. I instantly took my family to see her. Among other things, Arathi Ma was able to prepare Hannah's mind, body, soul and spirit for the surgery. My husband asked Arathi Ma not to work on the damaged blood vessels as he was concerned they could burst. Respectfully Arathi Ma agreed and we proceeded with the operation. Much to the surprise of the hospital, Hannah recovery was unusually speedy. Already 9 days later Hannah was out trick or treating with the other kids. Thank you so much Arathi Ma. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

We continue to see Arathi Ma regularly on other issues in our lives and the results are nothing more then Amazing.

We are blessed...Thank you Arathi Ma."

~ Jody MacLea, Maple Ridge, BC


Cleared sugar cravings in addition to my ancestral heart history.

"Arathi Ma delivers in her healing sessions as her healings expand, unravel and go beyond the intended areas asked about as she cleared sugar cravings in addition to my ancestral heart history which was repressing joy in my life. Her healings are deep and right to the point. I tangibly felt the unraveling unfold and what was happening in the parts of the body we were working on, leaving me feeling less foggy headed, a lot more clear and less weighed down to feel the immense joy underneath that came up to experience during her process.
Very potent healing!"
Thank you Arathi Ma!

~ Mindy Sabatucci Schroeder

Expert reviews

Relief and I was smiling INSIDE. WOW!

"Arathi Ma was spot on about my issues, without having to go into details, she knew what was wrong and what was needed. On a scale my depression was low, I gave it a 4, but it was probably lower then that. After the session when she asked what the number was, I felt it above a 5, but could not give it a number because I felt I was still processing. We worked on depression and my energy level (being very low also). I had done a lot of healing over the years because of childhood abuse and a past abusive marriage. And something was still hanging on that I couldn't shake. After the call ended and I hung up I was literally SMILING! Others may not understand that but I do. And I was smiling INSIDE. WOW! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. God bless."

~ Cindy Murray Lybbert

Dropped depression and secured a job.

"When I began my session with Arathi Ma, I was very depressed, feeling powerless to make changes in my life and burdened with negativity. I had a lot of anger inside me which was affecting my relationships with people close to me.

During the course of the session, Arathi Ma empowered me to confront my negative mindset at its root cause. Her direct, simple yet powerful feedback gave me encouragement and 'faith' in a way that I never experienced before. Following her guidance I began to experience positive changes in my mindset. I feel lighter (mentally), happier, hopeful and peaceful. During the course of my session, Arathi Ma also helped me secure a job that I really wanted.

I am extremely grateful to have had Arathi Ma's guidance and healing at a such a critical time in my life."

~ Vandhana

Expert reviews

15 Years of suffering gone in 3 minutes...this is a bonafide MIRACLE!

Tom2"OMG!!! Arathi. Thank you, THANK You, THANK YOU!!!! For dinner last night, I had a full meal: romaine salad with salmon, a veggie omelette, and garlic fries; and (to put it to the REAL test) even desert, chocolate chip blondies. AMAZING!!! No bloating. No heartburn. And no waking up in the middle of the night to take baking soda. I woke after a full 9 hours of solid sleep. This is a bonafide MIRACLE. One three minute treatment yesterday and 15 years of dietary restriction and suffering has vanished. I've worked on this issue myself and with help from many wonderful healers over the years, all did their part. I'm almost afraid to believe it, it's been so long since the food I ate didn't poison my system. YES of course I will, with great pleasure and joy, do a live testimonial for you on Monday. I wouldn't even think of not sharing your amazing gift with the world."
Much LOVE and Divine Blessings,

~ Rev Tom Hudson, PhD, Birth Rite Technology


After massive triple brain aneurysm…
one week later went home and no rehab needed!

"Hello Arathima
I want to say thank you again for all that you have taught me and how you changed my life. I particularly want to thank you for saving the life of my dear friend who suffered a massive triple brain aneurysm for which she required emergency surgery. After her surgery, the surgeon had advised me that my friend would need months in a rehab hospital to recover.

I brought my concern to our meditation group and thanks to your beautiful guidance of light energy my friend recovered completely with no physical or mental deficits and returned quickly to her good health. As you may remember, you led us in a group meditation and we passed an imagined "ball of light" around the group, which we then sent upwards to speed the healing of my friend. In addition, I spent days at her hospital bedside using Reiki (which you taught me) to heal her injury and speed recovery. She was discharged from hospital one week later and did not need any rehab. She has remained healthy and continues to be well seven years later. Thank you so very much. Namaste"

~ Nancy Crystal Heart


…two paintings got attention from two Art Agents to be hung in offices..!

"I wanted to tell you that I got some attention from two Art Agents who have taken the two multi-piece paintings that I showed at the QE theatre. They intend to offer them to their clients for sale/rental in their offices. Presently a dermatologist’s offices. They are considering splitting the pieces and placing the individual panels throughout their office space. What fun!

It is important for me for you to know as these are the two paintings created after I began my studentship with you. 😀 😀

As I find myself more in my heart I have noticed I am in complete, utter awe of the Presence that you are. The mind short circuits at this, whereas the heart is blown away :D"

~ Nicola, BC


Healthy Muscles, Bones, & Ligaments

Value: $197

Format: MP3 Recording of Conference Call.

Length: minutes

General Healing + Individual Live Participants’ issues:

  • Opening Core Line
  • Alignment
  • Clear known & unknown limitations, blocks, and self-sabotage, Entities
  • Electro-Magnetic Balancing
  • Grace Light Transmission
  • Ancestral healing
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bone Marrow Cleanse
  • Release kinetic (impact) energy from Accidents
  • Inflammation
  • Hip and knee problems
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Correct Posture
  • Ligament injuries
  • Overall Skeletal Alignment
  • Arthritis
  • Aches and pain
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Individual live healings for participants


My hip instantly became fully healed…run three days in a row.

"Hello Arathi Ma:
You are amazing! After my visit with you my hip instantly became fully healed. I completely forgot about it and run three days in a row, which I normally don't do. No pain.
My nose is also rapidly improving. That is powerful! :)"

~ Carlos, Christchurch, New Zealand


I left the session with no pain, or discomfort whatsoever.

"I recently had a session with Arathi Ma, because I was having severe pain in my tailbone. The pain was so bad that walking or sitting down was extremely painful. During my session Arathi Ma was able to determine why I was having so much pain and correct it immediately. I left the session with no pain, or discomfort whatsoever."

~ Danica


Sober for almost 4 years … TMJ and acid reflux ..gone..

"I worked in the bar business for many years. Over those years I developed an addiction to both drugs and alcohol. I tried a lot of different things to sober up. After visiting Arathi ma for the first time, I knew I was in the right place. Her healing sessions helped me uncover some deep routed issues right from the start andlet them go. I have been sober for almost 4 years. During this time I also suffered with TMJ and acid reflux, which are now gone, thanks to her. She is an amazing healer and she saved my life. Thanks Arathi Ma!"

~ Tyler, BC


Today my ankle is pain free!

"For the last few days my right ankle/heel was quite sore. By the end of last night's (meditation) session, the pain was greatly reduced. Today the ankle is pain free."

~ Brian W, Maple Ridge, BC


My shoulder and back …did a workout and no pain there or my arm now :))!

"Good afternoon Arathi Ma.
Thought I'd let you know I put my shoulder and back thru a workout and no pain there or my arm now :)). The Dr. had given me some pills and suggested a cortisone shot to help but I'm reluctant for either and am grateful you were able to help :).

Initially I was going to the naturopath to try and find out why my muscles ache and feel tired all the time. He figured it was thyroid (like my mom) and knew about my spiritual beliefs so he referred me to see you and you picked up on my throat chakra right away.... .

Yesterday you were on my left side with your hand under my back and another on my front and I could feel an energy going thru my body,first time I've noticed it and it was pretty cool! :)Have a great weekend....."

~ Gord, BC


You correct things in all areas of my body and I feel like a new person!

"Arathi Ma, you show up magically. You correct things effortlessly. You’re kind, compassionate, gentle, honest and capable, and so much more-that it’s incredible. You teach us and encourage us to know that we can do the same. And I know that in my entire being that you are correct. In the past 4 weeks of listening to your calls and your replays, none of which you spoke directly with me, but every one of the clearings helped correct things in all areas of my body and I feel like a new person. I am so grateful. I will continue listening to all of these over and over until they no longer serve me. And each time I will listen with such gratitude for you and your work and all the people here because everyone is making this energy shift happen. And I will continue to share these so that more people can experience your wonderful work. Thank you so much!"

~ Alix Deyling


Went to the art gallery tonight!

"More or less miraculous recovery considering I could barely walk, lie down or turn over last night - went to the art gallery tonight and will be able to go to my sculpture class tomorrow - THANK YOU!"

~ Angela, Burnaby, BC


My back is completely pain free!

"The first time i had a session with Arathi Ma my life as I knew it would be changed forever, I was inflicted with terrible anxiety, depression, hopelessness all of my life plus a major, long standing back injury just to name a few-

I did not know my purpose in life...

As fate would have it, Sri Arathi Ma just happened to open her practice in Maple Ridge,

It has now been 3 months and I have changed my perspective on life tremendously.

My ability to handle stress now is amazing I am able to deflect the negative energy and except what life has given me — I wake up cheerful in the morning (not normal for me — ask my co-workers) my back is completely pain free, I am much more pleasant to people, I put out good energy to people everywhere I go and I can certainly see what a positive impact it makes and also I no longer dwell on things I cannot control or change.

I will continue to practice and grow spiritually with Arathi Ma forever she is truly a gift from the higher being and am so gracious the universe allowed us to cross paths — I urge every one to go and see her-you can tell right away just being around her takes you to a level of calmness and awareness of your self you have not ever experienced."

~ Victoria Mansfield - Maple Ridge


Arathi Ma...healed me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

"Last year I was in 2 car accidents, 4 months apart. I suffered a concussion from one of the accidents, along with whiplash and a lower back injury. I was experiencing constant headaches, dizziness, and at times disorientation as well as memory loss. My back and neck were in endless pain, which lead to numbness and tingling in my legs and feet. After 10 months of continuous doctor visits, physiotherapy, and acupuncture, all proving to be unsuccessful, a friend of mine recommended I see Arathi Ma.

When I went for my first visit, I would never have imagined how dramatically my life would change from meeting this beautiful, caring, loving person. 

Just after one visit, I had so much improvement in my health and well being. I have been seeing Arathi Ma for a few months now. Arathi Ma has not only healed me physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My relationships have improved with the people in my life. My outlook on life is so positive now, which has changed completely from a year ago. I no longer have any feeling of depression. I wake up every morning knowing that there is so much love and beauty in the world and have a reason to smile everyday. She has taught me to live in the "Now" and enjoy the moment. Having learned this has made a big impact on my life. My mind was always busy with worrying thoughts. I now have a sense of freedom and control in my life.

I received the Christ Light Diksha from Arathi Ma. This was so powerful for me. Happiness surrounds me, and I am continuously filled with love. I am a much more spiritual person now and able to see so much more beauty in the world and in people.I feel so much more love and happiness in my life. 

I have so much love and gratitude for Arathi Ma for all the blessings she has given me. She has truly enriched my life. For this I will be forever thankful. "

~ Lorrie, Langley


My eyes are clear of inflammation and
my feet are almost healed in 3 visits!

"After becoming increasingly sick, I made an appointment to see Arathi Ma and arrived at her door looking and feeling like I was 90. I am 45. I had been suffering from an arthritic condition for the past 2 years that manifested in both my eyes and feet. At times, the condition could be so debilitating I would have to stay in darkness. My Achilles tendons and toes were so swollen and in such pain at times, I could barely walk. I felt depressed and was becoming more and more isolated in my illness. At this point of coming to Arathi Ma, I had already seen 3 different medical specialists and had spent thousands of dollars for Naturopathic care. My first visit to Arathi Ma was about 3 months ago and in only 3 visits the change in my overall well-being has been profound.

Today I feel like I am 35. My eyes are clear of inflammation and my feet are almost healed. Through Arathi Ma's healing and the way she has instilled empowerment in me, I KNOW that together we will restore my well-being back to 100%. What is most profound for me is that I have been able to make peace in many areas of my life. Arathi Ma taught me an amazing process that I believe has relieved physical and emotional tension that has been the long held core of internal stress. As this stress is relieved, inflammation is calming and dissipating. Also a great relief, is the release of anxiety, angst and fear I have felt since childhood in social situations. I can now SEE and WALK through my days with a feeling of pleasure, ease and love. Opportunities still arise that I may perceive as "good" or "bad", but with some reflection time, I know now that all is good no matter what. We are forever adored and life is eternal. My understanding and knowing has grown so much because of Arathi Ma. I feel free and I have my life back."
With such gratitude and love,

~ Karen, Burnaby, BC


My relationship with daughter drastically and I mean drastically, improved.

"I originally heard about Arathi Ma from Dr. Gurm quite some time ago and decided not to see her and focus on services closer to my home. I am telling you with 100% conviction that the drive to Maple Ridge has changed my life in a positive way, forever!

My first visit was in person and the moment I entered I felt an overwhelming sense of safety and peace. Although I was in a state of panic and fear I knew immediately that I had just met some-one with a true "gift". I was healed in the first visit but wanted a second visit to "make sure". There are no contracts to sign or pressure to continue seeing her. The healing and the healer are so "pure".

I signed up for the long-term distance healing...I thought...why not? I have had a " broken" relationship with my daughter for more than 18 years. Not even one week into the healing, my relationship drastically and I mean drastically, improved. My heart is filled with a joy I can't describe.

I also want to see changes with my work and my relationship and I can see the changes beginning to happen quickly. I feel more calm and happy than I have felt in my life. Many would look at my chaotic life and question how that is possible. I say...healing! It's really that simple. Just open your mind and really want the change you are asking for and enjoy the ride!!"

~ Nancy, Port Moody, BC


..without a doubt that I am the happiest I have ever been in my adult life.

"I was lost, depressed, angry and dead inside. Only feelings I had were pain and suffering from fear, anxiety, self doubt and extreme negativity towards myself. I shut down and didn't know how to respond to life let alone realize all the situations that were causing me to stay in the suffering that was my life. Over the span of one year Arathi Ma's teachings helped me become aware of my destructive patterns. She gave me courage to overcome and break free from the deep depression that I once was in. I can feel again with my heart and many of the situations that caused me pain and suffering don't bother me at all anymore. I can say without a doubt that I am the happiest I have ever been in my adult life."

~ Michael, Canada


I went down on my knees and thanked God....

"Thank you Arathima for yesterday’s session and release. Wow I feel a WHOLE lot better!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up this morning at 7:30 am feeling rested and joyful. I have haven't done this in years. I am very grateful. Last night on my way home from my class I went down on my knees and thanked God. I haven't done that probably ever (and I meant it Whole heartedly).

I want to be a bright light for others to follow like you are....."
Love and much gratitude,

~ S., Canada

Total Package Value $2,370

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127
*** 95% Saving ***

Sold Out


I saved over 5K in the last few months and it is stable in my account.

"Before I met Arathi Ma, I had no savings. Zero. It was impossible for me to save. I earned a great living, yet I had nothing in my savings to show for it. Literally nothing. I spent every dime I earned, on things I couldn't put my finger on. It was as though as soon as I received my pay check, it was time to spend it. I earn over 70K a year and I didn't even have a dollar in a savings account....anywhere. Things had to change. I feel Blessed to have met Arathi Ma....she worked with me and gave me tools to change my inner being to the extent that I have saved over 5K in the last few months and it is stable in my account. Now, 5K is my new zero. I now LOVE the challenge of building my wealth so I can choose to invest it and have it work for me. Thank you Arathi Ma, my family and I are eternally grateful to you."
Much Love,

~ Caroline Neitzel, BC

"Arathi Ma is someone who introduces you to the realm of the ‘impossible made possible."

~ Danica Isherwood, BC

Total Package Value $2,370

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127
*** 95% Saving ***

Sold Out

Miracles happen in the graceful presence of Arathi Ma.

"Prepare to be blessed by the light of spirit as miracles happen in the graceful presence of Arathi Ma. Experience the profound and powerful healing work of the divine. I have found my soul's true inner voice of peace and love. Many sacred blessings and gratitude await"

~ Maria R.

…powerfully awakened

"Arathi Ma has gently yet powerfully awakened me to an expanded awareness of self and all the myriad wonders that that continues to bring. For this, I am forever grateful."

~ Doug Brockway, CEC, Principal, Brockway Human Services Inc.

Rediscovered ‘self-’respect, determination and love.

"Arathi Ma helped me re-discover ‘self-’ respect, determination and love. My journey to achieve greater physical, emotional and spiritual awareness was tough, but, ultimately, fulfilling. Thank you."

~ BG

Your life improves beyond your expectations and wildest imagination!

"Following the path with Arathi Ma improves your life beyond your expectations and wildest imagination...and I do mean "life" not just work. We're always associating our full potential and purpose with our careers and minds but it's so much more than that. When we follow and lead from our hearts the whole world changes. Arathi has the power to help you really make that transition, outside of the books & brain. The following quote says it all "don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And, then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive"

~ Christine O.


My heart turned into a smiling sun full of love and light.

"Upon hearing Arathi Ma's beautiful voice, I instantly felt cradled in divine love. As I spoke of my symptoms, I sensed her connecting with both my heart and mind along with anchoring me to my higher self in the new world. In this state I knew anything was possible! I asked Arathi Ma to work on the build up of acid in my stomach due to the stress I had been feeling regarding work. Within a short time it came out that I was not only carrying around the traumatized children's stresses that I work with, but also the suicide of my father 30 years ago. She saw that the pattern of trauma and suicide went back many generations. Arathi Ma then opened up the ancestral lines for healing. I felt an unwinding of tightness and anxiety that I was unaware had been constantly gripping me. I could see and feel pathways of light expand within my body and travel through the generations! After 15 minutes I opened my eyes and jumped up. I needed to walk around as this "new" me. The world and my place in it felt completely different. I jokingly asked Arathi Ma what she had done! She lovingly giggled and continued to work her magic. My body was infused with peace and the stomach acid neutralized. The burning had subsided 95% (five days later the pain was completely gone)This calm sense of being actually felt a little uncomfortable at first. I wasn't use to feeling so good. I tried to stir up the anxiety and old thought patterns but they had been laid to rest. I couldn't go there if I tried. We both laughed when I shared that!!

Arathi Ma is a true gem. I cannot recommend working with her enough. I have never felt energy move through me so quickly nor seen light pouring through me as I did with her. In her presence I was reminded of my own divine self. She is a gifted healer able to work on many levels"

~ Jackie B.

"I had the pleasure of having an incredible session with Arathi. Her radiance & giftedness as a healer was clear within moments of our session; with her energy, intuitiveness & wisdom shining brightly.

In a short time, she was able to zero in on several core issues related physical pain, digestive healing, aura repair, etc and bring my relief to the next level. I was delighted to be gifted the recording of the session that could be reused to further deepen my healing in those areas. Amazing to think I will have Arathi on my continued healing evolution as I relisten to my session and deepen my healing . And to add to all that, she did what literally was the most precious gift, she was able to further integrate all the healings I have had done/received from other healers over the years that were showing as not being fully integrated, allowing me to further enjoy those healing as well. Feeling so “at home” in my core, abundant & blessed to have crossed paths with Arathi. The meaningful adjective that describes this session is beyond incredible, amazing & wow, combined! Can’t wait to purchase here offer."

~ Rhonda Hennessey

Worked on several traumas in one session... ..cravings at night were gone!

"I was lucky enough to have a backstage pass with Arathi Ma and I have to say it was quite a unique experience. I was struggling to articulate myself in parts but she hit the nail on the head and perfectly felt and helped me understand what was going on energetically and emotionally. She was able to work on several traumas in our half hour session providing great clarity and relief. I was also pleasantly surprised at her medical intuitive knowledge. We touched upon blood sugar levels and although I've never been aware of any issues as such I was surprised in the coming days after the healing my cravings to have something sweet or fizzy at night were gone!

I felt the energy and shifts as she worked on me, I was teary in parts as I released emotions and soon felt lighter and more joyful as the session went on.

Her ability to help heal and shift the energy for future ventures also I am undertaking, and shift some of the fear, was a huge relief.

When I listen to the replay it is equally as powerful and I look forward to seeing how this unfolds. But her ability to see what was going on energetically was quite something. Thank you Arathi Ma

Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you Arathi Ma, it really was quite powerful."
Much love

~ N. K

I went from tight and in pain to bones falling into place and the pain gone!

Sophia"My upper back was out of place and my chiropractor was out of town. I called Arathi Ma and asked her to help me. I was in acute pain, with reduced range of motion.

The process was so interesting. I went from tight and in pain, to feeling very loose in the upper back and shoulders, with the pain seeming to spread to a larger area, thereby diffusing its intensity...to then bones falling into place, the looseness and crunchiness gone...and the pain gone!

I felt good and I was grateful."

~ Sophia Zoe

I felt immediate results and felt ten pounds lighter, free, calm, at peace.

"I am very grateful that I was a recipient of a backstage pass from Arathi Ma.

About an hour before the live call, I felt an overwhelming, tangible sense of peace and calm. It felt like I was wrapped in Love.

During the call, Arathima did a lot of clearing and energy healing. I felt things being released that no longer served me and had a cleansing, cathartic cry on and off throughout our conversation.

By the end of the call, I literally felt ten pounds lighter. I felt free, calm and at peace. During my phone session with Arathi Ma, she was able to get straight to the issues and removed unnecessary baggage that I was carrying in a gentle, but powerful way. She was easy to talk to, kind and compassionate. I felt immediate results and I would highly recommend her work; she is an amazing healer."

~ Jill Barreto, Schenectady, NY

About Arathi Ma :

arthi copyArathi Ma has worked in the field of medicine and healing for altogether 36 years; first as a nurse and for the last 26 years as a healer. She has a unique strength to push into the unknown, and open pathways for others to come along in engineering new health, happiness, abundance, careers, relationships, and self-realization. Her work affects all areas of life as she experiences everything as one unified existence.

At age ten, she experienced herself as pure cosmic consciousness and later, in her teen, was propelled three times into a state of full absorption (Samadhi).

She has medically proven to be able to live off the light of the sun and stars to a certain degree. Such abilities are side effects of an intense Light Body practice that is fundamental to her ability to heal others and also to rejuvenate the body with ease. Her clients and students speak of her as “Someone who introduces you to the realm of the ‘impossible made possible’."

When she engages in healing, she repairs and defragments the energetic anatomy, while weaving in and out with ease between psychological, medical, and spiritual perspectives in order to resolve disease on every layer of a person’s reality.

Total Package Value $2,370

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127
*** 95% Saving ***

Sold Out

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